Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • Not the best comeback, still good

    I was hoping for a better episode. In the middle of it I was thinking it was a bit slow...but this show has this 'thing' that, in the last 10 minutes, it gives you what you were expecting for the entire hour. At least that's how I feel about it.
    Again, it was not a great comeback, or the best episode of the season, whatever...but there were some good stuff going on: Bailey's single life speech (hilarious) Meredith being an adult, caring about Alex, Izzie and the Chief Addison (tough it was too short, she belongs to Seattle Grace) And of course the ending.
    Cristina and Teddy's plot seems a little weird but I'll wait to see where it goes, I learned that in season 5.
    I'm glad Grey's is back. Can't wait for next week.