Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 1

A Hard Day's Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on ABC

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  • Move over E.R. From the network that redefined America's housewives, and made castaway television popular again, comes Grey's Anatomy; a medical story that focuses on the moment by moment lives of five new young doctors who were students only yesterday.

    Now, amidst the pressures of the O.R. and the competitive intensity of surgical interning, they all struggle to walk a balance beam and falling off can mean someone's life.

    Welcome to the O.R. of Seattle Grace Hospital, a difficult and demanding teaching hospital, where life for five young surgical interns will never be the same. Ellen Pompeo is Dr. Meredith Grey, a first year intern with a seemingly bright future. But a dark secret keeps her life from being completely full. Izzy Stevens is the beautiful but dirt poor blonde who used her good looks to pay her way through medical school... and is now forced to earn the respect of her smirking colleagues. Cristina Yang is the token Korean, but don't ask her to translate. She grew up in Beverly Hills. Fiercely competitive, her hard exterior denotes a fear of rejection. George O'Malley is the well-meaning but geeky boy next door that everyone loves, but nobody dates. And then there is Alex Karev - an ex-frat boy whose arrogance and ambition disguise a real ability.

    Patrick Dempsey returns to television as Dr. Derek Shepherd, an established and gifted surgeon whose flirtation with Meredith can lead to nowhere that's good. His talent and dedication is undeniable, but the look of raw sexuality in his eyes leaves Meredith flustered and worried: and in a world where a minute of distraction can mean the end of a life, she must make sure to keep her distance.

    The pilot episode centers around the five interns first 48 hour shift. With seemingly no preparation they are thown into the water, and the sink or swim vibe sucks in the audience like quicksand. The interns are tested, humiliated, frightened, shocked, and ultimately inspired. And the question it leaves us all asking... why would anyone ever do this?

    "Because," answers one doctor, "I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

    It's that one line that will keep us coming back for more each week. Watching these young people struggling to achieve their dreams and untangle their love lives, all the while dealing with the harsh reality of life in the O.R. is a tried and true formula for cinematic success. With sharp dialogue, believable characters, and inspirational story lines, series creator Shonda Rhimes has hit pay dirt. With E.R. nearing the end of its life, and George Clooney long gone from t.v., the weekly water cooler talk has all but flat-lined. It's a sure bet that Grey's Anatomy will revive it.