Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 14

All You Need Is Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Derek and Meredith struggle with juggling work and a baby, and having intimate time to themselves. At Seattle Grace, Meredith treats a woman who has awful headaches that lead to seizures. Derek convinces the patient's husband to put her wife in a coma while they figure out what is wrong. Meredith and Bailey operate on the patient and remove something from her lungs. Some may have spread to her ovaries - they only way for them to find out is to remove them. This ends up paying off because the woman will live a headache/seizure-free life, but she will not be able to have children.

Cristina finds out that she is back on Teddy's service. Just then, a van crashes into the hospital. It turns out to be a flower delivery truck whose driver fell asleep. Teddy, Cristina, and Owen take him to the operating room and they fix his heart.

Later, Owen tells Cristina that he has decided to move out. He then asks Teddy if they can be friends again. She answers him in a huge tirade about how she hates him. Owen is completely dumbstruck. Cristina then approaches him and asks her not to hate her.

A man gives his girlfriend a necklace for Valentine's Day and she runs off furious since she was expecting an engagement ring. While the man is running after his girlfriend, he gets hit by a car. He is admitted to the hospital and things turn for the worse and he dies. Lexie finds the necklace and sees that inside the necklace, there was the message that says "Will you marry me?"

Mark stays home to babysit Sofia, which ruins his plans with Julia. Jackson comes and cooks him dinner in exchange for help studying for his boards. Lexie comes by for a play date with Lola. Lexie is hoping to have a talk with Mark, letting him know she is still pinning for him.