Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sloan discovers, through a sonogram, that there is something wrong with his daughter's baby. Addison returns to Seattle Grace to help. She suggests performing a surgery on the fetus, to remove bands from the umbilical cord that are tangled around the baby. Sloan confronts Addison and asks her if she is suggesting this for revenge.

Addison performs this very risky surgery. She is able to remove one of the bands. When she attempts to remove the other, Sloan demands her to stop.

Cristina leads a surgery with a very complicated patient. The patient almost dies, but Cristina is able to save her. Cristina is thrilled, and then gets hit with the news from Owen that he is leaving Seattle, as is Teddy. Cristina begs Teddy to stay. Teddy said she would stay if Owen stays. Cristina, furious, yells at Teddy and tells her to take him.

Derek finds out that Dr. Bailey is taking special care of a patient, formerly under the care of the chief. Derek confronts Dr. Bailey about this and she tells him that she's romantically interested in the patient, but Derek doesn't believe her.

Derek's patient is a football player who needs to get his spleen removed. The patient panics because he personally does not want to play football anymore, but he also does not want to let his fans down. Derek suggests a solution to this problem, knee replacement surgery.

Alex and Reed continue to flirt, which irritates Meredith. She reminds Reed that Alex is still a married man. Meanwhile, Lexie breaks up with Mark after he invites his daughter to move in w/ him after giving birth. Lexie tries to talk to Mark about this, but Mark snaps back and tells Lexie not to make him choose between her and his daughter. Lexie realizes that if he were forced to choose, he would choose his daughter.

Lexie moves in with Meredith. She bumps into a fed up Alex and they kiss. Mark and his daughter head off to LA to have the surgery done by Addison.