Greg the Bunny

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 27, 2002 on FOX

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  • A hilarious pilot episode.

    This is the premiere for what turned out to be one of the funniest short-lived sitcoms ever. The cult sensation Greg the Bunny begins here when Greg gets the starring role on Sweetknuckle Junction while looking for an assistants job. This episode is comedic brilliance in every way. It introduces all of the main characters in uniquely funny ways and they all make their mark immediately. This episode may be lacking some of the “randomly funny jokes” later episode have because it had a lot of plot to set up in just about 21 minutes, but the episode manages to remain funny throughout, a task most recent sitcoms fail at. So overall, this is a must see pilot episode for all fans of comedy.
  • You thought all US TV shows were about Fabricated Americans? No! This is real story of sweet FA's...

    Yep, as soon as you hear the title puppet character of this show, Greg The Bunny, refer to himself as a 'Fabricated American' you know this is something a little different. In this version of LA, puppets live alongside humans and represent an opressed minority (DVD outtakes show scenes of Greg struggling to get accepted for job interviews and being turfed out of taxis following demeaning namecalling - "sock" is a derogatory term to Fabricated Americans, so be careful who you this term around).
    Dejected with life, this ep finds Greg mooching home to flatmate human Jimmy and eventually, through family connections, stumbling his way into the starring role of his favourite TV show, a kiddies caper featuring a mad array of FAs (including Count Blah who hates being mistaken for that other famous FA Count on Sesame Street).
    The puppet humour here though is a long way from the educational capers of Sesame Street, or even The Muppet Show. This is more Meet The Feebles (early Peter Jackson film) and less Kermit The Frog - have you ever seen Kermit using flatulence in the bath as a punchline!!
    This debut ep sets up great characters and it's good to see Seth Green (as Jimmy) flexing his comedic muscles on screen (rather than the cartoon voice work he's taken too of late) and just as good to see Eugene Levy (as Jimmy's dad) on the small screen again (ahhh, remember Second City TV? anyone?).
    Of course, it's too good to be true and this is the first of only a short-lived 13 ep season. Yep, even the network suits are prejudiced against Fabricated Americans...
  • Greg is a small bunny puppet who talked his friend into arranging an interview for a job at his favorite tv show. Mistaking him for an actor, they give him an audition and he becomes the new star.

    This is not a kids show. It's an adult show about the behind the scenes happens of recording a kids tv show in a world were humans and puppets (who prefer Fabricated-Americans) live together. Plenty of twisted humor and adult-only jokes.

    Seth Green plays Jimmy, Greg's human roommate, who ends up working with Greg at the show. Greg the bunny is cute and innocent from the start. A little bit hyper and naive, but sweet. He is told that if he can't handle the star role of the show it will be cancelled. A lot of stress for a small puppet who's never acted a day in his life before this. So he must learn to overcome this or loose a job and his favorite show.

    I had to see another episode after catching this one. Was sad that only 13 episodes made it to air.