Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 4

Can't Fight Biology

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on ABC
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Things are hostile on all fronts when a visit to the obstetrician results in some disturbing news for Meredith and Derek, and Lexie loses it when she notices Meredith and April getting closer. Meanwhile a car crash brings in multiple traumas and Jackson tries using his physical attributes to get ahead in the operating room, while Cristina's self-doubt carries outside of the hospital and into her house hunting with Owenmoreless

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  • Review. Spoilers.

    Live at a Seattle Grace hospital almost comes back to normal. This time surgeons have to deal with few different cases including a crazy driver, a young dancer and a very committed scientist.

    As to the personal lives of our doctors we find out that Meredith and Derek have problems with conception and they consult a specialist. It seems that Meredith is more concerned about it than Derek.

    The funny part this time was watching an interaction between residents living in Meredith's house. Especially when they get ready for work everyday and everyone uses the bathroom at the same time. Lexie is jealous that Meredith is sharing her secrets with April.Cristina still isn't able to overcome her fears but she is trying. At the end she buys a new apartment just because Owen liked it. I miss Cristina in the OR. Arizona admits to Callie she can't stand that Mark keeps staring at her breasts. That's nothing new:)

    Oh and Jackson tried to use his good looks on Teddy. She fell for it pretty easily but fortunately recovered fast. I hope they won't be a couple. That would be strange.

    Overall good episode.moreless
  • 704

    Another episode of Grey's Anatomy, another episode that is just not that good. It was not terrible, but it also did not really entertain me at any point. You thought this show fell off in season five? I would love for a season five episode right now.

    I cannot stand Derek and Meredith, I cannot stand Cristina and Hunt, I just cannot stand anyone on this show right now. Stop mentioning Izzy too, it just comes off as Shonda Rhimes still holding a grudge.

    And no more talk about Arizona's breasts too. Just way too childish for a once great program.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Dr. Richard Webber

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The exterior of Dr. Yang and Dr. Hunt's new firehouse apartment is Fire Station 23 at 225 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles, California, but digitally altered to look like Seattle and a lot less like the slums of L.A. This firehouse was used for the interiors of Ghostbusters headquarters in both Ghostbusters movies. The interior seen on the show is a set that kind of looks like the interior of the real firehouse - if the interior were actually under going renovation and were in a more decrepit state than it currently is in.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Cristina: Welcome home. It's ours. We bought it. Well, I bought it, but it's for the both of us.
      Owen: I don't know what to say.
      Cristina: Our house has a firepole in it. What else is there to say?
      Owen: You said this morning...
      Cristina: I don't care where we live, I really don't. But you do. You love this place and I love you.

    • Meredith: I'm getting tested for the Alzheimer's gene.
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: I should know. We should know.
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: My uterus is hostile, we probably can't even have a baby, and even if we could, my brain is probably full of Alzheimer's, so I wouldn't even remember the baby's name. Or even worse, I'll pass the Alzheimer's on to the baby. Then you'd have an 80 year-old drooling wife and a 50 year-old drooling kid.
      Derek: I don't care.
      Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: I love you and you love me. And whatever happens, I don't care. I don't want to know. I mean it. I don't want to know.
      Meredith: Well the lab already has my blood so..
      Derek: Here's what we're gonna do. No more doctors, no more labs. You and I, we have a lot of sex. Maybe we make a baby, maybe we do not. Maybe you get Alzheimer's, maybe not. Just screw the odds, screw science. Let's just live. Whatever happens. Happens. Me and you. Okay?
      Meredith: Okay.

    • Arizona: Change of plans. Mark, you're taking me to dinner tonight.
      Mark: What?
      Arizona: We're going on a date. You and I. Alone.
      Mark: Is this to make up for the fact that you don't like me?
      Arizona: Hmm. You told him?
      Callie: No, I...
      Mark: She didn't need to. ... Fine. Let's go, but you're buying. (Arizona laughs)
      Callie (kisses Arizona's cheek): Thank you.
      Mark: You, uh, you still want Italian?
      Arizona: Eyes on my face, Mark. (Callie laughs)

    • Meredith: So reckless driver turned out to be a psycho killer?
      April: Failed psycho killer, thank God.
      Lexie: She was heartbroken, okay? Her husband left her for a younger version of herself. She just...
      Meredith: Lexie.
      Lexie: I mean, you know what? I have been a total bitch to April all day because of you. You know that?
      Meredith: What?
      April: I-I'm g-gonna go. I...
      Lexie: April, just stay. You worry about April, you let her have Izzie's room, you talk to her about your doctor's appointments. And I went crazy. Alex ditched me in a psych ward. Mark went and slept with Derek's sister and now I find myself relating to the crazy jealous lady who drives into landromats!
      Meredith: April, you should go. (April walks off) Lexie, I had a miscarriage that day. April was there, that's why she knows about my doctor's appointment. And I did know that Mark slept with Amy but I didn't think you cared. I can never tell what the hell's going on with you two. And as far as the psych ward goes, you were not alone. I sat by your bedside for 36 hours while you slept. You're not crazy, Lexie. You're a Grey.

    • Alex: Post-ops are stable and I've ordered morning labs.
      Arizona: Hmm. Thanks.
      Alex: You know, Sloan risked his life to save mine, even when I was sleeping with his girl. That's not a guy without a soul. Maybe he's an ass who stares at boobs, but whatever. And your boobs? You have nice boobs, and maybe they're lesbian boobs and you don't like men staring at them... But men don't discrimate when it comes to jugs. You have hot boobs, and I stare at them, too.

    • Cristina: What's goin' on?
      Meredith: Oh, I need you to take my blood.
      Cristina: For what?
      Meredith: So, I can get tested for the Alzheimer's gene. I mean, it's time I know one way or the other. What's a little Alzheimer's, too?
      Cristina: Alright. This is a lot bigger than a baby step.
      Meredith: Just do it before I change my mind.

    • Teddy: Dr. Avery, I need... (seeing Jackson shirtless) Oh, I'm sorry, I'll come back.
      Jackson: No, it's cool. What do you need?
      Teddy: Right. ... I wasn't sure if I was making up stuff in my head but now I know. ... I'm doing a cabbage how do I start?
      Jackson: Wait, what?
      Teddy: I'm doing a cabbage tomorrow, you wanna scrub in, so tell me how I start. Go.
      Jackson: Um, divide the sternum, opening the thimus, divise the pericardium and take down the mamory artery with...
      Teddy: Bypass has started, now what?
      Jackson: Cross-clamp the aorta. And still antiplate cardioplasia...
      Teddy: And now if I wanna take him off bypass?
      Jackson: Rewarm, check the flow grafts...
      Teddy (interrupting): That's enough. Good. I'm relieved. You're actually more than the pretty face that you make yourself out to be. You knocked over a tray in my OR, you get the answer wrong sometimes, your penmanship needs work, none of these are fireable offenses. ... But flirting? Flirting into my surgery? Batting your eyes while I'm inside a chest cavity? I should go to the Chief and have you fired right now. I'm not gonna do that, this time. Now put your shirt on and take care of these post-ops.

    • Callie: You did really good with this kid today, Karev. Impressive. Which is funny 'cause I wouldn't think that you'd be good in peds just by looking at you. (gives Arizona a look)
      Arizona: Okay, fine. I don't like Mark at all. There I said it.
      Callie: 'Cause you never even tried. Take Jake here, do you think his dad was happy when Jake wanted ballet shoes for Christmas and not cleats? No, this guy wanted a kid he could throw a ball with, you know he did. But his son loved to dance, so he signed him up for lessons, went to recitals, and learned what there was to learn to love about ballet. He tried because he loved his kid.
      Arizona: Mark stares at my boobs when we talk. He starts at my face, but somewhere along the way he gets distracted and ends up at my boobs. I love guys. I love them. But I've tried my whole life to avoid the boob staring guy. Biology even helped me by making me gay. But now, my girlfriend's best friend is that guy. And I don't think I need to apologize for the fact that the only person I want staring at my boobs is you.
      Callie: Boobs? Really? You're making this about boobs?
      Arizona: He stares at them.
      Callie: 'Cause they're good boobs!

    • Teddy: I'd throw a party. Invite everyone to an amazing beach, all expenses paid. I mean, I'd have to make out my credit cards in order to pay for it, but what do I care? I wouldn't be around long enough to pay it off.
      Meredith: I'd do what Leila did. I'd quit, sell the house, and bum around the globe.
      Teddy: How'd Derek feel about that?
      Meredith: Ah, he could come if he wanted.

    • Meredith: When did the rosaera start?
      Leila: Rosaera? I call that my spastic hand trick. ... A few months ago, I guess.
      Meredith: You told your doctors, they know, right? (Leila is silent) Leila.
      Leila: No guilt trip, please. I was just starting to like you.
      Meredith: But you need to tell your doctors, they can help you.
      Leila: I watched my mother go through this, Dr. Grey. I-I know how this goes. After the spastic hand comes the slurred speech, and then the trouble walking, and the difficulty eating, and the seizures and the memory loss. And the demetia sets in so badly that you don't know if you're in the supermarket or the bathroom, so screw going to the freakin' doctor. I am going to Brazil.

    • Richard: Ah, Dr. Grey. I could use your input. Do you think Derek would consider putting his face on a billboard? (holds up image of what it'd look like)
      Meredith: That's a lot of Derek.
      Richard: Pretty good picture, right? (Mer nods) What do you need?
      Meredith: When my mother was still here, before she retired. Do you think that she ever tried to tell you about the Alzheimer's?
      Richard: No. She kept it a secret for years.
      Meredith: No, I know that. But when do you think it started? Do you think that she was trying to tell you and you didn't really realize that was trying to do is tell you?
      Richard: Well, that's possible, I guess. I don't really remember... Is everything okay, Meredith?
      Meredith: Yeah, it's fine. I just... I would never go to a hospital that put it's doctors on billboards, for what it's worth.

    • Callie: You don't like Mark. Admit it.
      Arizona: I like Mark.
      Callie: Liar!
      Arizona: I like him, I do. We're just, you know, ... we're different.
      Callie (socffs): Oh my God. How are you different? Tell me. 'Cause I don't think you actually are. (Arizona is shaking her head) What?
      Alex: Should I leave?
      Callie: Shut it, Karev. I'm waiting. (they exchange looks)
      Arizona: Look, it's not that I don't like Mark. It's just that he's... Mark. You know, what you see is you get. Besides, you like him, so what do I care if his abs are where his soul should be?
      Callie (rolls her eyes): Oh my, God.

    • April: She called it hostile? That's... Well, at least it's nothing too serious. I'll do some research on treatment options.
      Cristina: Her uterus is friendly.
      Meredith: It's sunshiney.
      Cristina: Untouched by the scores of man.
      April: Happy ovaries, too. (Cristina laughs)
      Lexie (walks up): Hey, the vending machine's working again. ... What? (sits down)
      Meredith: Nothing.
      Lexie: Is this the same nothing that has to do with where you were this morning?
      Meredith: I was at the dentist this morning, I have bad teeth. (April and Cristina laugh)
      Lexie: Okay, so teeth are code for what?
      Meredith: I went to the OB today. I have massive baby-squishing fibraids in my uterus.
      Lexie: Aw, that's terrible.
      Meredith: Ah, get over it.
      Lexie (to April): Wait, you knew?
      Jackson (walks up): Knew what?
      Meredith: Nothing.
      April: The vending machine's working again.
      Cristina: Patient eats worms.
      Alex (walks up): Dude, Altman fire you yet?
      Jackson: She's not going to fire me.
      Meredith: What'd you do?
      Alex: She thinks he's a hot piece of brainless ass.
      Cristina: Oh, you're totally gonna be fired.
      Jackson: The situation is under control, thank you.
      Alex (to Lexie): You got a line on any weird bone cancer treatments so I don't have to cut off my balleria kid's leg?
      Lexie: What 'cause my memory's all I'm good for?
      April: There was a story in the news recently were they used a cadavar bone to replace a cancerous one.
      Alex: You get my fries.

    • April: Um, hey, how would you feel if I started a chore wheel at the house? The boys are so messy and I did one with Reed at our old apartment and you'd be surprised how well it works.
      Lexie: Are you moving in, like permenatly?
      April: Um, why? Do you think that that's not okay? Should I talk to Meredith about that?
      Lexie: Oh, that's up to you. But I wouldn't bring up the chore wheel. Meredith would hate that.

    • April: Hey, Mer, Lexie and I were just talking about the housing situation...
      Meredith: If this is about Izzie's room...
      Lexie: No, it's not about Izzie's room. It's about a chore wheel. April would like to start one.
      Meredith: That's a great idea.
      Lexie: What?
      April: Great. I'll set it up tonight. (whispers to Mer) Hey, how'd it go this morning?
      Meredith: Eh.
      Lexie: What happened this morning?
      April: But you're okay, right?
      Meredith: Uh, yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
      Lexie: Why wouldn't you be fine?
      Meredith: Nothing. Have to go. (walks off)
      Lexie: What was this morning?
      April: You should talk to Meredith.

    • Leila (about Jackson): I would really like it if he would wait by my bedside.
      Teddy: Yeah, you and every other woman in this hospital. Alright, I'll see you in the OR.
      Leila: Thank you. (Teddy and Jackson leave) Oh please tell me you've gotten to make out with that.
      Meredith: No. Married, so no.
      Leila: Bummer. Any babies?
      Meredith: No, but thinking about it.

    • Mark: Guess who just scored a table at that new sushi place that's impossible to get into?
      Callie: No way!
      Mark: Eight-thirty table for three.
      Arizona: Oh, you know, I-I don't eat sushi.
      Callie: Yeah, you do.
      Arizona: Yeah, I-I did. I did. But then I... got sick after I one of those pre-packaged rolls at the cafeteria. Bad memory. You two go.
      Mark: I'll change the reservation to two.

    • Cristina (about their patient who ate worms for an experiement): You know he's crazy, right?
      Bailey: Well, crazy is relative, Yang. In fact, some people might say that missing rounds this morning when I'm in charge, is crazy behavoir, too. But, here I am, trusting you to take care of my patient. Maybe I'm crazy. What do you think? Am I crazy to trust you to take care of my patient?
      Cristina: No. But I haven't been swollowing worms.

    • Leila: You cannot find anything wrong, I'm supposed to go to Brazil next week! (sighs) Rio. And I just perfected my accent. Você tem uma camisinha de Vênus?
      Meredith (guessing): I'm fine, how are you?
      Leila: Nope. I just asked you if you had a condom, 'cause that's the one sentence I learn before traveling some place new. (Mer smirks) Yeah, now you totally think I'm a slut.
      Meredith (trying not to laugh): No, I don't. Take a breath for me, please.
      Leila: It totally makes you think I'm a slut until I tell you I have Hutchinson's disease. (Mer grabs her chart) Yeah, you're not gonna find it on that chart, the paramedic was so cute, so I just didn't mention anything. You know, the whole fatal genetic condition thing, it just doesn't scream sexy.
      Meredith: Have you start showing symptoms?
      Leila: No. My mother died so I got tested for the gene. She was 45, so I have about 10 years left. Five if you count the ones that I can actually enjoy.
      Meredith: Well, the accident shouldn't effect your Hutchinson's.
      Leila: I know that. I'm just telling you so that you get that you have to work really hard to fix me because I can live with the fact that I'm gonna die. But to die doing laundry? No. I wanna accidently fall off the Eiffle Tower because the three men and the multiple orgasms were too much.

    • Arizona: Oh. Hi. You need to start sleeping with Mark again.
      Teddy: I do?
      Arizona: Yeah. For my sake, you do. He won't leave us alone, at the aparment, at work, I mean in our bedroom, it's like I'm dating Mark against my will. Come on, twice a week, that's all I'm asking.
      Teddy: I am not babysitting Mark for you besides, I am too tired for sex with anyone right now. I was up all night dictating charts. Again.
      Arizona: You know there's a thing called a resident who can do that for you.
      Teddy: My resident is Avery.
      Arizona: He still knocking over patient trays in the OR?
      Teddy: Yes, and scribbling patient orders in his third grade scrawl and paging me in the middle of the night for patient's who are nowhere near dying.
      Arizona: At least he's nice to look at. (walks off)
      Teddy: True. Thank you. (walks off)
      Alex (overhearing, to Jackson): You just got called a dumb blonde. (laughs)

    • Bailey: You paged?
      Richard: Did you know that geratric centers are some of the leading money makers in hospitals right now, Dr. Bailey?
      Bailey: I'm have rounds, sir.
      Richard: And that's interesting considering Seattle Grace doesn't have one. And do you know why we don't have one, Dr. Bailey? Space, Dr. Bailey. We don't have enough space. (gives her a look)
      Bailey: Oh, oh, Chief. Okay, if you go anywhere near my Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, you will come to work tomorrow to find me and every nurse who loves me chained to its doors.
      Richard: We need money, Bailey. Ever since the shooting we've been in survival mode. When we need to be in fight mode, ground-breaking surgery mode, back to number one ranking mode.
      Bailey: It's my turn to have Cristina Yang on my service. That's all the fight I have in me today.

    • Meredith: Hostile? Did she really call my uterus hostile?
      Derek: Are you forgetting what she said after that?
      Meredith: What? About my hostile uterus causing to miscarry the first time? Or the likelihood that it'll happen again?
      Derek: That there's a treatment, she said...
      Meredith: Hostile.
      Derek: Well, you're just getting stuck on the word.
      Meredith: How would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide?
      Derek: Well, that's a good point. But the important thing is that your healthy. Just think of all the fun we're gonna have trying now.

    • Meredith: I drank a lot of tequila in college. After.
      Derek: Well, it's been a while since I've done my OB rotations but I don't recall tequila getting in the way of conception. It's the opposite, actually.

    • (Arizona and Callie are kissing in bed)
      Mark (knocks on the door): Torres.
      Callie: Oh, shoot. I told him we'd work out this morning.
      Arizona: Well, this is like working out, it's just more fun. (they giggle and resume their kissing)
      Mark (knocks again): Come on, no pain no gain.
      Arizona: Go away, Mark!
      Mark: What?
      Callie: Hey, be nice, he's lonely.
      Mark (walks in, Callie and Arizona cover themselves with the sheet) Did you just say my... Right. Nice. You finish. I'll wait. (goes to leave, Callie throws a pillow at him)

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Biology says that we are who we are from birth. That are DNA is set in stone. Unchangeable. Our DNA doesn't account for all of us though, we're human. Life changes us. We develop new traits. Become less territorial. We start competing. We learn from our mistakes. We face our greatest fears. For better or worse, we find ways to become more than our biology. The risk of course is that we can change too much to the point where we don't recognize ourselves. Finding our way back can be difficult. There's no compass, no map. We just have to close our eyes, take a step, and hope to God we get there.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Biology determines much of the way we live. From the moment we're born we know how to breathe and eat. As we grow older new instincts kick in. We become territorial. We learn to compete. We seek shelter. Most important of all, we reproduce. Sometimes biology can turn on us though. Yeah, biology sucks sometimes.

    • April: Hey, seriously, if you want the room--
      Lexie: I admitted that I wanted to run my car over you... so taking the room would just make me feel worse.
      April: Okay.
      Lexie: But if you put up a freakin' chore wheel, I'll kill you.

    • Meredith: Hostile uterus.
      Cristina: House hunting with my husband. At least it's not cancer.
      Meredith: At least you're calling him your husband.
      Cristina: Baby steps, whatev.
      Lexie (walks up): Do you know how long April and Jackson are planning to stay in the house?
      Meredith: As long as they like. Why?
      Lexie: Well, April's taken over Izzie's room, which was fine when it was temporary, but I live in the attic, and I sleep next to Christmas ornaments.
      Meredith: April's best friend just died, and she's all alone.
      Lexie: I'm not evil. It's just... she's annoying. Okay? I find her annoying.
      Cristina: Really? I find you much more annoying.
      April (runs by): Car ran into a landromat, multiple traumas.
      Lexie: I'm not wrong. (walks away)
      Cristina (about April): Hmm. Pretty annoying.
      Meredith: You coming?
      Cristina: Baby steps don't include multiple traumas. You go kill it.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nepátelská dloha (Hostile Uterus)
      Finland: Biologian oppitunti (Biology Lesson)

    • Featured Music In This Episode:
      1.Until The Last Falling Star by Matthew Perryman Jones
      2.Tumblin Down by Jenna Andrews
      3Further by Correatown
      4.Refresh Me by V V Brown
      5.You Got What I Need by Joshua Radin
      6.Don't Be Fooled by Walking Sleep

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 14, 2010 on CTV
      Sweden: October 27, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Finland: November 10, 2010 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: January 26, 2011 on Living TV
      Germany: April 13, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: August 9, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: December 26, 2011 on Prima LOVE