Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 14

Beat Your Heart Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Cristina is definitely over Burke. Will Derek propose to Meredith? Has Baily found her calling?

    This was an outstanding episode of Grey's Anatomy. Izzie is running all kinds of tests on herself to find out if anything is wrong with her in lieu of Denny being there and saying "I am here for you". Miranda says she will not work on any more cases involving children and her next case is a little girl with a bad heart and she will be assisting Dr. Dixon. After performing heart surgery on the little girl, Dr. Dixon determines that the little girl will need constant IV medicine until a new heart and lungs are available for transplant. This could take years and the child would be bedridden until then. Miranda comes up with the idea of using a backpack to carry the medicine thus allowing the little girl to live a somewhat normal life and not be bedridden. Dr. Dixon calls Miranda a Pediatric Doctor and after encouragement from Dixon and Dr. Robbins, she has a bright look on her face about the prospect of being a Pediatric Doctor.

    During the time when Dr. Dixon is telling the parent's of the little girl with the bad heart that she will be bedridden with the IV medications and Miranda enthusiastically enters the room with the idea of the backpack, Dr. Dixon who as a form of autism and doesn't like to be touched. Someone starts to hug her and she goes into a panic attack and runs to an on call room. Bailey goes after her and asks her what she can do. Dixon says pressure to her body. Yang enters the room and joins in and Dr. Dixon's panic attack subsides.

    Derek is trying to find the perfect situation to propose to Meredith and asking other doctors. Finally he and Sloan are putting rose pedals and candles in their room for him to propose, when he gets a call from serious call from Addison and in the next scene Meredith comes into their room and it is back to normal. She then reaches under the pillow and finds a single rose pedal and look bewilderment comes over her face Dr. Hunt and Yang are playing affection games with each other and Dr. Hunt is winning until he sees something or someone in the hospital that puts him into a total panic. He runs into an on-call room and Cristina follows him. Cristina starts to hug him very tightly she and Meredith had done with Dr. Dixon. Dr. Hunt calms down and later Meredith opens the door to see him sleeping with his head in Cristina's lap.

    A rather funny part of the episode (unless it has happened to you) involves a middle aged couple who were trying to spice up their sex life and the man was left with a foreign object inserted in his body (I shouldn't have to say where). All of the interns assigned to the case as well as Karev are making joke and laughing about it and the Chief slightly scolds them and tells them that this is how a professional does it. After they extract the foreign object, the Chief is giving the man encouragement and telling the man how he admires him and his wife "bending over backwards for each". When the Chief, Karev, and an Intern are cleaning up they all start laughing at what the Chief had said to the man about bending over backwards.

    It had been a while since I watched the previous episode and I had to remember a lot, especially about Izzie and Denny. I think this was an outstanding episode with a perfect balance of drama, humor, and sadness.
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