Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 15

Break on Through

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Darn! This episode was awsome! (like every episode) I loved it!

    All the nurses goes to strike. That makes big problems fot the interns and doctors. Meredith saves a old woman, but have to plug out the 'breathing machine', because the old woman wanted to die. She cries a lot after that. Derek see Meredith run into a room, crying. He follows her. He helps her. Meredith cries on Dereks shoulder. They almost kiss...
    After Baily left, the interns got a stand-in: Dr. Cindy Aaron, the complete opposite of Dr. Baily. Christina and Dr. Aaron have a fight. Dr. Aaron wants Christina to be more like Alex. The hole situation ends out to be a little bit imberising...
    Izzie tells her patient a secret: when she was 16, she got a daughter to.....
  • Another great episode

    George deciding to join the strike was stupid. I think it was obnoxious of the picketers to throw food at the doctors for actually going to the hospital. Do they just expect the interns to leave the hospital even more short-staffed at the cost of people’s lives?!

    The old ladies were funny.

    Sydney was just irritating. How could she not see through Alex’s fake sympathy for the patient?!

    It is not at all fair to Addison that he still has feelings for Meredith. I really wanted Addison to walk in when Derek was consoling Meredith, because the longer the marriage is dragged out, the more painful it will be for Addison in the end.
  • With the nurses on strike, the doctors of Seattle Grace are left to fend for themselves. The interns new resident is the anti Baily, something that concerns Cristina. Meredith intubates a patient who is DNR, much to the disgust of her patient's friends.

    A really great episode. Had everything I love about Grey's, humor, tearjerker scenes and drama! Always gets me in the scene where Meredith is crying in the supply closet and Derek comes to comfort her, really sad. Also another insight into Izzy's former life before she was a doctor.
    Loved the three old ladies, Grace's friends. Hilarious when they were flirting with the chief. Also enjoyed Georges determination not to cross the picket line, and the overly perky Dr Herron, the anti Bailey!
    Also laughed during Burke's speech to Cristina at the end "I AM PRESTON BURKE!"
    Another great installment of Grey's, as per usual!
  • Union !

    Nurses go on strike and line shound't be crossed. They are having substitute for Bailey and it is Sydney Heron a complete opposite to Bailey.
    Claire had a honeymoon and she stepped on some oyster and rash is spreading extremly fast on her leg and it is actually flesh eating bacteria. Sydney saved her and Alex but Cristina had a massive fight with both of them.
    Grace was DNR and Meredith didn't know that and she saved her but she reminded of her mother and when she finally died she started crying.
    Cheyenne is pregnant teenage girl from place where Izzie grew up and Izzie tells her one of the darkest secrets.
    Amazing and heartbreaking episode !
  • Icry everytime I watch it.

    I love this episode so much. I cry everytime I watch Grace die. My grandfather died a couple of months ago that way, so everytime i see the way that they are around her and comforting her, I just cant help but cry. The way that they did the camera angle, made the scene that much greater And the way that Mer is in the closet with Derick, and how she says that she doesn\'t want her mother to die alone, is a very touching and emotional scene. The whole episode is just so good, and i cant help but watch it.
  • Good episode but very emotional.

    This was such a good epsiode, although very sad as well. When Meredith had to unhook Grace\'s tubes it was so sad. Her scene in the supply closet right after that was touching as well as sad. To hear her say \"I don\'t want my mother to die alone\" was so emotional. Also Izzie\'s story line about her having a baby as a teenager was quite a surprise and showed how far she has truely come. Sydney way of \"healing with love\" was a bit annoying, but I guess it was good that she was able to save the woman\'s leg. Cristina should not have pulled Burke into it, and I felt bad for him. Another excellent and well written episode.
  • A hard day for Meredith

    Silly George ones again. The way he refused to cross the line and wanted to support the nurses was really funny and typical for George. He really made me laugh.

    Poor Meredith. She saved a womans life, and the next thing she had to do was ending it. I felt really sorry for her.
    It was really sweet that Derek was there for her. I just don't understand why he doesn't admit that he still loves her. It's great he wants to give his marriage a shot, but he doesn't really believes in it.
    I like Addison but I think Derek should be with Meredith.

    I never would have thought that Izzie had a daughter, but I did like that. It shows that giving your child up isn't always a bad dissicion.

    That Cindy pesron was a bit scary to me, I rather see Bailey and I hope she will be back soon!
  • DNR

    I'm not going to lie. I am known throughout the lands as one to get "especially" involved in TV shows. Grey's Anatomy is no exception. What can I say? When the actors are this good and the plot lines this moving it's hard not to become "especially" involved. I really loved Meredith's lines at the beginning and end of this episode"Meredith(voiceover): We can’t help ourselves. We see a line, we want to cross it. Maybe it’s the thrill of trading the familiar for the unfamiliar. A sort of personal dare. Only problem is, once you’ve crossed it’s almost impossible to go back. But if you do manage to make it back across that line you find safety in numbers." The thing about this episode is that everyone can relate to Meredith's sentiments about her mother. You can call the her and McDreamy vendetta too cheesy, you can call some of the plotlines quasi unbelievable...but the producers pulling out the family card hits home for people around the world. What's great about each plot line and patient is that every case can somehow be related back to our favorite main characters. It was good to finally find out some more about Izzy, that she isn't just the blonde chick with a hot bod tha's had it easy her whole life; it makes her seem a lot more human. Meredith's sobs and the subsequent moments spent in the supply cupboard with Sheppard was also essential Grey's Anatomy viewing. I love having found a show that makes me laugh, and cry, and is actually relatable. They can make it somber without making it dark, make it funny without it feeling overdone or too out there, make it sweet without making you want to find the nearest trashcan to stick your head into and vomit. I'm not gonna lie; it wasn't the first time the show has made me cry this season and I'm pretty sure that it won't be the last.
  • The nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital go on strike and now it is up to the docs to take care of the patients. George decides to stand by the nurses on stike.

    This show was very ineresting indeed. George is surprisingly selfless, as usual. Izzie has a 10 year-old daughter that she gave up for adoption. Christina actually undermines a superiors authority and was wrong! Alex was the smart one, for once. Meredith accidently puts someone on life support even though she was suppost to die. The new Bailey is a preppy chearleader, who shouldnt be underestimated.

    First off, Christina, Alex, and Cindy(Bailey's replacement) work on a rash case. The patient is a newly wed woman who has an infection that almost costs her her leg. Christina proposes cutting the leg off imediately while Cindy wants to take out the infected tissue and save the patient's leg. Alex backs up Cindy, and Christina gets Burke to investigate the procedure. The leg is saved and Christina is forced to apologize to Cindy for questioning her authority. Burke learns that he chose Chistina's side only because of their relationship.

    Meredith finds an old woman who is dieing and saves her life by putting her on life support. The old woman's friends are angry with Meredith because that old woman was suppost to die. Meredith is forced to call the old woman's daughter for her permission to take her off the life support. Meredith eventually ends up doing it. She also realizes that her mom, who has been visited by the chief of Seattle Grace and soon discovers that she doesnt want her mom to die alone. She breaks down in tears with the comfort of her ex, Dr. Shepard.

    Izzie takes care of a 16 year old who happens to be pregnant and ready for a c-section. Izzie tells the girl that she had a baby 10 years ago and gave her up for adoption so that she could be able to have her education. After giving this girl the option of adoption, her mom freaks out but the girl still considers it although she loves her baby.
  • Oh, I cried...

    Yes, again, I cried, I just can't stop crying with this series... when Meredith cries telling that she doesn't want her mother to die alone, I think that is so damn touching, and she's right, no one should die alone, we should all have our families by our side. And the support, and the priest (if we believe in God to do so). Well... Oh Shepperd, when will you tell her that you love her and just live your wife with McDog?
  • All the nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital go on strike, leaving the doctors to fend for themselves.

    Wow! Who would have guessed that Izzie is a mother. I am surprised. This was a great episode. I cannot wait until next weeks episode. This was a sad episode too. How the old woman wanted to die but Merideth saved her life and did not know. It was also sad how Merideth does not want her mother to die alone.
  • Quite an emotional episode. We learn more about Izzie's past.

    The plot lines of Izzie and Meredith were the best in this episode.
    Meredith deals with having to let an old woman die. She realizes that she may not like her mother that much, but she doesn't want her to die alone. I feel like we finally get to see more depth to Meredith's struggle with her mother.
    Izzie has to deal with something emotional as well. She tends to a pregnant teen and reveals a secret no one else knows: she has a daughter. This was a shocker for me. Unbelievable how strong Izzie is to deal with everything and stay on top. I almost cried when she told the teen her daughter's name is Sarah.
    George is stuck behind the picket line, and although I admire him for standing up for the nurses, I'm not quite sure why he really helped them.
    Alex and Christina's story wasn't that great. Although the new resident is hilarious! Especially when dealing with Christina. I wonder how long Cindy will be with us. Hopefully just a little longer.
  • "We don't know everything about each other"

    A great episode that shows how solid an up bringing George had, and that he will stick to his principles even if it could cost him.
    We get to see some sides of our interns we did not know about. Proving we do not know all there is to know about them yet. Just as they do not know all about each other.
    Christina learns outward appearences are decieving.
    Meredith faces her future while Izzy revisits her past.
  • A grab your tissue type of episode.

    This show was such a tearjerker. I was crying during certain parts of this episode. The light hearted moments the woman who is taking Bailey's place is interesting. She is more happy, touchy feely. Wonder if she is always like that.

    Izzie revealing she had a child simply made my mouth drop. That was totally unexpected, but shows you the depth of the characters on Grey's Anatomy. At the end of the show when she said "we don't know everything about each other", pretty much said it all. This is obviously a secret Izzie wants to keep to herself, but found it would be so helpful to that young lady about to have a child of her own at such a young age. To show that she does have options. That she did not have to settle for living in a Trailor and struggling. I found that to be very profound.

    Meredith having to deal with letting a patient die, and realising this is something she will have to face was so emotional. During that scene when the patient was dying, and surrounded by friends and her daughter, that touched my heart so much. It really makes you think.

    I thought this was a good episode, and really enforces why I love this show so much.
  • We get to know a little bit more about our favorite interns at Seattle Grace. This episode marked a pivotal point for Meredith regarding her mothers illness, it\'s strike one for George and Izzie confronts her past. Christina and Burke\'s personal and pro

    In this episode, denial and acceptance come crashing home for Meredith when she mistakenly intubates a D.N.R. patient and then has to remove the tube on orders from the daughter. She struggles with the outcome at the time of death and then loses it in a storage closet, where McDreamy finds her. She confesses she doesn\'t want her mother to die alone and he is there for her while she cries it out.

    Izzie reveals the pain hidden beneath the surface by sharing her adoption story with a young pregnant patient. Another peice of the puzzle to this girl who fought her way up out of a trailer park into the world she wanted to be in.

    George\'s cooky character is charming in this episode. He can\'t bring himself to cross the picket line because he\'s a \'Union Man\'. He does, however, sneak into the hospital to help patients at the request of the nurses and is besieged with orders and requests from the residents and chief. It was funny to see him try to stand up to the Chief and then turn tail and run when the going got rough. Our guy has courage under fire (a little anyway, while it lasts).

    While helping treat a patient with a flesh-eating disease, Christina is furious with the new resident\'s decision not to amputate and takes her concerns to Burke. He then turns around and confronts the resident in her own OR and regrets it later and tells Christina that they crossed a line that shouldn\'t have been crossed. Frustrated, she wonders why he doesn\'t do the same when he makes her apologize to the doctor. Taken aback for a second, his response is that he\'s the attending and he doesn\'t apologize to the residents. That was funny, but it was so Burke-\'ish\'.

    The new resident standing in for \"The Nazi\" is a witty, charming character and I hope she stays around. She handled Christina well and wasn\'t the least put off by her abrasiveness. She would make a welcome addition to this great cast of characters.

    This episode was brilliant and it all flowed seamlessly. The storylines and character insights were not disappointing.

    I\'ll round this out by saying that this team works well together and they mesh in all the right ways. One of my favorite parts of the show is where 3 or 4 of them (usually Meredith, Izzie and George) team up at the end of the long, hard days to reflect, gripe, moan, groan, cry and laugh about it all. They\'re a team. It works.
  • A great development episode for Izzie. A great emotional episode for Meredith. Great C-Level stories with George, Yang and Alex. A great episode.

    The episode starts with the crossing of the picket-line by everyone but George because he's a Union man. Then everyone meets their new Resident; a hyper-chipper surgical cheerleader whom Yang and Alex have the (mis)fortune of following into a flesh-eating bacteria surgery that Yang disagrees with. There is an interesting development in Yang and Burke's relationship when Burke questions the new Resident for her.

    Meredith sees the Cheif visiting her mother again and finds out he goes all the time. Because of the lack of nurses, Meredith intubates a patient labeled D.N.R. and is forced to take her off life support and subsequently kill the patient. Meredith reached a real breaking point and let it all go wonderfully.

    Izzie had to open up about her past to a pregnant 16 year old about her own daughter she had while living in the same trailer park as the patient.

    Overall this was a magnificent episode that indroduced a new character and propelled the show further emotionally than it had before. But my favorite line of this episode was the final one where Izzie and Meredith climbed into bed on either side of George and shut out the light. After a few seconds of darkness and silence we hear George blurt out, "Anybody wanna have sex?" Followed immediately by the girls laughing. 9.7
  • A big revelation for Izzie and another for Meredith in an emotional episode.

    I've always wondered whether or not Meredith knew about her mother's affair with her co-worker and this seems to hint she at least suspsected and it's confirmed. The thing with the dying woman seemed a bit much to connect with Meredith but it did lead to that great wordless scene with Walsh that spoke volumes.

    The thing with George and the picket line was quite funny and nice to see him show his good humor touches in this.

    We get more tension with Christina as her conflict with teh "Anti-Bailey" was great. I do hope this new doctor stays as it'd be fun to see her and Bailey connecting. I wonder if the gang might get too used to her too fast before Bailey returns. The bit with Christina unable to say she was sorry was funny too.

    And we get a big twist with Izzie revealing she has a child which I didn't see coming but gives her more layers. Once again, we get a good look at how the characters have improved over the series and look for it to continue for a while to come.
  • funnt episode! Episodes like this one are the reason why I watch Grey's anatomy.

    Good one!
    I didn't like the new doctor who was there instead of Dr. Bailey. Miss her already. But later in the episode, I began to like her a little bit more. Christina wasn't very happy about the new doctor either. But I haven't any sympathy for what she said or did to Dr. Aaron. Izzie has a kid??? I got surprised when she said that. Poor girl, I feel sorry for both her and that pregnant girl. I almost started crying. George was on the nurses side in the nurse-strike. He said that he was an union man many times, and I enjoyed it. He sqaid in such a funny way.
    In the end when Izzie, Meredith and George lied in George's bed, one of them said that they don't know everything about eachother. That really is true.
  • pucket lines! am a union man! george was hilarious. the 3 stooges(3 old women on a death watch for their friend) it was classic comedy. especially the part where the power of attorney thing came up.

    izzie has a kid?! whao, what she said at the was really apt, about them not knowing everything about each other was reaaly true. the linen closet scene between mer/ der was fantastic, you could see the depth of his feelings for her, and i guess really when you cross the line there's no going back. all in all it was a great episode.
  • DNR

    This was a very special episode to me as having a sick mom who we had to decide for a DNR for a while back. It was sad that while her friends new there was no time for Meredith to find out or know about the DNR. With all the nurses out on stike things like this can happen. I am glad they let the lady go in peace. As far as the nurses go striking may have been the only way they could be heard. Nurses have a hard job that they are usually not appreciated for IRL as portrayed in this episode but they also are putting their patients in jepordy. I am glad their point was made however.