Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 20

Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • it was good, derek and meredith talk, derek and addison somewhat come to terms, unlike meredith and George who dont even speak despite merediths attempts to try. Christina got stuck with bailey baby duty, and Alex is jealous over Denny and Izzie... filler

    I absolutley love Grey\\\'s anatomy and i do agree that this seemed like a filler episode. i personally think that they need to spice things up. previews for next weeks episode might be the key to that though. i, like every one else really want to see meredith and derek together and i want that to happen this season!
  • Why are everyone so upset about the George/Meredith sex-thing?

    This episode was pretty much like the last episode. It really was sad to look at Derek when Meredith shared her secret. Izzie should tell Alex that they aren't dating anymore because of Denny. Alex can be a jackass sometimes, but Denny seems so kind and nice. George has to get over Meredith and focus on the other doctor(don't remember her name). They could be a nice couple. Poor Christina. She didn't deserve to babysit and I can imagine she felt really left out when Burk and George ran and played together. I think Addison and Derek should find out that their marriage doesn't work out and get divorce, but still be friends. Then Derek and Meredith can be together.
  • One of the worst episodes so far.

    I didn’t really like the couple with the fork or the hockey player plot lines. The writers have done so well in previous episodes in creating bizarre and emotional situations that I think now they’re going out of their way and trying too hard.

    I don’t get what Izzie sees in Denny. He just uses cheesy pick-up lines. I feel bad for Alex, because he clearly has feelings for Izzie, and she keeps blowing him off. Exactly like Derek and Addison. But I was angry that Derek claimed to be working on the marriage. Because it’s just giving Addison false hope. And we all know that he’s going to end up with Meredith and just break Addison’s heart!

    I liked how Derek poked fun at the whole elevator thing. At least the show admits they use the corny idea of trapping the characters in an elevator together to make them confront their issues.
  • It was sad to watch Derek reaction when Meredith tells him about George.

    In this episode the relationship between Derek and Meredith as just friends really freaks me out! Its obvious they love each other although they are not together. I hated the sad look that Derek gives to Meredith after she confesses what was wrong with her. Derek seemed really hurted to find out. I do like Addison, I mean, she is cool and everything but she cheated on him!! Even if he wasn't around that much, that's not an excuse to sleep with Derek's "best friend", it is like thats totally wrong! I would really love to see Meredith and Derek together and really happy again.
  • It was okay but Addison does not Deserve Derek! I've hated her since the start but at times i've felt bad for her cause she did not deserve some of the stuff that happend to her. But She cheated on Derek!

    I loved this episonde case it was good to see how bad christina is with babies and also to see how George and Burke evolve in their relationship from the pilot episode ('pick on one the first day and the rest fall in line' i think is the quote. Poor George!). Also I am so scared for Meredith and her relationship with Derek! I love the interaction they have together and how they make a good couple! I would hate if Dr. McDreamy went off with Addison! I mean OMG she cheated on him. and they're both Dr.'s so she should freaking understand why he wasn't there all the time. it comes with the life you choose! ARGH! I love this show!!!
  • So-so, but moving forward - hopefully.

    I've seen the episode twice - well most of it anyway. I fast-forwarded through the Christina and baby parts. Nothing about this episode really worked for me. While it may have something to do with being so hyped because of the return of The West Wing earlier this evening, this particular episode dragged.

    There is a definite glitch in the time continuity; parts of the show feel like they're happening the day after the last one and others feel like were two or three weeks from that point. Add to that the whole idea of Baily bringing the baby to work with her to work and there were too many 'things' to overcome to allow me to settle into this episode.

    All of that being said, parts of the episode shined. I love the turn Derek finally completes w/RT his acknowledging to Addison that he played a part in helping their marriage to where it is. I'm hoping this will mark the beginning of a resolution to the triangle. Burke's willingness to help and encourage George makes me smile. It's goofy, fun and entertaining.

    So, not a bad episode, but not a great one either.
  • Cristina has to babysit Bailey's baby, Meredith finally apologizes to George, Derek apologizes to Addison(for what!! She did way more things wrong than he did!), and Alex is way jealous of Denny!

    This episode was great, as all other Grey's Anatomy episodes have been this season. I'm so glad that Meredith finally apologized to George because things have been so akward, and maybe now things might start to improve between them. His hair looks weird short- I know it was like that last year but it's going to take some getting used to!! But I wish everyone would stop bugging him about it!!Derek seems to actually start to care about Addison, which is shown when he reacts to her laughing with her patient's husband. But I still don't think he is over Meredith, because he doesn't like the fact she slept with George. I think that he really did mean it when he apologized to Addison, but I still kind of wish that they don't work out their problems! I am sure that eventually they will get back together, as they're obviously meant for each other!! Cristina's adventure with Bailey's baby was interesting(I liked it when Bailey said "that's cry number four, you got to feed him!) seeing as how Cristina is the least motherly person on probably the whole staff! George is so good with kids, but he always seemed like he could be a parental figure. I couldn't believe that the lady with the brain aneurism didn't want the surgery- I mean even if she had a great marriage and a great life when she got sick, but even if she got the surgery her marriage probably wouldn't get bad again! Alex is so, so jealous of Denny. It's so sad that he's dying but Izzie needs to accept that which she hasn't done that yet. Alex needs to get over it- I can't believe he was so mean about Denny when he was talking to Izzie about him! This was a great episode with lots of stuff going on!!
  • You could see what the "morals" of the episode were going to be from the first five minutes into the show...And George, if you're going to be a big baby, nursery's that way.

    I was a tad disappointed with this episode. I thought that the story was a little too predictable--woman comes in with an "inoperable" aneurysm and wants to seize the day and her husband is so upset that it took him so long to realize how important his wife is to him. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Meanwhile, Addison is flirting it up with her very pregnant patient's husband. (Will she EVER learn???)

    And George is still pouting like a big baby about the horribly uncomfortable sexual encounter between him and Meredith. I love how he says how much he cares about her before they have sex, but the minute his tiny male ego gets bruised, he goes all third-grade and gives her the silent treatment. Cry a river, George, build a bridge, get over it and go boink the nice new doctor who actually (inexplicably) likes you.
  • Two Words, Natalie Cole

    EXCELLENT EPPY In my opinion. I like the Izzy/Denny situation, I don't think it's going to last though, I think he'll die. Unfortunately. The Burke/George relationship is funny but another thing that's not going to last long. No one ever likes someone living on their sofa for too long.

    Christina and the baby, hilarious, and the "who are you?" from Dr Torres ... even funnier.

    I think Alex is going to realize what he would be missing if he and Izzy don't work out ... but I think that relationship is going to be an ongoing struggle.

    Poor kid ruined his life by cutting off his finger, which he learned how to do by reading the internet. (WTH who does that crap?)

    I think everyone is right about George and Meredith, I think Georgie poo needs to let it the heck go ... he and Torres should have a torrid affair so he can get over Mer. Last episode of the entire series should be Mer and George getting married, IMO.

    Natalie Cole was wonderful, I'm so happy they had her as a guest star. It would be so nice to see her in more shows on TV. I just love that girl!!!

    I think that McDreamy is going to file for divorce from his wife. That's it ... end of story, more innuendo and troubles for Mer and Derek.

    That's my take, I love this show:)
  • George still refuses to talk to Meredith, Christina babysits for Baily, Burke and George hang out, Addison gets compliments from a patients husband, Derek admits to Addison he was at fault too....

    I am still a newbie when it comes to this show. I have only seen a handful of episodes, but I have liked them all.

    Last night when Meredith told Derek that she had slept with George, Derek looked like he had just had all the air sucked out of him. He wasn't expecting that, and from the look on his face didn't like hearing it. I never got to Meredith and Derek together (I didn't watch back then) but I can tell they are two who should be together. Addison doesn't fit as his wife.

    Christina is soo funny, she reminds me of one of my friends, which makes her funnier to watch. She stood up for herself to Bailey at the end, and I was proud of her for that.

    George needs to stop acting like such a baby. If he was man enough to do the deed, he should be man enough to talk to Meredith. I really wanted to reach in and slap him when he refused to even look at Meredith in the elevator.

    I am starting to like this show alot. Do wish it was on earlier than 10 though. Oh well, that is what TiVo is for.
  • Am I the only who still wants Derek & Meredith to get back together?

    This is my favorite show, and if this were real life I would be all for Derek and Addison taking any and all measures to salvage their marriage. But this is telelvision....the escape from reality. I love the episodes when the writers leave a glimmer of hope that Derek and Meredith still have feelings and may get back together. I don\'t even care if it\'s on the reality let\'s do the right thing, but on tv...give me the smut!
  • Bandaid Covers The Bullet Hole

    Another good episode, Grey's is nothing but consistent.
    Let me start off with what's happening to George. He's hitting it off with Burke and it funny to see them together as well as what Christina thinks when she's see them bonding. I also liked George and the new female doctor working together. They shared a few moments together and I am eager to see what develops there.
    It goes without saying that Christina babysitting was hilarious. I thought she would pass on the task-she did try, not very hard- but she stuck it out.
    I'm not sure if I like how close Izzy is getting to Denny, it seemed like they spent too much time on it last night.
    I felt bad for Addison last night. The only time she got attention/compliments was from a patient's husband and when it stopped she felt let down again. Even though she cheated on Derek, he admitted that he had a part to play because he was absent from her life. Good for Derek to own up to what part he played.
    As for Meredith she pointed out that yea, she hurt George but it took two to have what happened happen. I think Derek can be friends with Meredith- I think he could be a good influence on her.He gave her the advice to corner George in the elevator to make him listen. He did look a little teary-eyed so maybe he close to accepting what happened and move on from it. I just don't know if Meredith will confuse Derek's friendship, we'll see.
  • Another great episode of GA...

    I loved this episode. Especially George and Burke. They had me laughing out loud at the end when Cristina came back to the apartment to find the pair of them rocking out playing a clarinet and trumpet. I think that she is just feeling left out - she used to be what Burke focussed on and now he aws a new friend to play with. But I\'m sure that George will move back in with Mer and Izzy by the end of the season. Either that or get his own place.

    I liked the George/Callie scenes. There were a few good moments there. And their case was interesting and gave a good example of what can happen if you don't listen to your doctor (not that anyone should cut their own finger off even if their doctor told them to!). The case is actually fairly true to form, where I know many guys that have played hockey or lacross even after a doctor told them not to, and injured themselves further.

    Cristina babysitting was quite amusing, but it showed us how inept she would have been as a mother. Not enough Bailey in this ep for me. Too much Izzy/Denny going on, I don't really like the two of them together (not that I like her an Alex either). I guess we will find out what happens between them soon enough.

    I'm liking the McDreamy/Mer friendship thimg, though it is kindof a scam because they will never really be "just friends". Its nice to see them doing things that normal people do - actually their relationship now seems like a normal couples is minus the sex. I feel bad for Addison though, that she feels so neglected by her husband that she is looking for attention from the patients husband. I'm glad that she and Derek had a little talk at the end to set them on the road. Now either they will really fall in love again, or will realize that it isn't working no matter how much they try.

    Anyways, thumbs up from me!
  • Good episode that had some touching and funny moments.

    Meredith is still trying to get George to speak to her, but he is not ready to speak to her yet. Christina babsitting was simply hilarious. But she looked so adorable sleeping with the baby near her face. But I knew she would tell Bailey, "I'm not a babysitter."

    Izzie is coming to terms with her feelings about Denny, and Alex is jealous. If Alex was not such a jerk, he would probably have Izzie's affection!!! I like Denny and don't want to see him die. I hope he can get that transplant.

    George cuts his hair to change his look, and he flirts with the doctor that likes him. I think George is being really hard on Meredith. He knew how she was, and he kind of hoped he would get her during a time when she was vulnerable. So perhaps he was really embarrassed by what he did?

    The fork in the neck patient was played very well by Natalie Cole. The fact her illness woke her up to that fact she is not living life to the fullest was really good.

    When the hocky player cut of his finger so he could play the game he deemed important, I knew things would not end well for him. I kind of felt bad for him. After the last two episodes being so exciting, I will admit this episode was tame, but it was still a good episode.
  • A nice episode all in all, a bit of a filler, but I give it a solid 10 since I just like the drama that is going on in the past few episodes in Seatle Grace.

    I think this was nice but it was more of a filler since nothing actually dramatic happened.
    Don't mind my 10 score, I just naturaly give it to any episode of Grey that makes me want to watch the next one :)

    Izzie finally admited, mostly to herself, that she likes Denny better then Alex.
    And all it took was Alex's stupid behaviour, he really is more of an ass with every episode for a while now.
    He hasn't been a nice person since the two parter, It's the end of the world as we know it.
    Izzie is still one of my favourite characters, in fact she's second, after George. And I really hope things will work out for her with Denny, even though it is highly against the rules to date patients, but... they broke so many rules on this show that one more won't kill them.

    I think that George is being a bit all over the place, but I definatly like the way he and Burke are getting along.
    I sort of see him going for that other Doc but only as a means to snap out of his, whatever it is his in, that he needs to snap out of.
    I really don't see them as a long term couple.
    On that note, I think that George's indiffrence to forgive Meredith is hitting her hard, maybe even a bit too hard (look at that last scene). Is that just because she lost a good friend or something more? (I'm still on the Geo/Mer train here, so it could just be me overthinking it)

    Another person not taking things too well is Derek. I think he was just putting up a show, telling Meredith what he thinks she should do to fix things and even making that Elevator joke (even though Meredith actually took his advice on that), cause afterwards there's a scene with him on the balcony, and he looked seriously upset.
    I am really looking forward for any sort of friction between him and George, now that he knows.
    I think Derek appologizing to Addison was a big and important step in fixing their relationship (I dunno if it'll actually save they'll marriege, but who knows) and just moving on, cause it's about time too.

    Christina wasn't really doing anything much in this episode.
    She was just mostly upset about George moving in, I can't even understand why, but she seemed to be really upset that Burke was hanging out with George.
    Oh and she also had to babysit for Bailey, while Bailey was busy on surgeries, which just added some funny moments and didn't do much for the plot. And I really only enjoyed the part where she tried to feed the baby, but couldn't get him to stop crying, and then George hat to come to the rescue, telling her and Burke that "Babies just like me".

    All in all a good episode, Singing off...
    Roman "TheFirstGambler" Katsman
  • It wasn't as good as the episodes have been, but it was okay.

    Izzy and Denny having "moments" together is somewhat strange. He is a dying patient and being his doctor she is crossing a line. McDreamy seems as though he now is actually going to start paying some attention to his wife and Merideth is trying to patch up her mistake with George. To her dismay, George is being immature and not talking to her. It seems as though he may have a new love interest though... which is nice to see as all he used to sleep, eat and breath was Merideth. Nothing too exciting on the Christina and Burke front, just Christina is annoyed that George is living her apartment.
  • George and Meredith are still dealing with the backlash of sleeping together whilst various patients are dealt with.

    So George is still not talking to Meredith no matter how many times she says sorry.But his interaction with Callie was better even though that hockey player amputating his hand was hard to watch.Fanatic sports players will do anything to play but he ruined his career.

    Christina baby sat Bailey's baby, not a good mix we all know Christina's not really a people person but seeing her deal with such a situation added comedy to a slightly average episode.

    The lady with the fork in her Neck was the weekly dying patient who required surgery but refused.Derek's words with her hit and reflected the situation that his marriage has become resulting in a one sided conversation with Addison.

    So Izzie is still leading on Alex even though her feeling are obvious for Denny.But Alex is hardly helping himself by being a complete jerk.
  • We need time for our wounds to heal.

    The pregnant woman comes to hospital and her husband thinks that Addison bears a striking resembleance to Catherine Deneuve.
    Callie is back also in this episode with a lot more action then we taught before. She has a hockey player with totally bad finger and he will do the most idiotic thing ever. That is what those obsessive sports player do, they make massive sacrefice for their art.
    And a woman with her fork stuck into her neck comes to the hospital. She was hilarious, the situtation was hilarious.
    The episode was somehow slow but it was nonetheless enjoyable to watch and as usually it lets you cry for more.
  • Good episode, but Greys can do a lot better.

    The only part I loved of this episode was when Cristina was looking after Baileys son. Especially when Bailey was performing the surgery and she tells Cristina what his cry means. Oh the day Cristina will become a mother! That's if she even has children, but there again I can see that being the next thing Burke will want! Overall, good episode, but it was kind of boring.
  • Brought tears to my eyes!!

    The hole episode was very touching and we finally get to see Shepherd assuming he was in part responsable for Adison's betrayal... Of course that's not the reason why this episode is so exciting. Meredith apologizing in the elevator as we listen to Jem's "Flying High" was just one of those moments you wanna cry like a big baby. George is changing a lot... I was actually happy seeing him with a new "friend" already. As for Cristina, the episode wasn't so good for her... yet we got to see the look in Bailey's face of "I get your point, sorry for putting you through this!" when she said "I don't babysit". Finally, Danny shook a little more Izzie and Alex as a couple... We can only hope Grey and George set things right cuzz it's way too painfull to see them not talking to each other... That's it for the day...BYE
  • I actually liked this weeks medical cases but there wasn't much time spent on them. It seemed like these minor characters were cheated -- but I guess the show has stopped being about treating people and saving lives except when extra dramatic and fun with

    Okay, first, let's just say it -- Teddy Dunn! He was so good on Veronica Mars and didn't get nearly enough screen time here. To be fair, none of this week's medical cases did. We saw enough of Natalie Cole with the fork in her neck until after her super complicated surgery and then it seemed like the writers just ran out of time to put a proper couple finishing lines of dialogue in her segment.

    I get that this show is really about the relationships between the interns and residents but I thought it was also a little bit about medicine. Now, it seems like if a patient can't be used to cause emotional drama (e.g. be a love interest or contain a bomb) then the medicine isn't interesting enough for the writers to include except as a side note anymore.

    Also, Derek and Meredith's fake friendship -- uber creepy! Hello darling but he's still married and sleeping with his wife! If he didn't have good hair, he would widely be considered a terrible guy for stringing both Meredith and Addison along even though he's pretending to try. Secret "friendship" meetings with your ex-girlfriend don't make for a real effort with your wife. If he were good, he would have either cut ties to Meredith to really try or he would have divorced Addison when she gave him the papers. He still hasn't decided between the two of them and it's not fair to anyone involved. If Meredith were smart, she would had the courage to move on. At this point, there is no excuse for her to be playing games without her knowing that she is screwing with any attempts at a normal (or even slightly happy) marriage between Addison and Derek.

    My recommendation for the show: kick them all out of the hospital for not working hard enough and make them clean the bedpans on House.
  • Christina's babysitting stint was most fun

    Isn't Sandra Oh great? She says more with her expression than any actor I can think of. I loved her babysitting scenes, and thought she played them perfectly.

    The rest of the show was ... o.k. I'll admit I didn't like being teased again with the Meredith-McDreamy-Addison triangle. Is he going to try with Addison now? Maybe he should. Try, let it succeed or fail and let the women of America get over it. I think it's safe to say that the majority want Meredith to win. Or to move on.

    George's storyline was cute. Not great but cute.

    Izzy/Alex and the heart patient were also interesting. That heart patient, I haven't learned his name yet, also says so much with his eyes. Poor Alex. Maybe he ought to get mad and confront Izzy.

    Good show. Not my favorite since it seemed to just be moving things in a direction without any big shocking news, but entertaining enough to keep me coming back for more.
  • Enjoyable, but nothing really happened.

    As an avid fan of Grey's I tend to like just about every episode. I even liked this one, though it seemed like a filler episode. I liked Denny tonight. I feel like he is a really sweet man, that deserves love and attention. Maybe he hasn't gotten that in his life and Izzie is there to show him that someone cares, before he dies. She is crossing a line, but it's easy to ignore. I really hope George moves on and gets together with that other doctor. They would make cute couple. I love that Burke is letting people into his life and home. He's changed alot. My only problem with tonight episode is that Bailey bought her baby to the hospital. I know we all miss baliey, but she needs to stay home. Can't they leave the hospital to give us our weekly dose of Bailey?