Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 14

All You Need Is Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on ABC



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    • Owen: Kepner, forget the flowers. Throw them out and get back to work. (walks off)
      Richard: Kepner. You're not throwing those flowers away?
      April: But-- But he--
      Richard: He doesn't need to know. (April smiles, and goes and hides the flowers) Throwing away perfectly good flowers. Everyone's a cynic these days... Talking about not believing in Valentine's Day. I mean, what's wrong with a day devoted to the person you love? I take this day very seriously.
      Lexie: I konow you do. Happy anniverysary, sir.
      Richard: Thank you, Dr. Grey. I'm heading home eaerly. Try and spend most of the day with my wife. W-What about you? You hittin' the town?
      Lexie (laughs): I'm not hitting much of anything these days. Oh, God. I-I'm sorry. That was crass. I'm-- H-Uh, uh, have no Valentine's plans.

    • Meredith: I have to get that baby out of my bed. She's ruining my sex life.
      Cristina: Yeah, well, mine's already dead. ... He's gonna leave me.
      Meredith: He won't.
      Cristina: Yeah, he will. He is. I mean, I know it. And you know what? I don't care. You know, if he wants to leave, if he wants to hate me, then fine. I can't make someone stay.
      Meredith: Well, you could kinda beg him to stay.
      Cristina: Oh, I'm busy. I'm focused. I'm a surgeon.
      Meredith: Well, everyone's a surgeon. That doesn't mean--
      Cristina: It does. For me, it does. I'm brilliant. I'm gifted. I- I don't beg. You know, if he wants to go, then fine. I'm good.

    • April: We're gonna get a zillion Valen-traumas. I bet a few of them will be good surgeries for our boards.
      Alex: Well, it's not St. Patty's day. Those are good traumas-- Car crashes, bar brawls. Yeah, Valentine's Day is all swallowed engagement rings and guys who threw out their backs getting laid.
      April: You're just bitter 'cause you don't have a date.
      Alex: First of all, Valentine's day isn't for having a date with some chick.
      Jackson: Mmhmm.
      Alex: No, it's for macking the chicks who don't have dates. Besides, I have to study for my boards.
      Jackson: You studying already?
      April: Of course. You're not?
      Jackson (clears throat): No, I am.
      Owen (walks up, about the decorations): Who put up all this?
      April: I did! Well, research shows that a cheerful environment reduces stress and helps patients feel more... (Owen crumples up a heart and throws it on the desk and walks away)

    • Arizona: Is it camping? I mean, does she think I'm going camping on Valentine's Day?
      Mark: I don't know.
      Arizona: Well, she's trying to surprise me. I'm telling you, the surprise is gonna be that I'm gonna leave her on the side of a mountain. I mean, do you think camping is sexy? It's not sexy.
      Mark: You can't take a baby camping. Sofia's gonna hate it.
      Arizona: What D-- Y-You're getting a sitter. Callie said you're getting a sitter.
      Mark: Yeah, Callie also said you were going camping. Callie's also lost her mind.
      Arizona: Ugh. Really, it's camping?
      Mark: I don't know, but it's your night with Sofia.
      Arizona: Well, I need to have sex with my wife and apparently in the woods on cold, hard ground. And you promised Callie a sitter, so get a sitter.
      Mark: Come on. This thing with Julia is young, fragile. There's a lot of pressure. I got us a table at Campo's.
      Arizona: Mm. Well, then you better find a sitter. (walks off)
      Lexie (overhearing): I have plans. Yep. I got a hot date. Our-- Our thing is young and fragile, too.

    • Arizona: So, did you, um, did you make a reservation somewhere beautiful with lots of flickery candles?
      Callie: I made a plan. I think you'll like it. You should pack a bag.
      Arizona: Oh, wow. Overnight? Oh, gosh. Well, what about Sofia?
      Callie: Mark got a sitter. He'll be home at 11:00 and then he's got her.
      Arizona: Alright, well what should I bring? Um, a bathing suit? Or I don't now, what are we talking about here?
      Callie: Uh, no bathing suit. Boots wouldn't hurt.
      Arizona: Alright. So... cold.
      Callie: Could be. Wouldn't hurt to bring long underwear, extra fleece. (Arizona's smile fades) Yeah. Hey, don't make that face. No. It will be fun. Yeah. Romantic.

    • Ben: Uh, tonight is still gonna work out, right?
      Bailey: Of course it is, we have a plan.
      Ben: I'm just saying... You cancel a lot, because of the scalpels and cutting people open.
      Bailey: Look, I was promised an elegant dinner. I rearranged my whole schedule. I've got high heels in the back on my car.
      Ben: I'm gonna spend all day thinkin' about them.

    • Cristina: I have been off of Dr. Altman's service now for two weeks. I stepped over a line. You reprimanded me. Continuing to punish me is--
      Owen: Fine. You're on her service.

    • Mark (eating chocolate): The nougats are gone, sorry.
      Lexie: Oh. Did you get these from a patient?
      Mark: No. I bought these for Julia, but... she's standing me up for an emergency ocular transplant surgery, so... I'm gorging myself on Valentine's chocolate.
      Lexie (with a moutful of chocolate): Mm. I'd mock you right now if my mouth wasn't so full.
      Mark: Try the square ones. They're caramel with sea salt. I didn't want to disappoint her. You know, I bought candy and flowers. I got rose petals, Lex. Bags of 'em. I was looking forward to sharing it. But now I'm alone on Valentine's day... eating chocolate.
      Lexie: Mm. I can do you one better. My hot date tonight? Zola. (Mark laughs) I'm babysitting.

    • Derek (after Mer kisses him): There's a baby in the bed.
      Meredith: I know there's a baby in the bed.
      Derek: There's no baby in the shower.
      Meredith: There's no baby in the shower. (cuts to them in the bathroom, Mer pulls back the shower curtain and sees all of Zola's toys) There's a baby in the shower, too.
      Derek: Oh, come on. Just look the other way.
      Meredith: I can't do it in front of the duckies.
      Derek: Yes, you can. Do it in front of the duckies.
      Meredith: No, come on.
      Derek: Where are we gonna go now? (cuts to them kissing and falling onto the couch, laughing)
      Lexie: Good morning. Yeah, I'm watching a pyeloplasty. I can reweind it back to the beginning if you like.
      Derek: No, let's go. (picks up Mer who's laughing)
      Meredith: Hey, listen for the baby.
      Lexie: What?
      Derek: 20 minutes.
      Lexie: Okay. (cuts to them trying to have sex in the car, Lexie is holding Zola and has her back turned and knocks on the window) I'm sorry but she woke up, and she seemed like she wanted you guys. But don't worry, she didn't see anything.
      Derek (to Mer): We're never gonna have sex again, are we?
      Meredith (groans): Happy Valentine's day.

    • Lexie: Hey, listen, I can babysit tonight if you guys need some time to... yourselves. 'Cause I have, uh, no plans 'cause my life is empty. I'm alone with no plans whatsoever, at all.
      Derek: That's great.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): There are times in our lives when love really does conquer all: exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anything. And then there are those times when it seems like love brings us nothing but pain.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We are always looking for ways to ease the pain. Sometimes we ease the pain by making the best of what we have. Sometimes is by losing ourselves in the moment and sometimes all we need to do to ease pain is... call a simple truce.

    • Cristina (to Owen): Please. Don't hate me. ... I'm begging you.

    • Lexie (when Mark answers the door): Hey. I-I thought maybe the girls could have a play date. And, um, we could, uh, uh, to talk, you know, about stuff, 'cause there's some stuff that I've been wanting to say. (hears noise from Mark's apartment) Oh! Is that Julia? I'll-- I'll go.
      Mark: Avery's cooking me dinner.
      Jackson (from inside the apartment): Is that Julia? 'Cause I can go.
      Lexie: Oh. That's...
      Mark: But he can go... If you want to talk. Should he go?
      Jackson (appears behind Mark): Hey.
      Lexie: Nope. It's nothing. I-- You-- I'm ju-- I'm gonna-- It's-- You know what? You two a very pleasant evening.
      Mark: Don't be stupid. You love steak. (grabs Lexie hand and drags her inside) Sofia, your friends here! (Lexie looks terrified)

    • Bailey: Okay. I'm-- I'm still in my scrubs, I-I know. I'm sorry I had a surgery and then another one came in, and I know it seems like I blew you off, but I didn't. We can still go to dinner.
      Ben: Dinner is over. It's-- It's 11:23 P.M. You blew me off for dinner hours ago.
      Bailey: I ruined our Valentine's Day?
      Ben: Miranda, I--
      Bailey: I'm a terrible person. I-I know. I don't make time like I should. Uh, I'm not good at you know, romance-y... things, but, look, I am working, and you can't fault me for that. You can't fault me for saving lives. And if-- if you're going to break up with me for missing a dinner because I was saving a life, then, you know, I don't even want to have romance-y things with you--
      Ben: Mi-Miranda, Miranda--
      Bailey: Wait. Why are you in a suit?
      Ben: Because it's 11:23 P.M. Valentine's day isn't over yet. (Ben leads Bailey into the hospital cafeteria which he has decorated like a romantic restuarant with candles and table cloths and a chef)
      Bailey: You threw this together today?
      Ben: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. I've been planning this for weeks. See, I knew there was no chance in hell that we'd make a scheduled reservation, so, uh, I booked Marco here. I mean, I'm dating Dr. Bailey. I know the drill. I know you.
      Bailey: You know me.
      Ben: Oh, and I even had Marco put extra crumb topping on your mac and cheese. (Bailey laughs) I know you.
      Bailey (laughs): Okay.
      Ben: Miranda... I happen to be very good at romance-y things.
      Bailey: Oh, yeah. You are.

    • Jackson: I got steak and I bought a really good red, and a salad, and I'm gonna cook for you.
      Mark: Avery... I have a girlfriend.
      Jackson: And she's operating tonight. So as soon as you put Sofia down, you can help me study for my boards, 'cause I'm behind. Way behind.
      Mark: What'd you pay for that bottle of wine?
      Jackson: 50 bucks. (Mark steps aside and Jackson walks in)

    • Lexie (pacing back and forth holding Zola): I'm just gonna go. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna tell him, and if there is a, uh, ch-- No, I'm not gonna tell him. No, I'm gonna-- Of course... Ugh! Okay, of course. No, I'm gonna tell him because if you don't say anything, then you-- you bleed out and die and then read about it in a plastic locket. I mean, (to Zola) What-- What do-- What do you think? What should I do? Zola? Well... Tell me. (Zola coos, Meredith and Derek walk in) Hey.
      Meredith: Hey.
      Lexie: Oh, look, no, she's up, she's eaten. She's ready to roll. I'm gonna take--
      Meredith: Okay, so we just need-- we just need an hour.
      Lexie: No, I'm gonna take off.
      Derek: Yeah, take her with you with her. Drive her around. She loves that.
      Lexie: What? (Meredith and Derek run up the stairs laughing)
      Derek: Zola, we'll be back.

    • Bailey: Ugh. Blunt trauma to the kidney. Guy crashed into a pole, not only shattering his kidney and his renal artery, but ruining my Valentine's day.
      Richard: Let me do it.
      Bailey: Oh, no. Sir, uh, I-I don't want to ruin your night, too. Just go. Get home. Oh, and it's your anniversary. Oh, for God's sake, Adele's probably so angry at you--
      Richard: I just went home. She didn't recognize me. She thought I looked like a nice guy and invited me to join her for dinner, uh, flirted with me over steaks, thought I had a nice smile. So, no, Dr. Bailey, my wife's not mad right now. In fact, I think she's falling in love with me.
      Bailey: Sir... I'm so sorry.
      Richard: Go. Go. I'd like to be alone right now with a kidney and a scalpel. Go.

    • Meredith: Our patient's seizures stop. And you know why?
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: Because I found this teratoma on her ovary.
      Derek: Well, you know, you could've told me this at dinner. You didn't have to show me a chopped up ovary.
      Meredith: Little sucker thought it could hide from me, but it couldn't. It took a while, but I finally figured out where it was, and I went in and nailed it.
      Derek: You are so sexy when you're looking at a teratoma. (Mer laughs)

    • Arizona (walking with a blindfold on): I-I I'm not great at surprises. I-I-I wish I was, but I know we're camping.
      Callie: Mmhmm.
      Arizona: You know, I'm pretty sure that we're smack-dab in the center of one of Washington's fine national parks, and I'm trying-- I'm trying to have a good attitude, but this whole blind thing is just not helping matters.
      Callie: Wow, this is you with a good attitude.
      Arizona: Oh, fine. I'll shut up.
      Callie: Okay. Are-- Hey are you peeking?
      Arizona: No! I'm not-- No, I'm not peeking.
      Callie: Alright. Okay. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? (Callie takes off Arizona's blindfold, Arizona slowly opens one eye) Ta-Da!
      Arizona (unimpressed): Derek's trailer?
      Callie: I figured he wasn't using it so I asked for the keys.
      Arizona: We really are camping.
      Callie: Whoo-Hoo!
      Arizona: Fun. Fun. Yes, fun.

    • (They are inside Derek's trailer and Arizona notices it's all decorated and candles are lit)
      Arizona: We're not really camping.
      Callie (laughs): No. You hate camping.
      Arizona (laughs): I do. I really do.
      Callie: I mean, it's almost camping, only... there is a bed... (starts unzipping Arizona's jacket) And lingerie. No one's around for miles. (they kiss)

    • Jackson: Hey, have you guys started studying for your boards?
      Cristina: Yeah.
      Meredith: Yeah. Why?
      Jackson: Yeah. Cool. Me-- Me, too.

    • Teddy: I-I'm done. I am done with him.
      Cristina: Owen?
      Teddy: Yeah. He actually thinks that we can just forget everything that happened. I don't even know how to... How can he think that we would ever, ever be friends again?

    • Bailey (after the ovary they took out is normal): Damn.
      Meredith: We picked the wrong ovary.
      Resident: There's a chance that the other one's clean, too.
      Bailey: You don't have a very good personality, you know that?
      Meredith: The teratoma is there. It has to be.
      Bailey: Well, if not we would have just steralized a woman for no reason.

    • Bailey: There's a lot of adhesions on this one that could mean inflammation.
      Meredith: Which could mean a teratoma. So let's take out the right ovary, send it to path, and try to save the left one
      Resident: Dr. Grey, I'm the G.Y.N, I really should be the one--
      Meredith: Okay, but you're a third year, and I can't trust third year hands.
      Bailey: I'm goin' with her. Ever thought you'd be wishing so hard to find a tumor? (Mer shakes her head)

    • Bailey: What?
      Meredith: Mm. I was trying to figure out why this patient's having seizures when I noticed she has hemolytic anemia.
      Bailey: Uh, which means she's having an autoimmune response.
      Meredith: Right. If antibodies are attach her red blood cells, who's to say that antibodies couldn't be attacking her brain, 'causing the encephalitis?
      Bailey: Oh, and it's not a brain tumor. That's why you paged me.
      Meredith: Well, yeah, and i thought that we could spend Valentine's day together. (offers her chocolate)
      Bailey: Uh, you may not have Valentine's day plans, but I do, Grey, plans that I am not willing to forfeit. So here's how this is going go-- In a timely and efficient manner, you and I will rule out everything that could be causing this woman's body to attack itself, virus by virus, tumor by tumor, until we land on the one thing--
      Meredith: It's a teratoma.
      Bailey: What?
      Meredith: I sent off Janell's C.S.F from her spinal tap, her anti N.M.D. A receptor antibodies, and it just came back postive.
      Bailey: Show off.

    • Owen: Can I just talk to you for a minute? ... I know you've been though hell, and I know I was part of it. And I know you're grieving and there's no magic solution to that, but... (sighs) We used to be friends. And I... really, really need a friend today. So how about we just go across the street to Joe's, and I'll buy you a drink, y'know? Or I will buy you many, many drinks.
      Teddy: Are you done? Are you finished?
      Owen: Yes.
      Teddy: I hate you. From the moment you decided to put the needs of your hospital over my dead husband, I have hated you. I lie in bed at night alone, and I look at the spot where my husband used to sleep, and I actively... (voice breaking) with every cell in body, hate you. I wish you were dead instead of him. I think about all the soliders, good men, who died over there in Iraq, and I don't understand what kind of God would allow you to survive. We are not friends. This is not grief. It will not pass. I hate you! Please... Don't speak to me again unless it's work related.

    • Bailey: Okay, what do we know about N.M.D.A receptor teratomas?
      Meredith: We know that they're most commonly found on the ovaries. ... You want to take out her ovaries? She's 32 years old.
      Bailey: They're always 32 and nice and undeserving. These kinds of things don't happen to nasty people.

    • Ben: Hey, I got your messag your lung resection went long. I pushed our reservations to 8:00.
      Bailey: Really? Just like that on Valentine's Day?
      Ben: I got connections. I could even push 'em to 9:00 if you like.
      Bailey: No. Absolutely not. No. As soon as path confirms that the mass we ook out was the teratoma, I will go out to my car, grab those heels...
      Meredith: Benign granuloma.
      Bailey (sighs): Alright, fine, you can push the reservation to 9:00

    • Owen (to Cristina): I'm moving out. ... So if you need me, I'll be at my mom's til I, uh... figure something out. ... Okay?
      Cristina (trying not to cry): Okay.

    • Jackson: I am not babysitting.
      Mark: I have made your career, and I can break it. (to Richard) I need to check for a septal hematoma. I'll be quick. I have a date tonight.
      Jackson: What makes you think I can babysit?
      Mark: Well, you know C.P.R, you can think on your feet, you're fit, you can run out of a burning building in no time. And I'm not gonna cancel a date on Valentine's day. Women claim that they don't care, but they all do, a lot.
      Richard: Okay, uh, let's prep him for the I.C.U and I'll stay and monitor him.
      Lexie: No, it's your anniversary. I'll stay.
      Mark: I thought you had a hot date.
      Jackson: Really? With who?
      Lexie: Uh...
      Richard (clears throat): Uh, Dr. Sloan, I mean, if you're finished here we'd like to--
      Mark: Oh, I'll tell you who's finished, (to Jackson) you're finished. (they both walk out)
      Lexie (to Richard): Thank you.

    • Arizona: You paged me for this? Why would I do this?
      Mark: Because it's fair. Because the three of us are equal parents to Sofia and this is the fair way to decide who stays in with her. Unless, you'd rather raise her with no sense of fairness or decency... (Arizona laughs) ... in anarchy and chaos. Your call.
      Arizona: Okay, fine.
      Mark: Best two out of three?
      Arizona: Best two out of three.
      Jackson (to Mark): You ready?
      Mark: Rock, paper, scissors. (they both have rocks) Rock, paper scissors. (Arizona goes rock, Mark goes scissors)
      Arizona: Ha! My rock... crushes your scissors.
      Mark: Rock-- Hold on, hold on. Time out.
      Arizona: Time out? I'm sorry, time-- time out?
      Mark: Jackson, team huddle.
      Arizona: Oh, my gosh. Are you guys kidding me? I mean, some of us have surgeries.
      Jackson: Can you just give us a second? (Arizona shushs him)
      Mark (to Jackson): What do you think?
      Jackson: I think she's goin' paper.
      Mark: She's going rocks. I'm thinkin' she's a rock thrower.
      Jackson: Yeah, that's what she wants you to think. That's why she did it two times in a row. This time, trust me... (whispers) Go scissors.
      Arizona: Okay, you guys, it's not a chess game. Can we just-- Can we do this?
      Jackson: Get out there. (smacks Mark's ass)
      Arizona: Wow.
      Mark: Alright. (cracks his neck) Here we go. Rock, paper, scissors. (Arizona goes with a rock, Mark goes with scissors)
      Mark: No!
      Arizona: Oh, yes!
      Jackson: Damn it!
      Arizona: I'm getting lucky tonight. Happy babysitting. (to Jackson) See you later. (walks off)
      Mark: Avery, I said rocks. My gut told me rocks. You messed with my head.
      Jackson: You asked my opinion.
      Mark: Julia's gonna kill me.

    • Steve: So, anybody got any good Valentine's plans? (Owen, Teddy & Cristina all glare at him)
      Teddy: My husband died in this O.R a month ago. Dr. Yang performed the surgery. I was in a seven hour surgery and didn't know that he had died. Dr. Hunt kept that a secret. So I don't speak to him. ... He wants a baby. Dr. Yang doesn't. So they don't speak to each other even though they're married. So... No. How about you?
      Steve: Uh, my girlfriend and I are gonna... (they all glare at him) Nothing. Nothing.

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