Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 5

The Singing Mailman

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 17, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • While Greg is saying the line, "Oh, is it more embarrassing...," after entering Dottie's dressing room, his reflection in the mirror shows a bunny whose mouth is not moving.

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy: Hey, there he goes. He's pulling in to that scuzzy motel.
      Warren: Oh, wow. I am having total deja vu. Oh, that's right -- I bring whores here.

    • Leo: Alright, you're all such great actors -- why don't you act like you're putting your weapons down.
      Blah: Jack, you were in 'Nam. What do you do when someone points a weapon at you, blah?
      Jack: You spend three years in a bamboo cage.

    • Warren: Leo, Warren Demontague. The pleasure is mutual. Looking forward to our scene together.
      Leo: Correct me if I'm wrong. But if I'm playing a mailman, why would I be doing a scene with a dog?
      Warren: I, sir, am an actor first, a puppet second, and an ape third! I am not a dog! But if I were, I would bite you thusly!

    • Dottie: Oh, there you are, Gil. I hear you're casting for a singing mailman.
      Gil: Yeah. He delivers letters... of the alphabet.

    • Alison: Oh my God. And then, instead of taking me home -- which I asked him, obviously, to take me home -- he takes me to his home. Get it? Like, his home. But then this morning--
      Gil: Alison, sometimes I ask people "What's new" just to be polite.

    • Greg: So, everyone makes mistakes. But, hey, that's okay, as long as you also make friends. Friends'll do anything for you. Especially if they have friends who'll do anything for a couch.

    • Alison: Uh, by the way, I know about the gin in your suck nozzle.
      Hamster: I got your suck nozzle right here, sister.

    • Dottie: Oh, and by the way, guys, uh, Leo is a little quirky. He'd prefer it if you didn't talk to him too much.
      Blah: Well, fine, the last thing we need is a disgruntled, singing postal worker, blah.

    • Alison: Gil, who is that?
      Gil: That's our new mailman.
      Alison: He's creepy. He looks like a real mailman.

    • Warren: Well, I, for one, welcome my brother from the stage. It will be nice to finally have a true actor to help me carry the show's full dramatic weight.
      Gil: Warren, here's your banana for the Punky the Chunky Monkey sketch. Try not to eat it this time.
      Warren: Well. That was... unfortunate timing.

    • Dottie: (Singing) Hey, Mr. Mailman, what's in your sack?
      Leo: (Singing) Letters for Dottie, letters for Jack. I hand out letters, that's what I do. I hand out letters to you, you and you. I pass out letters from nighttime 'till noon. I make people happy as I yodel a tune. Odelay, odelay-hee-hoo. Odelay, odelay, odelay-hee-hoo. Odelay, odelay-hee-hoo. Odelay, odelay-hey.
      Alison: (To Gil) I don't know where this guy came from, but return to sender... 'Cause he's a mailman, and he's... bad.

    • Dottie: ...You're not going to believe who I can get for this part! When you think of Broadway, who do you think of?
      Gil: Nathan Lane?! You can get Nathan Lane?!
      Dottie: No, bigger! Leo Kornelly!
      Gil: Ahhh! Never heard of him.
      Dottie: He's been in everything. He's huge. He's got more Tonys than the mob.
      (rim shot is heard)
      Gil: Tardy, get off the drums.
      Tardy: Drumsticks can also be chicken.

    • Warren: Alright, men, let's get a weapons check.
      Jack: I got a wrench.
      Greg: I got a rope.
      Blah: I got a candlestick.
      Jimmy: Guys, we're going to beat up Leo, not play Clue.

    • Dottie: You're very good.
      Leo: I know! So when I saw on the casting call that your show was looking to add a singing mailman, I thought, "What a coincidence! You guys need a singing mailman, and I have your dirty tape!"

    • Warren: Uh, Gil, uh, the man is a genius.
      Blah: Yes, clearly ahead of his time, blah.
      Alison: Yeah, well, if he's ahead of his time, that doesn't do us any good now, does it?
      Blah: Yeah, well, he's only about three weeks ahead of his time. So, uh, by the time the show airs, he'll be perfect, blah.

    • Greg: Everyone makes mistakes. Hell, history's full of 'em. Betamax... Waterworld... your brother who's 16 years younger than you... And there's really no shame in making mistakes. Just as long as nobody knows about them.

  • Notes

    • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, one outtake is shown during the closing credits: the handicapped puppet begging for help after Leo has stolen his crutches.

    • The "Little Green Bag" sequence is a parody of Reservoir Dogs.

    • Leo's car (as well as the whole character) was based on a person named Dennis Woodruff. He appeared on The Tom Green Show. His car is a black version of Leo's with all the same text and markings.

    • This episode served as a little bit of cross promotion with Mad TV. On April 6, Greg the Bunny appeared in a sketch on that show. And two weeks later, Mad TV regular Michael McDonald appeared here. Mind you, Greg's Mad sketch didn't actually feature McDonald.

    • Lee Shallat-Chemel is credited as Lee Shallat Chemel.

    • Music: "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer; "Little Green Bag" by George Baker Selection

  • Allusions

    • Dottie: "...Ira was really into MC Hammer. So one night I set up a video camera...and I danced around seductively to 'U Can't Touch This'...He said he's going to put the tape on the internet and then everyone will see it."
      A reference to an old subject of controversy: "In the infamous Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee home sex tape, the couple groove to the sounds of MC Hammer's 'It's All Good' in between swinging episodes." It says so in Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists (St. Martin's Griffin, November 1999)

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