Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 14

Beat Your Heart Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Derek is going to propose, no wai!! McArmy likes to cry, patient has seizure.

    Sure, you could say that I am a Mer/Der shipper but their relationship just constantly drags out like a soap opera. It was nice for a change that Meredith had met Derek's mom in a previous episode. But I still think that they should bring back Meredith's Dad. Meredith's character was originally driven by her Mom's constant criticism and her Alzheimer's. They eventually got rid of her Mom and her StepMom and then what? I haven't seen much a of character development in Meredith other than her finally saying that she wants to have Derek's babies. I think that by age 40, you should know for sure, yes or no. Drama on that front should be over. Her whining and sniveling about her love life, so 2006. Yes, she comes from a broken home, but geez lady, there are people who have gotten over much worse.
    Derek has a ring, how should he propose? Um, hasn't he done it once before with Addison? He acts like this is new territory. He should just go ahead and Google "marriage proposals." He definitely should not be asking the man whore McSteamy, who can't even fix his own love life (more on that in a bit). And the Chief? He would be the 2nd to last person. He went back and forth between Adele and Meredith's Mom for years.

    So, they are really going to go through the McArmy/Christina pairing. I like Christina because she is witty and sarcastic, but I just don't see the chemistry between them. In fact, I really don't know who I could see her with. McArmy is an interesting doctor, but they need him to talk more. He is too one dimensional. I sad, I fought in army people die, I cry. I think that the guy who plays him is a good actor (he does a good "American" accent), but they just keep making him cry. I think they should bring in someone from the army who knows him, maybe a woman! That would spice things up a bit.

    Dr.Sloan, thinks he's all that and can get whatever woman he wants. Him and "Little" Grey, make a good pair. He just needs to stop being so wish washy. Lexie is right, you don't need to think about it, just do it if it feels right.

    I don't like that Arizona girl. She is too cheery and I knew that the lesbian thing was going to be forced between her and Callie. Sorry, but it doesn't seem like Sara Ramirez is all that comfortable in this girl/girl relationship. I think that they do need a gay couple (because then it would be a bit more realistic), but she is not the one to be it.
    The writers should've kept Dr.Hahn and given Callie someone else. Its nice though that she has Dr.Sloan to talk to.