Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 4

Brave New World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Meredith starts reading her mother's diary the date on the first page is Oct. 13, 1977.

    • Goof: When George is showing Dustin the video camera in the OR, he twists it back and forth, so that the picture on the monitor moves too. When the shot cuts away from the OR monitor, the image of Dustin is at an angle. In the next shot, the image is at a completely different angle, even though George let go of the camera.

    • At the end of the episode you can see a "Dermatology" sign on the door of trailer. It looks like an actual Derm sign that one of them stole perhaps, as opposed to a simple sign with the word "Dermatology" written on it.

  • Quotes

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We like to think we're fearless, eager to explore unknown lands and soak up new experiences, but the fact is, we're always terrified. Maybe the terror is part of the attraction. Some people go to horror movies. We cut things open. Dive into dark water. And at the end of the day, isn't that what you'd rather to hear about? If you've got one drink and one friend and 45 minutes. Slow rides make for boring stories. A little calamity. Now that's worth talking about.

    • Derek: I could always move back to the trailer.
      Meredith: No, I want you here. I mean, I might not always be so graceful about it but... I want you here. You need a place for your things, it's not an unreasonable request. You can use this for your den or office or whatever.
      Derek: It's your mom's den.
      Meredith: But she's not here, and you are.
      Derek: What about you? You need some place that you could go, get away to.
      Meredith: Well, I could always go to Cristina's or whatever.
      Derek: I think I have a better idea. (next shot is with Meredith and Cristina in Derek's trailer)

    • Callie: We need to have rules, okay?
      Erica: What?
      Callie: Rules. We- we need rules about how we're going to deal with the motherland because it's undiscovered country. And... maybe, maybe it'll be the best vacation either of us has ever had but... It's mysterious and dark, and there needs to be rules. Oh, and an embassy and a safe word.
      Erica: I'm sorry, what the hell are you talking about?
      Callie: Below. ... Below the Mason-Dixon line... of your pants. I'm not sure that I'm ready to go there.
      Erica: Me neither. ... I... there's lots of undiscovered territory about the belt. Uh... we can take it slow. Maybe... just first base?
      Callie (exhales): Whoo! Okay. Thank you. Sorry.
      Erica: Finish my wine, and I'm gonna look at the menu for a minute while your blood pressure drops back down to normal.
      Callie: ... Erica. Maybe second base too.

    • Alex (to Izzie): I know, okay? I know I'm being an ass. I can't help it. I'm pissed off... all the time. So much that I can't even breath. But you can't be pissed at crazy chick for losing her mind, so there's no one else to be pissed at except you. Nobody else.

    • (Cristina, Meredith and Izzie are sitting in the Dermatology wing)
      Izzie: Did I miss anything good?
      Meredith: You're gonna love this. The red head just gave the short one a case because she thought he'd find it interesting. A pylogentic granoloma.
      Cristina: Just gave it away.
      Izzie: We could transfer. Maybe we'd be happier.
      Cristina: We'd die from boredom.
      Meredith: I'd die with great skill.
      Cristina: I had the biggest derm emergency that exists today, and it was fun for about a minute because the woman almost died but then we saved her and all she needed was a stupid biospy.
      Izzie: I torn a guy's face off.
      Meredith: I reattached a corinary artery.
      Cristina: I hate you both. We are not happy, glowy people.
      Izzie & Meredith: Yeah.
      Cristina: We need to get out of here.
      Izzie & Meredith: Yeah.

    • (After Meredith stitches up a heart)
      Erica: Beautiful. You can tell Dr. Yang that she's a better teacher than I would've thought.
      Meredith: Sorry.
      Erica: Save it. If your colleagues know more than you do, milk 'em for all their worth. You lie to me again about your experience and the only heart you'll ever see is yours as I'm cutting it out of your chest with a steak knife.

    • (Cristina, Meredith and Izzie are sitting in the Dermatology wing)
      George: Mer, I need you.
      Cristina: Sshhh! You're harshing the vibe.
      George: What are you doing?
      Izzie: Cristina found this magical world where doctors are happy and patients are pleasant. And no one is screaming or stealing surgeries. Everyone just... rubs each other all day long.
      George: You don't wanna be dermatologists. Dermatologists apply lotion for a living.
      Cristina: Yeah, that's the point. Come here. (he sits next to her) They're empty inside. Completely divoid, bloodless, they don't need to fight for anything. They don't wanna cut anyone open they just... love lotion! Do you know how much easier our life would be if we could just love lotion? How do you think they got that way?
      Meredith: Their mothers didn't leave diaries around for them to read.
      Izzie: Sloan told me today to stake my claim in the wild wild west. So I went all cowboy on Alex's ass and I still don't have my surgery. These women, they do not need to stake a claim.
      George (gets up): O-kay! Y'all need to snap out of it. Izzie. In the wild wild west, there's always a woman in the saloon and nobody messes with her even though they all have guns.
      Izzie: She's a prostitute. The woman in the saloon is a whore, George.
      George: No, she just has other skills that she uses to make her way in the world. So, just uh... use what you got. (grabs her arm, and lulls her off the coach, he moves on to Mer) Mer, I'm gonna take this and I need you to help me sell and idea to Hahn and the Chief. (grabs her arm and pulls her up) Cristina?
      Cristina: Huh?
      George: You're comin' too. (Cristina is still laying on the couch) Cristina!

    • Alex: You stole my surgery.
      Izzie: No, you stole my surgery! Using me as a doormat is one thing, but screwing with my career is another. I have been wiping your snot and covering your ass for weeks now and all you've done is abuse me and for a little while you get to do that because you're heartbroken and pathetic and I'm a good friend. But it ends now. Get your own surgeries and wipe your own snot.

    • Bailey: I don't talk about sex.
      Callie: Please, let's just pretend that I didn't say a single word.
      Bailey: I don't talk about sex with anyone, ever. Not any kind of sex.
      Callie: Bailey, I am begging you--
      Bailey: Shh! ... The va-jay-jay, is undiscovered country. It is the motherland, you've never traveled there, you don't know it's customs and ways. Now me, I've always wanted to go to Africa, uh but if I go, I'm gonna have to learn a few things first. I'm going to have prepare. I'll need shots, um... bring my own syringes in case something goes wrong, and I'll wanna know how to get to the embassy. Just...
      Callie: Bailey, okay, now you've lost me.
      Bailey: ... Just talk about it. Not with me. With the other one. Talk about the rules, the expectations, figure out how to gracefully dimer if you find that you don't the... local cuisine. In Ethopia they eat stew off of spongy sour bread. That's not for everyone.

    • (Cristina and Meredith are still sitting on the couch in the Dermatology wing)
      Cristina: What'd you do with the diary?
      Meredith: It's in my locker.
      Cristina: Did you want me to screen it for you? I'll magic marker out all the scary parts.
      Meredith: Nope. No one's reading it.
      Izzie (walks in): Alex stole my patient with a grapefruit growing behind his eyes and you're boyfriend couldn't give a crap. And just in case I wasn't sure he actually said the words, 'I don't give a crap.'
      Cristina: Okay, see that guy there? He's a resident. He's dragging because he got too much sleep last night. Uh huh. Too much.
      Izzie: What?
      Cristina: It's like watching a living freak show. (Izzie sits on the couch with them)

    • Izzie: Dr. Shepherd, that is my patient. I'm sure that you could use another resident.
      Derek: Stevens, I am not the traffic cop on the playground.
      Izzie: No, it's not the playground. It's the wild wild west, and you are the sheriff. Can't you be the sheriff? (Derek shakes his head, and continues walking)
      Alex: I'll think of you when we crack this guy's head open.
      Izzie: I am not letting you do this, Alex. Do not walk away from me, Karev! Give me back my surgery or (throws something at him, it hits him and he keeps walking) I'll shoot your ass off! (a Nurse is staring at Izzie) ... He stole a very big surgery. (Nurse continues to stare) I'll pick it up.

    • (Cristina pages Meredith to the Dermatology wing)
      Cristina: Look, they're residents. (pointing) That one made a 7 layer cake for that one's birthday. And that one's girlfriend is taking him skiing this weekend. Oh, and this one's the best. This one leaves to go get a facial. And she told her attending, and her attending was happy because they have to have facials, they're dematologists. (seeing someone carrying a massage chair) Look, look, the hospital has hired someone to rub them. Full time.
      Meredith: I bet their boyfriends don't go digging around in their closets without asking.
      Cristina: Hmm. Never.
      Meredith: Oh, I told Hahn I knew how to do a corinary artery reinastimosis.
      Cristina (laughs): You don't.
      Meredith: I know. I looked it up, but the kid's 8, he's got tiny little arteries.
      Cristina: Okay, you know what, snag me some of those grapes there and I'll teach you. Oh, and then find Dr. Daisy Pepman and ask her for a suture kit.
      Meredith: Dr. Daisy Pepman?
      Cristina: She's a resident. And she pours fruity drinks, 'cause she has time for that kinda thing. And I like saying her name.
      Meredith: So is that hyphnated or did her parents name her Daisy?
      Cristina: You know what? No mocking. There is no mocking in Derm. Only warmth, and light.

    • Mark: Which one of your roomates will be assisting?
      Derek: Karev.
      Izzie (walks in): Dr. Shepherd, I want back on this case. This is my patient, Alex stole him from me. Remember when I was telling you--
      Derek: Dr. Stevens, let's be clear in this hospital I am not your roommate. I don't give a crap about your personal problems. I have a resident I don't need another one.
      Alex (walks in): The patient's in his room if you wanna go over the procedure with him.
      Derek: Great. (walks out)
      Izzie: You son of a bitch.
      Alex: Go cry to somebody who cares. (leaves)
      Izzie: This is my case! It isn't fair!
      Mark: Surgery's like the wild west. You didn't get your claim in Montana from the bank, you got it because you put a fence around it and shot the ass of anyone who walked by. Karev's a cowboy, you're not.

    • Bailey: They have the nerve to be indignant about how they're not aloud to be on their specialties anymore. They don't have specialties! They should be grateful that they're even aloud in the... Are you listenin' to me?
      Callie: ... I'm going on a date with Erica Hahn and uh... it's awkward because she's a colleague, and because she's an attending, and because she's a she. ... And uh, there's been kissing but uh, no touching, and what if I'm not into it? What if-- What if I'm horrible at all that stuff... south... of the border. Because I've never been south of the boarder, with a female. I mean, I've never even been over the uh... northern mountains, you know what I'm saying? (Bailey is just staring at her with her mouth open, shocked) We're gonna pretend this didn't happen.

    • Meredith: So, Hahn is doing a Ross procedure and she thinks that I'm a moron.
      Cristina: Okay, first of all it's called a pulminary autograph. She likes techniqual names, okay. Tell her you're excited to watch her harvest a pulmimary valve using her septial sparing technique, if you cut too much of the septial muscle, the patient won't be able to come off the pump.
      Meredith: None of that is in the book.
      Cristina: It's the key to the case. It'll make you sound like you've been around the block once or twice.
      Meredith: Perfect.
      Cristina: I can't believe that I'm giving you all of my best stuff. You totally don't deserve it.

    • Derek: I didn't read the diary. I just found it and put it on the table.
      Mark: I would've read it.
      Derek: Every time I actually do something to move into the house, she freaks out.
      Mark: What are you gonna do with the trailer?
      Derek: No.
      Mark: Come on.
      Derek: No, 'cause there's a very real possiblity that she kicks me out in a week. I'm not letting go of the trailer.

    • Meredith: Sorry.
      Cristina: Oh my God, you're totally not sorry, you're psyched you got Hahn. And if you're not you should be.
      Meredith: She's terrifying. And you have given her unreal expectations as to what a resident should know.
      Cristina: Just scan over the material. And don't get all warm and fuzzy with the patients, she hates that.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Cristina: If you have any questions just come and ask me. I'll be in the clinic putting band-aids on stupid whiners who don't have the balls to get real injuries.

    • Bailey: Grey you're on cardio with Hahn today.
      Cristina: Wh-Wh--
      Bailey: Stevens and Karev pit.
      Alex: Oh, come on.
      Izzie: The Chief wants us to have a change, that's not a change. I'm always stuck in the pit with Alex.
      Bailey: When the Chief said don't harang Dr. Bailey, what do you think he meant? ... Yang. Clinic.
      Cristina: Wh-What? No. No!
      Izzie: Wait, wait. The clinic is mine. I say how it's staffed. She'll just ruin it.
      Cristina: Yeah, I will, I'll ruin it.
      Izzie: So just let me do it.
      Bailey: No. You will not. You will do what I say. And since Yang couldn't be bother to show up at the clinic since it opened, think of it as a new frontier in her training.

    • Lexie: Hey you passed. We're gonna go to Joe's tonight and we're gonna celebrate. I'm gonna buy you a beer and all the peanuts you can eat.
      George: What if I didn't pass?
      Lexie: Well, then I'm still buying you a beer. Beer for losers.

    • Cristina: You haven't read it yet?
      Meredith: No. I don't wanna hear what she thought about me. I've heard enough of that already.
      Cristina: What's worse? If you're in it, or if you're not in it?
      Meredith: I don't know. But see, why is he in the study, rooting around in closets... tryin' to dig up my mother's ghost?
      Cristina: I think because you invited him.

    • Meredith: You keep a diary? Have I not known that all this time that you keep a diary?
      Derek: No, no I- I don't.
      Meredith (laughs): Oh, don't be shy, I think it's cute. I won't read it.
      Derek: Meredith, it's not mine.
      Meredith: Who's is it?
      Derek: Your mother's. ... It was in a big box full of old issues of the New England Journal of Medicine...
      Meredith: Did you read it?
      Derek: No. I brought it up here for you.
      Meredith: Why were you going through her things?
      Derek: I was trying to find space for my clothes. Your closet is full.
      Meredith: Oh.

    • Meredith (about Erica): Okay, she's kinda scaring me now.
      Cristina: That's because she's scary. Callie needs a new best friend.

    • Erica: Do you wanna go on a date with me?
      Callie: Like a date, date?
      Erica: Yeah, you know, restaurant, candle light, a bottle of wine, at the end of the night I try to take your clothes off.
      Callie (laughs): Oh... That would be a date.

    • (Izzie knocks on Mer's bedroom door, Derek answers, standing there naked with a pillow across his lap)
      Izzie: Uh... Hey. Where's Mer?
      Derek: She's not here.
      Izzie (laughs): Oh, so you're just in there by yourself?
      Derek: Yeah... I'm not... I'm waiting for her.
      Izzie: Oh. Love the outfit.
      Derek: What do you want?
      Izzie: I need cash, I ordered a pizza and... Alex's owes me 20 bucks but he's not speaking to me because I saw him crying over his crazy girlfriend. And there was a minute a week ago, that I actually thought he could be a human being, and now, he won't even open the door.
      Derek: Run into the bathroom. Go. (Izzie gives him a look) Just go. (Izzie goes in the bathroom) Karev! Gimme a 20! (Alex walks over and hands him the money and walks away) Thank you. (Derek hands the money to Izzie)
      Izzie: You're so awesome. Very cool. Not that I didn't think you were cool before, but I did not... I kinda just thought you were all hair and... you know... Now cool.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): In 6500 BC, some guy looked at his friend and said, let's drill a hole in your head... that will make you feel better. And thus surgery was born. It takes a certain brand of crazy to think of drilling into someone's skull, but surgeons have always been a confident bunch. We don't always know what we're doing, but we act like we do. We walk into a country, plant a flag and start ordering people around. It's invigorating and terrifying.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Odvážný nový svet (Brave New World)
      Czech Republic: Bázliví hrdinové (Fearful Heroes)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: November 12, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Denmark: November 17, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Portugal: December 12, 2008 on Fox Life
      The Netherlands: December 15, 2008 on Net 5
      Israel: December 29, 2008 on Yes Stars Drama
      Finland: January 21, 2009 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: February 12, 2009 on Living TV
      Italy: February 16, 2009 on Fox Life
      Australia: February 18, 2009 on Seven
      Latin America: February 23, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Germany: April 29, 2009 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: May 28, 2009 on Prima
      Norway: September 8, 2009 on TV2
      Slovakia: October 12, 2009 on STV1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Big Jumps by Emiliana Torrini
      2. Love to Me by Bernadette Moley
      3. Done With You by The Whitest Boy Alive
      4. Ain't Gonna Lose You by Brett Dennen
      5. Altogether Now by Patrick and Eugene
      6. My Heart With You by The Rescues
      7. My Love by The Bird and The Bee
      8. One of Those Days by Joshua Radin

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Brave New World

      The episode shares a title with the 1932 Aldous Huxley dystopian novel about a futuristic world in which many of the contemporary trends in British and American society have been taken to extremes.

      And Brave New World is also a song by Iron Maiden, Kings of Convenience, Glenn Frey, Charlotte Church, Styx, Reagan Youth, Richard Ashcroft, Hedley, Motörhead, Covenant and Iron Savior.