Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 1

A Change Is Gonna Come

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on ABC

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  • What was that?

    Last night the S4 premiere of Grey's aired here, and one word would describe what I felt about this episode: disappointment. Frustration would also sum it up for me. If you compare this episode to one from S2 or S1 then you'll see just how crappy it was. Aargh, I can't vent how much I hated this episode! Just to rant here is a short list of the characters that annoyed me the most:

    1. Lexie: Me, me, me, me, me. Okay, we get it, your Meredith's sister, but did you have to bombard her with this information as she was trying to get a critical patient into the ER? Oh yes you had to didn't you? I can tell you are going to annoy me so much. :(

    2. George: Get over yourself, your pathetic lovelife and just freakin' do your job. Stop complaining that you have to repeat your intern year and deal with it, it happens, and perhaps you should've concentrated more on studying than Izzie or Callie, or choosing between Izzie and Callie. :roll:

    3. Izzie: Where to begin? You need to get over this disgusting obsession with George and concentrate on getting your interns to pay you some respect, and your hardly going to achieve that by treating a deer, what a ridiculous storyline. :roll:

    However, it wasn't all bad IMO. I loved, loved, loved Bailey and Cristina in this episode. I loved how Bailey kind of took a stand to Callie by showing her weaknesses and also siding with Alex. Cristina is definitely the new Nazi, bravo to her, I enjoyed her authority over Lexie and setting her straight. Bravo to Sandra Oh for that performance too!

    The absences of Addison and Burke are felt terribly in this episode, I am really going to miss my Addie, but not to worry, I shall be watching Private Practice when it airs here.

    Oh, and what a terrible ending...
  • A new set of interns arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital.

    This episode proved that this show plans on growing bigger as the years pass.

    Bailey's "Residents" give HER SPEECH to their interns, which includes Meredith's step sister Lexie. George starts the first day of his internship, again. Lexie introduces herself to Meredith and then runs into Dr. Shepherd (the guy in the bar). A dead guy breathes and has to have surgery. The only thing holding his head on his shoulders is skin. His wife and two children come to see him before surgery. One Blink is yes, two is no, and three blinks means I Love You. His daughter leans over so he can see her and blinks three times. Izzy saves the life of a deer for a little boy. Meredith and Derek break up. Then kiss and have break up sex. George tells Izzy he loves her.
  • This season premiere was good, we get to see changes (nwe people, looks, relationships), still is not good enough. Grey's Anatomy is getting further and further from the previous seasons (and that's no good)

    I am from Latin America and I waited exactly 5 months to watch this episode. It was good, but not good enough, and this series is in a rut (if we are taking into consideration the last episodes of season 3, that were worse than the rest of the series).
    This rewiev has two parts: good and bad things.
    Good things are: the deer drama, Christina's performance and George's confesion at the end of the episode, Izzie's lesson to their interns
    Bad things are: everybody being (or trying to be) nazis (that wasn't necesary and certainly that isn't like most of them), some new looks, MerDer break up scene, Callie suffering and LEXIE GREY (:@).
    A)Deer drama/Izzie: Izzie tried to play a role that is very different from her, the nazi and teacher role. This is why their interns were so bored to death. When she tried to save the deer she was trying to show something about her, that she never looses hope. This lesson was really important, and she, sadly, had to take care of bad interns. This is a good start, and she's not a bad teacher.
    B)Cristina: her new look, and her nazi attitude was great! She and Alex are nazis, they have it on their blood, and the rest does not. We get to see her human side and I loved what she says to the man in surgery. C) "I love you too": finally, I was waiting for that! It was a good thing, he said how he had been feeling since the beginning of this story.

    2 (Bad thigs).
    A) Nazis: Only Alex and Cris were true nazis. Izzie? It doesn't fit for her, and Meredith probably realised, and what she did was cool: she was so herself when she said "but sleep alone, but not with attendings, it's not a good idea" or something like that. Not everybody can act like nazis.

    B) Looks: Callie seemed a book, Alex a porn star (of a really cheap movie), Cristina a box fighter. I liked Mark's hair.

    C) MerDer break up scene: I really don't understand where such drama and problems come from. They're meant to be togheter, and they're always fighting, but I don't know why!
    When this started in 03x19 and in 03x20 I really didn't understand what was goin' on. They shouldn't have had that break up sex, because it means that there are posibilities to believe in that relationship, or that they gonna have a hard time from that moment on... They should have broken up and go to their own places (and take a cold shower).

    D)Lexie Grey: She was annoying from the very beginning. She kinda interrupted everything they were doing to see her. Okay, she's your sister...but you're in a hospital! Please back off! They were only two moments when I liked her: was when she talks to George, but at the end of the conversation, and in the lockers when she talks about bringing that baby to the world. The rest was...annoying.

    All in all, it was just and Ok episode. I hope everything gets better soon!
  • Season 4 Premiere where everyone deals with the aftermath of what happened in the season 3 finale.

    I seriously don't even know why I watch this show. I hate Izzie, like I really hate her character. I also hate George. I strongly dislike Meredith, oh so sad, she's damaged. She's also 30 and needs to deal with it already. Derek was once a hot doctor and now is a whiny baby. I like Christina and did really feel bad for her about Burke leaving. I like Karev well enough although I don't think they give him quite enough screen time and obviously I love Bailey. I think I watch this show because it is addictive but I felt as though the season premiere was kind of a let down overall. I will obviously continue to watch because, like I said, I can't stop myself, but overall I think the quality was subpar.
  • Lexie is Cristina's intern, George is Meredith's intern. Alex misses Rebecca and Cristina misses Burke. Callie struggles as Chief Resident whilst Bailey is still dealing with not getting the job. Meredith and Derek are broken up but not broken up...

    I waited (along with many of us out there) for months on end for this premiere and I must say, it fulfilled my expectations just fine. I only started watching Grey's like 4 months ago and I finished the first 3 seasons in a grand total of 2 weeks. As for this premiere, I'm glad it's going down the road that makes it less dark and twisty and depressing than Season 3 was. There were plenty of classic Grey's funny moments. The whole deer debacle made me laugh. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Gizzie; I liked them better as best friends. I'm not big on George with Callie either though. I think George should stay single for a while though I have a feeling something may happen between him and Lexie.
    Meredith and Derek..what can I say. I can't wait for next week to see how their relationship plays out, I love their chemistry and I don't think they'll break up for real...I hope not. I'm looking forward to this season, I have a feeling it's going to be more laid back and relaxed than last season. Going back to how it used to be in the first two seasons :)
  • Grey's is back and it's better than ever...

    It is so good. I have never seen a show like this. This is my favourite show. The way the show moved on from them being interns to them being residents, it was amazing. They stole Bailey's lines which was hilarious. I really think that this is top quality drama. One of the best if not the best out of all the american tv shows. Definitely the best medical show there is. It is moving, funny, tense and exciting all at the same time which makes this show so special. The introduction of Lexie Grey was very good and although Grey's no longer has Addison and Burke, it still continues to be a great drama.
  • I am so disappointed. Why do Meredith and Derek keep breaking up when they know deep down they are meant for each other and will never love anyone else more than they love each other? Tell me? Why? Why are they so stupid?

    Go read my summary. Ugh! Why are these two kids so stupid? They clearly know that they love each other. They clearly know that they are not going to love anyone else more than they ever love each other. What is the point of breaking up over and over again? Tell me? Gee, I do not understand. Their story is so getting old. I am sick and tired of watching this repetition. Feed me something that actually makes sense, will ya, writers? I am so pissed off at them. I dislike Lexie so much. She is so pretentious. Get off my screen. I don't care if people are going to disagree with me, but honestly, I don't like her, and this is a free country, so I can speak my mind. I thought the deer was so cute. I think Izzie is such a nice girl. No wonder George can't choose. I hope the next episode is better. Poor Dr. Yang. Sighs!
  • Seriously, Grey's is BACK! Greys Anatomy is going back to the writing that made it popular.

    I was really worried about this season, despite the actors and writers saying that this season was going to be different than the last. This episode reminded me of the reason I watch this series, there were some points I didn't like (George and Izzie), but for real, I think we are back on track. The humor is back, which is a main seller of the series. I am not of fan of Lexie. Chyler Leigh, bless her heart, trys to be a likeable character, but I am still not sold. Cristina, what can you expect from her character. The end when she watched her pt with his family was touching. But the best part was Derrick standing up for Meredith. He really loves her and understands her. I knew they were supposed to break up, but I was not expecting there hook up at the end. Excited to see what will happen next!
  • I am in love with Lexie Grey.

    I wasn't a big fan of last season's first couple of episodes. I felt they were overly melodramatic. The rest of season 3 made up for it, sans the Private Practice "pilot" episodes, and I was really looking forward to the season 4 review. Grey's Anatomy did not disappoint tonight!

    Our favorite interns' 1st year is finally over, and they are new residents (well, except for George). He decided to stay and is struggling. I personally felt TR's portrayal of O'Malley's frustration was excellent, because I have experienced something similar. Good performances all around.

    Awesomeness abounded in this episode. Izzie has the "duds," and she's not afraid to tell her group of interns once she figures out that she's the top banana to them. Meredith is still acting childish. Bailey is holding a grudge. Burke is gone, and Shepherd needs a new friend. Plenty of interesting story threads have been presented that should keep the viewer wondering, "What will happen next week?" all season long if the story arcs are well-executed.

    The most awesome part of this was Lexie Grey. She seems to really have it together, and looks to be my new anchor in this show. She made George look like a million bucks to the rest of the interns, and maybe she can communicate something to Meredith that will finally get her to quit being so selfish.

    To paraphrase George: kind of awesome. So much so, that she inspired him to tell Izzie that he loves her, too, which isn't a moment too soon (I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this), because this reviewer never accepted Torres. Three cheers for (Lexie) Grey's Anatomy!
  • Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex meet their interns, while George adjusts to becoming an intern again. Bailey accepts the fact that she is not Chief Resident. Meredith wont accept Lexie, and she and Derek come to a decision about their relationship.

    As Meredith, Izzie, Cristina, and Alex try to make Bailey-like impressions for their first-year interns, which include George as he begins his internship for the second time as Meredith's intern, Callie struggles to meet the expectations of Chief Resident while failing to gain the respect of her residents. Izzie makes an impression on her own interns by saving a deer on their first day. Cristina realizes that Burke is actually gone and not coming back. Derek and Meredith's relationship comes to a conclusion--or does it? Mark tries to win Derek back as his only friend in Seattle. And Bailey comes to terms with the fact that she is not Chief Resident. All of this happens during this incredibly filling-in-the-blanks premiere episode. Things are looking up for season four of Grey's Anatomy--and as Meredith so rightly put it, Change is Everything.
  • Finally! Grey's is back on track with its season premiere.

    Wow, I'm glad. I actually enjoyed the episode. Seems like Grey's is getting back on track after to me a lackluster last season. Am I the only one that actually likes Callie and George together? Gizze was so much better when they were just best friends. I really hope George and Callie stay together, but he's so mean to her. Even before the affair. But I do like how George is slowly getting back to being George and Bailey got some screen time! Cristina and Alex were great and I laughed so hard with the deer part. It's curtailing the over the top episodes and back to the comedy/drama and character angst that made me watch the show in the first place. Hopefully they keep it up!
  • A good, much happier opener!

    I loved this episode! I mean what a great start to what looks like a promising season. George finally declared his love for Izzie and I just hope sometime in the future they will become a couple. I think Callie desreved evrything she got, she has been a lousy wife but still maybe the residents were a little harsh. Cristina was great in this episode and thank god she adnitted she missed Burke. i was suprised that I actually kinda liked Lexi and her relationship with George is interesting. Baily as usual was funny and a joy to watch. The ending was great, the breakup kiss and the breakup sex i supose was a good way to end the relationship but I think in a matter of episodes they'll be wanting each other again! Overall loved this premier and hope the season continues this way!!
  • Seems like Grey's Anatomy's back on form.

    It really seems like ou favorite TV series returns to form after a comparable bad season.In season three we didn't see such a great character exporation and the medical cases are so deeply showed as they used to be in the first and the second season.After that bad season,Grey's is now the same show it used to be two years ago.Before seeing the episode I felt like I'm not going to like their new jobs as residents because in my opinion the show is based on their experiences as interns.But thair characters are so deeply developed as residents and they are showed at their typical acting and character by their new job as residents.I heard that people don't like the deer scene so much but I feel like the Izzie story is the best in this episode.Her story is similar to that of Bambi and the deer is so cute.I'm in love with this case.So outrageous and so beautifully chunky.George story is awesome too.I like their conversation with Lexie and I think they will form a great friendship and even more than this.They seem like a better couple than Gizzie.I liked the way she encourages him in front of the interns and that George got the attention he wanted for so long.Callie's,Bailey's and Derek's are amazing subplot stories.I like that Mark is getting more lines and I like also the storyline with Derek and Mark's friendship.Mark's words to Derek truly develop his character and he finally shows some piece of heart.The medical cases were all great.A man eating surgical instruments,a pregnant women with lost arm,a wounded deer and a dying father.After the deer,I also adore the case with the pregnant woman and especially with the dying father.It was so dramatic when his wife and kids came and when the boy starts crying and the girl comes to her father.Their communication through gestures was so truly dramatic and innocent.I like the drama these two cases give us and the comedic aspects which the case with the man and the deer brought.There were so many moments that made me remember the first two season and relate the episode to them such as George and Lexie watching the cute babies.I am really disappointed of Meredith's character.If the viewer didn't know she is the main protagonist of the show,he ir she would never guess it.She was even given so little lines.I don't get how the main character even doesn't get a medical case.Yes,this episode she was supposed to deal with her sister Lexie but that storyline was not even greatly exposed.I didn't like it.It seems to me that Lexie pretty stole the spotlight from her sister Meredith this episode.Another theme I am not happy with is that the relationship of Meredith and Derek became less attractive and interesting and even romantic after the first two season.They are like some old men and are so boring together.With couple of words,I adore this episode and it is simply at one of the first places in my best episodes collection from Grey's Anatomy.
  • The season 4 premier shows how the characters have dealt with their misfurtunes from the finale of season 3. This season looks to be the best yet!!

    Now seeing they interns become residents and have their own interns shows how much they have grown in the last 3 seasons.

    In this episode you see how Christina and Alex are dealing with losing their loves and how George is dealing with becming an intern all over again. This episode definately has some surprises that i was not expecting.

    I loved the scene between Christina and Alex both admitting that they miss Ava and Burke. This is they first time you really see the bond between the two characters in the show. I also loved the scene with George and Lexie. Lexie showing George that it isn't so bad repeating your intern year.

    After meeting they new interns we watch Bailey show resentment for Callie being picked for Chief Resident and how Callie is not dealing very well with the responsiblity of the job and of her marriage.

    The most shocking scene comes from George and Izzie. Having seen Izzie declare her love for George in the season 3 finale it was a great shock to see George return the favour to Izzie and finally admit his feelings. I truly cannot wait to watch the next episode and find out how season 4 will unfold!!
  • The team of former interns enter their first year as residents and now have their own interns to teach. The residents with their new interns deal with patients involved in an accident. Several secrets are revealed this episode.

    I thought the beginning of this episode was hilarious with all the new residents (our favorite old team of former interns) each playing a nazi of their own. I'm going to start with Izzie. While the residents all come back from their seventeen day vacation, Izzie reveals that she spent it alone. She is unsuccessfully still trying to get George's attention. While dealing with this she is trying to mentor her interns who don't seem to think much of her. She realizes after hearing them talk that they know about what happened with her and Denny, and they basically think she's a loser. She leads them on a crusade to save a deer when a little boy drags her and the interns out to the parking lot with the injured deer in the back of a truck, which is the same deer that caused the traumatic accident involving the patients that all the other residents are working on. She teaches them a lesson when she saves the deer and tells them that she is their resident whether they like it or not, and basically that she was also disappointed in them as well. I thought it was funny when she shocked the deer and it stood up like nothing was ever wrong to begin with. Izzie later confronted George about telling him she loved him at the end of last season, and not hearing from him for seventeen days since then. George is being a jerk and feeling sorry for himself because he has to repeat his internship. Lexie Grey, Meredith's half sister, tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and tries to help him because she's the only one who knows that he has been through this before. Callie tries to cheer him up while dealing with the spot of Chief Resident and says something jokingly about being knocked up, and he seems like he is terrified until he finds out she was kidding. George later winds up at Izzies door and tells her he loves her too. Callie doesn't seem to be able to gain the same respect as Chief Resident as Bailey had before, and Bailey doesn't seem to want to give her any advice. The chief continues to dog Miranda about talking about why he didn't pick her for CR, and she keeps side-stepping him. He finally catches her during a surgery and tells her the reason he didn't choose her to be CR was because he thinks she's too good of a surgeon to take that position. Lexie attempts to get to know her sister but isn't having much luck. Things got even more strange for Meredith when she found out that Derek met Lexie at the bar, just like he had met her. I was wondering what was going on with Derek and Meredith until Grey officially told him that they were breaking up. They of course then had break up sex. Mark offered Derek to talk to him and be his friend through what is going on with him and Grey, but Derek shoots him down. Later on Mark announces that he didn't come back to Seattle for Addison, he came back for Derek. It was funny because Mark realized it sort of sounded like a lover's plea, but i think it was enough for Derek to let him in a little. I think we might see these two start to associate more. We also find out this episode that Alex might have taken a trip to visit Rebecca over vacation, but he says he only drove that way and didn't see her. At the end of this episode he tells Yang that he misses Rebecca. Yang tells him that she misses Burke, who we found out from Derek that Burke handed in his letter of resignation two weeks earlier. Three patients wind up in the hospital from the accident with the deer. A pregnent woman comes in with a severred arm, and since the doctors can't find it they wonder if they'll be able to do anything. They recovered the arm and Mark performed surgery to reattach it. Another victim of the accident comes in and keeps reporting that he's hungry. After he eats all the utensils off Alex's exam table and suffers an attack, we find out that the man suffers from a disease in which he has an uncontrollable urge to eat. They pull a pair of scissors, change, clips and other non-food products out of his stomach, but the man lives. (I thought it was funny at the end of the episode when Yang said she missed Burke and Alex handed her the bag of change they took out of the guy's stomach and said "Want some money?" was cute.) The other victim of the accident came in an ambulance and appeared to be dead, but then he started breathing. We find out that the man is internally decapitated. The only thing holding his head onto his body is skin and muscle, and if he moves a fraction of an inch he could die. I thought it was really said when the man's wife and kids came in to see him knowing it could be the last time. He starts moving on the O.R table because he is only partly knocked out, but Yang tells him he can't move because his family needs him, and that it's not enough for them to just live with the memory that he loved them. There was definately some subtext there about how she felt about her situation with Burke. Another fantastic episode and i can't wait to see more. Nice way to start off the new season, it looks very promising. I do miss seeing Addison around though.
  • Second First Day

    Izzie, Christina, Alex and Meredith are now residents and have new interns of their own. Also, it's George's second first day as an intern. There is a new chief resident in the position of Bailey who is now a surgeon. Burke left the Seattle Grace and Christina is not too happy about it. Mark wants to make a new start with his ex-best friend, Derek, and Derek wants to make a new start with Meredith.
    Meredith's half-sister, that she had no idea about, Lexie, is an intern in the hospital. She wants to get to know her but Meredith avoids her.
    George delivers a baby and the other interns see him with awe. A man tends to eat anything he finds and the Alex takes a bag full of change out of his stomach. A pregnant woman loses her arm and Mark sticks it back together.
    Now that Addisson's gone, Derek and Meredith make a new start...
  • Such a strong pilot!

    OMG, how the episode started, how the season started, just pulled me in!
    The fast first time as residents shots were amazing. How they ordered around the interns, when they are finally not. Each showing their personallity so much. and George, well maybe i misunderstood, but last season when he talked to Bailey didnt he say he can't repeat the intern year?! and then he does?! and as Grey's intern?! hillarious!
    And i love the part where Bailey wouldnt talk to the Chief. He is the CHIEF! and she can just stand up to him, even though he is the boss.
    Plus now Lexie, Grey's sister, is in town. and it seems like she is already getting in the way of everything to do with Grey's life. I dont think they'll be friends. i hope though too.
    PS. in this episode we get to see how Grey and Cristina get over their exes (or not). Also we see how hard it is on Derek not to have Burke around or even Addison. And the story of Izzie and George develops.
  • Reason why I watch!

    Very great season to start off the fourth season as new interms come on in. As well as problems both on the professional and personal front. Poor George has to retake his exams again after failing them. Callie is the new chief. We are also introduced to Meredith's half-sister Lexie, who is one of the new interms at Seattle Gray. It is anything but boring. As a three-car accident occurs. Causing multiple injuries. While Cristina tries to find Burke, as Isaiah Washington was forced off the show. She can't find him as it will be hard for her to move on with her life. Bailey doesn't like things going on at the hospital as they aren't what they appeared to be!
  • Sweet Premire!

    Christina, Meredith, Izzie and Alex are not residents anymore and Burke is gone. George gets left behind. We see all of the old residents, except George, having their own group of new residents including Meredith's half sister. We see 4 patients. One pregnant woman who lost her arm in an accident, a father who can't move and talk because of an accident he had, an old man who swallows whatever items he finds in front of him and a deer!

    In the end, George delivers a baby, Izzie saves the deer and Meredith gets back together with Dr.Shephard. In addition George finds the courage to go to Izzie and say to her that he loves her too.

    This is only like the second episode I watched,(including the pilot)I am now watching the rest of Season 4 because this premire was awesome! I might consider watching Seasons 1-3 but only if my sister buys them. Great show!
  • a new season.. :)

    My McDreamy is back and looking better then ever!
    I love Patrick's hair a lot this past summer! *sigh* lol

    Anyhow, Mer/Der.. You know the whole breaking up thing and having sex thing is not going to go well. By looking at the promo you know the casual sex is going to continue but its only going to be good enough for like a few episodes before it will complicate things. And I think the one who'll have problem with the casual thing is going to be Derek. I never took him for the guy who goes for casual stuff like that..

    Cristina.. I feel for her that Burke is not there.. I loved that scene between her and Derek, and they shared a case, and I'm only reminded that I want more of these scenes!! I like these scenes a lot.
    Gotta love bossy Cristina! She's so much fun! LOL
    I loved that last scene with Alex. 'I miss Rebecca' 'I miss Burke' What more do you need to hear? It was enough for me to make it a great scene.

    George.. I love George.. There's no way you could make me hate him. He's got that likeble thing about him. Things are definitely complicating for him and he feels like he's got nothing good going on in his life, which is why I like what Lexie says. She kind of makes him see that something did go well, he delivered a baby.. I'm totally shipping George/Lexie btw. First off as friends, because George could need one, and I wouldn't mind if it became a bit more in the future, but all in time.. Lets make them be friends first.. ;) Loved how Lexie kept it a secret that he has already been an intern once.. :) You could see that George appreciated it! :)

    Lexie - I like her. I liked her last season, I like her now. She's just trying to do the best she can, even though she has her own problems. It's fun for me to see her as Cristina's intern. I feel for her though that Meredith is not making any attempt really for her.. Maybe that will come in the next ep.. There was a lot of things happening..

    George/Izzie.. I can't make my mind up between these two.. Last few episodes of the last season, I wasn't much of a fan, I was okayish in the finale of last season, and I kind of liked them in tonight's ep. It's definitely an intriguing storyline.. I'm 50/50 on it.
    Though Alex/Izzie will always be my #1 ship!

    I loved the whole Alex who kept going back to Bailey thing btw.. ;) Callie has no authority.. Its kind of sad for her but I found it funny to watch.
    Go Bailey for standing up to the Chief! Bailey rocked!

    I love Mark and I'm glad to see more Derek/Mark scenes... The whole 'I came back to Seattle for you' thing is weird in some way because in the past he had always said that he came back for Addison, but I believe it. I'll believe anything Mark says when he looks as great as he does now.. lol
    I liked the promise of drinks one day, and the small laugh between them.. ;)
    Kind of cute that Mark needed a friend too.. :D

    I liked all the cases, the deer thing interesting me the least, but it was nice how Izzie came to certain conclusions because of the case and kind of taught her interns a lesson, and how she also had other expectations of them.

    I'm glad Grey's is back! I missed it and everyone on the cast looks great! :D Especially patrick! *sigh*

    and now I kind of realise that I didn't really miss Addison at all.
  • Everyone enters they're first year as residents and deal with problems :P

    An excellent premiere episode tied up some loose ends. I loved Izzie saving the deer that was cool. Lexie is actually Okay but i'm not saying I like her or hate her yet it could go either way lets just hope it goes the right way. George and Izzie is annoying me to no end and that needs to stop now! Can't wait for more season 4 so far it's making up for boring, weird and random season 3 lets hope it stays that way. Christina was great I can't wait to see more of her this season. Good season premiere guys!
  • where's the shrink at this hospital...

    Wow – talk about a bunch of seriously screwed up people. Burke leaves and can not even tell Christina. Izzy tells Georg she loves him and he avoids her like the plaque. Callie gets chief resident when we all know Bailey deserved it and she refuses to talk to the chief about it. The group, minus George, are now residents and have their own interns who already hate some of them and George is caught in the middle on his friends and the interns. Meredith's sister is beyond pissed about being at Seattle Grace and Meredith wants nothing to do with her, Meredith breaks up with McDreamy and then they have lots of break up sex. Where are the normal people??
  • Great premiere!

    I like the new character of Lexie Grey. She's easily likeable and fits into the show great; however, I miss Burke and Addison.

    I loved the scenes with Izzie, Bambi and the interns. It was priceless; especially Izzie's face when Bambi was resurrected.

    My favorite scene - yes, I like Gizzie - when George told Izzie he loved her. Finally! Because this is Grey's Anatomy, I do not see the relationship heading for smooth sailing. I expect a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming season.

    My second favorite scene was the "I came to Seattle for you" scene between McSteamy and McDreamy. It was so funny!
  • Everyone tries to work out their relationships as they start their job as residents

    This was another good episode of Grey's Anatomy. It was really interesting to see them move on to being residents. I'm not sure how it will work in the future, but in this episode I enjoyed seeing them be in charge of a group of interns. The Lexie storyline seems like it will be good. I just feel so bad for George, and don't want to have to watch him as an intern for what will likely be the next 3 seasons. In this episode we got to see how the relationships from last season worked out. It was not as exciting as it could have been. I wanted to see more of how upset Christina was about Burke, although she did relate it to her patients case. It was interesting to see what was going on with Izzie and George and Derek and Merideth, although we got not definate answers. The medical cases in this episode were so so. I don't think they went enough into the patients personal life, to have me care about what was going on. The deer thing was kind of wierd, but I can see Izzie doing something like that. I did like the storyline of her trying to impress her interns and having it not work out. The reason Bailey was not made cheif was kind of interesting and I didn't see it coming. I feel like it was just an excuse used to make the storyline. I enjoyed seeing Callie fail though, because it proved Bailey deserved it. It was a good episode, but because it was a the first one of the season it should have been better. I still loved having Grey's back.
  • Plot: Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and Alex now have interns of their own. Callie does a **** job being chief resident and George is held back a year because he has yet to master the art cutting with scissors. Form more TV reviews

    Season premiers should be exciting. There are the premiers that bring you back from a cliffhanger and there are the premiers that start something entirely new. This episode fulfilled neither of my expectations. I know that there are plenty of Grey's fans that will
    disagree with me, but honestly, I just found this episode boring. Now that everyone is entering their first term as residents they have interns of their own to teach.

    The new interns are a faceless mass of ineptitude. None of them even have names except for Lexie, Meredith's half sister. She talks to herself constantly, she gets uncomfortably close and revels embarrassing personal information to complete strangers, she really is
    related to Meredith.

    As usual the medical issues are a mere footnote to the personal lives of the doctors at Seattle Grace's. Tonight's episode involved a car accident with three separate victims, a pregnant woman with a severed hand, a man with a detached spinal cord, and an injured deer. The man with the severed spinal cord was a compelling and interesting
    storyline, which should have been the primary focus, but instead we must suffer through Izzie pretending to be Doctor Doolittle. I never want to think about Bambi again after this drivel.

    Derek and Meredith continue to be incredibly annoying. I mean, this Ross and Rachel, will they, won't they crap, has got to end. Real life relationships aren't this painful to watch. They are a freaking train wreck. Pretty much every scene involves Derek explaining to everyone that Meredith needs space and isn't ready for a relationship,
    and then as soon as he gets her alone he uses his magical hair powers to seduce her.

    Speaking of painful relationships, why are Callie and George still married? Clingy isn't even close to describing Callie's behavior. Playfully joking about getting knocked up in order to save a failing marriage just isn't funny. Although, "Knocked Up" was an excellent movie and I can't wait to own it on DVD this week. Back to clingy women, I forgot how much Izzie reeks of desperation. She dropped the L bomb at least a half dozen times within the first five minutes of seeing George.

    My favorite part of this episode was when Derek realized he has no friends. Sloan seems like a good choice for a drinking buddy. Sloan's attempt to claim that he moved to Seattle to win Derek back was laughable. Let's go over the other possible reasons for his
    return to Seattle. First he came back to bang Derek's ex-wife, then he hit on Derek's girlfriend, and then there was that whole battle for who would take over for the chief. I'm sure winning Derek's friendship back figured in there somewhere.

    Parting Thought: Preston Burke who?
  • Absolutly fantastic!

    I´m so glad this episode turn out like it did. I was counting on alot of issues not to be resloved and also that most of the "secrets" to stay secret for a long time. I´m mostly thinking of Burke leaving and Alexis as Mer´s sister. It´s so nice to be wrong =)

    Wonder whats gonna happen to Christina and Alex. Will they get togehter or find new toys?

    Hope that Mer and Der make up their minds. Can´t take another season of will they or won´t they. Not a fan of Alexis thoug. She seems alittle needy.
    Mabye she grows on you =)

    Can´t wait for the next episode.
  • Meredith goes on what was suppose to be hers and burkes Honeymoon and reflects on her own Relationship

    The premire was better than I Really thought I really like how all of the residents used the same rules that they had when they were interns. I also thought the fact that bailey was holding a Gruge aginest the Chief for not naming her Chief Resident was very funny and good to watch I also Enjoyed the Way that George handled being one of Meredith's interns. I also like how all of Cristina's Interns were called by numbers instead of their names. I also thought how Meredith and Derek Decided to break up and then they decided to have Break up sex
  • Some loose ends are tied as we find out where other characters are (Burke and Addison) Characters stay strong throughout the episode and do not seem out of character. It's as if Grey's Anatomy didn't leave our screens.

    I was very very excited about this Season's premier, and I thought it delivered quite well. However, there were a few drawbacks.

    We are thrown straight into the deep end just like the new Interns that Alex, Izzy, Christina and Meredith mentor. I have two problems with the new interns however: That is only about three of them speak (main one being Lexi) and we have grown to love Alex, Izzy, Christina, Meredith and George since the 1st season, so we care about where those stories go.

    A quick paragraph about one of the new main characters Lexi. I can see her character developing into an interesting role because of the speech she delivered to George. You can tell that George and her have great chemistry too. I just hope the audience will care for her enough as we do for the now residents and attendes.

    The cases of patients were not that fascinating as previous episodes. There was some slight humour with the deer that Izzy and her interns had to save. Also the man who ate everything was silly in the fact that not only the interns, but the residents did not notice.

    I suppose I had three favourite parts in this episode. One of them looking as if Sloan and Derek will become friends again. One of them being Alex and Christina having a heart to heart explaining how they miss Rebecca and Burke. My other favourite moment was the ending involving George and Izzy (I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it) but I thought it was a good way to end the episode making fans tune in to the next one...I know I will.

    One part that annoyed me was...shock horror! Once again Derek and Meredith! they break up? then have a quick romp or "break up sex" as they said. I just thought this was silly to be perfectly honest. Are they together or not? Still don't know.

    Well I am rambling on now, I am looking forward to seeing the next episode and how events play from there.
  • The interns (residences) are back.

    All our favorite interns are now residences, except George who failed the exam. They are being lead by Dr. Callie Torres, not Bailey because the Chief didn't pick her. Everyone is happy except Christina because Burke left her, and she seems to be taking out all her anger on her interns. Izzie as well, she can't find anything to do and her interns know all her dirty little secrets. Add Meredith to the pile, she's coping with Derek while Lexi is entering the picture. Lexi is unhappy if you think about it, her sister ates her. Derek has no friend, so I guess that makes him unhappy. Mark is trying to be friends with Derek, I think it's a given that he is unhappy. The Chief is unhappy because Bailey is unhappy. Callie is unhappy because no one listens to her. George is unhappy because he is still an intern. Basically everyone is unhappy except Alex. Strange, and I thought they were all happy.

    This episode was solid gold. The message of change was strongly put together and it was very interesting to see how the interns acted as their first day being residences. Callie has new hair, which I find so much better, she lost a couple of pounds too. Christina's hair is strange, I don't hate it, I don't love it, it's just new. I have not yet fallen for Lexi Grey, she better get more personality. Overall it was an interesting new plot the way everyone was being emotional.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dr. Meredith Grey): Change, we don't like it, we fear it, but we can't stop it from coming. We either adapt to change, or we get left behind. It hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn't is lying, but here's the truth, the more things change, the more they stay the same, and sometimes, oh sometimes, change is good, sometimes change is everything.
  • an amazing start to season 4

    I really was a little troubled with the way things ended at the season 3 finale. I mean the hole season was almost as dark and twisty as Meredith herself :P

    However, we all believed that if anyone can pull it off that would be Shonda... It seems like this seasons gonna be great. there were so many things that were amazing..
    Christina's emotions starting to show

    mcsteamy and mcdreamy in their cuteness, you could really pick up the remains of a once very good friendship.

    i'm not sure about the direction meredith and derek relationship is going. is it over or not, or as someone else said in one of reviews i read, are they gonna keep bringing the same thing up all through the season. i believe this is time for meredith to find out how to exist alone, on her own. find her place with her friends and (maybe) family.
    Then she can be ready for a serious relationship, such as derek is looking for.

    well we'll see where the new season takes us..
    looking forward to next week already
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