Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 27, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Unable to find employment in a man's world, Greg pleads with Jimmy to pull some strings (no pun intended) with Gil and get him a job on Sweetknuckle Junction. Initially resistant, after hours of being pestered, Jimmy gives in and asks his father if he could use an assistant. Gil is thrilled to hear that his son wants to follow in his footsteps, rather than waste his life away as a pool boy -- er, pool man -- until Jimmy tells him he's not looking for a job, his friend is. It's turmoil on the set when the star, Rochester Rabbit, flubs all his lines the same day the new network boss, Alison, arrives. She calls a meeting to demand that Gil fire Rochester. Since Rochie has been with the show so long, Gil stubbornly refuses. Until Alison tells him that if he doesn't fire the rabbit, the show will be cancelled. A starstruck Greg drops by the studio for his interview just in time for the start of the casting calls. He stumbles his way onto the set to say how fast he can type, unaware that Gil has something else in mind for him. Greg's improv song wins over Alison and Gil, and he's hired on the spot. Of course, if he stinks, Alison lets Gil know that it will be his job on the line. Now that Greg has found work, Jimmy tries to impress his old man with his own new career. As Greg's agent. When Gil wonders how he knows who Greg is, Jimmy elaborates -- that's the friend he sent by for the gofer job... oh, and he's never acted a day in his life. Gil is so appalled over hiring an amateur and putting his job in jeopardy that he cans Greg. Greg voices his displeasure, and Jimmy takes him back to the studio with a plan to get Gil to rehire him -- he begs, pleads, and whines. Gil won't hear any of it, so when Jimmy learns how Alison wasn't told the truth about Greg's departure, he uses her enthusiasm for the puppet to win the spot back. But after Gil lets Greg know that they'll cancel the show if he blows it, he develops stagefright and can't speak his lines at all. Jimmy helps him ease into his role by showing him that he has nothing to worry about, as his puppet co-stars are morons. A jealous Rochie crashes the celebration, takes Greg hostage, and threatens to cut him up with scissors. Jack saves Greg, a brawl breaks out, and Greg knows that he's found his new home.
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