Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 4

Brave New World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richard tells the residents that they can not specialize any longer. Although Cristina is mad that she is assigned to the clinic, she discloses her cardio tips with Meredith.

Callie is anxious about her first real date with Erica and tells Miranda about this nervousness. Miranda tells her to think of it as a sort of trip to a foreign country. During dinner, Erica tells Callie that there is a lot of undiscovered territory above the belt.

Izzie is upset that Alex stole a case that she diagnosed. Izzie goes back to her patient and tells him that Alex is off his game and the patient asks her to be reassigned to his case. Alex protests and Izzie lets him know that she's done "covering his ass." Derek tells them both that he will throw them out of the program if they pull something like that again.

Cristina is brought to the dermatology department because of a patient with a rash. After she sees the privileges that the department gets, such as massages, she becomes amazed that it is the same hospital. Meredith, George, and Izzie are amazed at how relaxed and civil the department is. Over there, fighting over surgeries does not happen. But after the day's end, they realize how bored they would be without cases of life and death.

After George passes his intern exam, he tells Izzie and Meredith first, leaving Lexie at the hospital. At Joe's, Lexie decides to have drinks by herself at the bar rather than sit at George's table.

As Derek is cleaning out Meredith's mother's home office, he finds an old diary of hers. Meredith is upset that Derek is snooping around. Derek tells her that he can move out but Meredith insists he should stay. Meredith takes the diary and she and Cristina read it aloud.

Alex apologizes to Izzie for his unkind ways after going through the breakup with Ava and Izzie's resentment towards him goes away.
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