Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 23

Blues for Sister Someone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on ABC

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  • Oh, how I have missed Grey's! The 4 week hiatus was way too long :)

    My favorite part of the epsiode was the tension between Izzie and George. That was great. Well written. I beleive that Izzie is like me: she just wants to make sure he's happy and doing good. That\'s why she wants to know where he was living and how she was skeptical of Callie (and slightly still is as most fans are). They really haven't developed Callie that much- she's developed more on the Nurse's blog saying that she has had a crush on George for awhile even back when he operated on that patient in the elevator. Who knew? I didn't. The verdict is still out on how I like Callie as a character, but as long as George is happy, I'm happy.

    Next, Addison. I felt so bad for her! She did what the patient wanted and got in trouble for it (thanks to Alex) and the patient didn't have enough courage to speak up on Addison's behalf after Addison went out of her way to fulfill her wishes. Some people are....horrible. Anyways, I've always felt bad for Addison. She did try to get her marriage back on track. Even though she was the one that cheated on Derek, we have learned that Derek pulled away emotionally first and that she was lonely.

    As for Alex, he was horrible tonight. He has become just plain hateful. By the way, he violated HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act, he needs reprimanded. If viewers don't find out soon the reason Alex has been on such a downturn lately (if there is a reason) I am ready to write him off.

    Derek and Meredith. I am probably going to be criticized for saying this, but I don't care whether they end up together or not. BUT....I do have to say that Derek's look to her when he took Doc back to Finn was uncalled for- way too judgmental.

    Burke's scenes, especially the last were great and revealing. It was surprising to hear how he got to where he is now.

    I am so appreciative of this show, it makes Sundays more bearable- instead of worrying about school and work the next day I am completely wrapped up in yet another great episode.
  • Nothing happens that it wasn\'t expected to happen. George goes back to Meredith\'s, Meredith accepts a date with the vet and Izzie\'s guy continues to be sick on and off. A note to the writers of Meredith\'s lines: Nobody talks like that in real

    Nothing really happens that it wasn\'t expected to happen. George goes back to Meredith\'s house, Meredith accepts a date with the vet and Izzie\'s heart guy continues to be sick on and off. George and Burke continue to bond much to the dismay of Christina.
    The writers are out of control with the plot lines they are giving to a babbling Meredith. Nobody talks like that in real life!.
    Who actually answers when some unknown person asks for a date \"I\'m knitting a sweater\"?
    Meredith\'s babbling is starting to get on my nerves!
    The worse is that it seems that the writers are proud of the new mumbling, repetitive and annoying Meredith.
  • Great episode but I am still missing a few things.

    This was a great episode and was well written.
    Meredith is finally getting over Derek and she found her new McDreamy but I'm sure something will come between it.
    I also like that O'mally finally found a girls he really likes.

    The only thing I was missing on this episode was a medical case that was stunning. This was a pretty "quiet" episode.
    It was all about the relationships between the characters.
    Maybe Grey's anatomy needed an episode like this and I think we will find out in the next episodes.

    I can't wait for the next episode wich I think will be a good one.
  • Another great installment.

    George did it with Callie and then moved back home (at least for now). Yay! Izzie was annoying when she kept asking George so many questions (but the \"curious George\" part was funny). It\'s nice that the lawyer made George realize his friendship with Izzie was important.

    Addison might be in big trouble after following a patient\'s request, tying her tubes and then calling it a \"complication.\" And damn that Alex for ratting her out! At least there was a little vindication in that she\'ll be making Alex her bi-atch until further notice.

    And Denny got some sort of complicated heart machinery and now can walk, making Izzie very happy, but Dr. Bailey very mad.

    And in the love rectangle...Meredith went on a date with the Vet and birthed a horse. Previously she had heard that Derek and Addison were desperately trying to have sex, which she didn\'t really need to know. Then as she took a shower at the Vet\'s house (innocently of course) Derek walked in, saw them together and went home to have sex with his wife. But I can\'t help but wonder if he did it because he was sad/angry about Meredith, or if he was happy that she moved on and could finally do it himself... I guess we\'ll find out next week.

  • Oh, applause, applause. I've been waiting for another Grey's, and waiting for another Grey's that makes me laugh and think and want to cry. This one did it all.

    The Grey's writers have a way of keeping us guessing even when we think we've got it all figured out. I love the interplay between Alex and Addison. I'm glad Mer's moving on with things, and I adored McDreamy's reaction to seeing her in the good vet's apartment. As much as I'd love to forget about Mer and Der, some part of me just wants to see the two of them finally get together again. I don't know if that will ever happen, but I'm having a heckuva good time in the meantime watching all of the other things that happen.
  • Grey's is back from its small hiatus! Strong episode!

    A very interesting episode, though Burke and Christina didn't interest me as much as they usually do.. I didn't really think their case was that interesting but I loved their final moments... Really sweet :D

    Izzie and George? It was good to see some scenes again and I'm glad George is back at home.. I'm still not a fan of Callie Torres.. I'm not really interested in George and Callie's relationship.. I loved the scene where George said that he was busy doctoring when Izzie was wondering where he was living and all of a sudden Callie comes in and Izzie asks 'how's that doctoring going?' Good scene :) I'm loving that the patient remarked about the tension between them.. It made their scenes a bit more emberassing for them and more enjoyable for me :)

    Alex and Addison? Interesting case, though Alex had a few good points, he could have said it more nicely. I'm not hoping he's going to turn into a bitter man now that things are over between him and Izzie. It was fun how Addison got back at him by saying he'll get more cases like these :P
    Dr. Bailey was interesting too, especially how the chief kept an eye on her, funny! Good to have Bailey back!

    Finn (the vet) and Meredith?! I enjoyed their scenes.. I'm not rooting for this couple or anything but I enjoyed their scenes nonetheless.. The birthing a horse scene was fun as was the scene where Finn asked her out.. I'm knitting a sweater, gotta lover Mer's celibacy.. :)
    Derek and Addison, not a couple I'm rooting for either.. Their first scene was fun especially how Mer was on the other side of the line LMAO Can't say I enjoyed their last scene.. I feel like Derek only suggested it because he wasn't happy with seeing Mer coming down Finn's stairway in his clothes.. I feel like it was more an act of anger then an act of passion. About that scene, I love Derek's expression, it said more then a thousand words IMO, but his response was uncalled for. He chose Addison and he should let Meredith move on, he can't hold her back every time.. I'm hoping that this could be the wake up call for Derek I've been waiting for since a long time.. Though I felt sorry for the both of them in that scene.. Derek was really hurt and Mer was uncomfortable especially since she knows what Derek could be thinking of this... But I liked their elevator scenes... Funny! :)

    As for the PROMO! Seems like every relationship is hitting a rough patch.. And Derek calling Mer a whore? Very uncalled for.. though I'm looking forward to seeing that scene...

    Anyway, good episode... Really a good build up for the last few episodes of this season!
  • George and Callie are evolving, Cristhina learn more about burkes taste, Alex is still an idiot and meredith-derek-adisson triangle keeps getting better.

    This epi was really good, because we finally see crsitina bounding with burke and trying to learn a few things about him, it was also funny when the chief paddle in the back at doctor baylei, but my favorite part was, when derek saw meredith coming down with wet hair and a shirt from the doctor, in that moment when we see his face, you realize how much that hurt him, but what i dont get is: if he gets so angry about maredith dating o slepping with someone, he just have to dump his wife and return to meredith and problem solve. Because i cant see what more does he needs to realize that hi is still in love with meredith, and that he will always love her. Now talking about Callie, George and Izzie, it was pretty good that george return home and the look on izzie`s face when he does it cant be better. But in the end i could see why i love the show and its because we see human emotions in people that seem so cold, a lot of those doctors dont even have friends, there you see doctors takien care of each other even when the pretend they dont care.
  • pretty good> Merideth and Derick> will they ever be back together? ? ?

    Ok so this was really good. Burke's hero no longer wants the pacemaker which is keeping him alive. George moves back in sorta with Izzie and Merideth but brings Callie over. Addison does a good deed for a Catholic mother who no longer wants to have children. Because she made Alex mad, he tells the Catholic's husband to sue the hospital or Addison. Merideth goes on a date (Sorta) with McVet (aka Finn) but doesn't sleep with him. However she takes a shower at his place and Derrick thinks they have slept together because Doc was sick. Derrick goes home to Addison n the have sex. It was heartbreking because I know Derrick and Merideth belong together.
  • see below

    meredith is the most annoying thing about this show. she is a poor actress and yes, her lines are pathetic. knitting indeed. she makes me gag. also, does anyone else think callie is not pretty enough for tv? she has a totally weird body shape, no chin. i love that denny though, i really want a healthy one of my own. or a burke or sheppard, needless to say. even addison sheppard would do. God, i wish i had gone to med school instead of law school. why do these reviews have to be 100 words? not everyone wants to write a diatribe.
  • Plot: Addison and Alex fight over a catholic woman's baby maker. Derek has bad sex. Izzie and George make up. Denny is a walking robot. for more reviews go to

    Poor Addison; she gives up the guy she had on the side, moves all the way to Seattle, lives in a **** trailer park, and she has to put up with her husband drooling over Meredith all the time. He owes her some good sex! Sadly, it seems like Derek is having issues in that department. I mean when you see two incredibly hot people like that you just have to assume they have amazing sex. Addison’s patient certainly isn’t having any problems with her sex life. With seven kids, she has a virtual litter going on. She doesn’t want to have anymore kids but her husband doesn’t believe in contraception so she asks Addison to secretly tie her tubes. Ok, here is my problem with some overly religious people. There is nothing wrong with being religious, and I got nothing against Catholics; but you don’t believe in contraception, come on people! That’s ridiculous. Contraception didn’t exist in the time of the bible, and they didn’t have to deal with problems of economics, over population and STDs. If taking your religion so literally means that your own wife has to lie to you to live her life and be happy, then there is something seriously wrong with your religious interpretation.

    Addision decides to help the woman out and ties her tubes. Alex is really pissed about this and basically tells the husband, which may have serious legal complications for Addison. I suppose Alex was simply standing up for what he believed in, but if you ask me, he is a selfish, self centered, jerk.

    Derek’s patient is a divorce attorney suffering from seizures. Derek can barely contain himself from hiring her to do away with his loveless marriage. In order for Derek to operate on the woman, she has to have a seizure so he can localize the affected areas of her brain. However, with George and Izzie around she is just having too much fun to be sick. She finally has a seizure and realizes that fighting and being around negative people is the trigger. So she decides to change her life and profession. I wish cool interns hung out with me when I went to the hospital. I just sat around in my underwear and paper dress for a couple hours until I was released. Maybe I could have had a life changing experience. Those selfish interns, too good to hang out with me!

    Dr. Burke’s patient was an obvious goner, but his death provides some interesting insight in to Burke’s character. We learn that Burke had to struggle to become the best doctor. What he lacked in natural talent, he made up for in determination and hard work. Christina and Burke grow a little closer and I find myself increasingly enjoying the progression of their relationship.

    The least interesting aspect of the episode once again is Meredith’s story. Meredith manages to give up men and drama for about five minutes. She falls for Finn, Derek’s veterinarian. This guy is pretty much a Derek clone in personality, but I guess we all have our types. Still for god’s sake Meredith, get some distance from Derek. Its bad enough you work with him, now you are going to date his vet? Who’s next, his plumber? Anything to stay in his life babe. Also, how annoying was it when she came down the stairs and saw Derek and acted all surprised? I wanted to slap her stupid face.

    Parting Thoughts: Who thinks its time for Meredith to face the judgment of the Tribal Council? Vote that **** of the island!
  • Everything is just too predictable.

    I love this show but we need some thing new, the plot is just getting boring. Alex is once again too good for something and is a total jerk in the process. Izzy is still getting close to her possibly terminal heart patiant, which is making Baily mad (never a good idea). Christina is trying to get closer to Berk then George wich is not turning out good because she knows barly anything about him. Then theres Meridith. Will she just make up her mind. One minute she's swearing off men and knitting a sweater then she's helping a very good looking vet give birth to a horse and then staying for dinner. Hopefully the next episode will deliver something more.
  • Rooting for McVet.

    The dialog in this episode was a little predictable.

    I like the vet a lot. Meredith should get over her stupid little neuroses, stop whining about her knitting and celibacy, and just go for it. I think it was really sweet that Finn did not even show any sign of being upset that Meredith didn't want to sleep with him.

    I like that Addison and Derek ended up working things out, but again, we know it will only last for so long.

    Cristina’s disdain for the vet was very arrogant. I thought it was obnoxious that she thought he was so much lower than she is.
  • The Start of the end.

    That episode was a start of the end..because the writers showed us that isn't always our way of life the best way of life...The lawyer was a really nice way to show George that people mess things up all the time.

    At the end of the episode I was cheering for Finn so hard that I wanna to meredith sleep with him at the moment.

    What I didn't get it was if Derek was getting back at meredith with the hot sex or if he really wanna to get it right with Addison.

    Really nice episode but I bet a lot better is coming.
  • The rythm of life.

    Eugene Foote comes to Seattle Grace Hospital because he wants his pacemaker out of his heart. It is ruining his rythm and he can't play his violine well enough as he used once. Preston is a great admirerer but he dies on his table.
    Ms. Graber a divorce lawyer was absolutely hilarious. She getting seizures and talk with Derek about bad sex and her divorce tips were so Funny and Hilarious :D
    Rose comes to hospital and she is about to give a birth to a seventh child but asks Addison to do in a strictest confidence. Alex blew it all up and Addison got him resigned to her service.
    Amazing episode really especially becuase of Graber lady, the divorce lawyer. :D
  • What a wonderful episode!

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of GA for a fantastic episode!

    I really enjoyed watching this episode, and recently I had been disappointed with some of the GA episodes. The Addison-Alex storyline was the one storyline that really stood out to me. Addison is a really strong character, and how she handled the situation with the woman wanting an hysterectomy was great. Many doctors could've just admitted that the patient requested the surgical procedure, but not Addison.

    ...And poor Burke. I actually really felt sorry for him.
  • Basically in this episode...

    Addison's has to deal with a patient who is of the Catholic faith and is a mother of seven. She asks Addison to tie her tubes while she is performing her C-section so that she can’t have anymore kinds. Addison gets in trouble after trying to help her patient, learning that the patient's husband is planning to sue until and unless the “complications” of the surgery are explained. The only reason she gets in trouble is because of Karev…man I hate that guy…but you have to respect his guts. Derek is treating a divorce attorney who asks if Derek is in need of her services because she can sense that he has been having bad sex. Izzie is busy trying to find out where George has been living, and eventually George moves back in at Meredith’s. Burke has to perform heart surgery on a legendary jazz musician, who is also his personal hero, but eventually looses him in the OR. Finn (McVet) asks Meredith out who eventually goes on to birth a horse and back to Finn’s place for a shower and breakfast. Basically in this episode we learn some insight into Burks life, George is starting to forgive Meredith, Meredith is moving on, and well as I have always said...Addison is super HOT!!!
  • I\'m just going to say: FINALLY!

    Finally! Meredith is getting a life out side of Derek. She is finally starting a real relationship, and she is finally doing things right. At least so far.
    She is still NOT having sex, but is dating Finn(McVet). I’ve always been a Meredith and Derek fan, and deep, deep, deeeeeeep down I still am. But I have to say that when it comes to Meredith, he is a selfish jerk.
    He convinced her to date him, made her fall for him, got her hopes up but somehow, it slipped his mind to tell her he’s married! Then his wife showed up, but he still went after Meredith, and just when she forgave him he dumped her. And just too rub it in, he asked her to be friends! Let me just say: Seriously!
    Finn is very dreamy, and he’s definitely more than a Derek replacement. He’s serious competition. And the fact that he didn’t even try to jump into bed with Meredith actually makes him better than Derek.
    Burke and Christina are still going strong, and the fact that he told Christina that “he wasn’t the most talented surgeon but he was the best” because he practiced, and she just listened and understood, makes me fear for their relationship. Because let’s face it, this is TV, things fall apart right after they get great. And this moment between them was so great that I fear there’s no way but down for their relationship.
    I really hope George is really over Meredith, because Callie really likes him, and she’s really good for him.
  • George bad haircut, move back in. Christina deals with George/Burke friendship as well as Burke loss as he reveals a new side. Derek/Addison bad sex and open about it. Alex's a jerk. Bailey is getting mommy trailed. Izzie still flirts with denny. Mer date

    Wow great to have it back! I like that Meredith seems to want to be happy, even though she kinda look like crap. The whole epi seems to go on fast, and un-greysanatomy like. Seriously the balance was off but still I always love the show. The reason I gave the classification \"they did this one already\" was because I believe it is not the first time grey\'s anatomy pulled a storyline, or a case similar to House. The Burke case Foote reminded me of the House case about one of his favorite Jazz clarinette player. But I believe it is alright to do so since I\'m a huge fan of Grey and I think the way they pulled everything is simply addictive. I\'m afraid it wasn\'t as good as it can be but still, I missed it alot!