Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 1

A Change Is Gonna Come

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on ABC

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  • This season premiere was good, we get to see changes (nwe people, looks, relationships), still is not good enough. Grey's Anatomy is getting further and further from the previous seasons (and that's no good)

    I am from Latin America and I waited exactly 5 months to watch this episode. It was good, but not good enough, and this series is in a rut (if we are taking into consideration the last episodes of season 3, that were worse than the rest of the series).
    This rewiev has two parts: good and bad things.
    Good things are: the deer drama, Christina's performance and George's confesion at the end of the episode, Izzie's lesson to their interns
    Bad things are: everybody being (or trying to be) nazis (that wasn't necesary and certainly that isn't like most of them), some new looks, MerDer break up scene, Callie suffering and LEXIE GREY (:@).
    A)Deer drama/Izzie: Izzie tried to play a role that is very different from her, the nazi and teacher role. This is why their interns were so bored to death. When she tried to save the deer she was trying to show something about her, that she never looses hope. This lesson was really important, and she, sadly, had to take care of bad interns. This is a good start, and she's not a bad teacher.
    B)Cristina: her new look, and her nazi attitude was great! She and Alex are nazis, they have it on their blood, and the rest does not. We get to see her human side and I loved what she says to the man in surgery. C) "I love you too": finally, I was waiting for that! It was a good thing, he said how he had been feeling since the beginning of this story.

    2 (Bad thigs).
    A) Nazis: Only Alex and Cris were true nazis. Izzie? It doesn't fit for her, and Meredith probably realised, and what she did was cool: she was so herself when she said "but sleep alone, but not with attendings, it's not a good idea" or something like that. Not everybody can act like nazis.

    B) Looks: Callie seemed a book, Alex a porn star (of a really cheap movie), Cristina a box fighter. I liked Mark's hair.

    C) MerDer break up scene: I really don't understand where such drama and problems come from. They're meant to be togheter, and they're always fighting, but I don't know why!
    When this started in 03x19 and in 03x20 I really didn't understand what was goin' on. They shouldn't have had that break up sex, because it means that there are posibilities to believe in that relationship, or that they gonna have a hard time from that moment on... They should have broken up and go to their own places (and take a cold shower).

    D)Lexie Grey: She was annoying from the very beginning. She kinda interrupted everything they were doing to see her. Okay, she's your sister...but you're in a hospital! Please back off! They were only two moments when I liked her: was when she talks to George, but at the end of the conversation, and in the lockers when she talks about bringing that baby to the world. The rest was...annoying.

    All in all, it was just and Ok episode. I hope everything gets better soon!