Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 15

Break on Through

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Richard: O'Malley, I need you to round all--
      George: I'm not here.
      Richard: Excuse me?
      George: I'm here but I'm not here.
      Richard: You won't be anywhere in about thirty seconds if you don't--
      George: Sir, all do respect, no offence intended. Ah, but I won't cross the picket line.
      Richard: And yet, somehow you're standing in front of me.
      George: Uh, yep well because some of the nurses want me to check on their patients and so I am but then I'm going right back out there to join them.
      Richard: You're a doctor!
      George: Yes, sir ... but I'm also a union man. ... All do respect, no offence intended.
      Richard: Fine. (starts to walk off)
      George (running after him): Sir, while I have you here I'm supposed to tell you that ah Mrs. O'Brien in twenty-four twelve is allergic to chocolate but she pulls the allergy sticker off her chart every chance she gets.
      Richard: Wonderful.
      George: And ah, that ah, you're supposed to watch Mr. Roberts in Twenty-One Nineteen take and swallow his diuretics. Apparently he likes to hoard them under his mattress.
      Richard (angry): Is that it?
      George: 40 to 50 hours of mandatory overtime is extremely--
      Richard: O'Malley!
      George (runs off): Yes, sir. I'm very sorry. No offence intended!