Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 5

Bring The Pain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on ABC

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  • Come on Shepherd u know what to do

    A police officer has a bullet in his chest and George and Alex start transferring him to surgery. While they are in the elevator, the power current is cut and they are stuck in there. The patient starts having seizures and George and Alex have to perform an operation on him. The rescue team opens the door slightly and Burke gives them intructions how to cut through his heart. George manages to stop the bleeding and is congratulated by the police department.
    Shepherd has an Asian chick patient that has a toumer in her brain. If she doesn't have the surgery on that day she will be paralysed forever. Her dad doasn't want to have her operated if there isn't a shaman first to perform a spiritual. Derek finds a shaman and tranfers him with the hospital helicopter from 500 miles away.
    Shepherd advices a man that he should do something entertaining for pain management. He watches porn movies and when there is a powercut Christina, having no other choice, starts telling him stories about the three naughty nurses to fantasize about.
    Izzie still doesn't talk to Alex and Christina and Burke get back together.
    Shepherd is not sure if he should sign the divorce papers and Meredith tells him that if he finally decides to sign them he should meet her at the bar. If not...
  • A shaman ritual, porn as pain management and surgery in an elevator make one great episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    This episode had loads of great scenes: Izzie and Meredith invading George's bed ("Seriously!"), Cristina telling Burke that they're a couple ("Fine, we're a couple, don't make a big deal out of it"), the scene with the patient who watches porn to minimize his pain, where all of them have to stand in the hall in the end, Meredith, Izzie and Cristina discussing guys in the hall etc...
  • open heart surgery in a lift , a decision on derek's part after an ultimatum from Meredith and karev didn't kiss Izzie.. not alot going on then !

    Before i start on the storyline i was really impressed by the camera work, the way the faded in and out of shots whilst playing the music really got through to me it was very well done.

    Derek , Derek , Derek he doesnt exactly make it easy for himself it implied that Bailey gave him some understanding telling him that he already knew what he was going to do. It was good to see the pair in conversation it's a rariety.we also witnessed a softer side of Bailey it's seems to of been progressing over the last few episodes , i get the impression that the writers thought it was about time to give the audience an insight into the "Nazis" personal life.

    George was the hero good for him although it does make me wonder why karev froze ,it can't be that the tough guy was scared... could it?

    Another great episode a real insight into who the characters really are outside of their safety net.
  • Karev didnt kiss Izzie, Izzie & Meredith say "Seriously" a lot, porn patient treated by Yang who eventually needs to get naughty, George operates in elevator because Karev froze, choose me episode, Meredith gives Derek the desicion.

    It is a great episode, i loved it. It makes all of the character deal with their life, with their relationships. It is not only interesting to watch, but it is great what Meredith (voiceover) says... I simply thing this episode was the best!!! It simply reveals the true feelings of the characters, it shows who they really are in the dark.
  • "Cristina is being naughty!"

    This episode was great and it was thrilling. I think George-Alex-and the cop scenes were great, since that was the thrilling part.

    Cristina really made me laugh, she is naughty, and the funniest part was the one when Bailey saw her talking about those "naughty" nurses.

    But she and Burke, they are getting boring. As Meredith-Addison-Derek triangle... unfortunantely... the consiquences will follow the show in next season too. Ellis left now, that's really sad, she's one of my favourite characters, and the way she treats other doctors is one of the funniest scenes in this whole show. Luckily, we'll see her more.
  • Meredith deals with Derek's hesitation with Addison. Alex hurts Izzie and hesitates in surgery. Christina improves bed manner. George makes great improvements.

    Not one of my favorite episodes. There is almost too much drama in this one, makes it somewhat hard to follow. Addison loses points with me in this one with her constant optimistic outlook even when everything else is dire. It\'s almost like she\'s is mocking Webber with her \"in with the good...\" I love that Meredith takes a stance against Derek in that she refuses to be that \"other woman\" but was disappointed when she later pretty much begged him to choose her. Bailey\'s character really develops in this episode as it is the first time she actually shows reactions to different patients. It\'s sad that Alex is trying to cut off his relationship with Izzie and that he couldn\'t perform the surgery in the elevator. I hope he doesn\'t end up cut out of the program because of his scores. George performing the surgery in the elevator is awesome - he has never really lived down his failure in his first surgery and this really boosts his character. Christina finally shows some compassion with the "porn guy", something she has been lacking up until this point. Impressive episode, but I kinda think there were too many extremely diverse story lines for it not to be a season premier or finale.
  • One of my favorite shows of the first two seasons.

    This is totally one of my favorite episodes of the first two seasons. First off it’s the episode where we get to see “seriously” used in oh so many perfect ways. This episode is also a great example of everything that is extraordinary about this show. There are so many one liners, so many scenes that taken completely out of context are just plain hysterical by themselves; take the scene when they meet the “porn” guy for the first time, and plenty of chemistry and turmoil between Meredith and Derek. This will be an episode that I watch often, an episode where I remember with a laugh so many of the quotes, an episode to cherish.
  • a fantastic showing of love, fear of the unknown!

    it was a good episode!i really think meredith should give mcdreamy a little breathing spacing. all the same i think he\'s a selffish jerk, he wants her to put her life on hold while he decides which pudding is sweeter.well i dont think its right. if he\'s gonna walk away he should there\'s no need for the waiting game. i love george this episode he was great. felt a little sorry for alex though. all together it was a great epsode i owunld not have missed it for the world!
  • Pretty decent.

    I loved the scene at the beginning, when Meredith actually asked Derek what he wanted, and he didn’t have an answer! But the whole “Seriously” thing 700 times was annoying. I’m glad Derek finally told off Meredith; he’s right: ending an eleven-year marriage is a big decision, and it’s unfair of her to have expected him to sign the papers right away. Her little confession of love was a bit ridiculous. They haven’t known each other THAT long.

    The whole porn-to-treat-pain thing was hilarious! I figured Cristina would get Izzie to “excite” him. Watching her try to describe a scenario that would turn the patient on was amazing.

    It was also nice to see George taking control in the elevator when Alex couldn’t. I wonder what exactly is wrong with Alex.

    Dr. Grey’s whole carousel metaphor was such a ripoff from “The Circle Game.” I’m surprised they didn’t play the song at the end. Couldn’t they have thought of something more original?

    I love that Cristina and Burke are together as a couple!!!! They work so well together! And I love how Bailey ends up being married and Derek (and probably everyone else) didn’t even know about it.
  • Show's title, name of a song title is based on "Bring the Pain" Wu Tang Clan. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, mentioned this on the 10/23 writer's blog:

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Grey's. It was originally conceived to the season-ending show for season 1. This episode, George, who was nicknamed 007 for freezing the first time under the scalpel, is now the guy performing emergency heart surgery in an elevator that is stuck, b/c Alex froze.

    It's also the famous speech Meredith makes to Derek "to pick me, chose me, love me", when faced with the decision to end his marriage and pick Meredith or give his marriage another chance as Addison asked. It's interesting b/c Meredith started the show with kicking Derek out of her house as a one night stand.
  • Another great episode!

    Another great episode! It's always great to see how the girl's friendship with George is so comfortable. Every time they climb into bed with him I love it!
    Meredith's plea to McDreamy? So heartfelt. And his reasons not to divorce Addison were so clear-headed and logical that you don't know who he should be with.
    And the porn? Any series that references porn without actually showing it or being is fabulous. And Cristina talking dirty? I'm sure she's never done that in her entire life. She seems too “by the book” to have ever done that before in here life. Another wonderful episode.
  • Meredith's the one

    I love this series, I think Meredith is the most beautifull one on the series. I think Dr. Shepard must choose her. She is hot.
    This is a great episode where tension is all over the episode in every minute of it, great show. Finally Cristina is taking a move on her relationship. Finally George acts like a real man while is in the elevator, and not as this extremely calm and soft bestfriend/roommate guy.
  • George touches a heart, Porn enters the hospital and Derek is up to a choice...

    a fantastic episode
    I loved the tension between Alex and Izzie... Still nothing! I wonder what is going on in Alex's mind...

    George touching a heart was fenominal.. A nice scene for an episode... I loved that part

    Seems like things are heading into the right direction for Cristina and Dr. Burke

    And I'm not happy with the choice Derek seems to be making... not happy at all! Derek and Meredith need to be together... Though I loved what Ellis said

    'He doesn't love her but he will go back to her because she's his wife!'

    It's simple truth IMO because Derek feels like he has to give Addison another chance. I hope that some sort of situation will make Derek realise he made a mistake and he'll go back to Meredith!
  • Meredith vs Satan

    Grey's Anatomy - great show. But in the episode "Bring the Pain", Meredith finally gets over herself enough to tell Shephard to pick her. And Shephard, faced with the decision of picking his estranged wife or Meredith has issues deciding???

    On one hand you've got 1) an older woman 2) who cheated on you 3) in your house 4) with your best friend 5) and you caught them in the act!

    And on the other hand you've got a 1) younger woman 2) who is begging you to pick her 3) and who you were practically in love with before Satan flew back into the scene.

    What's the decision? I was wishing Shephard had a new best friend to kick him in the ass and ask him what he was waiting for?

  • This episode has a central theme of "controlling pain". The cases presented were varied which makes for an informative episode.

    The episode picks up after the last with Izzie and Meredith getting pissed at their boys (Derek & Alex). George was then force to listen to their rants. There was a blackout in SG.

    Notable Patients :
    1) A guy who is allergic to painkillers
    2) A Cop who got shot in the line of duty
    3) An Asian girl who has a tumour in her spine

    Christina takes care of the patient in case 1 who watches porn to "keep his pain at a manageable level". During the blackout, the porn is gone and Christina has to tell a erotic story about 3 nurses. Great acting by Sandra Oh. She conveys this sarcastic enthusiasm in storytelling.

    George and Alex takes on the cop who got shot. During the blackout, they have to perform a surgery in the elevator which was stuck. TR Knight and Justin both did fine in this episode. Justin was able to nicely convey Alex's ego + embarassment at the same time.

    Meredith takes on a patient whose religious backgrounds prevent her from receiving treatment. Mediocre performance. She has this block of wood preventing her from speaking normally.
    "pick me...[awkward pause]...chose me...[more awkward pause] me"

    Izzie takes on a patient who has chest pains, only to find out they were caused by the demise of her soulmate. (Typical drama..)

    We find out that Dr Bailey is married for 10 years. Finally, something human about her.

    -0.5 Mediocre subplot (Izzie's case)
    -1 Mediocre acting by Ellen Pompeo
  • \"Bring the Pain\" was an episode with humor, and drama. \"Pornie!\" Many important moments for each character were defined. Dr. Sheppard is faced with a choice, given a wonderful speech by Meredith. George had his first real surgery in an elevator.

    BRiNG THE PAiN, has to be one of my all time favorite episodes of GA. So many aspects of this episode are really the reason why it is so addicting and wonderful! The daily struggles of each and every character are easy to relate to. George \"Flying Solo\" was a major turning point for George, and for the rest of the crew. When Ellis remembers the conversation that occured between her and Richard so many years ago really showed how love can last a lifetime. But the real number one moment of this episode was Meredith\'s \" Pick me, Choose me, LOVE me...\" speech. That was completly beyond awesome. How she summed up her love for McDreamy, really left a print on my mind, and the minds and hearts of others as well. Overall, the best episode yet, Period. End of report.
  • I love it

    This was another great episode. I love it. Now what is up with Alex? I get that he is all mad about not passing his test, but why is he acting mean to Izzy and afraid to perform the surgery with George. That was great how George did the sergurey in the elevator, and pluged the heart with his finger. Christina is back together with Burke, yay. Merideth is finally making Derek decide that its either her or the ex-wife. Merideth tells him to meet her at the bar when he signs the divorcee papers, but he never shows. This was a great episode again. I usually do not like Hospital Shows, but this one is amazing.
  • Great stuff, the underdog really pulls through!

    Yay for George in this episode!
    **The end song is by Tegan and Sara.**
    Anyone know where to find transcripts?
    I really hope Derek chooses Meredith. Very excellent episode, one of my favorite so far. Great humor and drama. Awesome character developements, I even feel sorry for Alex!
    Looking forward to next week!
  • Astounding. I'd give it a perfect 10 but they have convinced me that next week can ALWAYS be better. Here's to hoping.

    I'd give it a perfect 10 but they have convinced me that next week can ALWAYS be better. Here's to hoping...

    The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the bomb drop of Bailey's husband. Either she shouldn't have one or we should get to meet him and see how they interact. (If the creator reads this, take a note, please.) :)

    That was the best teaser ever on this show. Few teasers on The West Wing or Buffy could have topped that one. And why in the world would Meredith know that? Perfect 10 on the head turns.

    And a Perfect 10 on Cristina's sex story. If I never see her do something so outragous again and then sink into it like she done it a million times before... I won't die happy. We need more of that. But not every week. Otherwise it just won't be so good.

    The Ellis-Richard storyline didn't pull at my heartstrings. Of course that may be because Ellis was designed to be a shrew. I had no idea she left Thatcher (where did that come from) but if anything this storyline does show us that she did love somebody when she was still "here."

    Ok. We've reached the point were Derek needs to make up his mind. I can take maybe one more episode of indecision and then it's really gonna start making me angry.

    I love it when Meredith was saying, "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me." Anyone who's been in a situation like that can definetely relate.

    I only caught the slight blackout in the teaser the second time I watched. Thank you Shonda Rhimes.

    Burke's timing of "I'm not gonna wait forever." Was perfect. Not at a traumatizing point and not at a point where it would provoke pity.

    I don't know what else to say except...

  • I love this show.

    i need the quote, towards the end
    with mer and dr mcdreamy
    she corners him after the girls surgery and tells him that she is still in the relationship, she\'s not out

    then she monologues like,
    \"i love you that makes me hate you,
    like the kind of love that makes me like
    your horrible taste in music, something else,
    the kind of love that makes me stand outside your window with a radio over my head. . .so pick me choose me love me.\"

    how does it really go?
    someone help

    and email me
    or im @
    x3L0riah (the 0=zero)

    thank you soo much
  • There are no words....

    This was one of the best installments of this show. There are no words that due justice to the story lines, the acting and the whole concept of the show. Grey was amazing when she was talking to Shepherd. You could feel her pain. George was the show's hero. It was edge of your seat scenes with doing surgery in an elevator. Alex was disappointing in his actions. I am addicted.
  • Pain comes in many forms.

    Henry Lamott has abnormal back pain and he is alergic to all kinds of painkillers and porn keeps him sedated not to feel any pain. When electricity goes off Cristina will be the one to sedate him by telling him naughty nurses stories.
    One of the finest police officers Pete was shot and when George and Alex went to take him with elevator to the OR generator backed up and they were stuck in the elevator and they had to cut him open inside.
    Verna had a heart attack but Izzie later finds out that it has to do with grieving over one lost life.
    Anna a religious girl is also in the hospital for big spinal tumor but she has to have ritual of finding souls before she goes into surgery.
    Amazing episode. Miranda is married and celebrates 10 years, while Derek doesn't know if he is going to sign the devorce papers...
    Izzie and Alex went on a date but it went hideously ugly... :D
  • What can I say....

    Well.. I must say this episode wasn't that good.. I mean.. the stories of the pacients were original and interesting but.. after a while you can clearly predict what would happen.. and I so hate it when you guess what is going to happen. It is so lame! You auto-spoil the end. Or something like that. Anyway, the actors played their parts very well and added, as always, that little "grey's anatomy" magic powder that captives us all into watching it no matter what. So I can't say it was horrible. Not good. But not horrible. Between bad and medium. Or whatever.
  • An annoying cliffhanger ending.

    The episodes works really well with George having to cope with all the ladies' problems. When he talks to Alex about Izzy it is rather comical.

    The ending is painfully annoying, will he choose Meredith, will he choose Addison?

    Christina and Burke decide to give it a go and Ellis Grey is discharged much to George's relief. Thre is also confirmation of the affair between Ellis and the Chief.
  • Meredith and Dr. Shephard must convince a religious man to allow his daughter to have a life-saving operation.Alex and George must perform a surgery in less-than-ideal conditions to save a police officer's life.Cristina, right back at work, must find a so

    This was a good episode, not as good as the previous one but it didn't bore me for a second.
    Liked Cristina and burke they're a cute couple they fit perfectly!
    The George and Alex thing was nice too, go George! And what the heck was wrong with Alex, I think he's still worried about his exams, well I would probably be too so I'll give him a break;)
    next: the love-confession of meredith, Derek shouldn't be such an ass, it's getting iritating now, will you just pick one already!
    This episode was well written, not as good as the pevious ones but OK
  • So funny i cried

    You never know what will happen. I knew ther was going to be something with souls. But the begining was so much fun. So funny i Cried. But poor Meradith. I think its realy sad that Derek didn't show up. He realy choose Addison :| sorry.. Poor Izzy, Poor Alex and O'Malley is my Hero!!
  • Heart surgery in an elevator, lost souls, stress cardiomyopathy- as well as poor alex and Meredith

    Good episode with Derek finally making his decision- painful as it may be, he's made his choice or so it would seem!

    Way to go George! Finally getting to do some really cool surgery- no more timid, scared George, he's now done heart surgery solo... Way to go George! He's developing into a great character.

    Cristina and Bourke back together again and interesting to find out that Bailey is married, for 10 years.

    Enjoyed this episode=~!
  • Bring on the Pain had some great character studies. Maybe too many to be really insightful, maybe not enough to better understand some characters.

    Had this episode been the season opener, it would have set the pace for the rest of the year. It's an insightful, cleverly written story that focuses more on the characters than on great medicine, and thus makes one almost forget that flying in a shaman for a soul finding procedure is far from a realistic or even remotely likely situation.
    For once, there wasn't quite as much talk in this episode as there usually is, allowing the viewer to just indulge in some nicely cut scenes. The remaining dialogue was beautifully written, especially Meredith's acknowledgement of her love for Derek, and the - dare I say it? - fun Christina seemed to have talking dirty. Christina and Burke having trouble expressing themselves was also interesting to see.
    However, while it was nice to see the limelight shining on George, who so far has not stood out as a potentially great surgeon with his clumsy attitude and "slow" thinking (don't get me wrong, I like the guy!), I missed some further insight into Alex. I'm not quite sure why the writers could not have dropped in at least a line or two of explanation for his behaviour, but hey, what do I know, right?
    All in all, a good, steady episode. Hopefully it will go on like this.
  • An excellent addition to this great hospital drama.

    Meredith is still in her troubles with her mother, and her ex-lover Dr. Shepard. Cristina is to care for a man who is allowed to watch porn, until she must tell him a story involving "naughty nurses" when the power goes out. Izzie is mad at Alex after a date expecting a little action, but recieved none. George and Alex are to bring a shot police officer to the OR but are thwarted when the elevator stops working and must operate on him from there. Dr. Grey reveals a former love between her and Richard. This episode is one of the many gems that have come out of this series. Unlike shows like ER and House it takes a look at the lives of young interns who unlike many other Doctors on television experience problems. There is excellent acting from the entire cast, and excellent writing from the shows creator Shonda Rhimes. Watch the show every sunday, you'll be sure to be hooked.
  • Bring The Pain end song???

    does anyone know what the name of the song at the end of this episode is called and who sings it???? thanks in advance.does anyone know what the name of the song at the end of this episode is called and who sings it???? thanks in advance.does anyone know what the name of the song at the end of this episode is called and who sings it???? thanks in advance.