Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 4

Brave New World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on ABC

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  • Its back!

    Finally Grey's Anatomy is back! Well done to the writters who finally after three episodes have got it right! Bailey is back with her unique perspective of 'new ground' which i found both funny yet had some in depth wisdom to it!

    It was an episode that centerd around George and this is where i might be slightly biased but he is amazing and i'm pleased he is now not an intern. I loved christinas rections to the new narnia that they discover in the hospital. Finally the chracters are back to there witty selfs. Although i still think Izzy should have better story lines she hasn't really done anything yet this season and the dispute between her and Alex is getting a bit tierdsome.

    Is it just me or is the McDreamy couple becoming annoying? If I was Merideth i wouldn't have even invited him to stay. He is beggining to rule the house and he has only been there five minutes! I'm getting bored with their relationship and i wish something would happen. Either its on or its off please decide because it can't go on the way it is.

    so to conclude it was a funny, character developing yet full of dramatic tension episode. Lets hope there is more episodes like this to come.
  • It sure is a Brave New World!

    Brave New World - Alex is still mad at Izzie. Meredith gets mad at Derek for finding her mother's diary. Cristina and Callie move in to their new apartment. Callie and Erica finally have their first date! Cristina finds the Dermatology department of the hospital, a place that her nor any resident has seen before, and she likes it.

    Wow, what a great episode! It's really getting back to the Grey's everybody loves! I liked the Dermatology storyline. I thought it was really funny how Yang loved it and was showing all the other residents and were pretty much watching all the residents of the Derm. dept. haha. By midseason, Grey's should be truly BACK!
  • truly a brave new world

    We finally see development in the Gray/Shepherd relationship, and a few other.

    I like the part in the dermatologists office, when Izzy, Meradith and Christina sit on the sofa and watch the bizzar world of dermatology. It troubled my as to why the writers choose the title "Brave New World" ( which is a book by Aldous Huxley about a alternative reality where the concept of the traditional family does not exists, and the only emotion is a form of drug, where people are divided into Alphas and Betas). Then I remembered the scene on the sofa where the perception Christina had on dermatologists was in fact the way characters were portrayed in the book. i hope that this episode means that the problems of the past are resolved and that the plot will take a new direction. The last scene with christina and meradith in the trailer, is a good indication that the writers are ready to present some new material.

    On a side note while I do like gray's anatomy, I do not agree with konstantina_gr that it is better than House ( still think that House was robbed of a few well deserved emmys) .
  • Funny, revealing, surprising.

    Yes, an episode I can get excited about again. Derek finally gets that he sometimes pushes too hard. I was getting annoyed with him not respecting Meredith taking baby-steps. But were was her shrink in all this? Pretty big thing finding that diary. Maybe next episode.

    Christina was good, but a bit out of character. Why would she like derm so much? She's too hardcore for that sort of thing. Izzy and Alex talk about the way they're treating each other. He isn't that bad, just doesn't know what to do with all of his feelings. Good thing Izzy stood up for herself!

    And at last the story about Cally and Erica gets interesting. The scene in the restaurant was great. Good acting from Cally and there was just something about the setting that made me smile. Let's not forget the kid, Duncan. Whoa! That face even gives me nightmares and he didn't even twitch! Funny :)
  • We discover a part of the hospital, which no one has ever seen before

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy the following happens. We see Christina and Callie moving into their new apartment. Hahn asks Callie if she wants to go out with her on a proper date and she agrees. Meredith is given one of her mother's Journals by Derek. She is freaked out that he found it and at the end of the episode Meredith and Christina read it together. They are waiting for the results of George's intern exam. Callie tells Bailey about her date with Hahn and Bailey is left completely speechless. Christina discovers a part of the hospital which she has never been to before. It's like entering another world. Bailey sees Hahn staring at Callie all lovey dovey and just has this weird look on her face as if she's saying am I seeing what I think I'm seeing.
    George gets the test results and we find out that he passed. Hahn and Callie have their date.
  • interesting but not the best

    Mer & Der learning the art of communication. its really nice change and definitely more pleasant to watch then their pity-fest of on-again off-again relationship from previous seasons. Cristina fastinated with the warm and fuzzy world of dermathology was just hilarious. Erica & Callie are developing an interesting relationship but in this episode I liked Baileys reaction to them the most. George may be the sweetest guy around but he is also incredibly insensitive and oblivious. its a real mystery how someone so selfless can be so self absorbed. and last but not least - Alex and Izzie. my favorites. they are clearing the air between them and its nice. I know that Alex is often seen as a jerk and ass but Izzie can be a real b*tch too when she wants to. though its usualy Alex who brinngs this side of her out. Callie used to too. at the end of the day they are more alike then one would guess.
  • "We are not happy glowy people"...Well, actually they are

    Fourth episode down the belt and the fifth season seems to step further in its shiny new world. Maybe not so much is happening but the tone is definitely an improvement. The episode is nearly built around the undiscovered area in the Seattle Grace aka. the dermatology section where our characters question why their lives are not similarly idyllic and iridescent. And Christina is the first to realize this necessity, thus the brave new world. The jostle between Izzie and Alex draws its final stage with Izzie getting all cowboy (or girl) on Alex. George finally passes his intern exam and the drama of a possible failure is spared for us. Callie and Erica test their flirting skills with the offical first date and the future seems buoyant for now. And Meredith is not the old Meredith, she has grown a lot over the last one year and the whole diary thing from the past vindicates this (if she had discovered that diary on season 3, she would definitely have committed suicide or alternatively got rueful for 4 to 5 episodes). Oh and Bailey..True that we have not seen much of her lately but the whole "undiscovered country" conversation was hilarious. The surgeries were peripheral to the theme this time but hey, I really enjoy watching the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy. So far so good.
  • Karev steals Izzie's patient, Meredith finds her mother's diary, George passes his intern test

    When I chose "average" for my description of this episode, that should not entail that this was a weak offering. The 8.0 score is fair as there was a lot going on here, but unfortunately a lot of rubbish. You'd have to be a blinkard to be entertained by Christina staring at the "lotion appliers" for the entire episode. She's the most irritating cast member but when she's involved in garbage like this she's even more annoying.

    As usual Izzie had the most compelling storyline. Katherine Heigl is doing extremely well this season despite being given the same weak writing she complained about last year. Izzie is just so fun to watch and like Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl even when she's being bad and manipulative you root for her.

    I don't know why they're going forward with this Erica/Callie storyline. I have nothing against gay people, but this just isn't necessary on the program right now.

    I do like Derek acting more aggressive and not wanting the drama carrying over into his OR. Him and Richard being more strict is not only fun to watch, but it makes those who are struggling with relationship problems seem more interesting.

    An okay episode, but GA is far from the best show on television.
  • Finally, O'Malley gets the break he deserves!!!.

    This episode was one of those that i truly enjoyed watching and made it perfectly clear to me, why is it that I watch these series, when I'm not actually a big fan of dramas. This was well written, it made me think, got me sad at some points and I laughed at Bailey's face when she found out about the developing lesbian relationship, or when Cristina, takes her shoes off and finds solace at the dermatology couch. Oh yeah, finally O'Malley gets the break he deserves and proves that he deserves to be a resident like the rest of them. It made me wonder what will happen with some of them at some points, which is good when I watch these types of shows. Two thumbs up!!
  • A great episode

    One thing about this episode that I didn't like was that Cristina seems to think she can do whatever she wants. But the rest of the episode was GREAT. It was refreshing to FINALLY have an overall great episode of this show rather than one that is good but gets lame near the end -- like last episode, which had a great storyline but had every single patient repeating something to themselves all meaningful-like. This episode had a great storyline and it focused on the doctors and it had excellent character development for Izzie and Alex and Meredith and Derek and Callie and Erica. Bailey is funny as always. The Lexie George storyline is verging on better not be where she spends week after week blindly catering to him/swooning over him. Something more interesting better happen with that...I hope that Lexie isn't just written as a weak/pathetic character, I hope she has more traits too.
  • Izzy and Alex battle over a neurological surgery case.

    Yet again, the best medical drama on TV delivers the goods. Brave New World - Grey's third installment of the season was impeccable example of how well paced sequences and plot development can make or break a show. This one was marked by a cluster of arbitrary story lines, put together in the right order and finally ends on a happy note. I am sure the viewers would simply adore George after watching this episode. The way he convinces a kid with a heart condition to get over his fear of surgery is sweet. And yes, he finally clears his intern exam and is now a resident. As a parallel plot, Izzy takes a cue from Sloan and confronts Alex, and proves that she deserves to be treated better than a door mat. Bailey has provided some good comedic sequences this installment. As a matter of fact, I found portions of this episode outrageously funny - in fact funnier than shows that categorize themselves in the comedy genre. The other comic part was provided by Christina, who discovers there's actually a different world in the Dermatological wing. Toward the end, I can't help but feel sorry for Lexie. The last part was a bit heart wrenching, and most of the viewers would be wondering why would George turn out to be such a jerk. The good side of Alex has been covered more this episode. In the final bar scene, where he tells Izzy that the only reason why he treats her like scum, is because she is his only best friend, is beyond description. In fact, it is parts like these that make up the vital ingredients of a classic drama. And Grey's only raises the bar for the same.