Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 5

Bring The Pain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When George and Alex are in the elevator prepping for surgery we see Alex and George both put on surgical gowns and gloves. Yet, when George removes the bandage from the wound, we see Alex look up at George and Alex is suddenly not wearing either the gown or the gloves. The next time we see Alex, he is once again in a surgical gown and wearing gloves.

  • Quotes

    • Richard: Look that back-up generator should've been replaced last year.
      Bailey: Yes, sir.
      Richard: Why didn't it happen?
      Bailey: Chief you ... eh ... have to ... ask maintenance, I wouldn't ... know.
      Richard: Dr. Bailey. You know everything. Tell me whose butt to kick.
      Bailey: That would be your butt Chief. You didn't authorize the replacement generator. Saved the money for the new MRI machine.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Pain, it comes in all forms. The small twinge, a bit of soreness, the random pain that we live with everyday. Then there is the kind of pain you just can't ignore, a level of pain so great that it blocks out everything else, makes the rest of your world fade away until all we can think about is how much we hurt, how we manage our pain is up to us. We anaesthetize, ride it out, embrace it, ignore it, and for some of us the best way to manage pain is to just push through it.

    • Izzie: I had a good time. Really. Thank you. It's the perfect evening. Best date ever.
      Alex: Izzie.
      Izzie: You know I especially like the part where you treated me like crap the entire night. That was fun.
      Alex: I had a good time.
      Izzie: Really?
      Alex: Yeah. (Izzie leans in, hoping...waiting for a goodnight kiss) I gotta go.
      Izzie: Seriously?! Seriously?!

    • Izzie (outside the stuck elevator): Poor George, he doesn't have the steadiest hands.
      Bailey: Izzie, he can hear you.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breathe deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed, but sometimes the pain gets you when you least expect it, hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. Pain you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it, and life always makes more.

    • Cristina: So here's where we are: I work too much, I'm competitive, I'm always right, and I snore.
      Burke: What?
      Cristina: I'm trying here.
      Burke: Ohhhhh. (realizes) Oh. Oh!
      Cristina: Yeah.
      Burke: So?
      Cristina: Okay. We're a couple. Whatever. Don't make a big deal about it.

    • Bailey: How's your patient? The one that got her soul back?
      Derek: She's gonna be fine.
      (A guy taps on the window)
      Bailey: I gotta go.
      Derek: Look at you, you look like a girl. Is that your date?
      Bailey: It's my husband.
      Derek: You're married?
      Bailey: Ten years today. You haven't signed those divorce papers yet have you? (he shakes his head 'no')
      Derek: Bailey, tell me what to do. (they both laugh) God, why does this have to be so hard?
      Bailey: It's not hard. It's painful but it's not hard. You know what to do already. If you didn't you wouldn't be in this much pain.
      Derek: How come I didn't know you were married?
      Bailey: You never asked.

    • Derek: You paged me?
      Bailey: Porn as pain management?!
      Derek (smiles): You met, Henry. Yeah, there are a lot of different theories as how to treat pain.
      Bailey: Porn as pain management?!
      Derek: Look, it's possible that pornography like art and music can stimulate the brain that produce endorphins that minimize pain
      Bailey: Porn as pain management?
      Derek: I didn't prescribe it. It wasn't me. Take it up with the treating physician.
      Bailey: If that man turns out to be some sort of sex weirdo it's on you that's all I'm saying.

    • (After they got the elevators doors open a little)
      Bailey: What did you two do?
      Alex & George: Nothing!

    • Addison: Lightning hit a substation, we're working on back up generators, one of them is down. Richard...breathe.
      Richard: The only means of transporting patients from the E.R. to the O.R. isn't working. Don't tell me to breathe, I'll breathe if I wanna breathe.

    • (Talking about their relationship)
      Burke: So where are we?
      Cristina: The northeast corner of a hospital.

    • Cristina: Don't tell anyone I did this for you. You tell anyone I did this for you, I will sell your body parts for cash! (Henry Lamont nods) Okay. So. There were these women. Nurses. Three nurses. And they were... naughty. They were really really naughty. They were three naughty nurses. Saucy, even. Saucy and bad and naughty. Three saucy bad naughty nurses. They were taking a shower. Together. Soaping each other up. And then this doctor walks in and he sees these tree naughty bad nurses with these great big...

      (scene cut)

      Cristina: "Oh yes, I'm so very very naughty!" Bianca said as she dropped her stethoscope. "Me too!" said Crystal as she snapped on her surgical glove, and then there was Marta. (Bailey walks past room and stares, Cristina shrugs) Where was I?
      Henry: Marta.
      Cristina: Oh yes, Marta. She was the naughtiest nurse of all because she knew how... (power returns, TV comes on)

    • George: We're not in Kansas anymore.

    • George (reading the emergency sign on the elevator out loud after it got stuck): If elevator should stop do not become alarmed. Press the button marked alarm to summon assistance. (looks at Alex) If they don't want us to be alarmed why do they call the button "alarm"?
      Alex: That didn't work the last 5 times you did it. Get it through your head we've lost power. We're stuck here.

    • (Meredith, Cristina and Izzie are leaning over the balcony at the hospital)
      Meredith: You should take something.
      Cristina: Drugs are for babies.
      Izzie: I hate Alex.
      Cristina: And the non sequitur award goes to…
      Izzie: I'm sorry, but I hate Alex.
      Meredith: I broke up with Derek.
      Cristina: Burke wants to have a relationship.
      Izzie: Boys are stupid.
      Cristina: Yep.

    • Alex: So, dude. What's the deal with Izzie?
      George: She shaved her legs for you.
      Alex: And?
      George: And you didn't kiss her goodnight.
      Patient: She shaved her legs for you and you didn't follow through?
      Alex: Hey I followed through, I always follow through.
      George: You didn't last night.
      Alex: Mind your own business.
      George: Mind… She had expectations, women have expectations and you didn't meet them. Hey I live with these women and every time you guys don't meet their expectations I have to hear about it. So it is my business.
      (Alex, George and the patient are in the elevator when it stops)
      Alex: Dude, we're not moving.
      George: Really, ya think?

    • Derek (to Meredith): Look, I was married for 11 years. Addison is my family. That is 11 Thanksgiving's, birthdays, and 11 Christmas's and in one day I am supposed to sign a piece of paper and end my family? A person doesn't do that, not without a little hesitation. I'm entitled to a little uncertainty here. Just a moment to understand the magnitude of what it means to cut somebody out of my life. I am entitled to at least one moment of painful doubt and a little understanding from you would be nice.

    • (Cristina is presenting a patient and he turns on porn)
      Cristina: Is that--
      Marie: Porn.
      Bailey: Porn? (looks at TV) As in porn?!?
      Alex: What are we watching?
      Bailey: Karev, go stand in the hall. Uh..Mr. and Mrs. Lamont, I'm sure you're really... nice people and what you do in the privacy of your own home... Look, we can't have porn in here. This is a hospital.
      Henry: It's for my pain. My doc says it releases endorphins in the brain and it helps keep my pain at a managable level.
      George (stunned, and not taking his eyes off the TV): Really?
      Bailey: George, hall.
      Izzie: What is this?
      Marie: Um... "Nasty Naughty Nurses..." (looks at TV) "...4". (Meredith, Izzie and Cristina all turn their heads to view the porn better)
      Cristina: That does not look comfortable.
      Meredith: Trust me, it's not. (Cristina and Izzie look at Meredith with shocked expressions)
      Bailey (snaps fingers): Get in the hall.

    • (Izzie opens George's bedroom door and turns on the light and wakes him up)
      Izzie: Seriously! Move over. (she gets into the bed)
      George: Ugh, I'm sleeping.
      Izzie: Oh, shut it.
      George: Shut-- (turns over and goes to sleep)
      (Scene cut, then Meredith comes into his room)
      Meredith: Seriously!
      George: This is a very small bed.
      Meredith: He is a brain surgeon.
      Izzie: I look fantastic. I shaved my legs.
      Meredith: He's a brain surgeon. How can he be so brainless?
      Izzie: Seriously.
      Meredith: Seriously.
      George: Shhhh. (pats them both on the shoulder) Go to sleep.

    • Meredith: You didn't sign the divorce papers. Fine, I get it. End of discussion.
      Derek: Meredith.
      Meredith: What?!
      Derek: Oh... I usually just say "Meredith" and then you yell at me. I haven't thought past that point. I actually didn't have anything planned. (Meredith starts hitting him with her purse) Ow, what is that? Stop it.
      Meredith: Seriously? Seriously!

    • (Meredith is at Emerald City Bar waiting for Derek)
      Meredith: He's not coming. (looks at Izzie) You don't think he's coming.
      Izzie: He might come.
      Cristina: Yeah, you never know.
      George: He's definately coming! (Izzie and Cristina kick him) Ow. What? Do you want her doing tequila shots all night? I'll be the one cleaning up the vomit. (looks at Cristina) Besides, I touched a heart today, Porny.

    • Meredith: I lied. I'm not out ... of this relationship. I'm in. I'm so in it's humiliating because here I am begging...
      Derek: Meredith.
      Meredith: Shut up. You say Meredith and I yell remember?
      Derek: Yeah.
      Meredith: Okay... here it is. Your choice, it's simple her or me. And I'm sure she's really great. But, Derek, I love you... in a really, really big... pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me. I'll be at Joe's tonight, so if you do decide to sign the papers... meet me there.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: May 2, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Mexico: March 23, 2006 on Channel 29
      Bulgaria: June 26, 2006 on bTV
      United Kingdom: July 6, 2006 on Channel 5
      Croatia: December 4, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Finland: December 6, 2006 on Nelonen
      Italy: February 16, 2007 on Italia 1
      Romania: April 10th, 2007 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. When I Come Home by Blue Eyed Son plays as Izzie and Meredith conclude their nights and say "Seriously" a lot,
      2. Yellow Horse by Cowboy Racer plays when Burke makes his way to the elevator,
      3. Prelude to Love In The Making by Roisin Murphy plays when George grabs the scalpel from Burke in the elevator,
      4. I Hear The Bells by Mike Doughty plays when George cross-clamps the aorta in the elevator,
      5. Don't Forget Me by Way Out West plays when the shaman begins his soul finding,
      6. Not Tonight by Tegan & Sara plays when Meredith waits for Derek to show at Joe's bar.

    • This episode was originally to be the Season Two premiere. ABC withheld the final four episodes of Season One (110, 111, 112, and 113) to air at the beginning of Season Two. This episode was aired in the UK as the Season One finale, even though it aired in America as the fifth episode of Season Two.

      In the official writer's blog for the show, Shonda Rhimes noted the following about this episode: Bring the Pain was originally conceived, written and shot to be the finale of Grey's Anatomy's first season. But then we aired after Desperate Housewives and, well, everything changed. Ratings, timeslots, a really great audience following it was mind blowing and humbling for all of us. The network made a decision, our first season needed to end in conjunction with DH's season. And, so suddenly, the arrival of Derek's wife became our perfect season-ending cliffhanger. And this episode became one of a series of big episodes to launch our second season.

  • Allusions

    • George: We're not in Kansas anymore.

      This is an extremely popular reference to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz directed by Victor Fleming and starring Judy Garland.

    • Meredith: ...hold a radio over my head outside your window...

      This line is a reference to the 1989 movie Say Anything starring John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler. It is alluding to a scene in the movie where Lloyd stands outside the bedroom of the girl he loves with a radio held over his head playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." This allusion is a common one and often seen in other TV shows and movies.

    • Bailey: Hey, life is short, times are hard, the road is long, with many a winding turn.

      "The road is long, with many a winding turn" is the first line to the song He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, composed by Bob Russell and Bobby Scott, and performed by The Hollies, The Osmonds, Neil Diamond, Cher, Glen Campbell, and others.

    • Episode Title: Bring the Pain

      The title of this episode is a reference to the song of the same name by the Wu-Tang Clan. This is also a song by Method Man. There is a popular cover of this song by the band Mindless Self Indulgence.

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