Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 5

Almost Grown

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on ABC

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  • Amazing! Spoilers.

    I loved this episode! The Chief is promoting all fourth year residents to attending doctors for one day. Unfortunately it means that Lexie is the only resident left and she has a lot of work to do. There is also a one million dollar grant that the true attendings have to compete for by giving a presentation. These presentations were extremely funny! Especially when Arizona started to assure that she isn't going to cry and Mark revealed a little about his sex life. Bailey had her feet firmly on the ground as always. Finally Owen won the money for disaster training which was easy to predict as he was the only one to give serious presentation. At the same time new attendings-residents struggle with their cases. Cristina and April have a patient who needs a lung transplant. I'm really happy to see a shadow of old fierce Cristina fighting for her patients! I came to like Roy right away. His comments about Cristina were so amusing. Avery and Meredith are competing for a neuro surgery. They practice on eggs:) Avery uses a trick and wins a surgery under Derek supervision but during the surgery he makes a big mistake and Derek has to intervene. It serves Avery right! Meredith ends up getting her solo neuro surgery when an ortho patient suddenly needs an emergency crainiotimy.
    Alex performs a breast reduction surgery on 13 year old boy but first he has to convince the mother that this is a good idea. Alex is a little irascible but it seems that a small rant was exactly what the mother needed. At the end of the day Lexie is completely exhausted and falls asleep on a bench.
    I enjoyed every minute of this episode!
  • um

    Okay, so Grey's is starting to get a little bit better, but this show is still just done. I do not even know what they are hoping to accomplish at this point. There are no huge season long arcs being built up (oh no Cristina is afraid to operate!) and there are not even any romantic problems, something this show has strived on for so long.

    Again, this was better than the previous episodes this season, but very few scenes were even able to hold my interest. Grey's Anatomy needs something huge now, or the show will start to alienate viewers.
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