Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 10

All By Myself

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2008 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Alex: Come on, which one is it Stevens or Karev?
      Cristina: This is stupid. You guys are gonna trust these imbasals to tell you who's getting the solo surgery?
      Izzie: Is this hard for you? Being banned from the solo surgery, it must be really hard for you.
      Meredith: He can change his mind. He's been known to change his mind.
      Cristina: Please don't do that. You guys go ahead and will yourselves to be voted in. Use the sercet.
      Steve (runs in): Grey! The Chief said Grey.
      George: What?
      Alex: Come on. This is bogus.
      Bailey: You just figurin' that out? Steve is not a lip reader. None of the interns are lip readers. You'll just have to wait for the attendings to vote. Just like we did when I won.
      Cristina: You won your solo surgery?
      Bailey: I'm gonna pretend you didn't feel the need to ask me that question Yang, of course I won. I was good. Didn't cut LVAD wires, put my hands on bombs in body cavities, or have my interns operating on themselves. I was special! I was young, gifted and black, and everybody knew it. Attendings knew it, Chief knew it. I didn't have to act like I could read lips. I'd just go about my work, calmly, waiting for my name to get called.
      Lexie (runs in): It's done.
      Alex: Oh, whatever Helen Keller.
      Lexie: No, I'm serious. The Chief sent me. They made the choice.
      George: Well, who is it?
      Lexie (points): It's you. (screen fade to white and the title card is shown)

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