Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 25

17 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on ABC

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  • Izzie faces a moral/ethical dilemma. Save Denny or destroy her career/life.

    One word: Whoa! George was great in this episode. All the characters were in their element. George the sensitive one who gets through to people, Christina the bitter one, Izzie, the one with a big heart, etc. I feel bad for Izzie and Denny, I was actually beginning to like him. The scene where he was about to sign the DNR got me all teary-eyed especially when he was talking about the choice of heaven or hospital. I really hope they save him on time although I don\'t foresee that happening. Oh and that cliffhanger with Burke... I hope I remember to watch the finale tomorrow!
  • WOW! WOW! WOW!

    This episode of Grey's Anatomy was pretty flawless. The acting in this show never fails to impress me. What a great ensemble show! The scenes between Izzie and Denny were amazing, so sad and heartfelt. The tension felt with Burke and Alex and the doctors at Mercy West was great. Another great episode of McDreamy/Meredith/Addison drama. It makes you anxious for when it will finally come out that Meredith and McDreamy are not over each other. Porr Addison. I hope that tonight's two-episode finale provides a lot of Cristina, I feel like she's been on the back burner in a lot of these episodes and Sandra Oh is so talented. Bring on the finale - we're so ready!
  • WOW....WTF?!?!?! (spoilers beware)

    I cannot imagine what is in store for tomorrow! This episode epitomizes the whole entire reason I watch this show! I am absolutely stunned and hooked as well!!!! Forget about finals! lol! Burke is shot!?!?! Izzy is risking her whole career for Denny and he just may die because of her?!?! My goodness!! I am floored...this is an absolutely amazing plot and tomorrow frankly I want everything to turn out ok...but I highly doubt it! Yet, I really want it to be that way so....we shall see!! 2 hour season finale tomorrow!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!
  • OMG

    this episode was so great. OMG i can not believe that bruke got shot. OMG I hope that burke or Denny do not die. Izie is going to get in so much trouble. I love the part when Addison was yelling at Dr. McDreamy and just about everyone was looking up at them. This eppisode was so great the next one is going to be so great. this is so much better than the bomb episode.I love how there are very stressful parts and then they add funny parts so it is not all serious. I also loved how Baliey yelled at the manger person. I this was a really really great episode
  • Breathtaking and Shocking

    What an episode this turn out to be. All in all, I say 17 Seconds is up there with Into You Like a Train and It's the End of the World. It was great seeing George defending Meredith because she was like family to him. And was it just me or was Meredith really talking about Derek when she told Finn that she loved him? Anyways, enough with that soap opera stuff. Lets go on what just happened. I just Wow'd@what Izzy just did by doing some sort of euthanasia or whatever they call it, so she can give the heart to Denny. I'm hoping that justice gets done here. The most shocking part was in the very ending when we see Dr. Burke getting shot! Those are the scenes that made this a top episode of Grey's Anatomy. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • i was glued to my television screen

    ..especially during the elevator screen, when meredith and derek are side together towards the end. they really need to get back together. I used to hate Addison when she first aired in season 1, but now I'm starting to really understand her place on the show. She's a great actress and plays an important role. Sandra Oh.. funny as hell like always. She is the reason why I've watched Grey's from the beginning. I also cried a bit during the scene where Izzie confesses to Denny how she loves him and she just wants him to do what she says, for her.
    I'm really glad that abc broke this season finale into two days. The next one's going to be AWESOME.
    How am i going to sleep tonight?
  • I honestly do not think I can even wait to see what happens with this!

    This episode was outstanding. We openly see that Derek and Meredith are not over each other, even though it was already obvious. And Addi definently sees this too. I cantwait to see how Shondra will take this on! Also the Denny heart situation is intense, especially with Burke out of commision, and possibly dead. I couldnt think of a better way for the first part to go. Hopefully tomorrow night it will just keep getting better. I was coming around with Finn, but come on...Im totally for Derek and Meredith! If Addi moves back to New York it wouldnt hurt my feelings!:)
  • this episode was amazing it just was simply remarkable it was amazing burke got shot which made this epidoe simply beautiful and then everything amazing plotline to this episode

    i review this episode and well it was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really an amazing episode just simple remarkably i say again beautiful scripted 10.0 i say to the episode of Grey's anatomy i of my favorites next to it's the end of the world and let the truth sting.
  • Aheart finally comes up for Denny and it is all systems go!

    What an amazing episode!!! A heart finally come up for Denny and Burke goes to collect it by helicopter.When faced to make a decision,Burke chooses to take Alex with him instead of Christina,after they had an argument.
    But after the donor dies,Burke fights to get a heart from another donor at the same hospital.When learning that Denny isn't promised a heart,Izzie takes seemingly necessary measures and cut Denny's IV wire,with his permission and informs Burke that something is going to happen to Denny.On arriving back with the heart,there is a shooting outside and Burke is left on the groung with a shot wound.
    Meredith is partnered up with Callie,who gets angry when Meredith starts talking about her dog.But after having a conversation with George,decides that it is better is she give Meredith a break and decides to help her.In a later conversation with George,Callie tells him that she loves him,but he gets called away without giving an answer.

    This episode just leaves the audience waiting for more,and I can't wait to see the next episode!!!
  • Omg what was Izzie thinking? Show should've been called life line, cuz of Deny and the mother.

    Meredith is really starting to get on my nerves now was she talking about her dog or Sheperd when she said 'I love him'. You just know that they're going to get back together. But the vet is soooo cute nooooooo what a dilema. Poor Addison stuck in a marriage where she's second scratch that 3rd best to the dog and Meredith. She should have stayed with McSteamy (way way better that McDreamy who just seems to be a push over at the moment.)

    Plus Alex last week with ratting out Addison with that mum (still fuming about that one stupid woman!) man I wanted to ring both the wife the husband and Alex's neck. He didn't have to tell!

    Then the week before that he shouted at poor George cuz he was still upset with Meredith, which he should! Really.

    Aww Callie is sooooo sweet. Love it...
  • Wow! an action packed episode, with Izzie's love for Denny showing through in a very un-anticipated and dramatic way, along with Burke's attempt to get the heart with dramatic results!

    I couldn't believe how quickly the time went when watching this episode! Burke's support in attemtping to retrieve a heart for Denny, while Izzie decided to dramatically cut the cord (it's specific name currently evades me), and the fact that Denny actually agreed to it stunned me! Their love for each other really shines through, and their support of each other is amazing.

    Each of the actors in this episode made it all extremely believable and had me on the edge of my seat, and then in absolutes shock with Burke being shot! Oh my gosh! An extremely well down episode in the lead up to the season finale, one in which the writers really knew how to make a drama more dramatic with a lot of twists and turns.
  • I love Izzy!

    Omg this episode was great but i really just loved the conversation izzy has with denny before she cuts his L-VAD wire! she finally admits to him she loves him and that SHE wouldnt b ok if he died its soo sweet and really shows how she has grown up since season 1! shes a great character and she better b in it for a long long time i love her!
    i miss her and denny they're great hope she gets a new love interest that isnt george cos that would cause a lot of confrontation :( does anyone know the next storyline??
  • That is not even the lenght of a decent kiss.

    My Second favorite episode of all times. What makes this episode so special is Katherine Heigl. Her preformance as Izzie Stevens was Oscar worthie in this episode. She telling Denny what about her when he goes into the light was incredibly sad and one of the most memorable scenes ever. The massive shooting happened at the restaurant and there are too many victims. A engaged couple encountered a break up problem after he ducked behind her and Crisitna tells her to break up with him.
    Burke goes to fatch the heart for Denny but so many things go wrong and the ending was absolutely shocking.
    The best episode of Season 2 and my second best episode of all times.
  • i love izzie, but god, sometimes shes so stupid.

    this was a tough episode to watch. i was practically yelling at the tv screen "izzie you idiot! DONT DO IT!" I love izzie to death, but sometimes she thinks with her emotions too much, and i jus wanna hit her. it was so sad tho when she gave that heartwrenching speech to denny, begging him to let her cut the LVAD wire. "You have to do this for me, or I'll never be able to forgive you!" "For dying?" "No! For making me love you!" Yeah i was pretty much bawlinig by this point. And im not a crier. Poor Denny.
  • Amazing, what a great episode. I\'m still a little in shock by the endig, just can\'t wait \'till next week

    Now that,.. That was one absolutely great episode.
    Unfortunately in Holland we just got to this episode,
    so I\\\\\\\'m looking forward to the other episodes, of which
    I believe most of you have seen them already.
    Well, I\\\\\\\'m really under the impression. Amazing, especially the ending of this episode.. [spoiler] The way Izzie freaks out, because she just doesn\\\\\\\'t want to lose her love. Just wonderful, and foolish at the same time. The episode where finally Meredith and Shephard get a little closer in some way,.. the way everybody is involved. Amazing! I am really wondering how things will end, I nearly cried at this episode. Well, I guess I\\\\\\\'ll have to wait for another week \\\\\\\'til next one comes up.
  • seriously one of the best Grey's Anatomy episodes ever. The ending is incredibly gut wrenching along with the whole episode, which is a series of events deteriorating each second. I litterally could ot stop crying when the episde ended.

    17 Seconds is one of those episodes that just makes you feel helpless, like one of the characters. It's an episode in which the plot twists and with it you turn from being somewhat okay what izzie is doing to wanting to run up to the room to tell her that Burke got shot. I don't even know how to explain how phenomenol this episode is. Along with the Izzie, Denny, Burke story line the Meredith, Derek, Addison love triangle plays a major role in the episode culminating with the Addison freak out, which finally let viewers see how upset she was that clearly Derek is STILL in love with Meredith. Also how Meredith uses the dog analogy to talk about how much she loves, or loved, Derek. Such a good episode!
  • Wow, this show continues to shock and surprise me.

    Tonight’s episode had me laughing, shouting, and on the edge of me seat. Every episode keeps getting better and better, and I really don't know how season three is going to improve over these past two seasons, but let's not worry about that till later. We still have two more hours tomorrow. Well, let's get on with the review.

    Poor Addison. She's suspected for a long time Derek still loves Meredith, and Derek's actions in this episode proved her suspicions right. Derek's anger towards Meredith only prove that he's jealous that Meredith is going out with Finn. The scene where Addison was shouting at Derek in the middle of the hospital with all the interns and doctors staring, shows just how frustrated, desperate and just plain overwhelmed she feels that she is loosing the person she loves and there is nothing she can do about it. Up until recently I have been rooting for Meredith and Derek to get back together but now I'm not so sure. The producers have gotten me to actually like Addison as a character and I feel bad for her. Derek's behavior was rude towards her in this episode and he needs to admit that he really still has feeling for Meredith and vice versa. Just like Addison said: "The only people who don't know Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith." Addison is suffering, and Derek should at least admit what his true feelings are.

    Callie was on the bitc*y side towards Meredith today, but she was able to redeem herself at the end of the episode. She's trying to become friends with Meredith and she receives kudos for that, when Meredith hasn't been so welcoming towards Callie herself. Also I don't suspect George loves Callie, as we found out today she loves him. I will be surprised if George is over Meredith yet, and I fear Callie is going to end up getting hurt.

    What made this episode though was the fight for Denny's heart. Izzie finally admitted that she was in love with him, and proved she was willing to do whatever it took to get him to live. Alex also gained major points in this episode. He knew Izzie was lying about Denny's condition just to get him the heart, and yet Alex didn't tell Burke about it; even though Burke began to suspect something anyway. The final moments of this episode were heart pounding with Izzie stopping Denny's heart, thinking Burke was on the way with a new one when in reality Burke was coming empty handed. The mysterious Petie also returned at the end of the episode to kill the manager of the restaurant, happening to shoot Burke also.

    This was a fantastic way to begin the two-part season finale, and I can't wait until tomorrow to finish the final two hours. I am beginning to love this show more and more every day. It has fantastic characters, great plotlines, and has managed to avoid the "sophomore slump" that drags many shows down (like that little show that comes on before it). If it continues like this into it's third season people will be saying "Desperate what?"

    Final Notes:

    - There seemed to be relationship trouble all over in tonight’s episode with Burke and Christina, Addison and Derek, and of course the played for laugh conflict between the couple who got shot in the restaurant. The couple finally got together at the end of the episode, and then he just had to duck behind her again when shots rang out through the hospital,

    - Finn lied to Meredith about her dog. Doc has hardly a year to live at best case scenario,

    - Christina didn't have a lot to do in this episode except sit in glum about her relationship woes with Burke. Did Burke really not pick Christina to go with him for the heart because he's still mad at her about last week?

    Final Rating: Excellent, 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • How far can a person go in name of love?

    Revelation Nº1:
    Since previous episode we have seen Derek act with anger because Meredith dating McVet. He was even insulting. Addison knew something was wrong with them and asked Meredith about. The aswer lead to a soap opera-esque big confrontation between Addison and Derek. She loudly proclaim that she knew Derek was still in love with Meredith just in front Meredith herself, Dr. Webber and all her peers.
    Revelation Nº2:
    Callie in love with George. At first she was all jelous at Izzie and pf course Meredith. But whe George told her they are his family (so basically, she shouldn't be mean to them), she put behind her feelings in favor of George. She was very kind to show Meredith the x-rays of a patient with same type of cancer as Doc. Callie redeemed herself. But, she said to George "I Love you" so soon.
    Revelation Nº3:
    Izzie putting her medical carrer in jeopardy by worsening Denny's health. This is a bizarre way to show love: Inducing a heart failure to get a heart for Denny. It was a selfish act to involve George. Poor George. Bad thing for Denny is tha Dr. Burk got shot by a disgruntled restaurant employee.
    Revelation Nº4:
    We all know that in the last scene, when Meredith and Finn are talking and she says: "Yes, I Love him so much", she's not only talking about the dog.
  • Amazing

    Great actings, especially from Mere. I love it when she said, 'ass!' and the whole scene when Addison asked her if she slept with Derek. Truly captivating.
    Great lines. I am glad to finally see Bailey acting like she is Bailey. It has been long since that episode she gave birth. She cannot just blame it to the hormones. Credits to the writer.
    Great Izzie. Her freaking out is an excellent plot. This makes her human. Everybody loves her and feel that she is desperate.
    Great plot. That scene when Burke runs to stop operations on the other heart, I can truly feel the tension.
  • One of TV\'s finest moments

    Addison\'s realization regarding her relationship with Derek, an Izzy in love doing everything in her power to be with her horse of a man.

    The two downsides to the episode was why Burke felt the need to go back without the heart; didn\'t see the logic in that, and Callis\' proclamation; it felt too much too soon.

    Am just about to watch part 2, and I so hope I misread the stupid that said that Denny dies. He\'s such a great character with a good heart and a nice smile. And the way he set his sight on Izzy and just kept it there, what a guy.
  • Wow lizzy cut denny heart-value and Burke get shots

    Wow what can i say this series just gets better and better and it show this series shouldn't be written off because of love-triangle. ok we will start with lizzy who love affair with Denny is cloud her judgement-i mean no matter how much you care for a patient you don't cross the line and she has crossed and no-one out on top of that George witness it-if she done it by herself no-one could be witness.

    Marideth and sheppards-well this is going to get very messy isn't it, it's clear that catching Marideth with Finn made him jealous and that causing fiction between Allison and sheppard and she realise no matter what she does she can't have him.

    What a clif-hanger Burke is shot which mean that Denny surgury hang in balance and next episode is really going to cause more trouble than it worth because lizzy going feel guilty she killed a patient she deeply cared about.
  • A great start to the season finale.

    Since "As We Know It," I've actually liked Meredith. Sure, she's still a little whiny and neurotic. But I've begun to take sympathy on her. Which is why I hate Derek even more now. He drove me crazy before, but now he's just a total jerk without any respect for Meredith's or Addison's feelings. I also hate how no one even asked Addison what she wanted to do with the dog, because it's hers, too.

    Izzie is being selfish and stupid with this whole Denny thing. How can anyone act that irrationally?! She is risking his life and her career; it's absolutely ridiculous. And she's not being fair to the other guy who needs the heart. To be honest, I hope Denny doesn't survive. I really don't like his character.

    Burke getting shot was soo scary! I really hope he's okay!

    Callie telling George she loves him was really bizarre; they really haven't known each other that long.
  • It was a good episode

    This was a good episode, but not as good as "the end of the world" and "as we know it".

    I really felt sorry for Meredith. Derek is really mean to her and on top of that, she is losing her dog. A while ago my own dog died because of bone cancer (which according to our vet is one of the most painful kinds)and it just hurts a lot to loose a pet.
    It was pretty clear that she didn't mean the dog when she told McVet that she really loved him. Maybe there still is a small change for Derek and Meredith.

    Stupid Izzie. Is she really risking Denny's life for a heart? She has gone totally blind when it comes to Denny, and because of this, her career might be over. Let's just hope that Denny will live. This was stotyline that I didn't like about this episode. I can't stand it if people don't think anymore.

    I wasn't really shocked that Burke got shot. When I heard the shooting, I kind of expected that. I do hope that he doesn't die. I like his character and I really like Burke and Cristina together eventhough they are so different.

    I guess I'll have to wait until the next episode to find these things out!
  • This was the best episode of the whole televison season.

    Katherine Heigl performance in this episode was superb, if she does not get an emmy nod for best supporting actress I will be really upset. I wish they made this the season finale because I think it would have been a better clifhanger. What a clifhanger it was. Basically this was the best episode of any show I have ever seen. I was setting up thinking about this episode all night. Izzie basically had a plan to stop Denny's heart so he could get a new one that was going to go to someone else. As Burke was making his way to the hospital to test Denny's heart to prove he needed a heart a.s.a.p, he was shot. The last second of the episode was Izzie cutting the tube.
  • "Grey's Anatomy" begins to slip as it nears it's season 2 finale...

    I have seen every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” since it premiered, but I will never watch it again. It’s never been my ‘typical’ kind of show. I don’t generally like soap operas, but I do like hospital dramas, so it drew me in at first. The soap aspect was there from the beginning, but I liked most of the characters and there was enough legitimate drama and medical jargon to keep me interested. In the last few episodes of the season, however, the writers seem to have lost their way, or perhaps found a way that is a complete turn-off to me. A few months ago, I read in a contributor’s review, that the superior quality of “Grey’s Anatomy” has made the very existence of “ER” unnecessary. At this comment, I not only scoffed, but took offense, as “ER” is a totally different type of drama, who’s weakest shows are still infinitely better than the best of “Grey’s Anatomy”. That’s not to say that “Grey’s” hasn’t had some spectacular moments, it has. The episodes ‘Into You Like a Train’ and the two-part ‘It’s the End of the World’ & ‘(As We Know It)’ were tremendous examples of a well written and acted TV drama, and to think some reviewers actually think the three-part season finale was as good as those is quite disturbing. All in all, I feel as though I have been let down by a show that started off with enormous potential, but has basically become a prime-time soap. In the last three episodes of the season, most of the main characters seem to have become moronic caricatures of themselves, exhibiting nothing but their worst traits. It was one thing for Izzie to fall in love a patient, but to risk his life for her own selfish reasons? And Meredith and Derek just pissed me off with their final decisions. It’s not that I’m projecting my displeasure of these three episodes onto the whole season or entire show for that matter, but when almost ALL of the principle characters have pissed you off inside of three hours, why should I care what happens to them next season?! (p.s. – I still like George, someone let me know if he gets his own show…)
  • Wow! So much went on! The start to the conclusion of a great season.

    So many momentous events.

    Izzie really went over the top this week trying to save Denny. It's obvious she's going to do something incredibly stupid since she lied to Burke about Denny's condition.

    And Callie confessed her love for George! And Meredith and Derek's painfully silent elevator ride. And Cristina confessing she might break up with Burke only to find that soon he'll be fighting for his life.

    I liked the overall theme of anger in this episode as one of the sins. To see how everyone was angry at someone else really brought it all together and made an impact.

    Anger between patients, between doctors, between husbands and wives, between ex-lovers. Wow.

    And Addison's little freak-out, I really felt for her, and this is one of the first times I wanted Derek to pick her. Poor Addy. Things will just never go her way.
  • I love it!

    I still hate Derek since last episode, and i just loved that Addison is reavelling what she really thinks about the whole situation between them. Derek's relationship with Meredith as well, as with Addison, are really bad.
    I was totally shocked with the thing between Izzie and Denny! Also with Callie declaring his love for George! And then again with what happens to Burke.
    This episode was full of great surprises and it is an awsome example of why I love this show!
  • WOW what an episode.. there is really nothing else to say except WOW

    lets just say that after the episode finished I stayed something like 10 minutes staring at the screen repeating oh my god oh my god oh my god! this just had to be the bestest episode ever... grey\'s really outed itself here!!!! At the end I was panicking, screaming at Izzie to please not cut the L-Vad wire.. the moments between Izzie and Denny were simply touching, absolutely fabulous! I also loved the moment in the elevator... when Derek couldn\'t say anything because he knew he had hurt her.. just perfect... keep it up because it seems as though this show is one surprise after the other :D
  • Allow me to

    And yet again I\'ve been moved to tears. At first I thought that this would be a mostly uneventful episode, but the last moments of the show changed everything. I\'m enjoying the development of the relationship btw Meredith and McVet...but in a way it almost seems to inhibit the romance that definitely still exists b/w Derek and Meredith. It was good to see an emotional Addison as well...she really \"can\'t win\". It\'s such a shame that all of this business surrounding Denny has had such dramatic repercussions...Izzie risking her medical career and, indirectly, George\'s, and now Burke\'s life is at risk as well. It was definitely a very fluid link between it all and brings to rise the concept of Chaos Theory; if the shooter had gotten the right guy in the first place would all of the others have been shot? Also, had the other donor stayed alive this whole Denny business have come to such a head? Another enthralling installment of Grey\'s.
  • "Well other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

    What? Huh?...Yeap; Exactly. Speechless? Nope that doesn’t even begin to describe this more than amazing episode of a Grey's Anatomy. If television was made like this on a routine there is NO way I would have made it through law school.

    It's not often where the audience find an episode so brilliant that they are willing, desperately begging, to allow their hearts to be toyed with. Handled with the care as a florist treats an orchid; this episode pushed the right buttons and made the all right moves. It made me angry, it made jealous, it made me hopeful; it left me satisfied.

    Taking a theme straight from one of the 7 deadly sins, anger, this episode was all about love. It showed the measures of what the heart will do in order find, regain and maintain the much needed life fuel of love.

    For love Calli was willing to go out of her way to be accepted into the family. For love Christina and Burke are willing to stay angry at each other, Burke is willing to blatantly overlook Christina to send a message of hurt. For love Derek is willing to allow himself to become so consumed with jealousy that is once again puts his shaky marriage on the line and jeopardize the awkward friendship he was attempting to build with Meredith. For love Izzy was willing to kills Danny to help him live and for love Danny was willing to die to help Izzy live.

    With so much going on this episode you would think minor episodic characters get the creative leftovers, however this episode show major character development of Alex and George. I guess the time spent in the gynecology ward kick some consideration back into Alex. The series hate to love and love to hate character took a turn back to love when he stepped up in the mission to find a heart for Danny. It also seems that George O'Malley is also coming into himself this episode and the last, are hopefully the beginning of a character where the audience doesn’t feel the need to feel sorry for. Development so pivotal and true to its characters is were Grey's Anatomy seems to keep the nail on the head and knocking it out of the park every time they step up to the plate.

    Grey's Anatomy has an exceptional cast of characters. Not one technical director, not one writer nor one actor put less than 110 percent of themselves into this performance. This episode is a fine example of what makes this series so strangely and uniquely pleasantly addictive.
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