Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • This Sloan/daughter story is rushed and awfully written.

    I cannot believe this storyline. We only met this daughter last week and she's already broken up Lexi and Sloan - WTF!? Not only is it totally unbelievable for Mark to choose her so early on but it's just so rushed and out of the blue. What happened to building up storylines? All the scenes with the daughter and Addison were painful to watch. I don't care and that's the writers fault. Awfully written storyline.

    Alex and Lexi sleeping together is just another thing to cause conflict. It's so sudden...why did it have to happen? What will it do? I thought Cristina starting to love being a doctor again was the highlight of the episode. That ending scene where she begged Teddy to stay was crazy! Would she really give up Owen for her career?

    The Meredith/Derek/Chief plot was interesting enough. I'm glad she told Derek about the drinking and hope we'll get some good (and well written) drama next week. Derek trying to set Bailey up was pretty funny. But overall this was a badly written Grey's going downhill? I'm afraid I think it is.