Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 17

(As We Know It) (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • They built up tension in the first episode, only to get rid of all of it by placing the one character who can't die in harms way.

    Okay, here's the thing, I have kind of a love/hate relationship with this show. It's got some characters I really like and it's an okay watch. I won't TiVo it, but if I find it's on I don't mind watching it.

    However, it suffers from one HUGE problem, namely writers that really need to get other jobs. Sure they manage to write good things at times, but the overall quality is far too low. The examples are too many to list, so I'll settle for two for the show in general and two for this episode (which I'm reviewing as one extra-long episode along with part one) in particular.

    For the show in general, well, first of all their main character is probably the biggest Mary Sue on television. Mary Sue characters are generally what you find in fanfics; real professional writers should have the talent and the smarts not to write a character like that. I don't know anyone who likes Meredith even the slightest. I also don't know anyone who refers to her by anything other than Mary Sue Grey. Second of all the show relies far too heavily on medical WOWs. Seriously, the first season of this show had more medical wonders than the first THREE seasons of "House MD" - a show which basic plotline involves people coming to House because no one else can diagnose them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the medical WOWs every now and then. They provide great storylines when used in moderation. When used in every episode (as this show does) it becomes tedious, annoying and above all it tells us that the writers don't trust their cast of characters and their own writing skills to be able to creat an interesting episode without some amazing medical condition. You shouldn't need to rely on medical WOWs to make a show like this interesting. Just look at "ER", they managed just fine with only a few WOWs here and there.

    Now for this episode in particular there is a ridiculous amount of extra special stuff going on. The main storyline with the bomb in the patient is kind of over the top on its own, but they made it work anyway. I found it to be a great plotline, actually. However when Bailey is in labour at the same time, AND her husband needs brain surgery, AND he's stuck with Sheperd in the OR next door to the bomb... Well it gets a bit ridiculous. My friend joked that it wouldn't have been much more over the top if they had gone all out and had Izzy abducted by aliens at the same time. But the real problem comes in the second half of this two-parter.

    The first half was really, really good in many ways. Despite being over the top, and despite the pointless, just-made-to-draw-viewers-through-the-trailer scene of Mary Sue and Friends in the shower (the pay-off to that scene towards the end was poorly done too; it was so painfully obvious that George only saw them shower her so that they could justify the shower scene earlier) the episode was probably the best so far. They started out with the something's-wrong vibe, which worked really well since it made you edgy from the start. Then they did an excellent job both writing, acting and editing the sequences leading up to when the Code Black is called. They also did a very fine job of keeping everything at a good level with the staff; there was no mass panick scene or anything like that. They made it seem believable, which was quite impressive given how honestly dumb the storyline actually was.

    The problem came when Mary Sue put her hand on the bomb instead of the paramedic. All suspense went right out the window. What in God's name were they thinking with that? What's the point of spending an entire episode building up the tension to then just deflate the whole thing? Gee, I wonder if Mary Sue is in any actual danger? The one thing we know is that she can't die. Everyone else can, but not her, since then it would just be "'s Anatomy". Had it been Christina who held the device it would have been a hundred times more suspenseful, because she can actually die on the show. Now all we got was a cheap-out storyline where everyone knows nothing bad is going to happen as long as our "heroine" is standing there with her hand on the bomb. It was then made even cheaper by having her walk out and be near when the bomb exploded, so we could all worry about her. Which of course nobody did, since we knew she was fine. Though the explosion scene was really well done in every other aspect. I especially loved how they played a soft song in the background, signalling "everything is fine now", and then it just went off. THAT is great storytelling!

    This show has potential, but for crying out loud, replace the writers!

    Though I have to say one thing... I loved having George coach Bailey through the last stage of her labour. It was beautifully done, and it really allowed George to grow as a character. And I almost got a bit weepy when Bailey gave her son the middle name George.

    All in all the first half of this two-parter showed so much potential, and I'm very disappointed that they threw it all away just to elevate Mary Sue once more.