Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 1

A Hard Day's Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Meredith's House - Living Room - Day - A montage of naked skin and a surgery in progress. We hear Meredith doing a voiceover. "The Game. They say a person either has what it takes to play... or they don't. My mother was one of the greats. Me, on the other hand, I'm... kinda screwed." As we hear the sound of someone flat lining Meredith wakes up. She sees the handsome naked guy on her floor. She takes the blanket off of him and wraps it around herself. She throws a pillow onto his butt to cover it up. It wakes him up. They greet each other good morning and she tells him that she has to go. He asks her "Why don't we pick up where we left off?" She tells him that she can't because she has to get to her first day of work and she doesn't want to be late. He asks her if she lives in the quite nice house that they are standing naked in. She says it was her mother's and she's selling it and she's just there because she moved 2 weeks ago from Boston. He apologizes. She asks why. He says, "You said 'was'". She replies, "My mother's not dead!" She's about to explain but then she cuts herself off and says, "We don't have to do the thing." He replies, "We can do anything you want." She clarifies, "The thing. Exchange the details. Pretend we care." He's got this aghast yet amused look on his face while she says this. She tells him that she's gonna take a shower and then when she's comes back down he won't be here. Then she goes to say goodbye but she can't remember his name. He says, "Derek." They shake hands and she replies "Meredith." She says bye and runs up the stairs amused and ashamed.

Meredith's House - Back Door - Outside - Day - A fully dressed Meredith is locking her back door.

Seattle - Meredith is driving to work.

Seattle Grace Hospital (SGH) - Meredith is walking into a hallway like she's trying to sneak into class. She's walking up to the group of surgical interns. As this happens we hear Dr. Richard Webber's voice "Each of you comes here today hopeful; wanting in on the game. A month ago you were in med school being taught by doctors. Today, you are the doctors." He leads them into an operating room where the characters get to take a look at the each other. Meanwhile he continues to talk to them. "The seven years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the worst and the best of your life. You will be pushed to the breaking point. Look around you. Say hello you your competition. 8 of you will switch to an easier specialty. 5 of you will crack under the pressure. 2 of you will be asked to leave. This is your starting point. This is your arena. How well you play? That's up to you." The camera focuses back on Meredith. She's been listening to Webber. Her voiceover comes back on as she contemplates what she's just heard. "Like I said... I'm screwed." We fade to white and see the title.

Grey's Anatomy

SGH - Locker Room - The 20 interns are congregating in the locker room. They are getting read for work, changing into scrubs, socializing. Names are being read off a list. "Martin, Robinson, Bond, Beckons." These are the groups that the interns are being separated into. Each group will be assigned to a resident. For those of you who don't know the hierarchy for doctors is interns > residents > attendings > chief of staff. Meredith notes to Cristina that there are only 6 women out of 20. Cristina replies back with disappointment, "Yeah. I hear one of them's a model. Seriously, that's gonna help with the respect thing?" Cristina and Meredith introduce themselves to each other as more names are called. "Cutton, Monroe, Crowe, Esquire." They find out that they've both be assigned to "The Nazi." George O'Malley comes from out of no where and replies "You got The Nazi? So did I." He's smiling like he's happy about that. And he's talking only to Meredith. It's ridiculously obvious that he likes her. "O'Malley, Yang, Grey, Stevens." (George O'Malley, Cristina Yang, Meredith Grey, and Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, just so we're clear from the start.)

SGH - Hallway - At hearing their names called they start to head out of the locker room and down the hall to meet "The Nazi." The interns all reveal that their image of The Nazi was not what they are heading toward once they see her. Izzie tries to introduce herself but The Nazi, Dr. Miranda Bailey, gives her a look of disgust and starts her lecture. "I have 5 rules. Memorize them. Rule Number 1: Don't bother sucking up. I already hate ya', that's not gonna change. Trauma protocol. Phone list. Pagers." She points to the counter where the pagers are and starts walking away. She doesn't wait for them to pick them up and she keeps on talking. "Nurses will page you. You will answer every page at a run. A run, that's Rule Number 2. Your first shift starts now and last 48 hours. You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. Run labs, write orders, work every second of your life until you drop night and don't complain."

Title Card: Hour 1

SGH - On-Call Room - She shows them an on-call room. "On-call rooms. Attendings hog them. Sleep when you can. Where you can. Which brings me to Rule Number 3: If I'm sleeping, don't wake me unless your patient is actually dying. Rule Number 4: The dying patient better not be dead when I get there. Not only will you have killed someone; you would've woke me for no good reason. We clear?" Meredith weakly raises her hand. "Yes?" Meredith says, "You said 5 rules. That was only 4." Bailey's pager goes off and she looks at it, she looks at Meredith with a hairy eyeball and starts to head out the room and down the hall. "Rule Number 5: When I move you move."

SGH - Hallway - Bailey is yelling at some people to get out of her way and the interns are running after her.

SGH - Roof - The interns are shoving a gurney toward a helicopter that has just landed. Bailey is asking the paramedics what the case is. One of the paramedics is announcing her case. "Katie Bryce. 15-year-old female. New on-set seizures. Intermittent for the past week.... Started grand mal seizing as we descended."

SGH - Hospital Room - Katie is having seizures and the interns are working on her as Bailey is giving them directions. The stop Katie's seizures just as Dr. Preston Burke walks in, "Looks like we got a wet fish on dry land." Miranda: "Absolutely, Dr. Burke." Dr. Burke looks at the chart and calls shotgun, which means that they are gonna run "every test in the book." Cristina gets labs, George gets patient work-ups, Meredith is supposed to get Katie a CT, and Izzie gets rectal exams. Bailey leaves.

~~~ We see a montage of the interns on their first assignments. Izzie is squeamish about performing a rectal exam on a man. Cristina is looking in on a surgery. Bailey, who is watching the surgery inside the OR sees her and opens the door to ask her what she's doing. Cristina is really watching the surgery but she uses her excuse by telling Bailey that the labs told them nothing and they still don't know what's wrong with Katie. Bailey is about to shut the door in her face when Cristina starts to ask about something she heard. "I heard every year the attending on-call picks the best intern and lets them perform the first procedure during the first shift." Bailey tells her to go away. Now. George is telling a man that he's scheduled for a surgery tomorrow with Dr. Burke. Meredith is having trouble figuring out where to take Katie. Katie says that Meredith is lost and calls her clueless while she whines that she's missing her pageant. George says the wrong thing to Burke. Katie does rhythmic gymnastics and she twisted her ankle during rehearsal. ~~~

Title Card: Hour 7

SGH - Cafeteria - A bunch of the interns including Alex, Izzie, George, and Cristina are sitting together at a table. George is tired; Izzie can't eat after 17 rectal exams. Cristina tells the group that Meredith is "royally inbred." Her mother is Ellis Grey. George doesn't know who Ellis Grey is. Cristina and Izzie start gossiping. Living legend this. Grey Method that. And she won the Harper Avery. Twice. Meredith shows up and they shut up. Meredith rants, "Katie Bryce is a pain in the ass. If I hadn't taken the Hippocratic Oath I'd Kevorkian her with my bare hands." They are all staring at her like they're in awe and she notices. Before anyone can fuddle an explanation Burke shows up and picks George to be the first intern to perform the first surgery.

SGH – Hallway - Bailey is criticizing Burke's decision to pick O'Malley. Burke says he's his guy. She understands his "terrorize one and the rest fall in line" technique but she thinks that O'Malley's a puppy. As they walk away Katie Bryce's parents walk up. They're streamlining for their daughter's hospital room.

SGH – Katie's Hospital Room - The parents start asking Meredith, who is in the room, a whole bunch of questions. Meredith starts slowing backing away toward the door. She says she'll be right back with Katie's doctor.

SGH – Hallway - Meredith finds Bailey and asks her who should talk to the parents. "Do you talk to them or do I ask Burke?" Bailey: "No, Burke's off the case. Katie belongs to the new attending now." She points. "Dr. Shepherd. He's over there." Meredith's about to go toward him but stops in her tracks. It's Derek from this morning. Because life isn't hard enough if you're not sleeping with your boss. She stands frozen long enough for him to look in her direction. He's about to go back to his charts when he realizes he saw his one-night-stand and does a double take. She makes a run for it.


Derek runs after her and pulls her into the stairway. Meredith says they should pretend it never happened. Derek asks her what never happened? Her throwing him out in the morning or them sleeping together. He says those are fond memories that he'd like to hold on to. Meredith thinks it can't exist. Derek says she took advantage of him. He says he was drunk vulnerable and good looking and she took advantage. She tells him that she was the one who was drunk and he's not that good looking. Derek says he was wearing his nice shirt and she took advantage. Meredith starts to deny it but he doesn't let her finish and asks her if she wants to take advantage again. Meredith says no, he's an attending and she's his intern as Derek just looks at her. Meredith tells him to stop looking at her like that. He asks like what? And she says like he's seen her naked. Derek smiles. She tells him that it's inappropriate and asks if that ever occurred to him and leaves and he sighs.

SGH - OR - Galley The interns are betting on what will happen on George's first surgery. Cristina 15 down on George crying. Another intern says that he'll put 20 down on a total meltdown. Meredith puts 50 down on George pulling the whole thing off and they all look at her, Meredith explains that he's one of us (interns) the first one of them down there, where's there loyalty? She asks. Cristina says 75 that he can't even I.D the appendix. Izzie says she'll take that action.

SGH - OR - George's first surgery Burke enters, tell O'Malley to show him what he can do. George asks for the scalpel, and all the interns in the gallery cheer, Burke makes a motion for them to shut up. (From gallery) Cristina says that Burke is trouble, Izzie laughs. (Back in OR) Burke glares at them. George starts to cut, but doesn't put enough pressure on it, Burke tells him more pressure that the human skin is tough shell, he should dig in. George starts the surgery, doing everything okay so far. (From Gallery) Cristina says Damn he got it. Meredith says told you he's gonna pull it off. (Back in OR) Again Burke glares. George takes the appendix out and you hear cheers from the gallery. Burke tells him that it's not bad, George thanks him. Burke says now all he has to do is invert the stump into the cecum and simultaneously pull up on the purse strings, but be careful not to…(George breaks them) break them. Burke says he ripped the cecum and he's got a bleeder filling with stool and asks George what he does now. George doesn't answer. Burke tells him to think. Nurse says that the BP is dropping. (From gallery) Cristina says he's choking. Meredith is still cheering him on. (Back in OR) Burke tells George to pull his balls out of his back pocket. George freezes. Burke asks him what he's waiting for, and tells him suction. Her blood pressure drops really low. Burke pushes George out of the way and calls him a pansy-ass idiot. (From gallery) Alex says he's a 007. Other interns agree. Izzie asks what a 007 is. Meredith says it's licensed to kill.

Title Card: Hour 19

SGH - Basement George thinks everyone is calling him 007, he asks Izzie and Meredith if they are, they deny. Cristina asks how many times they have to go through this? And she asks George to give he ra number or else she's gonna hit him. George says that Murphy whispered 007 on the elevator and everyone laughed. Izzie tells him that he wasn't talking about him, George asks if she's sure. Meredith asks him if they would lie to him. He says yes. Cristina states 007 is a state of mind. George says "Says the woman who finished first in her class at Stanford." Meredith gets a 911 for Katie Bryce. Meredith runs. George thinks he should have gone into Geriatrics because no one minds when you kill an old person. Cristina tells him that Surgery, is hot, macho, hostile, hardcore and that Geriatrics is for freaks who never get laid and still live with their moms. George says he needs his own place.

SGH - Katie's Hospital Room Meredith is running toward Katie's room. Katie says it took her long enough. Meredith says "Wait a minute, there's nothing wrong with you? She says she's bored because they don't have the cable channel she wants. Meredith tells her that this is an actual hospital, with real sick people and to stop wasting her time and go to sleep. Katie says she can't because her head is full. Meredith says that's called thinking and to go with it.

SGH - Hallway Bailey is sleeping on a gurney. Izzie stands at the nurses station and looks at Bailey sleeping, contemplating whether or not to wake her up. Nurse Tyler asks her what's wrong. She says she needs to start a central line. He says so start one and she doesn't reply, so he says you don't know how. She says she's never done one. Nurse Tyler says that you know what that means and looks at Bailey. Izzie asks if they could just page someone else. He says that she's the on-call resident. Izzie goes to wake her up and taps her gently and says she doesn't mean to bother her. Bailey tells her then don't. Izzie says it's about Mr. Jones. Bailey asks if he's dying, Izzie says "no." Bailey says to stop talking to her then. Izzie looks around for a minute, then clears her throat and Bailey gets up. After Bailey puts in the central line she tells Izzie that the next time she wakes her that Mr. Jones better be so close to dead that there's a tag on his toe.

Shows shot of downtown Seattle-dawn

Shows Cristina and Meredith talking, Izzie falling asleep at the desk and George picking up labs and Alex talking to a nurse. Alex tells her what to do, the nurses asks if he's sure. Alex says he doesn't know, he's only an intern but here's an idea, why doesn't she go spend 4 years in med school and then ask him if it's the right diagnosis. Alex walks over to Meredith and introduces himself. He asks her if she's with the Nazi, she ignores him and tells him other diagnosis's for a patient. Alex "Like I said, I hate nurses." Meredith asks him what he just said and if he just called her a nurse. Alex says if the white cap fits. Meredith gets paged, it's Katie again, she opts to walk this time. George walks over to where Alex is. Alex wants to know if Meredith is seeing anyone. One intern says he doesn't know. Alex says she's hot. George states that he's friends with her then rambles on. Alex tells him to stop talking.

SGH - Hallway Meredith is walking slowly toward Katie's hospital room. Meredith see that Katie has crashed and starts running now. Meredith zones out, and listens to everyone, but doesn't reply.


Meredith goes over her chart and talks about the med's that she's on now, they're not working. She asks if they paged Bailey and Shepherd. Meredith tells them to give her some other medicine, they put it in, but there's no change. She asks again if they paged Dr. Shepherd. The nurse says she just told her. Meredith says page him again, stat. Meredith zones out again, and everyone's words become quieter. Katie flat lines. Meredith is still zoned out until everyone starts screaming code blue. And Meredith takes the paddles and shocks Katie once, nothing happens. They charge them to 300, still nothing. They charge it to 360, still nothing. Nurse Tyler says after 60 seconds she's supposed to admit her another drug, Meredith says charge again. They do, and they get a pulse. Derek comes in, asks what happened. Meredith says she had a seizure and her heart stopped. Derek says that Meredith is supposed to be monitoring her. Meredith starts saying something but Derek says just to go. Meredith walks out of the room, only to get yelled at by Bailey, Bailey tells her when she gets a 911 she pages her immediately. Bailey states that she's on her team and if somebody dies it's her ass. Meredith keeps walking, she eventually walks outside and pukes by a tree. Cristina sees, Meredith tells her that if she says anyone ever….and walks back inside.

Title Card: Hour 24-Sun rising

Derek talking to Katie's parents Katie's parents are asking him all these questions and he keeps telling them that he doesn't know. They ask when will he, he says he doesn't have an answer. Katie's dad says he came to this hospital because it's the best in Washington. He says he wants someone else, someone who knows what they're doing, someone better than Derek. Derek assures him that he's working hard on Katie. Mr. Bryce says no he's not otherwise, he'd have answers.

Burke with a patient Burke is telling the patient what he's going to do during surgery. The wife asks if she should worry. Burke says he's good at what he does but it's still surgery and there are risks and leaves. George makes a promise to a wife that her husband will make it through surgery and then leaves.

Meeting with all the interns in the board room Meredith is asked Cristina what's she's doing. She says she's suturing a banana in hopes of waking up her brain and George laughs. And Cristina asks him what he's smiling at, 007 and George shuts up. Cristina says she's sorry that she gets mean when she's tired. George says he doesn't care. Derek comes in. Shepherd explains that he doesn't know what's wrong with Katie Bryce and asks all the interns for help, he says whoever finds out the reason for Katie's seizures will get to scrub in with him on the surgery. They all grab the file and leave.


Alex talking to a Nurse - Meredith overhears the whole thing Alex asks why the Nurse paged him. She states that the patient in 4B is still out of breath. Alex says give the meds time to work, Nurse says she did. Alex states that the woman is old, "she's freakin' ancient." Alex says he's got a shot to scrub in on a surgery on someone who wasn't alive during the Civil War and says not to page him again and leaves. Meredith starts walking away, Cristina walks up to her and asks Meredith if she wants to work together on finding out what's wrong with Katie. Meredith agrees but says she doesn't want in on the surgery and Cristina can have it. Cristina says it's the biggest opportunity that any of them will ever get. Meredith says she doesn't wanna spend anymore time with Shepherd than she has to. Cristina asks what she's got against him. Meredith asks if she wants to work together or not? Cristina agrees.

SGH - Library Cristina and Meredith are doing research. Cristina is going over what isn't wrong with Katie and states her CT is clean and then asks Meredith why isn't she gonna tell her what's going on with her and Shepherd. Meredith asks what about infection? Cristina goes over the chart and there's nothing. Meredith says that Cristina can't freak out, make a face or say anything, Cristina is silent, Meredith admits they had sex. Cristina is silent, and tries to keep a straight face. Cristina goes back to talking about Katie, so does Meredith for a little bit. Cristina asks Meredith if Derek was good, because he looks like he'd be good according to her. Meredith gets up and puts a book away and goes back to talking about Katie, she states they're out of answers and what if nobody finds anything. Cristina says and then she dies? And Meredith says "yeah." Cristina says that this is gonna sound bad but she really wanted that surgery. Meredith smiles. Meredith says that Katie will never turn into a person, a full person, her full existence will be almost winning Miss Teen-Whatever. Meredith asks if Cristina knows what her pageant talent is? Cristina says "They have talent?" Meredith states that it's rhythmic gymnastics and they laugh. Meredith doesn't even know what it is. Meredith realizes something, and tells Cristina to get up and come on. They leave. And run to look for Derek, they find him boarding the elevator. Cristina tells him that Katie competes in beauty pageants. Derek says he knows that but they have to save her life anyway. Cristina thinks that she's got an aneurysm even though her CT is clean. Katie fell while she was practicing a few weeks ago. It was a very minor fall but Cristina states that she still did fall. Derek says the chances of that causing an aneurysm are one in a million, literally. The elevator doors close and Meredith and Cristina start walking away, as Shepherd gets off the elevator and tells them "Let's go." They ask where. Derek says to find out if Katie's one in a million.

SGH -CT Viewing Room Katie is in the machine and Cristina, Meredith and Derek are looking at her results as they appear. They find a small aneurysm. Now they're walking through the waiting room. Derek says she could have gone through her whole life with out being a problem but one tap in the right spot. Cristina says it exploded. "Exactly." says Derek and he tells them they did a great job and he would love to stay and kiss their asses but he's gotta tell Katie's parents about the surgery. Cristina tells him that he said he'd pick someone for the surgery. Derek says he's sorry he can't take them both, and he chooses Meredith. Cristina gives Meredith a look, but Meredith says nothing. Derek walks away, Cristina is still glaring at Meredith but then walks away.

SGH - Burke's OR Burke is performing surgery. George is in the side room drinking a fruit punch box. Burke comes out from the OR. George says that was quick. Burke says his heart had too much damage and he had to let him go. George says he promised his wife that he'd be fine. Burke says who is he to promise anything, it's his (Burke's case) and the only person who can keep a promise is God and he hasn't picked up a scalpel lately. Burke tells him that he never promises a good outcome, and he's gonna be the one to tell the patient's wife she's a widow and leaves.

SGH - Basement Izzie and Cristina are sitting on a gurney. Izzie is trying to defend Meredith but Cristina keeps cutting her off. Meredith appears. Meredith says she'll tell him she changed her mind. Cristina tells her not to do her any favors. Meredith says Cristina…but Cristina cuts her off. Cristina says that she did a cutthroat thing and deal with it and don't come to her for absolution. And states if she wants to be a shark, be a shark. Meredith says she's not. Cristina says she is, but it makes her feel bad in her warm a gooey places, and screw her, that she (Cristina) doesn't get picked for surgeries because she slept with her boss and she doesn't get into med school because she has a famous mother and she says some of them have to ear what we get. Meredith leaves.

George talking to the family George tells her that her husband died. She tells him nicely to please go away. George walks away and Gloria starts crying.

Title Card: Hour 40

SGH-Derek is with Katie

Derek is shaving Katie's head. Meredith asks him if the reason she's scrubbing in is because they slept together. He says yes, but is joking. Meredith tells him that he should ask Cristina to scrub in. Derek says Meredith earned the right to see Katie's case through til the finish and he says that she should let the fact that they had sex get in the way of taking her shot.

SGH - Outside - Night Meredith and George are sitting on a window sill of the hospital. They start talking about what other jobs that they wish they wanted to do or would be good at. George says his parents tell everyone they meet that their son's a surgeon. Like it's a big accomplishment, he wishes they could see him now. Meredith says when she told her mother that she was going to medical school her mother tried to talk her out of it and told her she didn't have what it takes to be a surgeon and that Meredith wouldn't make it.

SGH Webber and Alex are talking about a patient that Alex was trying to brush off earlier. Webber wants to know why the patient is still short of breath, he asks him if he got an x-ray. Alex says he did. Webber asks him what he saw on them. Alex makes an excuse, Webber asks him to name the common causes of post-op fever, Alex can't, well not from his head anyway, but Meredith jumps in and helps him. Webber then asks what Meredith thinks is wrong with 4-B. She tells him. Webber tells Alex to do what Meredith says then tell his resident that Webber wants him off this case. Webber walks by Meredith and tells her he'd know her any where that she was the spitting image of her mother and welcome to the game.

SGH - OR - Katie Bryce

Meredith-Voiceover "I can't think of any one reason why I want to be a surgeon. But I can think of a thousand reasons why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose. (Shows Izzie having to wake Bailey again, then back to the OR, then to George) There are lives in our hands. (Shows Burke then shows Derek in the OR with Katie, Derek motions Meredith over to get a better view) There comes a moment when it's more than just a game….and you either take that step forward. Or turn around and walk away. I could quit. But here's the thing. I love the playing field."

Title Card: Hour 48

Cristina tells Meredith that they don't have to do that thing where there's a moment and someone cries. Meredith says yuck, Cristina says good. Cristina tells Meredith that she needs to get some sleep she looks like crap. Meredith says I look better than you. Cristina tells her that that's not possible and she gets up and leaves. Derek enters and Meredith just looks at him for a few moments before telling that that was amazing. Meredith tells him that surgery is such a high and she doesn't know why anybody does drugs. Derek leaves to go tell the family.

Back to the Voice Over: "So, I made it through my first shift. We all did. The other interns are all good people. You'd like them. I think. I don't know. Maybe. I like them. Oh, and I changed my mind. I'm not gonna sell the house. I'm gonna keep it. I'll have to get a couple of roommates but it's home, you know?"

Meredith visits her mother. In a nursing home. The voiceover has faded in to a conversation with her.

Ellis: Are you the doctor? Meredith:: No. I'm not your doctor. But I am a doctor. Ellis: What's your name? Meredith: It's me mom. Meredith. Ellis: Oh, right. I used to be a doctor, I think. Meredith: You were a doctor, mom. You were a surgeon.

Written by: Yakira, Joker00303 (Kasey) Checked by: danawhitaker