Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 17

(As We Know It) (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Painful to watch, not because its sad, but because everything is just terrible, like the show usually is.

    I've got many gripes with this show, this episode epitomizes each one. None of the relationships make any sense, just when you think someone is about to do something logical concerning their relationship with someone, they go in the opposite direction, prompting me to wonder wtf are they doing.
    As of this episode, Izzie has become completely impossible to respect at all. Meredith has long been past that mark, this episode doesn't really help or hurt her though, shes pretty whiny for such a irrational slutty heroin. The moment of this episode that most bothered me was the supposed climax, where the device actually explodes. Why might it bother me? Well cause its exactly what happened at the end of Lost season 1; much tension is built over explosives, an apparent expert on said explosives finally takes it into his hands, it appears to be in good and knowledgeable hands but then suddenly our expert explosive handler is obliterated, right in front of the show's main protagonist (Jack/Meredith). Pretty much every thing going on in this episode is drawn out needlessly, but thats common in this show. It always takes twice as long for an issue to be resolved whilst at the same time accomplishing half as much as it should.
    I watched House recently and thought it was as if they gave Cox from Scrubs his own show but watered him down (though thats still an ok show), but Grey's is like if on Scrubs the attention was switched to Turk (surgical as opposed to JD's medical perspective) and everything else was merely redressed, and watered down tremendously. Why this show remains so popular is a mystery, its like taking Scrubs, making it twice as long, switched focus to drama from comedy, accomplishing half the character development, taking the same character types but making them less entertaining and more melodramatic (TheTodd/Alex, Cox/Bailey, JD/Meredith).