Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 16

An Honest Mistake

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Great heartwrenching episode.

    This was an episode as good as Grey's ever was in the early seasons. I loved the tensions between Addison and Derek over Jen, whether he should try anything and everything to save her or whether the baby should be brought out and take it's chances being so premature. The fight between Cristina and Dr Campbell was also really well handled, the new vs the old and so on. I loved the scene at the end where Owen told Cristina he wanted to still be with her in 40 years time. And of course the fisticuffs on the balcony! Whatever next?
  • One of those episodes that recuperates the series when it was in a very difficult script-wise position. This episode closes with a "finale climax" the crossover experiment made by the producers of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy.

    This is one of those episodes that brings you back to the series, honestly, I wasn't sure about the way things were been handled for the last eight or nine episodes, but the crossover and the big finalle to it just blew my mind and makes me need the weekly grey's fix I felt when the series was in its best moments.

    I seriously believe this episode is bringing back the series to the quality we were acostumed and has a chance to catch again some of the audience it lost for the past two months.

    The best moments for me were two fights, the "scalpel fight", in wich Addisson and Derek order each other to put down the scalpel to save the life of their respective patients (being one inside the other, mother and baby premie), and the super fight in wich Derek (again) and Mark are involved (that will give us for sure a lot of juice to continue their hate-love relationship).

    I'm not sure, though, what is what we gained to take back to L.A., as I see now, Grey's Anatomy took more advantage of the crossover than Private Practice, which is entering in a non-climatic spiral that will need help very soon.

    Bottom line, I am glad they decided to do the crossover, we wanted to see Addisson in Seattle again and juice up the show.
  • Dereck seems to be losing control while Izzie tries to find out what is wrong with her. An itense episode with funny bits thrown in.

    So Derek was intense to actually quite painful to watch him unravel but it was pretty well done. His feud with Addison in the OR was engrossing, though I was on the side of the latter I did feel sorry for Derek. That guy calling him a murderer seemed to be the nail in the coffin...will Meredith be able to pull him out of this 'depression'? Should be interesting!

    I loved Izzie in this episode, I really hope she isn't sick because her character really stands out. I found it scarily real when she started feeling for any lumps...but it was great the way she gave the interns patient x to help her work things out. Another thing that should get even better.

    I like Cristina and Hunt, this was an enjoyable storyline which brought the old Cristina back for me, I loved how she commented on the older surgeon during the 2nd attempt, so Cristina. Hunt seems like a deep character, hope he is explored more. Other than that the Mark/Derek fight was a little sudden but shocking. I like Lexi and Sloan together.

    Goodbye again Addison and hello to really interesting storylines!
  • Emotional episode.

    Derick and Addison continue to work on a worman who is pregant and brain bleading and swelling. They were able to save the baby but the woman died. The actor that played here husband brought so much passion into his part. When he cried and called for his wife after she died, I imagined what it would be like and I started crying myself.

    Sloan tells Derick about he and little Grey. Derick punches him and a fight ensues.

    Cristina calls a verteran Dr. named Margaret Campbell on a mistake she makes in the operating room which causes more surgury to have to be done on a man.

    Izzie has a biopsy done on a place on her back and it apparantly comes back positive, by her reactions.

    This was a very good episode but kind of a tear jerker with the man's wife dying and so much emphasis being put on his emotions. Also, finding out Izzie may have cancer is pretty emotional for those of us who have grown to love her. and lastly Derick is in alot of pain after loosing his patient.
  • Christina proudly practices insubordination, Derek has a massive hissy fit, Alex likes "guys," and Meredith becomes yet more unimportant as her winy supporting characters awkwardly throw themselves at the camera.

    Firstly, what is with Bailey's flashy new hair style? What's with the Alex/Meredith my-guy/your-guy stupidness? It is utterly out of character, and Alex had a role in the storyline solely because he banged Addison a few seasons back - but that doesn't mean he should randomly be her lapdog. I found it disturbed that Derek's patient was ALWAYS wearing make-up, whether or not she was in surgery. Her husbands remark of "save her, we can always make another baby," was strangely undeliberated, insensitive, unhesitant, and lacked any of the character development that would require such an opinion/commitment. Addison's trigger-happy "Dammit, I have to remove the baby!" was redundant, the childish yelling, and Derek's hissy-fit was all just very, very odd. Christina's rude, strange, know-it-all storyline was random, as was the old surgeon (her strange shrieking), and their demands that she retire (especially Owen's. Seriously, it was all just too random and forward of them).
    I'm sorry peoples, but this episode was weak. I personally thought it looked frighteningly like Private Practice.
  • Very entertaining and utterly heartbreaking.

    I have to say, this episode was just terrific! It was so entertaining in every aspect that i don't really know where to start.
    Everything from Bailey's whole thing with the recommendation letters (she looked amazing btw!) and Cristina's face-off with Dr Cambell was very amusing. I actually really liked that storyline with Cristina, Owen and Dr Cambell! It was fun to see Cambell try and teach Cristina the old ways of surgeries and i LOVED Owen in this episode! I'm really liking Owen & Cristina's relationship! Owen remark about how in 40 years, he would have to pry the scalpel out of Cristina's hands and then how he pointed out that he wanted to be around in 40 years! That was really sweet!
    I also liked Meredith and Alex's "my guy/your guy" thing as it added a bit of humour. I also liked how Alex pointed out to Addison that Derek was now Meredith's guy! Oh and that fight between Mark & Derek was amazing and so surprising! Poor Mark was just at the wrong place at the wrong time!! It'll be interesting to see how they are around each other in the upcoming episodes!
    Izzie figuring out that Sadie had misdiagnosed her with another patient, meaning that she would have cancer, was so sad. I feel really sorry for Izzie but i like how she's trying to use her experiences to teach the interns as i feel like they are being ignored. Finally the whole Derek thing. That was so heartbreaking! It was actually painful to watch and I was in tears! His and Addison's face-off over Jen in the OR was very exciting. Derek's denial that Jen was really gone and his determination to save her was so sad! And then that scene afterwards with Jen's husband! It's beyond words! I think my heart was actually breaking! I've never seen Derek looking so broken! And him being called a murderer!! That was awful. But i loved how Meredith stood by Derek the whole time and she never questioned him. That was really nice to see even though it annoyed me that she didn't get much screen time this episode. Also i felt like this episode really closed up the whole Derek and Addison thing once and for all. When Alex said Derek was Meredith's guy now and the look on Addison's face, it looked like she was finally letting him go. That was good to see!
    Overall, a brilliant, heartbreaking episode! I can't wait for the next episode but am so annoyed we have to wait so long for it!!
  • Best episode of Grey's in a while

    I don't know where to start! It was an episode full of great scenes and it is hard to say which one stands out.

    One of the most effective scenes was Derek's and Addison's confrontation in the O.R. I was a little scared of Derek, I have to say. Meredith's and Karev's my guy-your guy thing was very entertaining and I loved how Karev told Addison that Derek is Meredith's guy now.

    I'm really feeling sorry for Callie, since nothing seems to go her way, but I find her character one of the best at the moment. Izzie dying has shaken me up a bit, since she has been my favourite character since the beginning and I hope that she doesn't leave the show.

    Bailey is getting prettier, I have to say. Her hair looks very nice. And the whole letter of recommendation thing was very fun to watch. So was the Mark-Derek fight scenes.

    We didn't get to see much of O'Malley again. I wonder what they are planning to do with him in the future, since he is becoming pointless.

    Cristina and Campbell scenes were also delightful and especially the conversation that they have had when Campbell told her that she is retiring.

    And Jen and her husband storyline comes to an end. It was one of the best patient storylines in the whole season. It really shook me up when Jen's husband was crying on Karev's shoulder.

    To sum it all up, it was a great episode that puts Grey's Anatomy back to the top. Too bad we have to wait a month for the next episode.
  • Cut my heart into pieces and burnt them.

    This episode is like a personality quiz. If you didn't cry for Jen then you have no heart. If you didn't jump up and down with excitement when Mark and Derek hit each other then nothing will excite you in the future. If you didn't laugh at Bailey and the Chief's arguments over her letter of recommendation then you have no sense of humor. Yes this episode went up,down and all around and hit all the right notes like a song. Storyline ? Addison and Derek fight over what to do in surgery and end up killing their patient, Jen which leads to a heartbreaking husband crying his heart out. Also Izzy is notified by an expatient that she mixed up her blood sample with someone else's which is her's and that means Izzie has cancer. Christina makes a case out of a mistake a surgeon who has been working for forty years made, and ends up making this woman quit. That's pretty much what the whole episode was based on. Brilliant dramatic scenes with some light humor scattered on the edges and exciting encounters like the Addison/Derek face off in the O.R and the Derek/Mark brawl. Did I dislike something ? Yes I did. This episode didn't get a ten from me because it lacked romance and it seriousley needs some new storylines. Now this episode was done perfectly and everything was brilliantly turned into unforgettable events but I don't know how long the writers can keep up the " What's going on with Izzie ?" storyline or the " When will Derek propose to Meridith ? " thing. So the writers should probably think of something fast. Also Meredith isn't getting alot of screen time or importance and it seems that the lead character has been thrown to the side. Just a few minor glitches the show should consider working on. In conclusion it was fab and fun to watch and deffinately a tearjerker.
  • Everything falls apart

    Just finished watching this episode. And it was a great one. A lot of storylines progressed. In a good way. But by the ending when the episode climaxed and everything just starting happening at once it kind of snuck up on me. The chief and Bailey/ and Sloan and Derrick fighting was,for me, out of the blue. I mean yes there we're hints but I didn't get the build up I needed to understand the fight. (Mainly Derrick and Mark's fight) Did Derrick need an outlet, was Mark just a bad place/bad time victim? It felt a bit rushed to me. But that's all the commenting I can do. The episode was enjoyable and I rated it a very deserving 9.
  • Amazing in all respects, this is the Grey's we love full guns blazing!

    There were so many great scenes and storylines in this episode one doesn't know which one to pick! Bailey's and the Chief's verbal match over her application for Peds, Christina's rivalry with the old surgeon over which technique is the best, the traditional or the high-tech one, and especially Owen's final remark in the end ("40 years from now I'll have to snatch the scalpel from your hands" or something to that effect), and most importantly his statement that he wants to do the full commitment relationship thing with Christina.
    Then on the other hand Derek and Addison in a full surgical confrontation, with the life of the patient and her baby hanging by a thread. Derek's denial to let go, and the heartbreaking scene with the patient's husband afterwards. The way Meredith remained loyal to him and stood by his side all the way through. Derek's punching match with Mark (that was so unexpected and amazingly intense it literally took my breath away). Izzie trying to figure out what's wrong with her, Alex sensing it but not quite being able to pinpoint the source of his concern.

    There were so many great moments in this episode that not a moment goes by without the viewer being completely glued to their screen, and totally fascinated! Overwhelming emotion, great acting from everyone (especially Miranda, Derek, Addison and Mark but everyone else as well), impossible situations and lifetime decisions being made so quickly you don't have time to choose which one is right and which one is wrong, until the episode is actually over and you sit and think about it some more. This is the kind of episode that shakes you up to the very core, and that will stay with you long after the television set is turned off. Grey's is back at the top and after this magnificent episode I'm sure it's here to stay!
  • Gripping

    This will easily go down as one of the best episodes of all five seasons. What can only be described as a compelling and well paced story, with some incredible acting from all quarters - be it Derek or the guy who plays Jen's husband.

    The a common theme on which all subplots focused on was the part of self realization. Derek tries to take matters into his own hands, after botching up Jen's routine aneurysm surgery. He completely disregards Addison's advice in the OR and starts taking the brain apart, and thereby preventing her from performing a C-section to save the baby. The rage in his eyes were brilliant and so was Addison's eyes which portrayed absolute defiance. This is easily one of the most powerful scenes one can ever witness on TV. The fight with Sloan was a bit ridiculous, but it just goes on to show, how mad Derek Shepard was, and the fact that he is not god. Cristina also realizes that from a renowned old surgeon. The direct conceived part was brilliant. The inferred storyline was top notch.
  • Very nice...

    I must say I was shocked... Mr, McDreamy always pulls it, But it was nice to see a change.

    You cant always have it all right? Derek had to face a very difficult case, and unfourtunatly he couldnt do anything... it was sad.

    I think now his character will get stronger, and will learn from this. If it was real life, I would like to have a doctor like Derek treating me... did you see how hard he fought to save his patient? On the other hand, Addie was fenomenal... She was the only one focused, and saved the day.

    Not only they stepped forward, Yang learning from doctor Campbell, Owen always has the right thing to say at the right time, and Izzie? poor thing, I wonder what would happen to her, I hope she make it.

    The best part? THE FIGHT! Steamy vs Dreamy... wow!
    Derek needed to relay his stress on someone and Sloan was the lucky one... or Unlucky? anyway they both throwed some good punches and was really great.
  • Grey's is climbing back to the top!

    In this episode, An Honest Mistake, I enjoyed many things. Izzie being "somewhat" diagnosed with cancer, for me is tragic. She is my favorite and without her, I don't know where my loyalties would lie, unless Addison was there permanently. That would make me happy. The arguement between Derek and Addisonn was intense! It was great, and then Mark and Derek go at it, it was so great! I really liked the whole Callie thing too. We saw more of George. I feel like the show is pregressing, better than it was earlier in the season. I must admit, I love Mark and Lexie together. Christina is kind of getting on my nerves, but hen again I admire her struggle and her need to be "great"! This was a great episode!
  • i loved derek scenes

    i really liked this episode. all the addison\derek\meredith
    alex scenes in the o.r were really great.
    and patrick dempsey have done such a great job!!!
    i really felt his frustration and his anger.
    and mark really deserved derek's reaction he told him NOT to sleep with his girlfriends little sister and its not hard to understand his request.
    when the man told derek his a murder i was almost crying..he havent done a mistake at the surgery or something its not his fault..its just comlications the surgeon cant control..
    and it was a little sad when derek and mark were laying at the floor and addison went to help derek and than alex said "hes her guy"
    and finally izzie that was the most sad thing, i really want to see how things will go for her now..if she will recover the cancar or not.
  • this episode will be remembered by me for the chillin display of actin by dempsley. There isn a better actor on the show. what an outstandin episode!!!!! absolutely loved the fight scene! grey's at its absolute best

    this episode will be remembered by me for the chillin display of actin by dempsley. There isn a better actor on the show. what an outstandin episode!!!!! absolutely loved the fight scene! grey's at its absolute best

    this season is by far the best!!!! i can only hope it continues!!!! love the yang story . a lil sad that alex's role has been reduced to guest appearances. He deserves more air time.

    Izzy 's developments are also well documented. but wha i like best is the fact that the energy in the show is increasin by the day!!!!!
    Keep it up :)
  • Amazing episode

    Despite what most people say about Grey's, this season is getting better as the episodes go by.
    This one was absolutely mind blowing, specially the Derek/Meredith/Adisson scenes. The last 4 episodes were great, but I've got to say, I think this one is probably my favourite so far.

    Bailey's hair was adorable.
    I hope Callie and Arizona get together soon because they make a nice couple. (At first I thought what they did with Erica was a wrong choice for the show, but now I see it differently).
    Dr. Hunt and Cristina still hot.
    And Izzie storyline is a bit sad for me(just because I love her so much), but I find it very interesting how it develops every week.
  • "Don't touch my patient!"

    Derek Shepherd snaps in the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. From ordering Addison around to laying out Sloan we truly saw the frustration a surgeon can go through in Seattle Grace. I have noticed this season that despite hearing rumors of Katherine Heigl and TR Knight being unhappy that Patrick Dempsey was also being underutilized. I have a feeling things will change after tonight as the sole episode to revolve around him was arguably the best of the season.

    Season 5 has been about tautological plotlines, so this was a refreshing change of pace. The one thing I did not like is how definitive the three main relationships (Yang/Owen, Meredith/Derek and Lexie/Sloan) now are. No matter how long GA runs for these three couples will probably stick together for the rest of the series, which I think is a mistake.
  • Season 5, Episode 16.

    WOW! There's so much going on with this episode! I really liked it. I haven't seen a new episode since October 9, and that was the third episode of the season. We're on the 16th. LOL I feel unfaithful. I wasn't sure at first, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to think that Izzie might have cancer. Plus, Dr. Campbell botches surgeries? WOW. Bailey's hair looks good now. I think Addison comes back way too much though. Congrats to Chyler Leigh on getting pregnant! I noticed she looks good but we don't see her stomach... Good episode, definitely. I'd give it 5 stars (out of 5).
  • Overall very good....i liked it alot...

    Really great episode. Had me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. Good to see Yang made up with Whats Her FAce(cant remember her name right now) But just one huge huge huge huge question. when the heck did Meredith and Derek break up?!?! they were still together in this episode and Derek was going to propose to her...then in I Will Follow You Into The Dark...they were broken up! What happened?!? Then he told Addison he was seeing someone else..who is she? If some one could plz answer me that would be great! thanks in advance.