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  • A Guilty Pleasure at best! So stupid it's funny.

    This is basically a lighthearted action fanservice anime about how a busty blond senshi (gun expert) Rushuna Tendo is traveling around the world spreading love and peace to the world without resorting to violence--at least tries to, anyway. And along the way she accompanies a bumbling mercenary swordsman Yajiro, and an obnoxious balloon maker Mikan to join with her along the ride.

    I'll keep it short and sweet: I seem to have an unhealthy love for this show, mainly because of how laughably stupid it truly is. The team I mentioned above is one the oddest pairings I've seen in a long time, and the action has a dumb campy charm to it, showcasing the most illogical reloading technique imaginable provided by Rushuna. And did I mention this show provides some light fanservice? (Rushuna has a strange addiction to taking baths, so the minute you hear her say "Oh, I'm all sweaty.", you'll sense a bath scene come along.)

    Goofy elements aside, it also has some positive elements as well. Rushuna and Yajiro, despite their problems, are still likable characters (Just don't expect a love story between the two.), the theme song is so darn catchy, and the animation is pretty decent for a TV show. Also at times when an action scene is not goofy, it's a decent one.

    Of the 12 episodes, if I have to choose a personal favorite, it'd definitely be Episode 8's "An Enemy From The Past: Teppa Eizen", mainly because of the title character himself. The closet pervert Teppa's reaction to when he accidentally squeezes Rushuna's boob always sends me dying in laughter all the time, making this character rank high on my list of favorite anime perverts.
  • A strange but actually quite compelling show.

    The story follows Rushuna a beautiful young woman who is sent out into the world by the princess to spread peace and resolve conflicts without violence. However, there are situations that cannot be solved without conflict as such Rushuna is also an expert with a gun and often has to use her amazing skills to help those around her. Together with her friend Yajiro she travle japan to help those who cannot help themselves.

    This show is strange in that it never really seems to get going and then it is over. It has unusual characters and some very unusual plotlines. It i definitely strange and yet it is actually quite good. I just do't know why...