Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 5

Beautiful Doom

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • zzzzz

    This episode was soooo boring. Also I wish Shonda stops killing off all her characters as I've grown numb and desensitise to it all. I mean seriously dying standing up mid surgery? Please...

    Patients are also getting increasingly ridiculous from the fat girl that didn't want her boyfriend to see her naked to this week's doom's day couple.

    Please can we get some of the fun and sexy back into the show? And no this does not include April (aka most annoying Grey character ever) in any shape or form. Now if there was a character I'd be happy see dying it'd be that one!
  • beautiful doom

    Spoiler alert!

    Meredith and Christina both have challenging surgeries, which we see at the same time. Frankly, I hate echo in my own phone, let alone in one of the shows I'm watching, maybe they tried to add something with that but I just found it annoying. Dr. Thomas died during surgery, which was kind of sad, but also necessary for Christina to return to Seattle Grace. Meredith finally admits that Lexie's dead. What I am wondering, did Lexie and Meredith not have another sister? and where is she in all this?
  • Impress!!

    What a great episode.!!! Itsbeen a long time since I havent been impress in such a good interpretation. Christina and Meredith with their two surgeries at the same time... And the wise Dr Thomas what a great lesson for Christina. At the same time the Chief also gives Meredith the experience. Senior doctors guiding to the new generation. I love the scene where Meredith has her 30 seconds dance... I coudnt help laughting and later crying with Dr Thomass farewell.... Very good moments.... Thanks Shonda and the rest of the cast..
  • Excellent

    Excellent episode; very emotional. The writers are obviously incorporating the growth and maturing of the characters in their writing. The parallels between Meredith's case with her patient, and Christina's case with hers, were very interesting and poignant. William Daniels' portrayal of Dr. Thomas in this seasons' episodes has been outstanding; I hate to see him go. Many viewers would not have picked up on the significance of his line, "I'm not Craig! I'm Dr. Thomas!" This character's first name was Craig. But I think this was a clever reference to Daniels' Emmy-winning performances on "St. Elsewhere" years ago, on which he played "Dr. Craig." I think the side-story in this episode with Zola being sick was to show that Meredith is becoming more and more like her mother. Excellent episode.

  • Powerfull and unexpected

    This was a powerful episode. It made laugh and it made me cried. It was more focused on the medical drama than regular drama per se. Both Meredith and Cristina had big surgeries, like they usually always do, and most of the time the episode was focused on these. Meredith's was special because it was a young woman suffering from crush injuries, which reminded Mer (and the viewer) about Lexie's death. While Christina's was a big aneurism.

    Between surgeries and post ops Mer was dealing with Zola, who had a fever. Nothing interesting, I'm guessing the writers wanted something to divert the attention from the surgeries from time to time, but nothing big enough to take too much time.

    Nothing else was shown. We didn't see what's going on between Kepner and Avery, between Arizona and Callie or between Webber and momma Avery. The whole episode was focused on the two surgeries and Zola.

    However it was greatly done and it was necessity to focus only on the surgeries. That way the ending would be more shocking. When Mer's patient woke up, it was emotional. And during the last part of Christina's surgery Dr. Thomas died. He fell flat back. Which was also emotional, but was what Christina needed to make the decision to go back to Seattle. At last she did, in the end Christina appeared at Meredith's house, I'm hoping she is in Seattle to stay.

    I really hope they never split the screen again, but most importantly that echo was horrible and had no purpose.
  • I was moved

    I thought it was a great episode that had some of that special greys fairy dust over it. Had some magical moments which choked me. But that silly echo sound with split screen DID NOT WORK! Please never do that again, it spoiled all that they were saying (could barely make out the half of it).
  • Dull and Boring

    Really dragging for most part of the episode. Did think the Dr. Tomas farewell had the Grey ingredient so did the 30-second dance party scene!!! That surprisingly made me laugh out loud! I mean giggling laugh just when I was about to just walk away from the episode. This was when things picked up - when it apparently was about to end. So, no. Could have been a memorable episode but the meat of the show - what I call Grey Ingredient - came way too little too late. But hey! Maybe that was the intention.
  • No more echo!

    This episode was great except for the Meredith''s and Christina's echoed telephone voices. That was soo annoying and I soo hope that the producers do not do this again because one time was one too many!

    Also, I wish they didn't have to kill Dr. Thomas just when I was starting to like him and the way Christina was when with him.

  • Very touching episode.

    Best episode so far this season. The episode where Mark Sloan passed away was pretty epidemic but IMO, this is the best ep for this season so far.

    The focus on this episode is on Meredith and Christina. Just the 2 of them. No subplots to distract us from the main and only storyline. I do totally enjoy the interraction between Bailey and Grey in this ep tho, esp bout the part on crying babies and world domination. Hilarious! Everyone else had like 30secs screen time. Despite that, i love how the episode come together, building up the character and leading eventually to Christina's return to Seattle. It felt like the old Grey's Anatomy which i believe hardcore fans who followed the show all the way through from season 1 til now can relate to.

    Moving on, it is interesting, refreshing and creative to see a different presentation for this episode. I meant the part on them showing Christina and Meredith monitoring on their patients and performing separate surgeries at the same time. I wont mind another episode with such concept, although i would much prefer without the echos.

    Overall, i brawl like a little girl at the end so yup, i think it deserves a 10.
  • mr feeny!!!!!!

    How can someone kill mr feeny, it should be against the law!!!!!!

    The rest of the episode was ok, i love to hate watch this show