Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 17

(As We Know It) (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Painful to watch, not because its sad, but because everything is just terrible, like the show usually is.

    I've got many gripes with this show, this episode epitomizes each one. None of the relationships make any sense, just when you think someone is about to do something logical concerning their relationship with someone, they go in the opposite direction, prompting me to wonder wtf are they doing.
    As of this episode, Izzie has become completely impossible to respect at all. Meredith has long been past that mark, this episode doesn't really help or hurt her though, shes pretty whiny for such a irrational slutty heroin. The moment of this episode that most bothered me was the supposed climax, where the device actually explodes. Why might it bother me? Well cause its exactly what happened at the end of Lost season 1; much tension is built over explosives, an apparent expert on said explosives finally takes it into his hands, it appears to be in good and knowledgeable hands but then suddenly our expert explosive handler is obliterated, right in front of the show's main protagonist (Jack/Meredith). Pretty much every thing going on in this episode is drawn out needlessly, but thats common in this show. It always takes twice as long for an issue to be resolved whilst at the same time accomplishing half as much as it should.
    I watched House recently and thought it was as if they gave Cox from Scrubs his own show but watered him down (though thats still an ok show), but Grey's is like if on Scrubs the attention was switched to Turk (surgical as opposed to JD's medical perspective) and everything else was merely redressed, and watered down tremendously. Why this show remains so popular is a mystery, its like taking Scrubs, making it twice as long, switched focus to drama from comedy, accomplishing half the character development, taking the same character types but making them less entertaining and more melodramatic (TheTodd/Alex, Cox/Bailey, JD/Meredith).
  • They built up tension in the first episode, only to get rid of all of it by placing the one character who can't die in harms way.

    Okay, here's the thing, I have kind of a love/hate relationship with this show. It's got some characters I really like and it's an okay watch. I won't TiVo it, but if I find it's on I don't mind watching it.

    However, it suffers from one HUGE problem, namely writers that really need to get other jobs. Sure they manage to write good things at times, but the overall quality is far too low. The examples are too many to list, so I'll settle for two for the show in general and two for this episode (which I'm reviewing as one extra-long episode along with part one) in particular.

    For the show in general, well, first of all their main character is probably the biggest Mary Sue on television. Mary Sue characters are generally what you find in fanfics; real professional writers should have the talent and the smarts not to write a character like that. I don't know anyone who likes Meredith even the slightest. I also don't know anyone who refers to her by anything other than Mary Sue Grey. Second of all the show relies far too heavily on medical WOWs. Seriously, the first season of this show had more medical wonders than the first THREE seasons of "House MD" - a show which basic plotline involves people coming to House because no one else can diagnose them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the medical WOWs every now and then. They provide great storylines when used in moderation. When used in every episode (as this show does) it becomes tedious, annoying and above all it tells us that the writers don't trust their cast of characters and their own writing skills to be able to creat an interesting episode without some amazing medical condition. You shouldn't need to rely on medical WOWs to make a show like this interesting. Just look at "ER", they managed just fine with only a few WOWs here and there.

    Now for this episode in particular there is a ridiculous amount of extra special stuff going on. The main storyline with the bomb in the patient is kind of over the top on its own, but they made it work anyway. I found it to be a great plotline, actually. However when Bailey is in labour at the same time, AND her husband needs brain surgery, AND he's stuck with Sheperd in the OR next door to the bomb... Well it gets a bit ridiculous. My friend joked that it wouldn't have been much more over the top if they had gone all out and had Izzy abducted by aliens at the same time. But the real problem comes in the second half of this two-parter.

    The first half was really, really good in many ways. Despite being over the top, and despite the pointless, just-made-to-draw-viewers-through-the-trailer scene of Mary Sue and Friends in the shower (the pay-off to that scene towards the end was poorly done too; it was so painfully obvious that George only saw them shower her so that they could justify the shower scene earlier) the episode was probably the best so far. They started out with the something's-wrong vibe, which worked really well since it made you edgy from the start. Then they did an excellent job both writing, acting and editing the sequences leading up to when the Code Black is called. They also did a very fine job of keeping everything at a good level with the staff; there was no mass panick scene or anything like that. They made it seem believable, which was quite impressive given how honestly dumb the storyline actually was.

    The problem came when Mary Sue put her hand on the bomb instead of the paramedic. All suspense went right out the window. What in God's name were they thinking with that? What's the point of spending an entire episode building up the tension to then just deflate the whole thing? Gee, I wonder if Mary Sue is in any actual danger? The one thing we know is that she can't die. Everyone else can, but not her, since then it would just be "'s Anatomy". Had it been Christina who held the device it would have been a hundred times more suspenseful, because she can actually die on the show. Now all we got was a cheap-out storyline where everyone knows nothing bad is going to happen as long as our "heroine" is standing there with her hand on the bomb. It was then made even cheaper by having her walk out and be near when the bomb exploded, so we could all worry about her. Which of course nobody did, since we knew she was fine. Though the explosion scene was really well done in every other aspect. I especially loved how they played a soft song in the background, signalling "everything is fine now", and then it just went off. THAT is great storytelling!

    This show has potential, but for crying out loud, replace the writers!

    Though I have to say one thing... I loved having George coach Bailey through the last stage of her labour. It was beautifully done, and it really allowed George to grow as a character. And I almost got a bit weepy when Bailey gave her son the middle name George.

    All in all the first half of this two-parter showed so much potential, and I'm very disappointed that they threw it all away just to elevate Mary Sue once more.
  • The Code Black Situation Starts To Get Out Of Hands, and so the Cheif brings in the Bomb Squad. After Realising what's Happening, Derek tries to Save Meredith when the Surgery Room Explodes.

    I Thought This Episode Was Great. At First I Never Knew What "Code Black" meaned. I Guess This Was An Episode That Really Opened My Eyes To What Can Happen When You Go To Hospital. The Episode Was Really That Fantastic, With All The Worry And Pain. Expecially When Meredith put her hand Into The Man's Body. However, as it Gets To The Bit Where Dr. Bailey's Baby Is Born It Starts To Become Yucky! I Think This Episode Deserves a Superb Score Rating And a Big Thumbs Up From Me. Why? Because It's So Exstatic And Exciting! Keep On Rockin!
  • Best couple of episodes of the series! (so far)

    I'm gonna talk abot 2.16 and 2.17 here!
    i just started to watch Grey's this month (July, 2008) and I'm loving it! Before I start watching, a friend of mine told me about 2.16, so I kinda knew what was going to happen...and also I knew Meredith wasn't going to die because I know there are 4 seasons so far (what would be the point of Grey's Anatomy if Grey was dead?) even though, it was awesome!

    Finally Izzie and Alex!! I'm starting to like Alex again (my feelings about him come and go)! I don't know if they'll work as a couple, Alex is such a jerk!

    When the bomb exploded in the hands of the bomb-squad guy, there was a lack of blood. Dr. Martin talked so much about the pink mist...there should be a piece of someone in Meredith's hair or at least she (or the hall, whatever) could be covered in blood. Not that I like morbid things, I like reality!

    George's dream is a famous scene! I remeber hearing about it somewhere! I think Meredith should hook up with him at some point but without hurting him or leaving McDreamy...well, I don't think that's possible! And Bailey gave his name to the baby!! I thought she would ask him to baptize her son but name works too!

    Cristina and Burke are really getting envolved! They love each other already! She is certainly compassionless but she loves him! Cute

    That last scene, with Meredith and McDreamy...I missed a kiss there!! I was like 'Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her' and not even a hug! I was imagining something like this:
    Meredith: I can't remember our last kiss and bla bla bla
    And than McDreamy gives her the last kiss (no continuations or relapses, just a last kiss).

    Anyway, awesome episode, I hope Grey's Anatomy keep this line!
  • May I just say that Dylan Young, the bomb squad leader, is molten lava HOT?! That's Kyle Chandler in the role from Early Edition, Homefront, and now Friday Night Lights. He totally deserved his Emmy nomination as Guest Star.

    May I just say that Dylan Young, the bomb squad leader, is molten lava HOT?! That's Kyle Chandler in the role from Early Edition, Homefront, and now Friday Night Lights.

    He totally deserved his Emmy nomination as Guest Star.

    Same casting director for Grey's Anatomy (at this time in Grey's Anatomy history), Linda Lowy, is also the casting director for Friday Night Lights. Good eye, Linda Lowy, good eye ... on both shows! She's been Emmy nominated for her talented eye for casting ensemble casts. Kyle Chandler turned out to be outstanding in both roles, showing such versatility in these two diametrically opposed roles.
  • Half of two of the best episodes of Greys Anatomy EVER!!

    This episode is one of the best and most powerful episodes of Greys Anatomy ever!
    The part where Dr. Burke finally gets the incision open and Grey removes the shell and hands it to the bomb squad guy (who btw is hotter than the day is long!!) and they're playing the Anna Nalick song, I love that part.
    Also, when all is said and done, and Dr. Sheppard comes down and asks "where is she?", and his wife comes running out, and the chief's wife says "that's not the she he was talking about" I chuckled lightly to myself.
    This and the episode before it score a perfect 10 in my book. It has everything, drama, suspense, and comedy!!
  • Emotionally difficult to follow for it seemed obvious the bomb HAD to explode for the story to be credible. It was also incredibly touching and strong to see Bailey so vulnerable.

    This episode was emotionally difficult to follow. There was no other way but to have the bomb explode at the end, which made things worse. Not make the bomb explode would have lacked credibility. The writers did a great job at keeping our anxiety on the edge till the end. We had no idea who was going to die and/or if a main character was going to die.
    I was shocked by the lack of reaction after the bomb had exploded. I was shocked that nobody even mentioned the guy who died and risked his life to save others. It would have been decent to have at least one character (Grey seemed best suited to make a comment) say something to honor his memory. At the end of this episode it felt like this guy's life was nothing. That's what really bothered me at the end of this episode. What seemed bizarre also was to only see both doctors coming out of the elevator after the explosion. They came out of the elevator, almost in slow motion, like heroes. They made me think of the crew that came back on Earth after having saved the planet in Armaggedon. Anyways, few seconds after this hero-look, Derek seemed totally desperate to have news from Grey… I just found this mood switch awckward.

    As for both episodes they were so well handled. Bailey's story was poignant and George was magnificent. Izzy and George were afraid of being passive when their friends were aggressive. When George convinced Bailey to be bold and strong and have her baby in spite of her painful anguish to maybe lose her husband he was aggressive. Bailey's story was so touching… especially because we're not used to seeing her so vulnerable.

    This show is really pleasant to watch and the characters are all very touching.
  • The episode ends with a bang...literally.

    How can I describe “(As We Know It)?” Well, one thing that sticks out in my mind is how it built upon the drama and suspense of the first part, mainly because “It’s the End of the World” set up for a climactic ending that happened here. Some of the things that I really liked about the episode begin with the scene between Derek and Burke. While both men are facing serious situations in their operating rooms, I thought it was nice to see them trying to have a light-hearted conversation about what is going on. It almost seems, to me anyway, that they were trying to reassure themselves that everything will turn out fine.

    Another part of the episode that I really enjoyed was Webber. While you could tell he wasn’t thrilled about what was going on in his hospital, I liked his sarcastic joking about how his best surgeons (Burke and Derek) and brightest intern (Meredith) were in such a dangerous situation while one of his residents (Bailey) refused to have her baby. Also regarding Webber, I really liked Adele’s refusing to let him go back to dealing with the code black after his panic attack, because of the way I find her character to be really enjoyable to watch, and because it seems there are sometimes Webber appears to be unconcerned with his health.

    Lastly, another part that I truly enjoyed about the episode came after George and Addison were trying to figure out how to make Bailey push. This is one of a growing number of times that we get to see the strong character of George shine when he talked with her to make her realize how important it is to have her baby and that she shouldn’t loose her much loved strong will in the time of the crisis. I thought it was really touching the way Bailey named her son as a sort of tribute to George for the way he convinced her to have little William. The same can also apply somewhat to his interaction with the EMT Hannah.

    Now, on to one thing that I really didn’t like about this episode: the way Meredith began to panic during the surgery to get the bomb out from behind the patient’s rib cage. While I find it understandable for someone in her situation to start becoming hysterical, I found it to be a complete change from her reacting to the situation after Hannah left. At least Dylan, the agent from the bomb squad was able to calm her down. It was because of how he handled that situation that made me a little sad to see him eventually die.

    Ultimately, I really enjoyed how the two-part episode tied up very well. While it had in a way a sad ending, with several members of the bomb squad dying; overall the ending was really touching: with Burke commending Hannah for her quick thinking on the way to the hospital, to Derek telling Meredith about the last kiss they shared since she didn’t remember it, to Bailey introducing her husband to their son. It was all very well played out on screen.
  • The doers did and the watchers did. A life was lost while another made. Meredith's life did go on, but at what cost?

    This was the perfect conclusion to such a monumental event of these two episodes. Although not as excting as the first installment, it lives up to the Super Bowl promised grandeur that we lived through last. I'm so proud of this show, these two episodes brought in so many virgin viewers who can't wait until tomorrow to buy the first season and catch up on what they've missed out on(as I can't wait to relive it).

    But back to this episode, filled with surprises and humor as always, but this time a feeling of almost completeness. I was happy we touched base with Hannah once again, and was so proud of George when he stepped up to save Bailey's baby. Although I had someone yelling in my ear of the fate of the bomb squad, it still surprised me in the tension of the moment. My heart stopped for a moment when the horrific event finally came to an end.

    As for the final scenes, it was like a release of pressure for all the fans after a difficult day. The episodes came full circle with the beautifully filmed scene in the shower with Meredith(and I realized that the opening scene was not just a Super Bowl viewer ploy).I almost screamed when McDreamy almost left without fulfilling Meredith's most annoying problem of the day, the last kiss. We know there is still hope. After an event like this, almost losing Meredith, how could Shepherd possibly stay so unattatched from her? But again, now we have hope.

  • End of the World (Part 2) AKA I'm Never Watching This Show Again

    God, this episode was so poorly written. Plot holes and cliché ran rampant over Seattle Grace in the closing segment of the two-part story meant to hook viewers who watched following the Super Bowl. This second show suffered from the "to be continued..." aspect. It was slow, obviously dragged out to fill the 42 minutes.
    And answer me this, how stupid are these doctors?
    If a pregnant woman's husband is injured in a car accident on the way to the hospital, do you tell her before she gives birth?
    And if a doctor is performing brain surgery on the aforementioned husband, do you tell him that his ex-girlfriend, for whom he still has feelings, has her hand on a bomb?
    And what head of the bomb squad, someone who I assume rose to his rank by having dealt with many an explosive device, carries live ammunition out into the corridor of a hospital in his hands? Not in a foam container or thick metal box, but his hands.
    Elsewhere in the episode, the "Lighting Crashes" moment with Bailey's child and Bailey's husband was a bit clichéd for my taste.
    The writing in the entire episode was atrocious, showcasing the shortcomings of a lot of the actors. Isobel's "she's dead, she's, like, going to die. I mean, like, dead" bit incited chuckles from everyone in the room watching with me.
    The same went for the very O.C.-like melodrama between Grey and McDreamy at the end of the episode. It felt forced and oddly segmented. [On a side note: I'm getting pretty sick of people showing up at a location, speaking four lines of dialogue and then leaving abruptly. I don't think many people make a habit of driving/riding a train/biking out of the way to have a two-minute dialogue with someone only to have to make their trip back home.]
    But my favorite was the blatant disregard of the fact that a bomb went off in the O.R. section of the hospital. The bomb goes off in Grey's face, cut to commercial. Back from commercial and we get McDreamy and Burke sporting the heroic surgeon pose in the elevator. "Oh, they're probably going to tell the chief about the bomb. No. Hmm. That's interesting." Burke proceeds to tell Bomb-chest’s wife that he’s alive thanks to Christina Ricci’s character. “Wait a minute, this guy had two different people’s hands in his chest along with live bazooka ammo AND HE LIVED?” Then we get McDreamy searching for “her.” “Her” in this case being Grey, not his wife the moron. “Couldn’t he have just asked Burke in the elevator, I mean the man was in the room right next to the spot where Grey was propelled back by the ‘pink mist’ of bomb squad guy?”
    The lone bright spot in this entire episode was Dr. Webber’s wife, who provided her three lines perfectly.

    Oh, and O’Malley’s shower fantasy reincarnated as cleaning the blood off Grey was uber-contrived. The shot of her staring up to the heavens as the shower head rained down upon her brow, utter stupidity trying to pass itself off as pretentiousness.

    Until next time,
  • This is supposed to be a clever television show. However, this episode was very predictable. Yes, there were moving moments and some nice camera shots. Some of the cheesy stuff is why people watch the show but this was just dumb television.

    So, my problem with the plot was not that the bomb exploded -- though anyone could have predicted that the couldn't have let that opportunity for drama slip through their fingers. My problem was that there was a point at which you just want to yell "enough already" and have them do a good job with the plot they already have. When Webber started to collapse, it was hard not to feel that they just went too far. It was a plot element that's been overused and just was not necessary for the episode. As far as I can see, the only purpose of the anxiety attack was to get Webber's wife there so she deliver the line about Addison not being the "She" that McDreamy was looking for after the explosion.

    There are so many other parts of the episode that are troubling in terms of the downhill quality of the writing. However, I'll just say a couple things about the bit at the end with Meredith and Derek. If anyone thought that it would not be him at the door, they've misplaced their brains. It was an obvious plot device. And now every pair of ovaries is going to be looking for lavender conditioner. It was just one of those scenes where it felt insulting to sit through after having watched all the contrived events of this episodes. This episode is going to make me re-evaluate if I'm going to keep watching what had been one of my favorite obsessions.
  • One of the most thrilling hours of drama you'll see on TV this season.

    We thought last week was something but this tops it. THe tension was prevelant for every second Meredith had her hand on the bomb and they added to it with stuff like the show of the gurney about to hit the bump on the floor. Meredith was amazing handling it all with irony and biting remarks.

    I did see it coming when she imagined Shephard's face. What I did NOT see coming was the bomb going off, cutting off the music and sending her back hard. It was a truly wild twist that made the whole situation more powerful.

    We also got many great moments with Izzie and Alex and Christina and Burke that hightened the romances around. I did love seeing Webber's wife putting him in place and how she knew it was Meredith Shephard was asking for at the end of the crisis.

    The Bailey part was quite nice, especially how she went back to her bitchy ways after giving birth but the scene of her showing the baby to her bed-ridden husband was moving.

    George was a standout here with dealing with everything, getting Bailey on her feet and to give birth and calming down that paramedic. I liked how it linked to the beginning of last week's ep with George seeing Meredith, Izzie and Christina in the shower, realizing the difference between dream and reality that sent him walking away.

    All in all, the best episode of the series yet and an hour of drama that deserves to be well recognized at award season time.
  • This episode was yet another crazy episode of Grey's Anatomy!! I loved the whole thing.

    This episode was incredible!! I couldn't believe all the events that happened- it was insane. I love that Meredith and Derek are finally starting to realize that they're meant for each other. George was amazing at convincing Bailey to push and I loved when she told him not to look at her 'vegegay'. It was hilarious!! I loved when Shepard came up and was saying where is she and you knew when his wife came to hug him that he was looking for Meredith and not her. His and Meredith's chemistry is so obvious, especially in the closing scene. I hope in the next episode that they finally get back together-I'd be very pleased. It was so cute the way Bourque and Christina told each other "I love you". Meredith was so brave when she pulled the ammo out but she was obviously scared to do it. This was one of the best episodes of Grey's Anatomy yet and I really think they'll just keep getting better!!
  • ...WOW...

    The one word that I could only really say about this episode and the show is "WOW"! I truly felt every emotion from scared, nervous, sad, happy and laughter! The one thing I look forward to every Sunday Night! Definetly a not-miss show! Every episode is so well written and with it's own hidden meanings, that has me watching it more than once! Bravo!
  • Loved it loved it loved it. Addison Shepherd is soon to be history.

    I knew as soon as humanly possible Derek would be looking for Meredith. I only wish he had found her at the hospital and been able to comfort her. I'm ready for this little triangle to wrap up. It looks like I will get my wish in the coming episodes.

    I love this show. You get the medical, drama, comedy all in one!
  • concluding episode of a two part story. While everyone runs around trying to figure out what happens, Meredith holds on to dear life. George tries to be supportive to Bailey, Izzie and Alex save Webber, and McDreamy fights to save Bailey's al

    OMG!! I don't even know where to begin, there were so many nerve-wracking moments but there was also many touching moments. It warmed my heart and very was touched by George's effort to help Bailey. I really wanted so much more to happen with Grey and McDreamy, I mean she almost died, she should of at least gotten a hug. I also felt bad for the bomb jerk guy, I mean, what a way to go after he saved Meredith when she was totally losing it. The moment he helped her get to that "calm place" that sort of warmed my heart. He didn't even get a thank you :( This episode was definately off the chart!
  • Part two of February Sweeps...I mean "As We Know it Part II". Actually it was a good episode.

    I'm not quite sure how I feel about this episode. A break from the norm in the world of "Grey's Anatomy" certainly. I liked it because I like most GA epsisodes, but it was a bit over the top. A birth, heart attack, brain surgery, and a bomb? ER would be proud.
    Christina Ricci's appearence was great, nice to see her acting. I loved her exchange with George and what she said about being the one to leave 2 people to die. Kyle Chandler was awesome as well. I was a bit miffed that he blew up and no one seemed to care. I guess if it's not Grey then it doesn't matter. I mean a bomb went off and killed someone (and I think there were other people in the hall as well) and no one batted an eye. As long a Grey is okay. She's really starting to annoy me. I know its true love and all that but get real. The man has a wife. Move on. The dream sequence was so cheezy. She's what 27? 30? The only people of real importance are people she's only been working with for a year and a half? Whatever, I degress.
    I loved George's storyline. He really was in full form tonight. Especially with Bailey. She named her kid after him! Bailey was wonderful as well..very emotional.
    Very intense and raised some iteresting questions about death and such.Good episode inspite of everything, but let's go back to what GA is good at and leave the bombs to ER.

  • that episode was insane i missed the first 10 minutes though i started watching it when izzie was laughing. i was so not expecting the bomb to explode. I think it was obvious that they weren't going to kill Meredith.

    that episode was insane.

    i missed the first 10 minutes though i started watching it when izzie was laughing. i was so not expecting the bomb to explode. i feel kind of bad that the bomb squad person blew up. I think it was obvious that they weren\'t going to kill Meredith. I think it was nice of bailey (whoa don\'t hear that too often) to name her son george. I think dr shepard was a true JACK butt to have just stopped in the middle of surgery when he heard that Meredith was \"the girl with the bomb\". I thought he was going to have an anxiety attack like dr. Webber. my favorite part was when
    George: \"i can see the head! He has alot of hair. he\'s pretty cute
    Bailey: \"george stop looking at my va-jay-jay!!\"
  • Derek is still operating when he finds out about Meredith's current situation. Meredith is freaking out about her situation. Webber and Bailey are dealing with medical health issues. Overall, Seattle Grace Hospital is still under code black and the situat

    Wow what an episode. Happy at one moment then sad at another. I can not believe that the bomb exploded like it did killing that guy. I was really happy when Baylie had her baby. It made me fell so good. This was a really big episode and I hope their are more like it.
  • Huh. Didn't see that one coming.

    Well, that was fun. How many hours did she stand there with her hand on a bomb? Wait, no, she didn't, the other girl who ran off was the one who stood there with her hand on the bomb, before a cowardly surgeon lectured her about becoming PINK DUST or something like that, while a surgeon in the other room tried to cut open another person's brain and then sent him into arrest when he found out his girlfriend, not his wife, was now holding a bomb, and did I mention that this patient's wife was trying not to deliver her own baby and kill it instead while her chief of surgery has a heart attack - topped off by getting the stupid bomb out and having the cute bomb squad guy blown into tiny bits when it goes off in his hands.
    Like I said, fun. What a charming little hospital.
    Oh, yes, and what with people having sex in every last supply closet, it is a wonder any work gets done.
    So there you have it, people - the code black is over. No one is any happier, save for the new baby, and the hospital has to be rebuilt as it was kind of . . . demolished.
    What a charming little hospital. Try not to go there.
  • The best episode so far....

    I was glued to my seat.This was perfect. They showed what the other characters were going through as they waited this out. I felt for Meranda so much. Yes, she is tough but she is also a wife and her husband could die and she was so isolated from him. It proved that Mcdreamy is still in love with Gray, which we all knew. I had this strange feeling when the bomb squad guy took the bomb and then meradeth went into the hall but still when it blew up I jumped. This is such a great show, I am an addicted viewer. Already lined up season 1 DVD.
  • Grey\\\'s anatomy is completely awesome

    So Meredith has her hand in the dude like last episode ended. We all knew that she was not going to blow up, the show is named after her. I thought it was kind of sucky that the bomb guy dies and no one really cares, I mean they dont know him, but some simpathy tears at least , rite?

    Sheppard is succesful on Bailey\\\'s Husband, Bailey gives birth and yes she said va-jay-jay. Christina helping in the OR, I\\\'m not sure what it meant, she had just told Burke not to be brave and to run, which was a good moment because it proves that Yang needed him; but then she wants to risk her life by staying in the OR. It\\\'s a bit of a contradiction in my opinion. George was a bit irritating with his interest in everyone but really not doing anything untill he finally did something, and to be honest even then, i still found him a bit irritating. Finally Alex was very kind to Izzie..bla bla bla.. writers are going to put them together just to take them apart soon, or else what would they do with alex in season 3?
  • If Grey's Anatomy isn't nominated for an Emmy as Best TV Series, there is no justice in the world! If it wins the award, then it's the best thing in the world.

    The last episode sure left us hanging and we surely did tune right back to it this Sunday, and unlike other To Be Continued episodes, this episode rocks the socks off of the first episode which is seemingly impossible to do because the first episode was amazingly brilliant.

    Once you thought everything could only get better, it gets worse. Bailey doesn't want to push the baby out, and we learn that this may mean that the baby will die. Dr. Webber has an anxiety attack, and during commercial break, we think there's another one whose lifeline is wearing thin.

    The worst news of all was that the operation room was directly over the oxygen line, and if it explodes, that would mean the whole hospital would explode.

    Then comes the climax: Christina tells Sherpherd that Meredith was holding the bomb which leads to his temporary mindslip which causes Bailey's husband's heart to stop. Meredith tries to pull the bazooka out "level". As George makes Bailey get over herself and push the baby out for the poor thing's sake.

    Flashes go back and forth from these scenes, and then Sherperd and Christina tries depserate to compress the husband's chest and they made it seem like he was gone for good until Sherperd pounds on his chest like a hammer. Phew. The husband is safe.

    Then we know that Bailey's doing great pushing with George sitting behind her in bed.

    Then Meredith pulls it out and hands it to the bomb guy.

    We are happy, everything seems fine. Meredith is relieved and pauses for a moment before following the bomb guy out. Then Kaboom and I fell off my bed and screaming so that my neighbors all think I'm crazy.

    Then my best friend called and immediately, I said, "I KNOW!"

    It was nice to see that George's dream almost kinda happened with Izzie and Christina cleaning up Meredith and George looking for a while.

    It was also nice yet unnice to see that Sherperd remembers his last kiss with Meredith, but they come so close to be together again yet so far away.

    Grey's Anatomy has officially become my second favorite show ever; my first will always be FRIENDS.
  • Probably the best hour of TV that has ever been on!

    I don't know quite how to explain this episode. So many of the classification words describe it yet, not enough do! It was by far the best episode of the season, well series really. I would even go as far as to say that this is the best episode of TV I have ever seen! I was speechless for most of the hour it was on. It was just amazing, I felt as though if that bomb went off my life was on the line too. It kept you on the edge of your seat and engrossed. If this was left on after you watched Desperate Housewives, even if you didn't watch the show, you wouldn't have been able to change the channel, it was that amazing!
  • It is a great episode and I want to watch it to catch up what I have missed behind. Go ahead Gray's Anatomy Staff. And keep up the good work.

    It is a great episode and I want to watch it to catch up what I have missed behind.
    I love this serious and I think it is the best ever.
    When I stay ans watch it I feel like I am one one them, living inside the Seatle Hospital.
    Making surgerys, and helping people to be alive and servive there end of lifes sometimes.
    And living eac and every single love life, ups and downs.
    Falls and getting up with the emotions.
    I could cry, laugh and silence.
    Go ahead Gray's Anatomy Staff.
    And keep up the good work.
    We love you alot.
    Take care all.
    Peace and Love,
    LoneLy AngeL.
  • The second installment where we find Meredith with her hand on a bomb, which could explode any second, killing them all. Meanwhile, Derek is performing surgery on Baileys Husband as Bailey is in Labour.

    This episode was amazing to watch. It was gripping, thought provoking, exciting and nere-wreking all at the same time!

    Meredith finds herself in a situation that not only threatens her life, but also many others. I think here, meredith shows great strength in character. She risks her life to save others. She did not have to put her hand on the bomb. It may have been a split second decision- she may have regretted doing it, but she chose to save others.

    Bailey is in Labour, Addison takes care of her and everything seems fine. until we hear the news that a car-crash patient, who is undergoing brain surgery is Baileys husband. When bailey finds out she (very understandably) freaks out. She can't handle it, she doesn't want ot have her baby and is putting her and her babys life in danger. I thought this was a very good storyline. We're so used ot seeing Bailey as strong ,dependable and level headed. We see Bailey be vulnerable and not be in control. George plays a pivotal part and eventually convinces Bailey to have the baby. This sequence also reveals a lot about George. Before now, we haven't really seen him show any flare for being a doctor. Mirandas husband is in surgery with Derek. Unsuprisingly he choses to stay, even though he too would be killed if the bomb exploded. It comes the time for Meredith to remove her hand. The music here is incredible- the song "Breathe" by Anna Nalik. The audience feels like they are in the same situation as Merdith- they feel it is them taking their hand out of a body cavity. I thought the explosion was done very well, it was not over-dramatic and had almost a dreamlike quality. This episode was filled with emotion but I felt the last scene, between derek and meredith was the most emotional. You could see the pain, longing, and love between derek and Meredith.
  • Lot of excitement

    To be honest, I have never liked this show. First season was somehow watchable when you have nothing to do but they started to air second one here on autumn and people are busy then. After season opening I felt this is not worth it. So, just by accident I found myself sitting in front of the tv when this episode started and the recaps from last episode somehow nailed me there. And I do not have to regret that I spent hour watching it.

    The excitement and all those things coming together to that moment. The way everyone tries to do something to help others. And ofcourse Meredith who is first so brave but in the end - she is just a person like anyone other and the moment when she has to take herself together, she fails. And the bomb guy - the way he said to her that she has to imagine someone else is saying it. It was beautifully done. And the scene where the bomb did exploded - it was somehow stylish (even I am sure it is the last thing to be said). Those flying and burning papers..

    And the end.. beautiful episode.
  • Okay, so in this episode, Alex and Izzie continue to grow closer, Derek continues his surgery on Bailey's husband, and George convinces Bailey to have her baby. Oh, and did I mention the body with a bomb that Meredith has her hand in?

    Okay, so I can't help it, the only thing that I can talk about from this episode is Kyle Chandler, who plays Dylan the head of the bomb squad. Is it just me or is that man incredible? So he's 41, but I couldn't care less. He does great as Dylan calming Meredith down and if he hadn't been there she might not have been able to sucessfully remove the bomb. An amazing actor who happens to be gorgeous as well! I encourage anybody who agrees with me to watch Friday Night Lights, the lovable show about a small Texas town, of which Kyle is the star. Another great episode of Grey's Anatomy that had me biting my nails and pining over Kyle Chandler!:)
  • So this epi continues from where we left of Meredith has her hand in cavity containing a bomb, Bailey is close to delivering her Baby and Derek is operating on her husband.

    Well how to start Meredith is in a life threatening situation that keeps getting worse with the discovery that the main oxygen pipe is directly underneath their OR which could result in the destruction of the entire hospital.After a slow , high tension walk to a different room Meredith starts to freak out to control the problem she imagines Derek and quickly come back to reality.After removing the bomb with directions from Dylan Meredith watches as he carries it away , Curiosity is the death of many people and Meredith almost falls victim to it when she walks into the corridor and narrowly escapes the bomb as it explodes killing Dylan and leaving The OR and Meredith in a complete mess.The whole situation was extremely well written and no part was taken lightly.Meredith's Glass half empty was well written and Ellen's acting was phenomenal.

    The whole situation affected a large part of the staff as both Addison and The chief Broke down unsure of what to do and the status of the situation.George and Izzie were also affected with Izzie unsure of how to act after laughing about the whole thing,But a little help from alex made her see sense.

    George did good in this epi taking control of the Bailey refusing to push situation by telling her what he really thought despite Addison's warnings.He expected more and she listened eventually agreeing to give birth to her Baby.A little humour was thrown in when she told George to stop looking at her vagoo goo.

    The music Breathe created both an impression of irony and distress as Tucker arrested , Bailey gave birth and Meredith removed the bomb. An extrememly good choice of Music that fitted perfectly with the atmosphere of the scenes showing.

    The episode finished with Meredith and Derek and her telling him that she couldn't remember the last time they kissed.He gave her a perfect description and told her he was happy she didn't die today... oh when will they get back together it's so obvious of their feeling with many parts in the episode pointing twoards them...Meredith imagining Derek , Derek frantic about where she was, him coming to see her they were all their for that purpose.It then concluded with Meredith's quote "What would you do if you knew you were going to die today?"
    As if to say yes we're done but you need to think about it.What would you do...?
  • Every episode of 24 put together does not compare to the horrific trauma of these two episodes.

    Every episode of 24 put together does not compare to the horrific trauma of these two episodes.

    I love everything about this episode. From George helping Bailey have her baby to Derek's speech to Meredith at the end of the show. It was so romantic they way he remembered every single detail about there last kiss. Even watching the two episodes a second time as i have just done now and knowing everything that happenes does not effect how utterly dramatic and edge of your seat the viewing is. I could watch it a hundred times and don't doubt that it would be as effective as it was the first time i watched.
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