Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 4

Can't Fight Biology

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • Review. Spoilers.

    Live at a Seattle Grace hospital almost comes back to normal. This time surgeons have to deal with few different cases including a crazy driver, a young dancer and a very committed scientist.
    As to the personal lives of our doctors we find out that Meredith and Derek have problems with conception and they consult a specialist. It seems that Meredith is more concerned about it than Derek.
    The funny part this time was watching an interaction between residents living in Meredith's house. Especially when they get ready for work everyday and everyone uses the bathroom at the same time. Lexie is jealous that Meredith is sharing her secrets with April.Cristina still isn't able to overcome her fears but she is trying. At the end she buys a new apartment just because Owen liked it. I miss Cristina in the OR. Arizona admits to Callie she can't stand that Mark keeps staring at her breasts. That's nothing new:)
    Oh and Jackson tried to use his good looks on Teddy. She fell for it pretty easily but fortunately recovered fast. I hope they won't be a couple. That would be strange.
    Overall good episode.
  • 704

    Another episode of Grey's Anatomy, another episode that is just not that good. It was not terrible, but it also did not really entertain me at any point. You thought this show fell off in season five? I would love for a season five episode right now.

    I cannot stand Derek and Meredith, I cannot stand Cristina and Hunt, I just cannot stand anyone on this show right now. Stop mentioning Izzy too, it just comes off as Shonda Rhimes still holding a grudge.

    And no more talk about Arizona's breasts too. Just way too childish for a once great program.