Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 5

Beautiful Doom

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • Powerfull and unexpected

    This was a powerful episode. It made laugh and it made me cried. It was more focused on the medical drama than regular drama per se. Both Meredith and Cristina had big surgeries, like they usually always do, and most of the time the episode was focused on these. Meredith's was special because it was a young woman suffering from crush injuries, which reminded Mer (and the viewer) about Lexie's death. While Christina's was a big aneurism.

    Between surgeries and post ops Mer was dealing with Zola, who had a fever. Nothing interesting, I'm guessing the writers wanted something to divert the attention from the surgeries from time to time, but nothing big enough to take too much time.

    Nothing else was shown. We didn't see what's going on between Kepner and Avery, between Arizona and Callie or between Webber and momma Avery. The whole episode was focused on the two surgeries and Zola.

    However it was greatly done and it was necessity to focus only on the surgeries. That way the ending would be more shocking. When Mer's patient woke up, it was emotional. And during the last part of Christina's surgery Dr. Thomas died. He fell flat back. Which was also emotional, but was what Christina needed to make the decision to go back to Seattle. At last she did, in the end Christina appeared at Meredith's house, I'm hoping she is in Seattle to stay.

    I really hope they never split the screen again, but most importantly that echo was horrible and had no purpose.
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