Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 10

Adrift and at Peace

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on ABC

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  • tanchelina

    I love Grey's Anatomy watch every episode from day one and still I'm interested and looking forward to the show! episode was good, but I miss the old Christina ... I understand all the drama around it really is growing in nature ... but this whole "I want to leave and whether it will be a surgeon" I came in more ... the idea of Shondra Rimes is perfect and makes us think about how one can lose the meaning of life and that is easy to sink into your emotions and not know how to find a way to return ... Bravo!
    Alex is my favorite love all the characters but it stands out .. give as they are all individual, he manages to stand out:) I miss George and Izzie and Burke .... but what do some go others come: (frontlets to invite back for another episode Addison it makes me happy and I like it:) Thanks to the writers a great show:) And I know that in Bulgaria there are many fans of Grey's Anatomy!
  • Interesting way to end the first half of the season with good setup for future storylines.

    The highlight in this episode for me was the tension between Meredith and Owen over Cristina. That confrontation was very intense and you could see the emotion from both of them. In my opinion, I saw the real Cristina again here. The passion that she once had for surgery came out while fishing with Derek and that was enjoyable. I do hope she is less depressed after the Christmas break, it's dragging on a bit now.

    Lexie and Mark kissing was great, I like them as a couple (if I forget how he treated her last season). Callie slamming the door in Arizona's face was fair enough, quite a predictable end to see her return though...will they get back together? The Bailey storyline was quite satisfying, shocked to see that Nurse ask her out, in a good way though. Also shocked at Teddy saying she'll marry that patient so he gets insurance, could be an interesting storyline and I'm liking her a bit more this season. More from April and I'll be happy.

    Looking forward to the second half of the season!
  • FISHING and relationships.

    This episode was mainly about relationships. Lexie and Mark are one of my favorite couples so I'm very happy for them. It seems that Bailey might find someone too. I love Bailey so I hope this nurse guy will stay. He is a stubborn one:)

    Arizona is back. I don't understand Callie. She said to Mark that she is thinking about Arizona but when Arizona returned she slammed the door in her face. Why? I hope they will sort things out.

    I didn't like Teddy's behavior in this episode. Sure, she cares for her patients but marrying a patient just to give him medical insurance? That's insane! And totally unlike her. She was in army - she saw people die and she saw patients being sent home many times - she should be more reasonable and composed. Didn't she say she wants a long-lasting , serious relationship? And I don't buy this "I miss Cristina" explanation. For me it's a terrible writer's mistake.

    There was a big contrast shown in this episode between calmness of the lake and chaos and screams at the hospital especially during Hunt and Meredith's surgery. How can a person change so much to like something so different? How is it possible that Cristina wants to go FISHING? But there is finally glimmer of hope for her to come back.

    Quote of the Day by Hunt: "I hope no one is wearing new shoes.":)
  • Leaving aside the Christina drama, I realle liked this episode because of Mark/Lexie and the new story fot Teddy, it was time!! She deserves a great story

    The 2 best things of this episode es the return of Mark/Lexie, I love that couple, but I foreseen Lexie doubts, I hpe she doesnt act like and ass, and coul aprreciate Marks' love for her. And I really loved the start of what could be a great story for Teddy, she is great and lately the character has been very small, when she could be and give more, and now with this new guideline with Scott Foley, whom I persomally think is great for the role, makes me very excited for the Teddy/Henry that should be great!
    PD.- Bailey and the male nurse were great too
  • The whole Christina in a depressed state wore on and on although we may see a light and the end of a far too long tunnel with fishing.:/ Callie likes to slam doors on the one thing she has wanted. Alex is becoming legendary in and out of surgery

    The whole Christina in a depressed state wore on and on although we may see a light and the end of a far too long tunnel with fishing. It seemed like wife swap with Hunt and Gray and Yang Sheppard. Callie likes to slam doors on the one thing she has wanted. Which is against the script which i found weird. Alex is becoming legendary in and out of surgery.Stark is an Arse and Alex should just become head of peds. Avery is slowly falling behind i believe he will leave or quit. I like the episode but Christina happy is much more entertaining and funny than sad Christina!
  • In this xmas episode, Derek took Christina for a fishing trip. There was a dispute between Meredith and Dr. Hunt. Baily has a medical breakthrough. Teddy promised marriage for health insurance. Mark and Lexis relationship is looking good.Arizona is back.

    Grey's anatomy Season 7 in my opinion is not looking too hot in comparison with the previous great seasons and something needs to be done. The show lost 'it'. Episode10 was the first good episode in this season. Cristina's ill behavior has gone too far. She used to be so passionate to become a successful surgeon and now suddenly she doesn't care. This episode was a glimpse of the Grey's anatomy old fame. Things need to change and fast before is too late, because let's not forget in what network this show is on. (The 'cancel for no reason' ABC) but of course this is all my opinion and it doesn't mean its the right one. So feel free to disagree or agree with me.

    p.s. Bring back Kathrine Heigl.(Izzy Stevens)
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