Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 10

Adrift and at Peace

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on ABC
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Despite Meredith's objections to the idea, a concerned Derek takes Cristina on a fishing trip in order to get away from it all. Meanwhile Teddy, feeling directionless without Cristina, focuses all of her efforts and compassion towards a dying patient who lacks the proper insurance to seek medical treatment.moreless

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  • tanchelina

    I love Grey's Anatomy watch every episode from day one and still I'm interested and looking forward to the show! episode was good, but I miss the old Christina ... I understand all the drama around it really is growing in nature ... but this whole "I want to leave and whether it will be a surgeon" I came in more ... the idea of Shondra Rimes is perfect and makes us think about how one can lose the meaning of life and that is easy to sink into your emotions and not know how to find a way to return ... Bravo!

    Alex is my favorite love all the characters but it stands out .. give as they are all individual, he manages to stand out:) I miss George and Izzie and Burke .... but what do some go others come: (frontlets to invite back for another episode Addison it makes me happy and I like it:) Thanks to the writers a great show:) And I know that in Bulgaria there are many fans of Grey's Anatomy!moreless
  • Interesting way to end the first half of the season with good setup for future storylines.

    The highlight in this episode for me was the tension between Meredith and Owen over Cristina. That confrontation was very intense and you could see the emotion from both of them. In my opinion, I saw the real Cristina again here. The passion that she once had for surgery came out while fishing with Derek and that was enjoyable. I do hope she is less depressed after the Christmas break, it's dragging on a bit now.

    Lexie and Mark kissing was great, I like them as a couple (if I forget how he treated her last season). Callie slamming the door in Arizona's face was fair enough, quite a predictable end to see her return though...will they get back together? The Bailey storyline was quite satisfying, shocked to see that Nurse ask her out, in a good way though. Also shocked at Teddy saying she'll marry that patient so he gets insurance, could be an interesting storyline and I'm liking her a bit more this season. More from April and I'll be happy.

    Looking forward to the second half of the season!moreless
  • FISHING and relationships.

    This episode was mainly about relationships. Lexie and Mark are one of my favorite couples so I'm very happy for them. It seems that Bailey might find someone too. I love Bailey so I hope this nurse guy will stay. He is a stubborn one:)

    Arizona is back. I don't understand Callie. She said to Mark that she is thinking about Arizona but when Arizona returned she slammed the door in her face. Why? I hope they will sort things out.

    I didn't like Teddy's behavior in this episode. Sure, she cares for her patients but marrying a patient just to give him medical insurance? That's insane! And totally unlike her. She was in army - she saw people die and she saw patients being sent home many times - she should be more reasonable and composed. Didn't she say she wants a long-lasting , serious relationship? And I don't buy this "I miss Cristina" explanation. For me it's a terrible writer's mistake.

    There was a big contrast shown in this episode between calmness of the lake and chaos and screams at the hospital especially during Hunt and Meredith's surgery. How can a person change so much to like something so different? How is it possible that Cristina wants to go FISHING? But there is finally glimmer of hope for her to come back.

    Quote of the Day by Hunt: "I hope no one is wearing new shoes.":)moreless
  • Leaving aside the Christina drama, I realle liked this episode because of Mark/Lexie and the new story fot Teddy, it was time!! She deserves a great story

    The 2 best things of this episode es the return of Mark/Lexie, I love that couple, but I foreseen Lexie doubts, I hpe she doesnt act like and ass, and coul aprreciate Marks' love for her. And I really loved the start of what could be a great story for Teddy, she is great and lately the character has been very small, when she could be and give more, and now with this new guideline with Scott Foley, whom I persomally think is great for the role, makes me very excited for the Teddy/Henry that should be great!

    PD.- Bailey and the male nurse were great toomoreless
  • The whole Christina in a depressed state wore on and on although we may see a light and the end of a far too long tunnel with fishing.:/ Callie likes to slam doors on the one thing she has wanted. Alex is becoming legendary in and out of surgerymoreless

    The whole Christina in a depressed state wore on and on although we may see a light and the end of a far too long tunnel with fishing. It seemed like wife swap with Hunt and Gray and Yang Sheppard. Callie likes to slam doors on the one thing she has wanted. Which is against the script which i found weird. Alex is becoming legendary in and out of surgery.Stark is an Arse and Alex should just become head of peds. Avery is slowly falling behind i believe he will leave or quit. I like the episode but Christina happy is much more entertaining and funny than sad Christina!moreless
Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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Sarah Drew

Dr. April Kepner

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Kim Raver

Dr. Teddy Altman

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Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

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Kevin McKidd

Dr. Owen Hunt

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Chyler Leigh

Dr. Lexie Grey

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Lenora May

Sheila Turkovsky

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Ken Meseroll

Ron Turkovsky

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Sarah Hunley

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Scott Foley

Henry Burton

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Nicole Cummins-Rubio

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    • Callie (hears a knock at the door): Mark, did you forget your keys? (opens the door and sees Arizona standing there, Callie's smile quickly fades)
      Arizona: Okay, so picture this. I'm in Africa, and everything's great, the people are so nice and the clinic is amazing, and I'm doing work that actually feels important, like-- like I can actually see that I'm making a difference. But I'm crying, like constantly and then this guy that I work with at the clinic finally asks me what's wrong, and I say that I miss my girlfriend. Like I really miss her. So, then he asks me if I wanna go back? If they could replace me, and then I open my mouth to say 'no' but what comes out weirdly, instead is 'yes'. (starts crying) And so they did. And then I came back. (Callie is silent) You look really pretty. (Callie shuts the door in her face)

    • Meredith: Do you think that Cristina's gonna be okay?
      Derek: Mm. Yeah, I do.
      Meredith: Do you think that she's gonna be a surgeon?
      Derek: Honestly? I don't know.

    • Owen: Hey, how'd it go?
      Cristina: I have 21 pounds of trout. It was good. (hangs the picture of her crying on the fridge)

    • Lexie: I know I agreed to have a drink with you but as I walked here I realized how unfair that was. You know, it-- It's unfair to you it's unfair to me, because... really nothing has changed. You're-- You're still in a very different place in your life than I am. And you want different things. (Mark kisses her)
      Jackson: Oh, Lexie, I just got page, Bailey just wants us back in the ICU.
      Lexie: Oh, uh can you just deal with it, please? (Jackson leaves)

    • Bailey: I want all post-op drains removed on day three from now on unless I tell you otherwise. Do you know what this means? What you did? ... What? What?
      Eli: I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me sometime, Dr. Bailey? I mean, even that shocked 'Oh my God, a nurse just asked me out. How the hell do I get out of it' expression you got on right now, it is pretty cute.
      Bailey: Fine. Because you gave me day three.
      Eli: And because I'm very handsome.
      Bailey: Yeah.

    • Teddy: I have great medical insurance.
      Henry: Way to kick a guy when he's down.
      Teddy: I'm... I'm saying... I'm saying that I'll marry you.
      Henry: Uh, that's a really generous offer, but I can't.
      Teddy: I'm a doctor. I took an oath, and I can't leave you now anymore than I could leave you bleeding out in the street.
      Henry: This is absurd. You're aware of that, right? And you're gonna regret it deeply in the morning.
      Teddy: You're dying, Henry, you're dying and you don't have to because I can help. I mean it, I'll marry you.

    • Callie: Hey, there's my star resident. Come on. I'm drinking, we're buying.
      Alex: Oh, dude, sorry I can't.
      Callie: Why not?
      Alex: Stark ending up hating the guy who assisted him today even more than he hates me. (Callie laughs) Anyway, there's a mid-gut balblis. And I'm gonna assist.
      Callie: You're going back to Stark?
      Alex: I mean, the guy's a douche and hips are cool but...
      Callie: Just go. (Alex walks off. To the Santa stuffed animal on the counter) I'm still awesome.

    • Fisherman: Your friends first time out, huh?
      Derek: Yeah, first time.
      Fisherman: She really is somethin'.
      Derek: Yeah, she is. She really is.
      Fisherman (about to take Cristina's picture): Okay, smile now. (Cristina starts crying) Oh, it's okay, we don't need a picture.
      Derek: Take it. Take it now. We're gonna wanna remember this.

    • Bailey (walks in, to Richard): Hey, um, if we remove the drain on day three instead of day five, we can reduce the form of fistulas by 30 percent. See, uh, Eli took out a drain when he wasn't supposed to and I was gonna write him up because he can't do that, but he did. I'm going to leave these files for you to look at. (notices that Richard is in a board meeting) Oh, I'm sorry. Miranda Bailey. The doctor who cured fistula! That's right. I said it. Uh, Jonas cured polio. Miranda Bailey is going to cure fistula.

    • Lexie: Okay, can you two stop being impressed by him? It's a fluke. He's mean.
      April: I think he's kinda hot. Can you say that about a nurse?
      Lexie: No.

    • Meredith: I knew what I was doing. I knew I could do that second stitch, you knew I could do that second stitch and it were anyone else, you would have let them do it. But because I question how you handle Cristina, you chose to slap me down and let everyone know who's boss.
      Owen: Do you want to know what I think? I think you are reckless. I think you are reckless with your own life and today you were reckless with a patient's life. I don't care who you are. I don't want that in my OR, and I don't want that around my wife who is struggling just to hold on.
      Meredith: Your wife is struggling just to hold on because you married her and let it be okay for her to completely fall apart. What is Cristina gonna do when she gets back from her fishing trip tonight? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Because we'll all be here working, and Cristina will be... Where?
      Owen: I don't know. I don't know, but she has the right to figure that out.
      Meredith: You don't know. Well, I know. Because I know Cristina Yang and she needs to work because surgery is who we are.
      Owen: You told the guy with the gun to shoot you. That is who you are.
      Meredith: What the hell does that have to do...?
      Owen: You are fearless, and I don't mean that in a good way. Most people don't tell the guy with the gun to shoot them. Most people are like Cristina. Most people are afraid. So what she needs isn't what you need. ... She isn't you, Meredith.

    • Callie: Okay, you're good.
      Alex: Yeah, tell that to Stark.
      Callie: Please, you don't need Stark. You know why? In a year, everyone's gonna want this surgery except there's only one of me. Unless... I create another me. That could be you. A guy me, not as pretty, not as good, but close. I could teach you, if you want.
      Alex: Screw Stark.
      Callie: Stark's lose is my gain.

    • Meredith (on the phone with Derek): No, I just got kicked out of the OR. Because I'm just so sick all of this. I'm sick of her not talking to me. I'm sick of you two pretending to be friends, so put her on the phone.
      Derek (into phone): Well, thank you Dr. Keller, I think you did the right thing recoiling the aneurism rather than clipping it. Thank you for the update and I will check in with you later. (hangs up)
      Cristina: Was that Meredith?
      Derek: No. ... Yes.

    • Bailey: Eli...
      Eli: Dr. Bailey, have I told you lately how much I like your eyes? Why did you remove the drain?
      Eli: Because it was ready to be removed.
      Bailey: Now I have to put the drain back in.
      Lexie: And write you up. 'Cause I mean, you said you were gonna write him up.
      Bailey: Lemme handle this, Grey.
      Eli: Okay, Mr. Rabb is not sleeping, Doctor.
      Bailey: And I feel for him but this protocal isn't just about him.
      Eli: I don't do protocals. I just treat patients.
      Bailey: Eli save your high and mighty routine for someone else. Now, I'm sick of all these post-op complications.
      Eli: I hate post-op complications more than you do, Dr. Bailey. I do. They're time consuming, and messy. Make it difficult for me to check up on my fantasy football team as often as I'd like. So, I make sure that my patient's don't get them. I mean you know you're happy when I'm workin'. And it's not just because of my pretty face. It's because I'm good at what I do.

    • Mark: What's the emergency?
      Lexie: Oh, uh I need a favor. A nurse hates me.
      Mark: Your a resident. I'm sure all the nurses hate you.
      Lexie: Yes, well they love you.
      Mark: I think you love me.
      Lexie: Fine. Okay. Whatever. Can you please just talk to him? Smooth things over, so that when I go to take my patient back to radiology and get his drain put back in, he doesn't make a scene?
      Mark: Fine. I'll talk to him. But you gotta meet me at Joe's tonight for a drink.
      Lexie: You are unbelievable.
      Mark: That's why you love me, 'cause I'm unbelievable.
      Lexie: You and I... We don't work, okay? We've been through this.
      Mark: One drink.
      Lexie: Fine. One drink. (sees Eli) Oh, okay, there he is.
      Mark: Eli? Two drinks.
      Lexie: Fine.

    • Mark: Look, I don't know what's going on here but I know better than to mess with you on turf so do me a solid, nod and act as if we're havin' a big debate here 'cause Dr. Grey over there, she agreed to go out with me if I talked to you.
      Eli: She's bossy.
      Mark: I know, I dig it.
      Eli: What's in it for me?
      Mark: Seahawks. Sunday, box seats.
      Eli: Parking?
      Mark: Of course.
      Eli: Okay. (shouts) Unless Dr. Bailey herself orders that drain put back in I...
      Mark: Now mention how highly I think of her.
      Eli: ... I don't care if you think Dr. Grey is the best resident you've ever seen come through this program.
      Mark: I understand, and I respect that. Thank you. (walks back to Lexie) Ah, I did what I could. What time do you get off?
      Lexie: What?! That's it? You didn't do anything!
      Mark: See you at nine. (walks off)
      Jackson: You're going out with Sloan tonight?
      Lexie: One drink. And then you are gonna interrupt us and tell me that there is a medicial emergency.
      Jackson: There might be a medicial emergency if you don't get that drain put back in your guy. I'm just sayin'. I guess you can observe when I'm taking out that galbladder through dude's mouth.

    • Eli: Look, if Dr. Bailey wants it put back in, then I will.
      Lexie: She's in surgery.
      Eli: Well, then it'll just have to wait.
      Lexie: Fine. I'll do it myself.
      Eli: You're not touching that patient.
      Lexie: Excuse me?
      Eli: You have your list. But I have 12 years of experience that tell me putting that drain back in right now could actually put him at more risk for infection. 12 years I've been here. 12 years. Now, you residents, you come and go, but this is my home and you are my guest, and right now you are no longer welcome.

    • Jackson: Anybody want my soup? It's reminding me of pancreatic fluid.
      Lexie: Oh, then I definatly want it.
      April: Sparkle. ... That was the name of my pony.

    • Alex: Look, they met with Dr. Miller three hours ago.
      Callie: Give it time.
      Alex: They're not gonna call because they're idiots.
      Callie: Hey, where are you going?
      Alex: I'm going to Miller's office to tell 'em what idiots they are.
      Callie: No, they're gonna call.
      Alex: Okay, now you're just being stubborn.
      Callie: Yes, I am being stubborn. I am stubbornly choosing to believe that sometimes people make sane decisions, like having minally invasive surgery when it's availible. I am stubbornly choosing to believe that not all people are evil and bad and leave me in airports.

    • Teddy: I'll do it pro-bono.
      Richard: Henry needs long term medicial care and the hospital just can't afford to take that on.
      Teddy: So we do nothing?
      Richard: No, we treat him with drugs and we schedule regular follow-ups at the clinic.
      Teddy: Well, you might as well do nothing.
      Richard: Look, I wish I could treat him. I really do. But my hands are tied.
      Teddy: Oh, that is a load of crap. I've seen you bend the rules around here. If I was Bailey or Shepherd I'm sure that your hands wouldn't be so tied.
      Richard: Dr. Altman, that's enough.
      Teddy: I'm sorry. Cristina Yang is fishing today. She is one of the most talented surgical residents I have ever seen and she is fishing instead of operating, and that is partly my fault. I just want to do something good today ... make it up, pay it forward ... whatever you want to call it. I ... I just need to do some good.
      Richard: I'll... I'll set up a meeting with the review board.
      Teddy: Thank you.

    • Cristina: What is this? Wait, don't tell me. Crank bait. Best used in muddy water. (holds up another bait) Oh, I know. Quiz me. Is this uh... spinder bait?
      Derek: You know the fish can hear you. Did you read about that in your research? Fishing is supposed to be quiet.
      Cristina (whispers): Is this a spinder bait?
      Derek: I'm not quizzing you. I'm fishing.
      Cristina: You're no fun. ... You think we should move the boat over to the other side of the lake?
      Derek: No. This is a good spot.
      Cristina: For tanning, maybe. ... Is this typical? I mean to go for hours without a bite?
      Derek: Well, the only thing predictable about fishing is that it's unpredictable.
      Cristina: Wow, that's deep.
      Derek: Yeah, why don't you ponder that for a while? Quietly.
      Cristina: ... Okay. I pondered it. But the thing is I don't agree with the basic premus. Assuming a lake has fish, which this lake does. And assuming you're using the right baits and lures, which we are, you should be able to predict getting more bites than like, um... none an hour.
      Derek: You know...
      Cristina: Which leads me to believe the fish are else where, like (points) over there, or over there, or over there.
      Derek: And, if we were over there you would scare them away with your insessive chatter. Fishing is supposed to be quiet.
      Cristina: And it's supposed to involve catching fish. Which we could do if we moved the boat to where the fish are sleeping. Or- Or eating.
      Derek: Just stop. Stop talking. Stop worrying. Stop thinking. Stop.
      Cristina: Can-- Can we just try it my way? Please.
      Derek: No.
      Cristina: I can't stop. I can't turn my mind off.
      Derek: Yes, you can. You can. Just fish.

    • Lexie: Hey, morning, Eli. Did you send Mr. Rabb's sample of pancreatic fluid to the lab yet?
      Eli: Not yet.
      Lexie: Uh, I asked for it over an hour ago.
      Eli: Yeah, I was letting him rest. He didn't sleep much last night.
      Jackson: Dr. Grey. Check out Mrs. K, day 3 post-op, no fistula. Already walking right away, eating right away, isn't that right, Mrs. K?
      Mrs. K: Can I go back to bed now? I'm tired.
      Jackson: One more lap. (walks off with Mrs. K)
      Lexie: That's terrible.
      April (walks up): Okay, there is no evidence that shows getting patient's up any faster makes a difference at all.
      Lexie: How's it going with your protocal? (April opens her a chart) Ooh-kay. Added just another medicine to your drug regamin there, huh?
      April: Yeah, well, if you call actritide just another medicine. So, you still working with a little list?
      Lexie: Yeah. Standerd post-op protocal with a check list I've started with accountablity.
      April: Oh my gosh, you know, when I was little, I- I wanted a pony too, and you know what happened? I, uh, worked really hard, and I got one. (walks off)
      Lexie (to Eli): Mr. Rabb probably can't sleep at night 'cause you're letting him sleep during the day. Get the fluid sample now.

    • Cristina: Can I make a suggestion?
      Derek: Yeah.
      Cristina: If you mount the rod-holders mid-ship, we can both reach the rods from either end of the boat. (Derek looks at her surprised) After you called last night, I did some research. I didn't want to be any less than sea worthy.
      Derek: It's a lake.
      Cristina: Still.
      Derek: Actually, it's ... it's a great idea.
      Cristina: You may need clip-on mounts to clear the gunnels.
      Derek: Are you gonna be like this all day?
      Cristina: I can't help it.

    • Owen: So you ever go fishing with Derek?
      Meredith: I'm a surgical resident. When would I ever have time for that?
      Owen: You get a day off every now and then.
      Meredith: I spend my days off here, where she should be.
      Owen: Meredith...
      Meredith: What are your plans for her tomorrow? Bowling with Bailey? Cooking
      Owen: I'm not sure. But bowling with Bailey... that sounds fun.

    • Mark: Hi.
      Lexie: Hi.
      Mark: I miss you.
      Lexie: Mark...
      Mark: What are you saying, you don't miss me?
      Lexie: Pretty much what I'm sayin'.
      Mark: You seein' someone?
      Lexie: Yes. His name's Andrew Rabb, he had a tumor removed from his pancreas three days ago and I'm trying to make sure he doesn't develop a fistula.
      Mark: Go. Cure fistulas. Or fistula.
      Lexie: Fistulas.
      Mark: I miss you.

    • Alex: Can either of you use me today? I'm supposed to be with Stark but he wants to work with someone else.
      Callie: Ouch.
      Alex: The guy's an ass.
      Callie: Maybe heartless-ness is a peds thing.
      Alex: No offense, but you're girlfriend leaving town really screwed me. I mean, I'm happy for the children of Malwai and all but--
      Callie: No, you should be worried for them. Right now, she's making them fall in love with her. (imitating Arizona) 'Oh, I'll uncleft your palate, I'll un-herniate your hernia. I'm here for you. I'm yours.'
      Alex: Yeah, and the some place better will come along. Like, Peru or India and suddenly she's all (imitating Arizona) 'I know I was helping you and I made you all kinds of promises...'
      Callie (imitating Arizona): 'But I gotta go...'
      Alex (imitating Arizona): 'Yeah, have fun with Stark.' (Callie laughs)

    • Henry: How do I look? I'm about to propose to my girlfriend, so besides the gown and the IV and the ghostly pallor from being in the hospital for the past week... what do you think... do I have a shot?
      Teddy: She'd be a fool to say no. Good luck.

    • Teddy: How's Christina?
      Owen: She's Fine.
      Meredith: She's fishing.
      Teddy: She's fishing?! Why?
      Meredith: Ask him.
      Owen: Have you got any better ideas?
      Teddy: No.

    • Cristina: I... I should go.
      Meredith: Cristina. ... There are no bathrooms out there, you know?
      Cristina: I know.

    • Mark: Hey, you wanna do it? Real quick? Nothing says 'good morning' like shower sex.
      Callie: Look, I hope you don't take this the wrong way because the sex with you has been... great. But... it just makes me miss Arizona. The sex with you just makes me sad. (Mark gives her a look) Ooh, no. That came out wrong. Sorry.
      Mark: Oh, no. I get it.
      Callie: Yeah?
      Mark: Last night when we were doing it, I was thinking about Lexie. I was--
      Callie (while brushing her teeth, mutters): Oh, God. You were thinking about Lexie?!
      Mark: I'm gonna need some more constants.
      Callie (spits out her toothpaste): When we had sex you were thinking about Lexie?! Okay, now that's just rude.
      Mark: Well, you just said having sex with me makes you sad.
      Callie: 'Cause I'm amazing!
      Mark: I know that's why I just suggested the wake-up call.
      Callie: Get out. Seriously. Get out. (Mark gets out of the shower)
      Mark (mutters): Now I miss Lexie even more.
      Callie: What was that?
      Mark: Nothing.
      Callie: I am amazing.

    • Meredith: So you and Cristina are going fishing? Who's idea was that?
      Derek: Owen's concerned about leaving Cristina alone, so when I told him I was going fishing...
      Meredith: Right. But you haven't actually spoken to Cristina.
      Derek: Actually, I have.
      Meredith: You spoke to her? When?
      Derek: I called her last night.
      Meredith: Well, she must've been drunk or something because she doesn't do the wilderness. I mean, there aren't even any bathrooms in the wilderness.
      Derek: Look, I know you're concerned about her, but I also know that there's nothing else we can do right now.
      Meredith: But you can? Because if fishing is your big plan to get her back to work...
      Derek: We're not trying to get her back to work. We're just trying to make sure that she's okay.
      Meredith: Well, she's not okay. And she's not going to be okay until she gets back to work. I know Cristina and she needs to work.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): The goal of any surgery is total recovery, to come out better than you were before. Some patients heal quickly and feel immediate relief. For others the healing happens gradually, and it's not until months or even years later that you realize you don't hurt anymore. So the challenge after any surgery is to be patient. But if you can make it through the first weeks and months, if you believe that healing is possible, then you can get your life back. But that's a big if.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): The first 24 hours after surgery are critical. Every breath you take, every fluid you make, is meticulously reported and analyzed. Celebrated or mourned. But what about the next 24 hours? What happens with that first day turns to two and weeks turn into months? What happens when the immediate danger has passed, when the machines are disconnected and the teams of doctors and nurses are gone? Surgery is when you get saved, but post-op, after surgery, is when you heal. But, what if you don't?

    • Owen (about to open someone up who has an abdomin filled with blood): I hope no one is wearing new shoes! (cuts into the patient and blood spills to the floor)

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Napospas živlům (At the Mercy of Elements)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1.O Come All Ye Faithful by Ashton Allen
      2.Merry Xmas by Basement Apartment
      3.It's Christmas Time by Jules Larson
      4.Silent Night by Low
      5.The First Snowflake by Boy Least Likely To

    • Grey's Anatomy commemorated both Judeo-Christian holidays in this episode by featuring the Hanukkah menorah. Then at the end of the episode, the song 'Silent Night' (Performed by Low) is played in reference to Christmas. The same recognition was also depicted in the season 2 holiday episode (Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer), where Burke puts up a small tree for Christmas and a Hanukkah menorah on the window sill for Yang. Few Christians & Jews realize that both stories of Christmas & Hanukkah are interrelated in Judeo-Christian history, and thus why they are usually scheduled near each other in December. Except for they who celebrate both holiday events, they aren't often celebrated together. The same holiday episode (2.12) where Burke adorns a menorah, also depicts a brain surgery patient whose family celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas, thereby dubbing the mutual holidays as Christmukkah &/or Hanukkas.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: December 2, 2010 on CTV
      Sweden: December 8, 2010 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: March 9, 2011 on Sky Living
      Australia: April 7, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: May 25, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: September 20, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: February 6, 2012 on Prima LOVE