Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 29, 2002 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Warren: Why the hell are you wearing a dress?
      Jack: Hmm? Oh, this. Yeah, huh, funny story there. Hank Thompson -- guy at my gun club -- starts shooting way better than he usually does. So I ask him what his secret is. Ladies underpants, he says. It relaxes him, slows his heartbeat, which steadies his aim. So I tried it, and I started shooting a lot better. So I added skirt, wig, makeup, some pumps -- next thing you know, I'm top marksman at my gun club. Oh, and you know what else? Works for bowling, too.
      Greg: That's weird. They never let me wear my own shoes when I'm bowling.
      Gil: Yeah. That's the weird part.
      Alison: Jack, the woman from TV Guide is here.
      Jack: Oh, no, you're kidding. This is so embarrassing... Look at this place -- it's a mess!
      Warren: Yes, well, perhaps you'd like to slip into a French maid's outfit and tidy up a bit.