Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 14

Beat Your Heart Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Terrible episode.

    This has to rank up there with one of Grey's Anatomy's worst ever episodes. I contemplated hitting my head against the wall while watching this, as that would probably be more entertaining and give me less of a headache.

    The Izzie and Lexie/Sloan scenes which are usually the best were not even good here. Instead of witty dialogue we had two lengthy segments consisting of doctors having panic attacks and needing to be hugged. I'm just going to assume some writers from Sesame Street scripted these scenes while Shonda Rhimes was on vacation.

    I will praise Chandra Wilson who gave a great performance as Miranda Bailey. Really gripping and emotional, and she can expect another Emmy nomination this year. But even she was not enough to save this episode.
  • Derek is going to propose, no wai!! McArmy likes to cry, patient has seizure.

    Sure, you could say that I am a Mer/Der shipper but their relationship just constantly drags out like a soap opera. It was nice for a change that Meredith had met Derek's mom in a previous episode. But I still think that they should bring back Meredith's Dad. Meredith's character was originally driven by her Mom's constant criticism and her Alzheimer's. They eventually got rid of her Mom and her StepMom and then what? I haven't seen much a of character development in Meredith other than her finally saying that she wants to have Derek's babies. I think that by age 40, you should know for sure, yes or no. Drama on that front should be over. Her whining and sniveling about her love life, so 2006. Yes, she comes from a broken home, but geez lady, there are people who have gotten over much worse.
    Derek has a ring, how should he propose? Um, hasn't he done it once before with Addison? He acts like this is new territory. He should just go ahead and Google "marriage proposals." He definitely should not be asking the man whore McSteamy, who can't even fix his own love life (more on that in a bit). And the Chief? He would be the 2nd to last person. He went back and forth between Adele and Meredith's Mom for years.

    So, they are really going to go through the McArmy/Christina pairing. I like Christina because she is witty and sarcastic, but I just don't see the chemistry between them. In fact, I really don't know who I could see her with. McArmy is an interesting doctor, but they need him to talk more. He is too one dimensional. I sad, I fought in army people die, I cry. I think that the guy who plays him is a good actor (he does a good "American" accent), but they just keep making him cry. I think they should bring in someone from the army who knows him, maybe a woman! That would spice things up a bit.

    Dr.Sloan, thinks he's all that and can get whatever woman he wants. Him and "Little" Grey, make a good pair. He just needs to stop being so wish washy. Lexie is right, you don't need to think about it, just do it if it feels right.

    I don't like that Arizona girl. She is too cheery and I knew that the lesbian thing was going to be forced between her and Callie. Sorry, but it doesn't seem like Sara Ramirez is all that comfortable in this girl/girl relationship. I think that they do need a gay couple (because then it would be a bit more realistic), but she is not the one to be it.
    The writers should've kept Dr.Hahn and given Callie someone else. Its nice though that she has Dr.Sloan to talk to.
  • Great episode with all the drama and humour I have come to expect from this show.

    This was a great episode and reminiscent of the earlier seasons when the main characters were interns. The storyline with the Kramers was really funny, especially when they were all discussing the magazine article in the cafeteria - I loved that scene. Owen and Cristina's romance is also great to watch, so tender and romantic. The proposal stuff was also fun. Bailey discovered her true calling is pediatric surgery which was not too surprising. The final scene was great too, especially when Derek receives the call from Addison. Now we know the crossover is on - can't wait for next week's Grey's and Private Practice.
  • Cristina is definitely over Burke. Will Derek propose to Meredith? Has Baily found her calling?

    This was an outstanding episode of Grey's Anatomy. Izzie is running all kinds of tests on herself to find out if anything is wrong with her in lieu of Denny being there and saying "I am here for you". Miranda says she will not work on any more cases involving children and her next case is a little girl with a bad heart and she will be assisting Dr. Dixon. After performing heart surgery on the little girl, Dr. Dixon determines that the little girl will need constant IV medicine until a new heart and lungs are available for transplant. This could take years and the child would be bedridden until then. Miranda comes up with the idea of using a backpack to carry the medicine thus allowing the little girl to live a somewhat normal life and not be bedridden. Dr. Dixon calls Miranda a Pediatric Doctor and after encouragement from Dixon and Dr. Robbins, she has a bright look on her face about the prospect of being a Pediatric Doctor.

    During the time when Dr. Dixon is telling the parent's of the little girl with the bad heart that she will be bedridden with the IV medications and Miranda enthusiastically enters the room with the idea of the backpack, Dr. Dixon who as a form of autism and doesn't like to be touched. Someone starts to hug her and she goes into a panic attack and runs to an on call room. Bailey goes after her and asks her what she can do. Dixon says pressure to her body. Yang enters the room and joins in and Dr. Dixon's panic attack subsides.

    Derek is trying to find the perfect situation to propose to Meredith and asking other doctors. Finally he and Sloan are putting rose pedals and candles in their room for him to propose, when he gets a call from serious call from Addison and in the next scene Meredith comes into their room and it is back to normal. She then reaches under the pillow and finds a single rose pedal and look bewilderment comes over her face Dr. Hunt and Yang are playing affection games with each other and Dr. Hunt is winning until he sees something or someone in the hospital that puts him into a total panic. He runs into an on-call room and Cristina follows him. Cristina starts to hug him very tightly she and Meredith had done with Dr. Dixon. Dr. Hunt calms down and later Meredith opens the door to see him sleeping with his head in Cristina's lap.

    A rather funny part of the episode (unless it has happened to you) involves a middle aged couple who were trying to spice up their sex life and the man was left with a foreign object inserted in his body (I shouldn't have to say where). All of the interns assigned to the case as well as Karev are making joke and laughing about it and the Chief slightly scolds them and tells them that this is how a professional does it. After they extract the foreign object, the Chief is giving the man encouragement and telling the man how he admires him and his wife "bending over backwards for each". When the Chief, Karev, and an Intern are cleaning up they all start laughing at what the Chief had said to the man about bending over backwards.

    It had been a while since I watched the previous episode and I had to remember a lot, especially about Izzie and Denny. I think this was an outstanding episode with a perfect balance of drama, humor, and sadness.
  • "Grey's Anatomy" ready for February sweeps!

    "Grey's Anatomy" is back in rare form this episode. Even with the cast shakeups, it's still found what attracted us in the first place. Maybe some wanted to bang their head against a wall, but this week featured some good / funny cases, relationship drama, and Derek trying to find the right way to propose to Meredith the whole episode. My guess is his proposal will wait until the end of the crossover episodes this February. Some nice Hunt/Yang, Alex/Izzie stuff too. Overall, great episode. So bring on the crossover, ABC! Hopefully it lives up to all of the hype.
  • Finally an episode which was great all the way through, and had all the right Grey's Anatomy ingredients!

    The Denny/Izzie storyline is finally over, though Izzie is still trying to figure out what's wrong with her. That said, Beat your Heart Out was a great episode with nothing to worry about, you can just let go and enjoy good old GA. I loved the romantic scenes between Christina and Owen, as well as the scene towards the end where she comforts him and he relaxes in her arms and falls asleep. Especially since we're not used to see Christina under that context, it makes it all the more special. Derek didn't propose to Meredith after all, and we're waiting for next week's crossover with Private Practice. I hope Addison and Derek don't get back together and he ends up breaking up with Meredith again... Then there were a bunch of great scenes: Bailey and Christina hugging doctor Dixon, the Chief, Alex and the intern laughing like children after the surgery, Arizona kissing Callie, Lexie telling Mark she wants to go public. And of course, Bailey deciding to go for ped surgery. What a great choice!
  • Very funny...

    So... No engagement!
    They filled us up with the idea of Derek propposing to Mer in the most silly/romatic way acording to them. Actually they also filled us up with the idea of the "crossover" but nothing happened (just that call at the end, wich we know mean next week will be a big drama).

    Despite of that... it was a great episode! The gossip girl Mark Sloan telling everybody about the engagement was very funny. But that wasnt the best part, we got to see the "frat gang" joking around in the caffeteria like the old times was just hilarious.

    Bailey's "new specialty" (who are they kidding? she was meant to be a pediatrician) almost made us forget about Izzie's "mistery decease", wich now he have a pretty good idea what it is... that said, I can't wait to see next's week episode!
  • An episode on what get the docs heart to pound..

    It was good to see an episode with a strong story line after some time. And may I say, a sensible episode without the Denny Duquette character. The highlight of this episode, was setting of the stage for Derek's proposal. Though not an episode where the drama from medical cases dominated the supporting story. This one was different in the sense, we got a fair chunk of comedy, self realization, and a few surprises in the plot. We also see someone from Owen's past coming to haunt him (though not revealed who it is). Bailey is made to realize that her shortcoming when it comes to dealing with sick kids make her all the more suited for pediatric surgery. Sloan realizes that it's time he and Lexie come clean about their relationship. Derek gets ready to pop the question when he receives a call from Addison. This is the part I am looking for, where the two shows have interweaving storylines. Fine TV we've got here.