Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 15

Before and After

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • Derek tries to save Addison's brother.

    I love how on medical shows they always act like there's no way to possibly save a patient, then right at the end someone says hey what if we tried this (somehow they missed it originally despite being world-class doctors) and the patient is saved.

    That age-old television flaw was brought back tonight for this special cross-over edition. It was exciting to see Sam and Naomi in a different environment and for Addison to be back at Seattle Grace, but the episode just wasn't that great. The ending was predictable and the drama just wasn't there.

    We've all read reports about Izzie possibly leaving the show, and after this episode you truly see why. She deserves much better than orchestrating a relay race between interns.
  • And the crossover finally begins...

    The reason I give this episode a '10' is because (while it is a fictional television show), it still reminds us that we can try something new and different, and if it doesn't work, at least we tried. Sounds reminiscent of the George & Izzie storyline in S3/S4, but I digress. Anyway, I enjoyed the crossover of characters because it provided not only a little color to the 'gray' of this season, but it added a sense of reflection, a sense of today, and a sense of what's to come...especially when Addison says to Mark, "What happened to you?" These characters we've come to love have changed and not everything can stay the same...i.e. Hahn/Burke leaving, Addison moving, etc. All in all, great episode!
  • GA is back!

    After a beginning of season 5 quite lame - IMO - I think that GA seems to be definitely back on tracks!
    The crossover with Private Practice was brilliant. I had the feeling to be experiencing the show I 'fell' for a couple of years ago. The interaction between the characters was great, the medical cases were poignant and some lines were very funny. I still think that it's a shame Addison left Seattle Grace but every time she visits is a great moment. It was nice to have a Denny-free episode and seeing Izzie getting sick was disturbing, weird and sad at the same time. I just wish she would talk to Alex about it.

    The whole thing was very good. One drawback though: Sadie's exit reminds me of Hahn's one. Nobody ever noticed until now that she didn't know anything about medicine? That's very weird!

    Look forward to the next one, and it's been a while since I haven't been excited at the idea of a fresh episode!
  • This is the reason why I fell in love with this show.

    I miss Addison and I am happy to see her back in Seattle Grace. I felt bad for Meredith, though. But I applaud her for knowing where to stand.

    I just wish (sometimes) that the show will be able to focus on all the character that made the show what it is.

    I love Owen and Cristina. The way Cristina understands him and where his coming from. Great to see George again and seeing Sadie leave, its not that I don't like Sadie. I just don't see the point of putting her in the show.

    I do admit I love episode 14(Beat Your Heart Out) more. But each episode has its special moment.I just really hope Grey's Anatomy writers will stay out of the Denny scenes and other non-sense and surely they can make Grey's Anatomy stay on top of its game.
  • I liked both Grey's and PP's episodes for this crossover, I think it was just what both shows needed!

    Loved every minute of it! Addison, Sam, Naomi and even Archer removed from their sunshiny LA environment and thrown into the serious, life-saving, no-joke background of Seattle Grace was just the injection of originality PP needed. My favourite part was Miranda and Sam getting along so well together and even being on the brink of developing a friendship. Miranda is such an amazing personality, sparkling with intelligence and wit every line she delivers. So her intake on Sam's attitude towards Naomi's relationship with Archer was very refreshing. Noone can really be so cool about things like that! I think she gave Sam good reason to ponder on his future moves.

    Also, I loved Derek's antagonism with Archer - at the point where Archer thought the cysts had reformed and Derek stormed into the room and told him off I was so excited! I didn't think Derek had it in him but he sure put Archer in his place there! And I liked how he and Addison have figured out everything's over between them and there's no hard feelings left. I just hated them being off with eachother.

    Apart from that there was an important revelation about Owen and I believe one we needed, since he participated in a war and must have witnessed all these incredibly cruel things there - his friends being maimed or killed and himself bearing the responsibility for their lives the whole time - that we just couldn't dismiss it with a few dialogues. We had to see the real extent of the impact this war has had on him, and how broken and changed he really is. Christina understood him and it was great, to see this forgiving side of her character for the first time. Great epi in all accounts! Thumbs up for this one.
  • Absolutely Great Episode!

    So this episode was all about the crossover... and I loved it!

    We didnt get to see a lot from the merder relationship like lately, or more from Izzies disease, but it was worth it.

    Finally we know a little more about Dereks life before seattle, and to be honest I loved the fact that he's not all that serious. I mean, The guy actually had some fun with his friends... And they all seem like a fun gang. Addie, Naomi, Sam, and who would have tought... A singing Mark Sloan!

    About the medical I must say I was surprised on Mr. McDreamys God skills, he just took those worms in a sec. But of course what would be of our show without the extra complications? Lovely runner over wife had to have one thing after another... I love when things dont go so easy for the characters and they have to get over theirselves again and again...
  • Wonderful crossover episode with Private Practice.

    What a fantastic episode this was, along with the Private Practice episode that went with it. Derek was brilliant when he was performing Archer's operation evn though he clearly could not stand him. The worms were disgusting but I couldn't help watching. The other story with the pregnant woman was also incredibly well done. Owen's ex-fiancee turned up but it's clear that he is no longer interested in her and wants Cristina as she is the only one able to see the real hiim. Lighter moments were provided by Izzie and the interns having their competition. The whole episode was so good and really exceeded my expectations.
  • Cross-over event....

    This cross-over event was phenomenal. It was refreshing to see Addison back in the picture with Derek since him and Meredith are kind of like a boring couple sometimes. I can honestly say I loved seeing both of the shows characters together, it has been the best episode of the year for Grey's Anatomy and one of the best episodes for Private Practice, though this show is great in each episode that airs.
    As for the bad part for me was Archer's condition. He was supposed to have one of the most complicated surgery's for a Neurologist and no one would operate on something as complicated as that. Though suddenly the surgery was fast and as easy as anything else. Archer was awaken and laughing like nothing ever happened, that for me was a little exaggerated, dramatic and over the top.
    Anyways this collision/cross-over event was exciting, adventurous to try and the idea was very well exposed. Loved every minute of it and can't wait for next week episodes.
  • What happens when the two most powerful shows on televion collide together to make on very special episode....." Beat your heart out " happens.

    The crossover episode we all have been waiting for did not disappoint us in any way. Addison along with her best friends Namoi and Sam rush Addison's brother to hospital. Addison wants Derek to remove the parasites inside of her brother's brain but Derek is sure that her brother will not survive but after getting some guidnance from Sam, Derek pulled of the procedure with flying colours. You would think that's that the only thing that's happening in this episode, will it wasn't. A women shows up at the hospital who turnes out to be Owen's ex fiancee who he dumped in an e-mail. Christina's faith in Owen is shaken by what she has learned but all is forgotten when Owen's ex fiancee's dad goes into surgery because of cancer. If that's not enough drama for you, Meredith starts wondering whether she knew Derek after seeing him in his group and with his old friends. So much drama but it wasn't enough to depress us, well it would have been if Izzie didn't step in with her fun idea which was creating a game for the interns. Lexie eventually wins but Sadie is the big loser out of all of this after being discovered by George as a fake and so she quits. Other surgical cases in this episode included a pregant women with an anurism. I loved how the drama was distributed with humor like Addison learning how to pray and Callie's " Please help me get over the butterflies " Speech. Also it was very funny to see Addison learning about all the changes around her like when she said " What happened to you ?, " to Mark during her brother's surgery. Yes Grey's anatomy suxceeded in keeping me captive in the medical romance world ounce again. My favorite scene of this episode was when Owen told Christina that when she looks at him, she looks at the real him. This episode gets a ten out of ten :D
  • Another great episode!! What's going on with Izzie?

    Izzie is hosting the intern Olympics, and is looking for a prize for the winner. All of the interns are performing different tasks and diagnosing different diseases. And the winner is…little Grey. The most important thing is what is going on with Izzie? She is not seeing things right in front of her face and forgetting things. Is this the beginning of what Denny was coming for her for?

    Derek is looking for a way to save Addison's brother's life. He has parasites in sacs in his brain. He must find a way to remove 8 of them without rupturing and releasing them into his brain. He finds a way, by pulling them out one by one, saving Archer's life. Dr. Sheppard must also save a woman's life that has an aneurism in her brain. There are complications in the surgery, but it seems to be ok until after Dr. Sheppard leaves and the woman is having was appears to be a seizure as the show ends

    Owen's ex-fiancé is at the hospital with her father and sees him. She thought that he was still in Iraq. This all has an affect on Cristina and her view of Owen. The person that is being affected the most is Owen. A lot of our troops go to Iraq and Afghanistan as normal people and come back hollow shells. We should be very grateful for their sacrifice.
  • Excellent job done by the producers who gave the two shows what they needed to satisfy their audiences.

    The technique used to, finally, see Adison interact with our friends at Seattle Grace gave the shows a good push after falling apart (mostly Grey's Anatomy) in their stories. A good idea, under my opinion, because it's something you don't expect, and yet, if you are not following one of them, you must see the "parallel" chapter from the other show to fully enjoy the polt presented.

    Of course we will see how the shows take different routes from here but... we will always remember the magic moments in which all the characters come together again and in both shows.

    I sincerely hope that they do it again, this time in Los Angeles, instead Seattle.
  • good crossover

    The first part of the GA - PP crossover will definitely go down as one of the best and powerful episodes of the fifth season. The focus of this installment was definitely Derek and Addison, bringing back some good old Grey's moments. It was nice to see the characters from both shows gel together. Another good sequence was unarguably the friendship between Bailey and Sam, which we get a much greater doze in the PP part of the crossover. Storywise, Derek manages to cure Archer's incurable cysts in the brain, and makes a flaw in another relatively easy brain aneurysm surgery. Finally, we get to see more of George in this episode. And there is also a storyline that was centered around Izzy, though I don't really get the whole deal. And going by the recent casting shake up, we won't be seeing them both. Which brings me back to point that Izzy might have a brain tumor of some sort. We might also see Mellisa George also getting the boot, going by the developments in this episode. Apart from the Owen -plotline, this episode set the stage for the second part of the crossover.