Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 25

17 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

George and Derek work together, Denny still doesn't have a heart, and Meredith gets paired with Callie. A 12-week pregnant girl dies in the O.R. and her parents try to keep the baby alive. This causes tension between Derek and Addison. One doctor's overreaction unites two bickering patients. Finn is still treating Doc for medical problems.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Izzie faces a moral/ethical dilemma. Save Denny or destroy her career/life.

    One word: Whoa! George was great in this episode. All the characters were in their element. George the sensitive one who gets through to people, Christina the bitter one, Izzie, the one with a big heart, etc. I feel bad for Izzie and Denny, I was actually beginning to like him. The scene where he was about to sign the DNR got me all teary-eyed especially when he was talking about the choice of heaven or hospital. I really hope they save him on time although I don\'t foresee that happening. Oh and that cliffhanger with Burke... I hope I remember to watch the finale tomorrow!moreless
  • WOW! WOW! WOW!

    This episode of Grey's Anatomy was pretty flawless. The acting in this show never fails to impress me. What a great ensemble show! The scenes between Izzie and Denny were amazing, so sad and heartfelt. The tension felt with Burke and Alex and the doctors at Mercy West was great. Another great episode of McDreamy/Meredith/Addison drama. It makes you anxious for when it will finally come out that Meredith and McDreamy are not over each other. Porr Addison. I hope that tonight's two-episode finale provides a lot of Cristina, I feel like she's been on the back burner in a lot of these episodes and Sandra Oh is so talented. Bring on the finale - we're so ready!moreless
  • WOW....WTF?!?!?! (spoilers beware)

    I cannot imagine what is in store for tomorrow! This episode epitomizes the whole entire reason I watch this show! I am absolutely stunned and hooked as well!!!! Forget about finals! lol! Burke is shot!?!?! Izzy is risking her whole career for Denny and he just may die because of her?!?! My goodness!! I am floored...this is an absolutely amazing plot and tomorrow frankly I want everything to turn out ok...but I highly doubt it! Yet, I really want it to be that way so....we shall see!! 2 hour season finale tomorrow!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!moreless
  • OMG

    this episode was so great. OMG i can not believe that bruke got shot. OMG I hope that burke or Denny do not die. Izie is going to get in so much trouble. I love the part when Addison was yelling at Dr. McDreamy and just about everyone was looking up at them. This eppisode was so great the next one is going to be so great. this is so much better than the bomb episode.I love how there are very stressful parts and then they add funny parts so it is not all serious. I also loved how Baliey yelled at the manger person. I this was a really really great episodemoreless
  • Breathtaking and Shocking

    What an episode this turn out to be. All in all, I say 17 Seconds is up there with Into You Like a Train and It's the End of the World. It was great seeing George defending Meredith because she was like family to him. And was it just me or was Meredith really talking about Derek when she told Finn that she loved him? Anyways, enough with that soap opera stuff. Lets go on what just happened. I just Wow'd@what Izzy just did by doing some sort of euthanasia or whatever they call it, so she can give the heart to Denny. I'm hoping that justice gets done here. The most shocking part was in the very ending when we see Dr. Burke getting shot! Those are the scenes that made this a top episode of Grey's Anatomy. I can't wait for the next episode.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Ken Marino

Ken Marino

Brad Ackles

Guest Star

Jesse Head

Jesse Head


Guest Star

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

Deborah Fleiss

Guest Star

Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell

Dr. Finn Dandridge

Recurring Role

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres

Recurring Role

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Denny Duquette

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Derek said that he can't imagine being at his job when someone comes in and just starts shooting, but this happens to him and the other doctors in the hospital in the episode "Sanctuary" and "Death and All his Friends" when Gary Clark comes in and begins shooting doctors.

    • In this episode Justin Chambers says the previously on Grey's Anatomy line.

    • Burke went to John Hopkins University.

    • When Izzie calls Burke about the heart for Denny, a poster featuring The Postal Service is in the background. The Postal Service is a Pop band whose song "Such Great Heights" was used to promote the show's First Season.

    • Goof: At Mercy West, when Alex and Burke were trying to save the heart donor, his face was in a shot. You can see him blinking.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • George: You need help with an EKG?
      Izzie: No! Come! (they step into the room, Izzie looks at Denny) Okay, after I do this I might have to shock you a few times.
      George: Do what?
      Izzie (ignores him, to Denny): You feelin' good?
      Denny: I think so. Explain this to me again.
      Izzie: Okay uh the LVAD has been inserted into your abdomen and is connected to your heart. (George looks majorly confused) This cord leads to the power source. (she holds a white cord) This one is connected to the pump and pumps your heart for you. I have the crash cart, the defibrillator, the ampoule bag, the saline-
      George (interrupts, looking concerned): Do what, Izzie?
      Izzie: I feel like we should say stuff. Denny, do you want to say stuff?
      Denny: Kiss me. Right here. (points to his lips. Izzie cups his face and kisses him passionately) Izzie, a kiss is worth a thousand words.
      Izzie (smiles, teary-eyed): A picture. A picture is worth a thousand words.
      Denny: You're going to correct me at a time like this.
      George: I don't mean to be intrusive but--
      Izzie: Just gimme a second, George! (she turns back to Denny and cups his face) Okay. You ready?
      Denny: As I'll ever be. (Izzie pulls away and picks up a pair of scissors from the table in front of Denny)
      George: Wait, what are you doing? (cuts to different scenes then cuts to Izzie standing by Denny's bedside holding the scissors in one hand the cord connecting to the pump of the LVAD in her other hand)
      Izzie: Denny, if there really is some kind of big glowy light--
      Denny: I'm gonna try like hell to stay outta it.
      Izzie: Exactly.
      George: I don't like the sound of this.
      Izzie: Just make sure nobody comes through that door.
      George (now realizing, looks concerned): What are you doing? (Izzie looks up and moves to speak but can't. George stares at her concerned. Denny is just looking at her. Izzie finds her voice)
      Izzie: I'm stopping his heart, George.

    • Meredith: You paged?
      Callie: Yeah uh these um- these are x-rays of a human with an osteosarcoma on his tibia. It's the closest I could get to mirror what's actually happening to your dog. (she points to an x-ray) In this patient the cancer was aggressive and it spread quickly and he died when it finally metastized on his lungs.
      Meredith: The human died?
      Callie: Yes, the human died.
      Meredith: Thank you, Callie.
      Callie: You're welcome, Meredith.

    • Burke (after getting off the phone with Izzie, who was lying about Denny's condition): However given this unusual situation and out of respect for Dr. Hahn I'd like to confirm those results.
      Alex: You- you just did.
      Burke: In person. I wanna confirm them in person. (he looks towards Alex who realizes that Burke knows Izzie is lying)
      Erica Hahn: Are you kidding? By the time you get there it'll be another hour. What are you up to Burke? Why don't you just talk to your Chief and confirm the results with him? (Burke is silent)
      Alex: Well because of the shootings today ah at the restaurant. All our attendings are still in surgery.
      Burke: Exactly. Now if you prefer I can just call UNOS and have them give me the heart or I can go and make sure that it really belongs to me.
      Erica Hahn (pauses): Go.
      Burke: Thank you. (quietly to Alex on his way out the door) I'm going back to Seattle Grace. You stay here and protect my heart. If that woman so much as looks at a scalpel, tackle her. Do you understand?
      Alex: Yes, sir.

    • Izzie (on the phone): You should get back here with the heart as soon as you can.
      Burke: What the hell -- What are you talking about?
      Izzie: Preston.
      Burke: Izzie, what did you do?
      Izzie: As soon as I get confirmatory tests and labs to raise Denny's UNOS status I will fax them over to you and then you should waste no time in getting back here. Because I don't know enough to know how long Denny will have once I start.
      Burke: Start? What did you do Izzie? (she is silent) What did you do?
      Izzie: I'm gonna hang up now. Just hurry.

    • Izzie (on the phone): Where's Dr. Burke?
      Alex: What do you want?
      Izzie: I want to see how the heart recovery is going.
      Alex: He's working on it.
      Izzie: He's working on it. So, he's operating then?
      Alex: There were two donors Izzie. Our guy's heart flat lined and now he's trying to get the other guy's.
      Izzie (looking a little startled): But there's a list.
      Alex: Yes and the higher guy gets the heart.
      Izzie (alarmed): Denny's getting sicker.
      Alex: What?
      Izzie: Denny's getting worse by the second. His stats are in the 80s.
      Alex: Izzie.
      Izzie: It's 70's! His stats are now in the 70s and dropping.
      Alex: Izzie, I'm not gonna lie for you.
      Izzie: Then put Burke on the phone!

    • Meredith: Do you mind if I scrub in? I've never seen an ORIF before.
      Callie: Can't! The board's all backed up like crazy. Will's going to have to wait a few hours because every other specialty thinks their surgery is more important than ortho. Freaking superior macho jerks.
      Meredith: Can I ask you a question about bone cancer?
      Callie: Yeah.
      Meredith: In a dog.
      Callie: In a dog?
      Meredith: My dog. Well Derek's dog. Do you know Dr. Shepherd? It's our dog. We share the dog which is- (she shakes herself) well never mind. I just wanted to ask you if you knew the success rate of curing bone osteosarcoma in a canine leg?
      Callie: We have an actual human patient. With a bullet lodged in his tibia. Who might walk a limp for the rest of his life. (Callie stands up and gets in Meredith's face) Who might conceivably lose his leg and you're asking me about your precious dog that you share with your precious McDreamy? Yeah I- I know about him. And you think I care? Unbelieveable! (walks away)

    • Bailey: The answer is no Stevens.
      Izzie: You don't even know what I'm gonna ask.
      Bailey: You wanna help prep Denny Ducquette for transplant.
      Izzie (excited): So it's true? He's getting a heart then?
      Bailey: Yeah see your face right now. That's the problem. (Izzie looks away trying to seem disinterested) You're overly attached to your patient. So the answer is no. You can not prep him. Go back to sutures.
      Izzie: I know Denny's cardiac parameters. I know how his LVAD works better than any other intern. I also know his meds better. I know the frequency, the dosage, the quantity and his physical limitations. I promise I will- I will be 100 percent professional.
      Bailey: Oh no flirting? No knitting him sweaters? No marathon games of scrabble?
      Izzie: I will treat him the same protocol that I would with any other patient. (Bailey stares at her, she tries not to look excited)
      Bailey: Alright fine. (Izzie gets excited) You can inform him the heart's coming.
      Izzie: Thank you Dr. Bailey! Thank you.
      Bailey: Stevens you so much as sit on that bed!

    • Alex: Seen any enema kits?
      Meredith: We have thirteen GSWs and you're looking for enema kits?
      Alex: I'm trapped upstairs with the gyno-Beast on the uterus parade.
      Meredith: Addison can't do this to you forever, Alex.
      Alex: Want to bet? I swear to God she's ruining vaginas for me.

    • Brad (Izzie is taking a bullet out of his shoulder): Do you know what you're doing? Cause that really hurts you know?
      Izzie: You know what really hurts? Gun shot wounds. You're lucky.
      Brad: Lucky? There's no luck. Quick thinking doll.
      Izzie: Excuse me?
      Brad: I'm a quick thinker. Smart. Always right on it. As soon as I saw him, Petey, he's the shooter. (shakes his head) Oh ho ho. I knew when I fired him he was no good. As soon as I saw him I thought oh here we go. I just knew it was coming. (one person in a hospital bed is wheeled by while another following is wheeled by in a wheelchair) Hey Chaz! Larry! No offence but you guys got to think quicker on your feet. (chuckles)
      Izzie (appauled): They have gun shot wounds. Very serious gun shot wounds. Life threatening gun shot wounds!
      Brad: Really helps that I'm an athlete cause the second I saw Petey with that gun. I was like (clicks his fingers) cat quick. (nods) Just dove right through the window. Those guys, not so smart.
      Izzie: I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Petey was looking for you.

    • Neil: Don't worry about me. Take care of my Deborah first. (Cristina moves to clean out Deborah's arm)
      Deborah: Oh! Now you're sorry.
      Neil: I said I was sorry.
      Deborah: Sorry?! The shooting starts and you duck behind me and you're sorry?
      Cristina: You ducked -- You ducked behind her?
      Neil: It was instinct. I couldn't help it. Deb, honey you know I love you.
      Deborah: Love means never having to use your girlfriend as a human shield!
      Neil: We shared a bullet. Deborah it went through you and into me! That's a sign we should be together forever. A sign.
      Deborah: No! Neil, (she points to her bullet wound) this is a sign! She's squirting water through my arm! (she lifts up her arm) Look I can see you through my arm! That's another sign!
      Bailey (to Cristina): Good luck.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): So what makes anger different from the six other deadly sins? It's pretty simple really, you give into a sin like envy or pride and you only hurt yourself. Try lust or coveting and you'll only hurt yourself and one or two others. But anger, anger is the worst... the mother of all sins... Not only can anger drive you over the edge, when it does you can take an awful lot of people with you.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): In life we are taught that there are seven deadly sins. We all know the big ones... gluttony, pride, lust. But the thing you don't hear much about is anger. Maybe it's because we think anger is not that dangerous, that you can control it. My point is, maybe we don't give anger enough credit. Maybe it can be a lot more dangerous than we think. After all when it comes to destructive behavior, it did make the top seven.

    • (at Joe's, Derek and Burke are throwing darts, Meredith, Izzie, Cristina are at the bar talking)
      Cristina (about Burke): He is picturing my face. He is totally picturing that dart puncturing my skull. (sees Burke holding up arm in manly show-off and imitates him) Wooo look at that. (Derek stares at Meredith then throws the dart hard)
      Izzie (to Meredith): Derek, Derek is picturing you.
      Meredith: He called me a whore. He lost the right to picture me.
      Cristina: So I fall asleep during sex. So what? (looks at Burke) Ass!
      Meredith (about Derek): Ass!
      Izzie (Alex walks over): Oh, ass! Hey.
      Alex (to Izzie): Isobel Stevens has finally left the hospital. Does this mean heart patient dude finally kicked it? (Cristina gives him a look)
      Izzie: I'm sorry, this section of the bar is for surgeons. We don't socialize with gynecologists. (they all laugh)

    • Cristina: Karev. He stood there and chose that moron over me.
      Meredith: I'm trying to help the dog. But he's standing there talking about having him put down. Like Doc means nothing.
      Cristina: He's not rewarding Karev. He's punishing me.
      Meredith: And he hates Finn who, by the way is great with dogs.
      Cristina: You know, he withholds surgery when I'm a bad girlfriend. It's his M.O. I mean how controlling and macho and petulant is that?
      Meredith: At least he's not shooting people or putting down dogs.
      Cristina: I'm dumping him. I mean, this relationship is so over.
      Izzie (walks up distressed): Um, um, I told a lie to Dr. Burke.
      Cristina: Good for you. Fight the power.
      Izzie: No, no, I need um... uh... God I can't think. I--I don't know what to do. What do I do? (they look at her) There's this guy ahead of Denny on the transplant list.
      Meredith: He'll get the next heart, Iz.
      Izzie: No! He needs to get this heart. (they look up from their paperwork again)
      Cristina: He'll probably get a heart at some point but as long as Denny's doing well on the LVAD and there's someone ahead of him on the transplant list, he's not gonna get this heart. Okay?
      Izzie: Yes. You're right. Thank you. Thank you. (Izzie starts gathering supplies)
      Cristina (to Meredith): Okay, if I was gonna pick someone who was gonna go psycho and shoot up the place ... it's Izzie.
      Meredith: Totally.

    • Addison: Sorry I uh- I mean not sorry- I-I just- I'm having a little trouble because I need to ask you something. And I don't usually have trouble but what I need to ask I'm not even sure I want the answer to. But I have to ask so I'm just gonna ask you and then you answer and then um ... we'll go from there, okay?
      Meredith: Okay.
      Addison: Are you sleeping with my husband?
      Meredith: Not since before I knew he was married.
      Addison (sighs and smiles): Okay. (turns to leave, but turns back) Except it felt like-- just-- in the vet's office this morning and then again in the elevator. It felt a little like you two were having a lover's quarrel?
      Meredith (shakes her head): No. We're not. I've moved on. I'm dating Finn.
      Addison: You're dating the vet? (realization dawns on her and she looks upset) Okay.
      Meredith (softly): Addison.
      Addison: No, no. Thanks. I'm good. I'm great. (leaves)

    • (After Brad keeps talking about himself over and over again) Will: God. If I could say something to that guy and not get fired…
      Bailey: He can't fire me. (walks over to Brad) Uh, Mr. Ackles. Brad. I'm happy for you that you're not feeling much pain from your very minor injuries but there are a great many people in this hospital who are in a great amount of pain. See they have bullets in their bones, in their chests, and in their brains. Bullets from a gun that was aiming for you and although they can't say it because you're the boss of them but most of them at this moment are prayingnot that they'll live, not that the pain will subside they're praying to God at this moment for you to shut the heck up.

    • Callie: I'm in the middle of analyzing an x-ray and your friend Meredith starts asking me about her dog. Her dog, George. She wants a medical opinion about her dog.
      George: She likes her dog.
      Callie: Why are you defending Meredith?
      George: What?
      Callie: I get Izzie. I mean I don't but if you wanna defend Izzie that's fine. I--I don't get how you can defend Meredith.
      George: Hey. We're interns. We started out together. Meredith, Izzie, Cristina and me we started out together.
      Callie: George, that woman hurt you as badly as anyone can be hurt. You were devastated when I met you.
      George: They're family. Izzie, Meredith and Cristina, they're my family. I can hate Meredith and I can be angry at her but I'm always gonna defend her.
      Callie: So you don't have to forgive Meredith but I do?
      George: If you want a chance to be part of the family, yeah.

    • (Izzie walks around Denny's hospital room, shutting the blinds)
      Denny: Izzie... Izzie, stop and listen to me. We're not doing this.
      Izzie: Don't worry. You're not gonna die. I will be here the whole time to make sure of that and that's what this stuff is for. (indicating the equipment she brought in)
      Denny: This isn't about me dying. Alright? This is wrong.
      Izzie: You've waited a year and a half to get this thing. Who knows when the next one is gonna come along?
      Denny: I'll take my chances.
      Izzie: No. It may be too late by then. (continuing her preparations)
      Denny: Then it's too late. Alright? Get this stuff out of here.
      Izzie: Denny! Please. You have to do this.
      Denny: No, Izzie! I'm not about to steal a heart from another man's chest! Not to mention, this'd be the end of your medical career.
      Izzie: I don't care about my medical career.
      Denny: Alright, you know what? This has gone on long enough. I'm gonna call a nurse...
      Izzie: Everyone who is entered into the transplant program is clocked in to the second... to the second, Denny, you were clocked in to the second and so was the other guy, I checked with UNOS. The difference between when you entered the program and when he entered the program is 17 seconds. That's it, Denny. 17 seconds. I mean, that's not even the length of a decent kiss. So, this other guy? I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve this heart. I'm sure he does. But So. Do. You. So do you. And if you tell me anymore crap about heading towards the light or looking down on me from heaven, I swear, I will kill you myself right now. (gasping a little)
      Denny (tears in his eyes): Izzie... (pause) I'm gonna be alright. (shaking her head in disbelief) Alright, you don't have to worry.
      Izzie: What About me? What about me when you go into the light?
      Denny: Izzie--
      Izzie (sobbing): No! I get it, okay? I get it! You'll be okay, you'll be fine, but what about me?! So don't do it for yourself, do it for me! Please? Please, Denny! Please do this for me! Because if you die-- Oh, God! You have to do this! You have to do this for me, or I'll never be able to forgive you!
      Denny: For dying?
      Izzie: No! For making me love you! Please? Please, do this--
      Denny: Come here.
      Izzie (sobbing hysterically): Please do this for me? Okay? Please? Okay? I can't do this if you don't-- Please! Do this for me! Please?!
      Denny: Okay. Okay, I'll do it.

    • Will (listening to Brad who keeps bragging he's covered by insurance): Is there any chance you can please up my morphine?
      Meredith: He keeps talking, pretty soon, I'm gonna need some.
      Will: Can you find out about Kendra for me?
      Meredith: Are you two friends?
      Will: Not friends exactly but ah everybody likes her. You know she's just- she's just- she's nice. She'll cover your shift when you need it, she's good with the customers, she's really generous when it comes to tipping bus-boys.
      Meredith (smiles): Let me guess, you're the bus-boy.
      Will: I am. Plus she's the only one who calls Brad on his crap.
      Meredith: Well, why don't you say anything?
      Will: Yeah, I wish. I'm saving up to go back to school. I need the job.
      Callie (walks up): What are you socializing? I've got 5 more patients for you to see and Will here needs to get to surgery. Move your ass.
      Meredith (to Will who makes a face): I need the job.

    • Izzie: There- there may not be a heart Denny. Somebody at Mercy West may get it instead.
      Denny: So this isn't going to happen. (looks at Izzie teary-eyed) Again.
      Izzie: Not necessarily. I have been over this and over this and it can't be a lie and it can't be fake. We need charts. We need test results. We need UNOS to believe us. So it has to be real.
      Denny: What are you talking about, Izzie?
      Izzie: In order for you to get this heart you would need to get worse, much worse. And you would have to do it very quickly.
      Denny: Well, I don't see that happening, do you see that happening?
      Izzie: I am gonna make it happen.

    • Erica Hahn: It took you long enough, Preston. (sees Alex) Why is junior here? Your ego get too big for one man to carry?
      Burke (laughs, to Alex): Dr. Hahn here graduated second here in our class at John Hopkins, Dr. Karev. Ask her who graduated first? (smiles and walks away)

    • Neil: However this turns out I want you to operate on my fiancée first. I don't care if I'm dying.
      Cristina: You're not dying.
      Deborah: I'm also not your fiancée anymore.
      Neil: We already sent out the invitations. We're getting married six weeks from now. Deborah, please... I love you.
      Cristina (to Deborah): Don't fall for it.
      Neil: Excuse me but--
      Cristina: That's how they do it with the "I love yous" And the "moving in with mes" and the suck you in and the pressure is off and the minute that you actually need something you totally deserve, forget it it's not gonna happen. Because they're gonna pass you over for surgery or they're gonna duck behind you when someone's shooting! (looks at Neil)
      Deborah: You're very, very bitter.
      Neil: That's exactly what I was thinking. See, we're meant to be together.
      Deborah: Shut up, Neil.

    • Derek: That's it? That's your diagnosis?
      Meredith: Yes. He said bone cancer so that would be his diagnosis.
      Derek (coldly): I heard him I was double checking.
      Finn: I still need to do a bone scan to see how far it's spread. Ostosarcoma (Addison gives Derek a confused look) is aggressive but we can try and treat it with chemo or remove the tumor entirely. If it's spread too far we may have to amputate the limb.
      Derek: At that point should we even bother?
      Meredith: Oh, right. Let's just let him die.
      Derek: I don't want him to suffer Meredith.
      Meredith: Right.

    • Addison: I know what you're going to say Richard, but if you knew the day that I had...
      Richard: Everybody in this hospital has those days Addison, and no one makes a scene in front of their peers. Get it together. (long pause) Addison.
      Addison: I can't compete. He's not having an affair. He's not trying to hurt me. He's just... (sighs). The only people who don't know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith. How do I compete with that?

    • (Meredith, Addison, and Derek uncomfortably in an elevator)
      Addison: So what's-- I mean is there something going on?
      Meredith & Derek: No
      Addison: Did you guys have a fight or something?
      Meredith & Derek: No
      Addison: So we're all still friends?
      Meredith & Derek: Yes. (elevator opens Meredith and Derek walk separate ways)

    • Izzie: I have some news for you.
      Denny: Am I getting a better television? Because this one is ridiculously small and it doesn't get the porn channels.
      Izzie (smiles): You're getting a heart, Denny.
      Denny: I don't mean to be dramatic and all but I'm gonna need you to repeat that. And you say it slow because this is one of those moments in life that I'm gonna want to remember in detail.
      Izzie: You ... are getting a heart from Mercy West. Dr. Burke already left to get it.
      Denny (smiles): I guess this means I'm going to have start taking you on some real dates.
      Izzie (laughs and smiles): Guess so.

    • (In one of the open walkways in the hospital, after talking with Kendra's parents)
      Addison: What they're doing is not about love, Derek! Well, it's like you.
      Derek: Excuse me.
      Addison: Yeah, how you pretend to love me, but really you're just using me to fill this need you have to be a good guy.
      Derek: Now's not the time to talk about this. We'll talk about this later.
      Addison: Oh what, you walk away, that's all I get?
      Derek: Just calm down, please.
      Addison: What, what, you're not going to yell at me, call me names, or, I don't know, ignore me in an elevator?
      Derek: What do you want from me, Addison?
      Addison: I want you to care. I sleep with your best friend, and you walk away. He comes out here from New York and rubs it in your face, and still you get a good night's sleep. What do I have to do? Oh, I know. Maybe what I should do is go out on a date with the vet because that seems to be something that sends you into a blind rage. Oh but wait, that won't work either because I'm not Meredith Grey! (Camera pulls back to see that most of the staff saw Addison's outburst including Meredith)

  • NOTES (3)

    • This was the last episode to be broadcast in the show's original timeslot Sundays at 10:00 p.m.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Bulgaria: July 31, 2006 on bTV
      Latin America: August 17, 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Australia: October 16, 2006 on Channel Seven
      Netherlands: November 28, 2006 on Net 5
      UK: January 18, 2007 on Living TV.
      Sweden: January 30, 2007 on Kanal 5
      Norway: January 30, 2007 on TV2
      Germany: March 13, 2007 on Pro7
      Croatia: April 23, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Finland: April 25, 2007 on Nelonen
      Italy: May 11, 2007 on Italia 1
      Ireland: July 17, 2007 on RTE2
      Romania: August 28, 2007 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs plays at the beginning of this episode,
      2. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by Snow Patrol plays at the end of the episode.


    • Episode Title: 17 Seconds

      This episode's title could be a reference to the 1980 album Seventeen Seconds by The Cure.

      The title could also be a reference to the 17 second time difference between Denny Duquette and another patient on the waiting list for a heart transplant.