Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • This Sloan/daughter story is rushed and awfully written.

    I cannot believe this storyline. We only met this daughter last week and she's already broken up Lexi and Sloan - WTF!? Not only is it totally unbelievable for Mark to choose her so early on but it's just so rushed and out of the blue. What happened to building up storylines? All the scenes with the daughter and Addison were painful to watch. I don't care and that's the writers fault. Awfully written storyline.

    Alex and Lexi sleeping together is just another thing to cause conflict. It's so sudden...why did it have to happen? What will it do? I thought Cristina starting to love being a doctor again was the highlight of the episode. That ending scene where she begged Teddy to stay was crazy! Would she really give up Owen for her career?

    The Meredith/Derek/Chief plot was interesting enough. I'm glad she told Derek about the drinking and hope we'll get some good (and well written) drama next week. Derek trying to set Bailey up was pretty funny. But overall this was a badly written Grey's going downhill? I'm afraid I think it is.
  • Addison came to Seattle to make a surgery to Mark's daughter, meantime Derek is investigating what is the reason why Miranda is doing all the Chief's surgery's and Dr. Altman allows Christina makes a solo surgery but with an ulterior motive.

    This is one of the most intense chapters I've seen in a while, the end is very shocking with unexpected outcome.

    The most part of the episode is entertaining with Derek putting his nose in Miranda's affairs, Karev with his unbalanced personality that characterizes him since Izzie gone, Sloan finally acting like a dad with his daughter Sloan, Christina is preparing a cardio surgery but the patient has a very peculiar personality, but near the final of the episode all turns upside down, Mark and Lexie have a breakup, Meredith confess Derek what happened with the Chief, something happened with Karev and Lexie, and Christina say an unexpected answer, all that gives an exciting final.
  • Not the best comeback, still good

    I was hoping for a better episode. In the middle of it I was thinking it was a bit slow...but this show has this 'thing' that, in the last 10 minutes, it gives you what you were expecting for the entire hour. At least that's how I feel about it.
    Again, it was not a great comeback, or the best episode of the season, whatever...but there were some good stuff going on: Bailey's single life speech (hilarious) Meredith being an adult, caring about Alex, Izzie and the Chief Addison (tough it was too short, she belongs to Seattle Grace) And of course the ending.
    Cristina and Teddy's plot seems a little weird but I'll wait to see where it goes, I learned that in season 5.
    I'm glad Grey's is back. Can't wait for next week.
  • Sloan and Lexie hit a roadblock in their relationship as little Sloan is in her darkest hour, and Addison returns; Meredith can't hide the Chief's secrets from Derek anymore; Cristina makes a huge sacrifice to keep her career and learning at bay.

    Ugh. I don't know if I like or hate this episode. It was ok I guess. The ending had me on the edge of my seat but apart from that the only good parts where Callzona (IDK w/e you call them) and Meredith telling off ugly fairy girl. Who was the actress that played the heart patient who couldn't make up her mind? She looked REAL familiar. The song at the end was really good. I know you want your learning Cristina, but was giving up Owen really what you wanted? They keep making Owen extremely unlikeable but I thought he was bearable in this episode. Teddy annoys me. But she's a regular so I just have to suck it up. I don't like where this show is going because I'm sure it's bound to get worse even if Izzie and Meredith are still there. George's death I don't understand how it could affect Season 6. He wasn't in season five as much but I thought that season was as good as it ever has been. Seriously writers, get it together!
  • Why?

    Alex and Lexie? Why does Grey's Anatomy feel the need to ruin a relationship when it's good? Lexie and Sloan were the perfect match and I think most fans would agree, and even if they don't end over this, this was just an unnecessary road block and really lame attempt at generating a cliffhanger.

    Can we stop with the Private Practice crossover episodes now? This is the 4th crossover story arc the two shows have done and Double P is only in its third season. That is just way too much.

    This episode to me was just really lacking in drama. Just not a good return from hiatus for Grey's.