Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 10

All By Myself

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2008 on ABC

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  • I wonder if the writers are thinking of ending the show all together ?! This is getting worse and worse and even worser !

    I wonder if the writers are thinking of ending the show all together ?!
    They cut Dr Hahn because they didn't want a lesbian couple, so what's Sadie doing exactly ?!
    They killed Denny and it was the most painful moment of the show, and we really loved him, and how they're making him the bad guy ?!
    I like Izzy when she was mourning and it declined when she destroyed George's marriage for *nothing* ! And now ?!
    This is getting worse and worse and even worser ! Somebody please bring the good ol' Grey's from the very beginning, when this wasn't just a laboratory to try some new and bizarre things ?! Com'on !
  • A boring episode.

    This was the best show in his 3-th season. From then it has really gone dowhill. It need something fresh. And for a episode that is last this year it was probably the most boring one this year. I expected much more from this show. Desperate housewives is much beter this season and is probably the best series on the network. I don;t understand how is grey's anatomy beating her up in the ratings. And not to mention but nobody is dying anymore. They should kill some character in the show. Dead is always a good thing in this show. Kill Alex now!!!!!!!
  • GA really needs a break (spoilers).

    Oh... my... God!
    I really don't get used to the whole ghost thing. I know that Rhimes explained all this is due to a disease Izzy is carrying but couldn't it be handled better?!

    This love triangle is really painful to watch. Alex finally confesses his feelings (we know it's a hard thing to do for him) and Denny is sitting right there! I like that character in season 2 but now I find him really annoying. How could Jeffrey Dean Morgan sign for such a silly storyline?
    And how come KH doesn't complain? Last year she spoke her mind for what appears to be was much better than what is planned for her.

    And what is this Dr. Dixon? She's so annoying, not interesting at all and I doubt that such a doctor could practice. Even cold hand Cristina is warmer!

    Also, please give us back Bailey. We don't see her enough this year.

    The only thing I'm happy about for the moment is the thing between Lexie and Sloan. That could get interesting given the personnality of Sloan and I really liked how Lexie went to him.
    And Mark who keeps calling her "little Grey"...

    Honestly, I'm not sad GA is going on hiatus. Hope the show will improve when it returns on Jan. I really miss the good old days!
  • Character development to tie the first half of the season together, and a personal favorite even if it wasn't the best Grey's ever

    I really enjoyed this episode. I subtracted .5 for Dr. Dixon and for Izzie's monologue about great sex. I loved that George noticed Izzie's losing it, that Alex wants to be a better man, Cristina and Owen's kiss in the boiler room... I wish there was more Mer/Der because I like seeing them together as a happy couple, but I'm just grateful they are together and aren't broken up. And I'd much rather see her with Derek than glued to Cristina, I'm all for close friendships but it was getting annoying and unrealistic. I'd rather see fun romantic relationships and tension amongst the friends at this point, rather than the other way around.

    Sadie was more likable in this episode, and I really like her for Callie now. I really love Mark and Lexie, and I can't wait to see further character development there. I assumed from all the hints in the season premiere that they would hook up, but it's happening a bit sooner than I thought it would. I hope it's going the relationship route and not just a standard Grey's fling, because that's kind of old and tired, and these characters are in need of growth and development to keep from being boring plot devices for other characters. I know most people think Grey's is going off the deep end, but I'll wait out the ridiculous Denny storyline before watching reruns of the miserable season 3. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the second half of the season!
  • Some good, some bad.

    I'll echo what another reviewer said with this being a poorly written episode. The vast majority of the dialogue felt out of character and it just came off as too thrown together.

    What I did like was the re-emergence of a Lexie and Sloan relationship. These are two of the best personalities on the show and pairing them up always results in top-notch scenes. Cannot wait to see where things go from here. Izzie's rant about sex was also hilarious, but I am pleading with Grey's Anatomy to end this ridiculous storyline with Denny.

    What I didn't like was the Meredith and Christina bickering, and the possibility of another Callie lesbian affair. Sadie was actually less annoying this week than before and Melissa George is a decent actress, but hopefully they don't jump the shark with yet another character.
  • The solo surgery race finally comes to an end.

    I have loved Grey's Anatomy since the very first episode and, with the exception of the Denny's ghost storyline, I have thoroughly enjoyed this season so far. This episode was great, particularly the scenes with Mark. I was also glad to see that George had been given something significant to say, at last. He appears to be the only one who's really noticed how something is deeply wrong with Izzie at the moment. Her other friends seem to have barely registered that she is talking to herself/Denny's ghost most of the time and hardly doing any work. I am still reserving judgement on Dr Dixon. She is quite strange but maybe the character will work out.
  • a good episode with bad writing

    this episode was pretty good for this season...this izzy/denny storyline had better wrap up soon, because it's getting old, and it seems like all of the residents are so full of themselves and wrapped up in this own advancement, they don't have any real connections between each other anymore.

    the very best part of this episode was callie and mark's talk about sadie...those two are the best to watch together, especially now that hahn is out of the way.

    grey's writers have this awful habit where they make their characters repeat things a lot. "teach me, teach me!" what an awful way to lead into a fairly interesting and exciting romantic pairing - lexi and mark. it's like they write the beginning of a scene and get to something interesting or exciting and then they just stop writing and force the characters to say the same thing over and over.

    several episodes worth of build up for yang and dr seargant had better lead somewhere good, but i'm open to them for right now.

    and yang is right to be angry at her fellow residents...they have ALL been horrible teachers (it seems like they resent their interns for potentially taking away their precious seconds of medical experience so they don't let them learn.) and yet yang is the only one who gets in trouble. is it just me, or does alex treat everyone like crap 99% of the time and pretty much get whatever he wants 99% of the time? very frustrating.

    i don't like it when they show residents out of the core 5 -- like that blond girl -- it makes it hard to accept that there are these 5 residents plus how many more? and they each have 4-5 interns to themselves? where does seattle grace have the room/money/time to teach so many surgeons at once? and how come our residents are always the ones with the attendings? where are the other residents getting their cardio/plastics/neuro experience? very frustrating.

    speaking of cardio -- i'll be annoyed if dr. dixon becomes a regular. SO annoyed.
  • George senses that there's something wrong with Izzy, but no one takes him serious.. And I see two new lovely couples developing...!

    Mark and Lexie finally kissed! I love the way they let Mark be more mature and finally find a 'normal' girl. I thought it was good that Lexie did the first move (it's so diffrent than the older flings of Mark)...

    The armycouple is also soo sweet. I'm so glad that Christina finally found someone who really seems to understand her and fits her. I love their rough kisses :D

    But I find it so sad for George that no one believes him. I hope that he will be the one (as her best friend) that will really make Izzy realise that she's having a problem... I really miss their friendship! (I do think she great with Alex, but she really needs her friend back)

    Love this show! (btw sorry for my english and this is the first time i wrote a review :)!)
  • I thought this was a really great episode! (Some spoilers)

    When they brought Derek and Meredith back together in last season's finale, it was a dangerous move. But I think this episode is a great example of how the show doesn't have to revolve around Mer and her oh-so-tiresome personal issues. Quite frankly it was getting kinda boring last season, with Derek dating that nurse. But this season, it feels like they're renewing the show a little. Many new characters have been introduced. I personally LOVE the Owen/Christina love story, and have from the first time he was introduced. And this week was another kiss! And so cute! Even Sadie is finding her spot. The flirting between her and Callie actually worked. And I'm glad to see Hahn go. She really didn't fit with the rest of the show.

    But, specifically to this week, I liked how George was the one to sense trouble with Izzie. That means the friendship that lasted for so many seasons isn't totally dead after all. I hope they end that Izzie/dead fiancee storyline soon. Alex is so cute when they are together! Also, Sloan and little Grey! Lexie: "Am I that bad?" Sloan:"No, I am!" How great was that?! And finally, Meredith gets one right in the face. I'm sorry, but that woman is getting on my nerves. Christina was completely right in her decision. Karev did make the best case! All in all, I'm loving this season, and this episode was yet another example of great entertainment!
  • So bad!

    I must start out by saying that I have seen every episode of this show and this episode is pretty standard of what we come to expect with a show like this. Nothing is going on at least anything that is worth noting. I mean come on same same same. Christina waaaaaa. I don't know what to do I am socially akward. O'malley is still the same whinny person. And Izzy please what the heck is going on with that. I mean seriously. Kill her off already and keep her from this stupid arc with her and Denny. He is dead. She is obvioulsy having some sort of metal break down that is going to come to a head during the next sweeps or the break. The stupidest storyline ever. You might ask yourself why do I keep watching then. Well I am somebody who is trying to learn from past mistakes and even bad tv makes me a better filmmaker. I can't stand this show please cancel it already. By the By the only good thing about this episode is President Roslin from Battlestar.
  • I have to agree with many others...the Denny storyline has to end!

    I'll keep this short. I was really looking forward to this Denny storyline, I couldn't believe people hated it so much when I read about it. But now it really is just plain stupid. Why bother? He's dead, leave him dead. It doesn't make any sense because Izzie has Alex...unless she is actually sick - which would be the worst thing for the show cos Katherine is one of the better actresses in TV.

    But luckily the episode was great if you ignore the soppy supernatural element. It was interesting to see people go to Cristina and put their case down. I must say I'm liking this fight between Mer and Cristina, definitely entertaining and well done. It was strange that she chose Alex...but good too. She finally got with Owen too, I like them.

    Lets hope Denny is killed off again...soon!
  • I wonder what the writers are thinking exactly, going right on to ruin all the things we love about this show.

    First, Christina and Meredith fight. Which does add some realistic perspective to their relationship only that career and surgery issues aren't believable as a cause for these two to fight.

    Then, Callie and Hahn break up and Hahn disappears in the middle of what I thought was a very interesting development, and now Callie is flirting with Sadie. So Hahn basically left so that she could be replaced by a hotter substitute? Lame.

    Mark Sloan and Lexie hooking up. Both characters totally ruined by a relationship, or fling, or whatever it is, that is doomed even before it begins. She's 20 years younger than him, she's his student, and she's his best friend's sister. It's never going to work.

    Last but certainly not least, Izzie and her dead-guy romance. When did the show become Supernatural? I know the two share an actor but... This doesn't make sense. You watch the episode normally like all the other times and then all of a sudden, snap, sex with a ghost! Are we watching a medical drama or a ghost show? Make up your minds writers, and stop ruining perfectly good characters like Izzie and Alex.

    There were some good things in this episode, namely
    a) Christina and Hunt hooking up, they're a perfect match
    b) Christina choosing Alex for the surgery
    c) Doctor Dixon, she's original and her intake on things is very grounding in a refreshing way
    d) Miranda trying her hand in something new

    But that's just about it, I really don't like where they are taking the show. I hope they wake up sooner rather than later.
  • Stop the whole Denny thing.

    It is really getting annoying. Sure Izzie has a mental illness, we get that. But the whole touching and sleeping with him is just stupid. Stop it!
    This really brings down the whole show.

    I liked how Christina and Meredith are fighting, finally some depth in their relationship. This is the only reason why I still gave this episode a 6. I don't know about Lexie, but will give it a try in the coming episodes. Christina and Hunt are cute, but will it last? Where is George? Where is the chief? I just really hope the show will be better after a short break.
  • Season 5, Episode 10.

    I'm liking Season 5, from what I've seen so far. I liked this episode, and it was a good midseason finale. I liked Christina's plot. It must have been so hard for her to choose between her friends. But I like conflict so I was entertained. I like the little Callie and Sadie love blooming. Meredith and Izzie are also looking good. I don't think Izzie's plot is too bad either. I don't understand what all the hate is about, but I can understand the dislike. Woohoo for Mark and Lexie having sex. I for one definitely enjoyed watching this episode. Good work on the writers' and actors' parts.
  • This show was about dr yang mostly who had to pick the the sergon that would do the first solo suergery on his/her own picking the best one was hard as all the attendings at Seattle Grace choose Yang and then she was forced to pick thanks to Dr Webber

    I don't think this was such a great episode I think this could have been done better. I do like the new intern that is meradiths best friend. I think she will be a great change to the show. I think this was a slow episode and needed some punch to it. I hope that they come up with something better in January. But all in all this series is coming along but being the 5th season they need to punch it up. I think also with Hann gone for good now something can come up. Bring back Burk Please
  • Another chapter in the Izzie/Denny mess...

    There were many things I liked about ths episode:
    *Cristina choosing Alex for the solo surgery;
    *All of the residents trying to convince Cristina to pick them;
    *Alex's love confession;
    *Mark & Callie discussing the dangers of hot interns;
    *Bailey trying something new;
    *Lots of tension between Mer and Cristina;
    *Cristina laughing like never before...

    But all of those wonderful scenes were undermined by the ridiuclousness that is this Izzie/Denny storyline. I loved this couple back in season 2 but the writers chose to kill him off. It was sad and we all mourned him. Any time Izzie's mentioned him since then has been a sweet little reminder of why we loved them...Until now. With this storyline, the writers are not only ruining the beautiful love story they created in season 2, they're also ruining Izzie's character. This needs to!
  • Alex wins the solo surgery battle...

    After a couple of lackluster episodes, this one has put the show back on track with some beautiful storytelling.

    The reason I love Grey's is because it provides some subtle hints and forces the viewer to read between the lines. Take Bailey for instance, the way she handles the situation when Sloan screams at her during the surgery just goes on to imply how she has matured with time. You can compare this attitude to that of her subordinates- who are aggressive to the extent that they ruin their chances at learning something new. We also see a medical case involving two siblings, of which one becomes brain dead post surgery. Though Derek continues to win less screen time, his role this time around goes on to show his soft side. The main plot line this time was the solo surgery battle. We see Cristina having to pick one of her fellow residents, and she picks Karev. Cristina also has the job of convincing the new doctor Dixon to join the rolls of Seattle grace, and she succeeds in doing it. We also see Alex proposing his love to Izzy. The Denny Duquette mystery still continues, though there is a subtle hint of this being attributed as a mental problem that Izzy is facing. I seriously hope they put an end to this.

    Overall, a good episode.