Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 1

A Hard Day's Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on ABC

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  • First day of work for the interns at Seattle Grace Hospital.

    I didn't like the way the very first episode of the show started out. Personally, I don't believe in premarital sex and I think that it leads to nothing but trouble, which this episode proves. Meredith has had sex with this man whose name she can't remember (Derek) and she's late for work on her first day, which is not good. But it gets worse. Derek, the guy she had sex with, is her boss. Hopefully having sex with the boss won't get her into to much trouble in the future, but we will have to wait and see. I love who they chose to be "The Nazi"; Miranda Bailey starts the day out right for all the interns. Izzy, the model, decided to be a surgeon. I feel sorry for George, because right off the bat they think he's gay
  • The beginning of the Grey's Anatomy era

    Now, I myself used to be a great GA fan, but I've sort of lost interest in it during the last few seasons. Despite that, this episode is the beginning of an important period in TV history. The episode provides a good start to a medical/drama series. Meredith Grey, the main character, wakes up from a one night stand. She goes to her first day of work as an intern, meets new friends and realises that her one night stand happens to be her boss.

    This show can be cheesy at times, but is also very interesting. I would recommend it.
  • Meredith is sleeping with her boss. Interns start working at a hospital under "the nazi the famous Ellis Grey is ill.

    What a great way to start off a show. McDreamy's naked butt!
    who knew that she was sleeping with her boss! If I slept with someone and then later found out that they are my boss, I would be really uncomfortable with them lol. I love all the interns. Izzie and George are hilarious. Cristina and Meredith are oh-so-serious. "The Nazi a.k.a Bailey, is scary! lol. If she was my boss, I would do everything as right as possible! Izzie trying to wake her up was so funny. You could tell she was scared.hah. Burke picking George for the first surgery..umm.. that was unexpected. I would have thought he would pick Meredith or Cristina.
  • Move over E.R. From the network that redefined America's housewives, and made castaway television popular again, comes Grey's Anatomy; a medical story that focuses on the moment by moment lives of five new young doctors who were students only yesterday.

    Now, amidst the pressures of the O.R. and the competitive intensity of surgical interning, they all struggle to walk a balance beam and falling off can mean someone's life.

    Welcome to the O.R. of Seattle Grace Hospital, a difficult and demanding teaching hospital, where life for five young surgical interns will never be the same. Ellen Pompeo is Dr. Meredith Grey, a first year intern with a seemingly bright future. But a dark secret keeps her life from being completely full. Izzy Stevens is the beautiful but dirt poor blonde who used her good looks to pay her way through medical school... and is now forced to earn the respect of her smirking colleagues. Cristina Yang is the token Korean, but don't ask her to translate. She grew up in Beverly Hills. Fiercely competitive, her hard exterior denotes a fear of rejection. George O'Malley is the well-meaning but geeky boy next door that everyone loves, but nobody dates. And then there is Alex Karev - an ex-frat boy whose arrogance and ambition disguise a real ability.

    Patrick Dempsey returns to television as Dr. Derek Shepherd, an established and gifted surgeon whose flirtation with Meredith can lead to nowhere that's good. His talent and dedication is undeniable, but the look of raw sexuality in his eyes leaves Meredith flustered and worried: and in a world where a minute of distraction can mean the end of a life, she must make sure to keep her distance.

    The pilot episode centers around the five interns first 48 hour shift. With seemingly no preparation they are thown into the water, and the sink or swim vibe sucks in the audience like quicksand. The interns are tested, humiliated, frightened, shocked, and ultimately inspired. And the question it leaves us all asking... why would anyone ever do this?

    "Because," answers one doctor, "I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

    It's that one line that will keep us coming back for more each week. Watching these young people struggling to achieve their dreams and untangle their love lives, all the while dealing with the harsh reality of life in the O.R. is a tried and true formula for cinematic success. With sharp dialogue, believable characters, and inspirational story lines, series creator Shonda Rhimes has hit pay dirt. With E.R. nearing the end of its life, and George Clooney long gone from t.v., the weekly water cooler talk has all but flat-lined. It's a sure bet that Grey's Anatomy will revive it.
  • From the very beginning, you just knew it was going to be a huge landmark in contemporary television.

    If you know anybody who is an avid "Grey's Anatomy" fan, most of them will tell you that all it takes is one episode, and you're completely hooked. Having never seen it before, but hearing absolute raves about its addictive quality, I finally decided to rent Seasons 1-3 about a month ago, just to see what all the hype was about (plus, I am amenable to watching anything that has Patrick Dempsey in it).

    As it turns out, they were right; all you need to do is watch one episode, and you're reeled in forever. As another reviewer has said, this is one of the finest and most satisfying pilot episodes you can possibly ask for. The characters are real, their individual issues are relatable, and the writing is so amazing, you know that it must take absolute geniuses to come up with deep, rich material like this every week. I don't know how they do it, but the situations in each episode are so gripping, you'll want to make sure you have access to the next episode, and the one after that, once you get started with it. Once you start watching one, you won't be able to stop, and if you don't believe me, pop in an episode and try to stop after just one :) Odds are you won't be able to do it!

    This pilot basically begins the story of five naive surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, eager to save the world and be the best they can be. There's sweet and timid George, with parents who tell everyone they meet that their son is a surgeon; beautiful blonde-haired Izzie, a former trailer park resident who made it through med school by modeling; ultra-determined Cristina, who is competitive and ready to be the best; and arrogant jerk Alex, who would have plenty of potential in his favor if he would just get his attitude in check. Then, of course, there's Meredith Grey, the show's namesake, the one intern who has perhaps the biggest advantage because her mother is a renowned surgeon (with a dark secret that Meredith is not ready to reveal just yet).

    We've also got the current residents and surgeons on staff, including Miranda "Nazi" Bailey (one of the most dynamic, well-rounded, and likable TV characters I've seen in a long time), lady's man Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, and Chief of Surgery Richard Weber, among others. Each character has issues and connections to one another that envelope you into the episodes, but the diverse patients who come in and out of the hospital are equally interesting to watch. Again, it's that writing that makes you wonder how any human being is able to pull it off.

    If you're like me and are considering giving the show a try after hearing all the great things about it, it doesn't get any better than this pilot episode, where all the characters are introduced for the very first time. From the very beginning, you just look at it and know it's going to be great--the kind of show you want to tune in for week after week. Right now, the series just wrapped up a rough fourth season and is prepping for a fifth, and it seems to be going downhill quickly, but with the talent of the writers, I think they have the potential to get it back to where it was in Seasons 1 and 2. This is, after all, one of those shows that has every bit of potential to have a decade's worth of seasons. Note that I said "potential." Some things with the plots and the characters may need to change, but I think they can pull it off. At this point, at the beginning of the series, the heart of it all is the interns, who are just starting out and have to go through all the pain, the guts, and the humiliation before they can prove that they have what it takes. Of course, they will become friends, but there is also a huge amount of competition among them, and once they all get to know each other on a more personal level, it just gets that much messier--and more compelling to watch it unfold. The storylines get increasingly complicated, and mark my words, you'll be shocked and furious at some of the decisions they make with the individual plots, but you keep wanting to come back for more, and that's the magic of it. This is where you get to see where it all began, and you can practically smell a contemporary classic in the making!
  • One Night Stand

    I think Grey's Anatomy is an amazing show, and it's hard not to love. The only real problem I have is that it's a pilot, and Almost all pilot episodes suck. They spend most of their time slot setting up the charaters and they forget about the story line, but this show did a great of showing us these people without leaving out the story. They are able to be funny and dramatic, but without going over board on either side. This show is a balancing act of: Drama, Medicine, dating, Sex, Comedy, and Friendship. This episode is a great example of that.
  • Welcome to Seattle Grace Hospital.

    What can I say about the "Hard Day's Night" episode of "Grey's Anatomy"? First off, I thougt it was a great introduction to the show, where the viewers get to meet the characters that would be practicing their medical skills in the Seattle Grace Hosptial.

    Another thing that I liked about "A Hard Day's Night" was how Meredith reacted to seeing Derek at the hospital, after spending the previous night with him at her house, espcially so when he asked her to scrub up to assist on her patient's surgery.

    Lastly, another thing that I enjoyed about the episode was how Meredith and the other interns appeared to have bonded, thanks to being in the same boat in having hectic schedules of being just out of Medical School and are gaining the real world experineces needed to become successful doctors.

    In all, I found this to be one entertaining epiosde and a great introduction to a superb show.
  • A good, edgy pilot with grit and not overly sweetened

    A great introduction to the characters involved and a good guide as to the way the show hopes to progress. In this first episode we meet the cast of a surgical traineeship. The titular character was shown to be normal, not out of the usual super perfect person with a flaws or two resolved in an episode. She's shown to have a lot to live up to. Her fellow trainees each seemed realistic in relating to each other.

    There was everything her. Cutting edge drama, medical issues and dilemas, Tough, authorative senior surgeons who seemed to be good role models. The question is, can this series keep it's gritty grip and stay on edge throughout a full season, or will it in time simmer down to become just another soapy medical show.

    Let's hope the grit stays!
  • The opening scene tells you it's not an ordinary hospital drama. It doesn't open in the hospital - it opens w/ Meredith kicking her one night stand out of her house b/c she's late for work on her first day. The rest is history!

    Great writing and great cast. Chandra Wilson is a phenomenal actress. To think that Sandra Oh was originally offered the part of Dr. Bailey - and what we do without Chandra as Dr. Bailey. Even though Meredith is title character, out of the jump, all the actors have story lines and the pace of the show is fast and show's Christina's competitive edge, Bailey, the nazi, Izzie, over-compensating for her background, George trying to find out where he belongs, w/out tripping over Meredith to get there and Alex, who's well-versed in... Alex.
  • The pilot of the USA\'s newest and freshest medical drama. A great pilot that hooks anyone into the show. A medical drama that\'s even better than ER.

    The opening scene of Grey\'s Anatomy shows surgical intern Meredith Grey kicking out her one night stand, Derek Shepherd. A great opening scene- funny!

    The rest of the episode is all about their first day- Meredith, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O\'Malley and Alex Karev. My favorites from just watching this pilot episode are the **** and Cristina. Cristina is so competitive, she\'s hilarious to watch! The **** is just brilliant to watch- Chandra Wilson deserves an award for ther role as Miranda Bailey. Izzie is great as well. George was funny. Alex wasn\'t really likeable but a good character.

    All in all, an excellent pilot. Well done to Shonda Rhimes for creating a great show!
  • New doctor/surgical intern Meredith Grey must deal with the stress of 48 hour shifts, evil residents, cranky patients, and living the shadow of her legendary mother. As if that weren\'t enough, her one night stand turns out to be her new boss.

    This pilot episode establishes an honest portrayal and irreverent look at the inner workings of a hospital goings-on. Watching Meredith struggle with dealing with personal mistakes and not being able to make them as a physician and potential surgeon is an interesting mesh that makes this character so flawed and real that it draws a viewer in and creates sympathy for the cast. You want to cheer for Meredith and her cohorts, and can feel turmoil and joy and terror along with them. Meredith is an unlikely and realistic heroine, and this show is definitely one to watch. The writers are smart and sassy--truly on the ball with what the viewer needs to be drawn in.
  • a good pilot episode to start the show with! :)

    a nice episode which introduced the show perfectly showing what it was about, what might come in the future and it showed how funny the show was..

    I'm already a fan of hospital series like ER but this one is different and I like it.
    The entire episode had good aspects, like Meredith being the daughter of a famous doctor but also the fact that she slept with an attending which assure you of some good and funny scenes

    a good episode which got me hooked to the show. I'm awaiting the next episode :D
  • Come, come, fly into my palm And collapse Oh oh, suppose you'll never know ..."Cosy in the Rocket" Psapp

    Thus begins the whirlwind romances that will fill the corridors and rooms and periphery of Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith Grey is a charismatic protagonist, and a great choice for the shows lead. The audience comes to find with each subsequent episode that Meredith has a nice little opening and closing narrating piece on such topics as faith, intimacy, holidays, etc etc and ahh yes, etc. The show is set on the premise that it isn't a serious drama to rival the likes of ER, and it isn't a comedy cutout to battle with Family Guy. It is a romcom, a lighthearted and yet serious medical drama-esque show telling the tales of life and love in this hospital. While cosy in the rocket is the shows theme song, the song that is most reminiscent of this particular episode is "Portions for Foxes" by Rilo Kiley. Meet Dr. Shepard with his hidden secrets; George, Alex, Izzie(funniest character), and Christina, interns with their various inner dramas; Burke, a resident that might have a cold bedside manner but really has a warm heart; the "Nazi" that will provide comic relief throughout the show; and Grey, with secrets of her own. This is bedside manner and hospital life as you've never seen it before.
  • A fantastic start to what looks set to be a great show!

    The episode opens with Meredith Grey. The daughter of prestiged famous surgeon Ellis Grey, this is her first day as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, and along with other fellow interns, the next 48 hours looks set to be their toughest two days yet.

    From the start we're given a generous portion of humour, as suffering from "the night before" we meet Meredith on a sofa, on the floor lying naked, her sexual partner from last night. She brushes him off implying it was an accident, trying to avoid small talk and gets ready for her first day as a surgical intern, the same place last night's "accident" just so happens to work.

    At the hospital we're introduced to a wealth of characters. Fellow interns Cristina Yang, Isobel Stevens, George O Malley are all met for the first time, while we're also given the chance to meet some of the "more experienced" doctors, Burke, Bailey, Webber and Shepard. They're hard on their new interns, treating them like dirt, embarassing and confusing them at the same time. Just generally being mean!

    The episode uses this as a theme pretty much throughout the whole duration. We're shown all of the interns put through tough and powerful situations, pairing them off against fate, medicine, and each other. Thankfully the show still manages to retain a charming quality about it, and despite all the events, the episode continues to entertain and amuse, truly a good sign of things to come.

    "A Hard Day's Night" is undoubtedly a fantastic start to the show. Without reading much into the show as a whole, this episode is easy to get into, and it's not long before you start to relate to the characters on screen.

    I'm eagerly anticipating watching more!
  • Welcome to Seattle Grace Hospital, where we meet Meredith, Christina, Izzie, George and Alex, all interns taking their first step as doctors...We also meet Dr's Burke, Bailey, Webber and Shepard all here to teach the interns about more than just being doc

    Waking up next to a stranger is bad enough, trying to shew them out of your house is another, but seeing them again on your first day of a new job...well no words can describe that... Meredith's shock at seeing none other than her one night stand...Dr Derek Shepard aka Dr McDreamy...and having to work along side him, was akward to say the least...and very amusing for the audience.

    We meet the determined Christina Yang who wants to succeed at all costs, Alex a cool, aloof smart ass who we all initially want to hate but cant help laughing with his sly comments, Izzie, "the model" who's sweet and wants to be liked, and George, the slightly clumsy but loveable guy, who's already got a crush on Meredith.

    Now for the doctors, Bailey..."the nazi"... the woman who will guide the interns through their first year at Seattle Grace, she's quick witted, and always ready with a comeback..but you get the feeling she's not the nazi everyone's heard about. Burke, a doctor who seems to have a very sobering attitude towards his job, serious and harsh when times call for it...which we see after one of Georges first patients dies. Shepard, the resident neurosurgeon, funny, smart and sexy, he isnt above asking the interns for help on a case and gives Meredith some confidence when she doubts his reasons for choosing her to assist during a surgery.

    Over all fantastic...i only started watching GA's towards the end of season 1, so to be able to finally watch it from the beginning is just fabulous...What a great pilot to start a fantastic show!!
  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

    In case I wasn't completely sure already that this is one of my favorite television shows in a decade or more, I got a refreshing reminder the other night, and again over this past weekend. Now that the show's in repeats following the successful first season, the country is getting to see (either again or for the first time) the origins of the Seattle Grace Five, the brilliant surgical interns forming the core of "Grey's Anatomy." Depressed and agitated over the last season's end, I naturally anticipated the reruns to savor what I already adored. But I was truly shocked to see what this show really means to me.

    The first episode was the hook, line and sinker. Anyone who was watching, and has a taste for witty, beautifully-filmed, fast-paced and quirky "dramady" had to have been snagged like I was. There's something cinematic about this show that really outranks most of the other flat, sometimes overly self-involved medical-and-crime dramas on network television. Obviously, the "Law and Order" pack spring to mind, for their dark blend of street savvy humor, and hard-hitting plot lines.

    But "Grey's" grabbed me by the guts from the very start, and tugged, yanked and dragged me until it got its desired result (which was pretty quick in the coming) absorption.

    Here's the formula: take realistic cover-ups and believable human failings; slather with ambition and authentic vulnerability, a dash of urges, drives and orchestrations, shake thoroughly, and bake in the squeaky white kiln of a fictional big-city hospital, in a pan greased with seriously hot, pulse-quickening modern rock music, for one hour, or until golden-brown.

    This is the proof in the powerful pudding center: this past Sunday night, as the NBA Finals pre-empted my weekly "Grey's" fix, I cued up the repeat of Episode 1 (which I hadn't taped the first time, but made sure to do this time). The very same scene gave me an even stronger reaction this time around, despite having seen it now three different times. Stomach-churning dip to catch the roof of Seattle Grace Hospital, as a MedEvac helicopter swoops in for touchdown. Before the vehicle even hits the asphalt, the interns and residents get the scoop on Katy Bryce, pre-teen drama queen in the midst of a violent seizure on the gurney that shoots out of the MedEvac and into the hands of the doctors.

    The first time I saw this scene, the hairs on my arms actually stood on end, and a chill went through my entire body. The doctors' hair whipping wildly in the gusts of the rotors, the rapid-fire delivery of symptoms from the EMTs, as everyone rockets Katy off to the ER to be worked on. Will she live or die? The camera pulls right in on the eyes rolling back into her skull, the frenetic, punky guitars roiling in and out of shots to punctuate the action.

    I watched it last week, and it happened again. Then I watched it again over the weekend, and it happened...again. I felt the adrenaline surge through my own body. The show's creators managed to make it as if I was there, on the rooftop, as if it was my life, and it was all on the line. For the briefest flicker, like the slow, cold tongue of a salty ocean wave, I knew what it must feel like to be a surgeon. And they did it not once, not twice, but three times.

    This is what makes good drama. It's beliveable, gripping, and intense every time you watch, not just a disposable thrill. It's the cake I got to have in Episode One, and to eat its slices down to the very last lick, the lava-boiling final line of the Season Finale.

    I simply cannot wait for the new recipe in Season Two. I hope they add a drop of coconut extract, to be sure.
  • A brilliant start to what seems liek a solid and show worthy of your eyes

    The episode starts off this excellent show in style as Meredith (our main character) wakes up after a one night stand, awkwardly greets her "new friend" and rushes to her first day at medical school.

    To her dismay she is paired up with a mentor nicknamed "The Nazi" along with 4 others who will become her closest friends. Later on we find out that her "new friend" is in fact a new doctor at the hospital and another awkward meeting takes place. A little flirting happens and we are left wanting more. The sexual tension between these two is brilliant.

    Meredith has a secret. Her mother, a top surgeon, who she has told everyone is taking a holiday for a while actually has Alzheimer's and is being kept in a home in Seattle.

    This episode is a funny introduction to all the amazing characters inside the walls of Seattle hospital and the sexual tension between Meredith and Dr. Sheppard (her "new friend") put the icing on the cake that is the show opener!
  • the first day for the five interns, izzie, meredith, christina, alex, and george. all led by dr.bailey

    This was a great first episode. Meredith Grey finds out her boss, was also her "friend" from the night before. Turns out she's the famous dr. ellis grey's daughter. Christina Yang, is a highly competive and eager intern. She is a graduate from a top school, and is really ready to get through her first shift, with new friend meredith. Isobel Stevens a.k.a. Izzie, is a former model, who is perky and excited, to finally arrive at Seattle Grace Hospital. She makes friends, with George O'Malley, a nervous but eager smart intern who has an instant crush on Meredith. Alex Karev, a cocky intern, who messes up on his first shift. Miranda Bailey, in charge of the five interns, is nicknamed the natzi. She is tough, but fair. The interns have a big day an dnight ahead of them.
  • The beginning was awesome, is what got me hooked!

    Love how the show began. First of all is a win just having Patrick Dempsey! Love him! Him and Ellen Pompeo have great chemistry. Really liked how the first day as interns developed. Every character had a back story and it was well developed. I liked that it included everyone in the show. I think the episode was very well written and attracted a lot of audience. Also the medical part seems very accurate. I love romance and medicine and this show has both. Yay! I have to catch up up to season 6! This show seems wonderful and McDreamy is just so dreamy!!
  • Great beginning

    This episode really shows how an serie should start - they really quickly give us the setting and all those chars and let it all to us to make sense of it - but there is some logic, a very smooth bringing chars in and it has intriquing storylines - something always happening..

    The whole mysterious girl case, the achievements and the failures of the other interns, the whole way the show those hours - how they are so eager at the start and how the light and hope just fades after some time.. but they keep up the hope..

    And the ending - something promising for the future storylines too.
  • Hmm..

    I have always asked myself why people like this show so much. So I gave it a try one time, one episode, but not the first one.. I think it was from season 3.. and I really didn't liked what I have seen. Then.. someday, when I didn't had anything to do I stumbled upon the pilot and I said to myself, why not? Everything deserves a second chance! And I am so glad I did it, because now I can't stop watching! I really love it. So.. I retract every little nasty thing I have ever said about Grey's anatomy! Grey's anatomy rocks!
  • I wasn't expecting much, surprised me!

    I've just watched this episode but right now people are waiting for season 5. I had a little prejudice against this show because I often saw sneak peeks of the show out of context and everything sounded so silly for me. As all my shows are in a break, I didn't have anything to watch so I started downloading some pilots. I have watched Fear Itself, Psych and Grey's. I'm surprised. The only I liked is Grey's, it's the kind of show you watch and can't stop thinking about. Luck for me I have four season waiting for me to watch!
    About the episode:
    Well, i have heard about most of the characters, no surprises when Meredith discovered Derek is her chief.
    I like George, I hope he keeps the same line, the one that does everything wrong and we cheer for him.
    I didn't like Cristina, she's too ambicious and nerd, although that I'm-mean-when-I'm-tired it's a thing that I have! lol
    Loved the nazi! She's a weak version of Robert Romano (RIP) from ER, maybe in a few seasons she may reach his level!
    Dr. Burke reminds me Dr. Benton and George, Carter (again, from ER). I couldn't help to compare this show with ER. Usually when I can compare one show to another everything sounds like a copy to me and I don't like it, but this one is still a copy, the only diference is that I liked! Did that make any sense? I don't think so!
  • meredith starts her first shift as an intern with several other interns at seattle grace and must deal with patients as well as her own personal problems (relationships)

    this was a really good ep..if i had gotten into the show way back when it started this would have been the ep that got me sucked in to the was awesome..everyone seemed nice at first but then it became the competition..spoiler..everyone tried to do the best job and many did come up one of the residents method of humiliate one and the rest fall into line when george failed in a surgery..meredith had to deal with a horrible pt and didnt really treat the case with the respect it reserved..everything worked out..then she had to deal w/ her personal problems when she slept with an attendant lol..good romantics starting tho..this was a really good ep with all the cases and funny in how the interns were all lost with what to do..well most of the time
  • One of the most outstanding pilot episodes ever.

    Grey's Anatomy started in an amazing way with this totally awesome pilot episode that shows us perfectly the lives of all the main characters and the life at the hospital.The characters are perfectly showed with all their specific parts of their characters.
    Meredith Grey's story is great written and the last scene with her mother is one of the best of hers.
    Christina,Derek,Izzie,George and Miranda Bailey are amazing in this episode.
    It's a perfect start of an amazing show.A start full of emotions,romance,drama and heartwarming moments.This is the great beginning and maybe the episode that we will never forget because it got us into the wonderfully real world of Grey's Anatomy.
  • This is how all new series should start.

    Perfect start to a series.
    This is the episode that got me hooked on it.

    They introduced the characters perfectly. First scene was amazing, seeing Patrick Dempsey semi-naked put a smile on my face :D
    The way it was filmed, made you feel like you were there, like you were the intern, on your first day.
    It was a glimse into what being a surgeon is really like - long hours, difficult tasks.. etc.
    Good storyline.
    Characters are very realistic, like real people that you know and want to be friends with.
    Quite a bit of eye-candy aswell :P

    Overall, a fantastic episode and other series that are starting out, should take a leaf from Shonda's book.

    Truly amazing.
  • A good start. A really good start! (May contain spoilers; I did this review after watching seasons 1-2-3)

    The original Grey's Anatomy (these episodes: 01x01 until 01x03) are really good. We get to meet everybody and to know few things about them.
    I liked Cristina and Meredith, strong and fine women. The rest were okay. In this episode Izzie made her worst performance. In this episode they make her look like the model-no brain stereotype; thank god it doesn't last and in 01x04"No man's land" and from there on she will be a strong character. George seemed gayish at this will last for almost two seasons.
    About Miranda, this is the real nazi I just love her, so truthfull and bulldogg-like. Derek and Preston? They didn't catch my eye, and they didn't do it later throughout seasons 1-2-3.
    The next episodes are great. It was good to watch them again, back to basics!
  • Great first episode Keep on the good work

    I really like Meredith. She's a dynamic and self consious woman that although she has her mother into a clinic for Alzeheimer (i think) she goes on to fullfill her dream of becoming a surgeon. We see that clearly she is the best of the interns that applied for the position of doctor in Seattle Grace.
    I can't help to think that later in this series something will happen between Meredith and Derek (maybe get married) and i really hope so. Another character that i really liked was George (DK if it cause we got the same name) but he looks very fragile and that makes him likable. (I dunno he mighta be gay
  • Awesome way to start off a new show!!!

    The opening scene really caught my attention, it seriously stopped me from changing the channel.

    Here's a really quick and brief rundown of the characters and what the story is so far:

    So we open with the morning after the night before. A woman has had a one night stand and now she's shooing him out of her house saying "I'm going upstairs to take a shower and when I get back you won't be here", because she's late for work. Before he leaves they exchange names, only first names. He introduces himself as Derek and she as Meredith. They shake hands, she runs upstairs to that ever promising shower and he leaves.

    Cut to Meredith's workplace: a hospital Seattle Grace Hospital. Turns out she's a first year surgical intern at the most prestigious hospital and toughest intern program in the country. She's in a room among 19 other interns being lectured by a wisened old doctor. Turns out he's the Chief of Surgery, Dr Richard Webber. Here we meet the rest of the cast, including her fellow interns, her resident and the attendings.

    Cut to the interns meeting porperly in the change room. The four mains are Cristina Yang, Isobel (Izzie) Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev. Yang, Stevens, O'Malley and Grey (Meredith) are placed in a group and sent off to their resident Dr Miranda Bailey, dubbed "The Nazi which Izzie insists is professional jealousy.

    So, living up to her "Nazi-ism" Bailey gives the interns her warm and fuzzy speech by starting off with my favourite line of the whole episode "don't bother sucking up to me I already hate you, that ain't gonna change...". She gives them 5 rules, tells them their first shift is 48 hours long, if they can snatch a bit of a nap anytime during their shift they should, so long as they don't disturb the attendings and residences. She hands them their pagers and they run off to the helipad to meet a patient,Katie, who Meredith ends up taking care of. The other interns are assigned jobs also, and Izzie gets the worst job, having to perform rectal exams all day long.

    Alex Karev is not orignially one of Bailey's interns but he is given to her after he casues trouble for his original resident. The group hates him because he calls Meredith a nurse, which is appparently an insult to surgeons.

    Meredith, while examining her patient is told to get the new attending neurosurgeon, whose outside in the hall. She goes to get him and we discover it's Dr Derek Sheppard, the same Derek she kicked out of her house that very morning. Cut to some awkward moments of her trying to shake him off and he making light of the situation. We also meet the other attending, Dr Preston Burke, head of cardiothoracic surgery.

    The interns mingle more over lunch in the cafeteria where they talk about Meredith's mum being the infamous "Elis Grey" founder of the Grey surgical method. During lunch, George is chosen as the first year who will scrub in on a surgery on his first shift, an intern chosen each year by Dr Burke. SO George gets to scrub in on an appendectomy which he doesn't do too well in and is nicknamed "007" by Cristina. More mingling by the interns when they are asked to help find a cure for Meredith's patient as Sheppard is stumped for answers. He says whoever gets it will scrub in with him. All the interns scutter away to find the info they need. Meredith and Cristina somehow wind up together and Meredith confides in Cristina, telling her she slept with Derek. Cristina nicknames him "McDreamy". Meredith promises that if they find the problem, Cristina can scrub in because she doesn't want to spend more time with Derek than she has to.

    So, Izzie's performing rectal exams, George failed his appendectomy, Alex is being an ass to everyone and Cristina and Meredith are working on finding a cure for this patient. They finally come up with somehting and it turns out it's what's causing the clots. Derek chooses Meredith and instead of giving it up to Cristina like promised, she says nothing. Cristina walks away furious and Meredith is left feeling bad. She follows Cristina, who says something along the lines of "I didn't get into a great med school because my mum's a famous surgeon and I don't get picked for surgeries because I slept with my boss." Meredith is pissed and walks away leving Cristina to sulk in her own corner and Meredith to sulk in hers.

    Meredith scrubs in but before she does she asks Derek if he only chose her because they slept together. Jokingly he says yes, but then tells her that she helped find the problem and she has been Katie's doctor the whole time so it only made sense for her to scrub in. Meredith is in on the surgery and she comes out and says to Derek "That was such a high. I don't know why people do drugs". Derek smiles his most adorable smile at her and walks away.

    Cristina and Meredith patch things up in a very strange manner, but they forgive each other nonetheless.

    We see the interns, having just finished their 48 hour shift, walking off to their cars. Meredith's voiceover says she likes them and they're a great bunch of people.

    Finally, we meet the infamous Elis Grey. Meredith is sitting talking to her mother telling her about her day. Elis looks over at her daughter and says "Do I know you?" and Meredith replies "it's me, mom, Meredith". Turns out Elis is suffering Alzheimer's Disease and is in a home being looked after.

    You really feel bad for Meredith when you realise this, especially when her mother can't remember her.

    All in all it was a great way to start off a new show. It was addictive from the very first scene and changing the channel for even a second was not a thought that crossed my mind at all during the hour it was on.
  • Great start of series... This is the funny start of series I wanted to see. In three words: "Better than great"....

    We start getting to know about the characters. They are all great people in the medicine world but now they are going to have to face real hospital job. In this first episode, we see the first 48 hours of the medicine people.

    The hospital is in Seattle, and is called Seattle Grace Hospital (SGH).

    George was chosen to make a surgery first of all the young doctors.

    The episode is interesting like any other pilot series cause it shows us every single relationship between the doctors. I also like the humor that they make. So you watch this, and in one minute u may laugh, and the other minute you can be so excited...

    Great episode... Instant Classic...
  • The beginning...

    Actually I'm not usually a big fan of pilot episodes, but I must admit that this one blew me away. First and foremost for me is the MerDer storyline. It's the main draw of the show for me and this episode highlights what amazing chemistry Ellen and Derek have together.
    Second I loved the camraderie of the four interns and I loved the interaction between Cristina and Meredith, the friendship that the two characters will develop begins after a rough start in this episode.
    Next Bailey and the attendings. At this point still harsh enough to intimidate the interns, but well-written enough for the viewers to like them. The Chief also when he singles Meredith out. A good promising start to a show when usually pilots are the bottom of the barrel for new shows.
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