Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 0

Come Rain or Shine: From Grey's Anatomy To Private Practice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Addison's transition from Grey's anatomy to Private Practice

    This episode is based around Addison.

    We get a recap on her story in Seattle Grace Hospital. From the moment she came in until the end.

    I was nice to see some parts again, things I didn't remembered. She cheated on him and he left her in New York. Then after some time she came looking for him. He says no and she gives him the divorce papers, that's when he realizes he should try to fix their marriage. They try but he is in love with Meredith and you can see that.

    Here we see more of Addison's side. Ok she cheated but she wants to fix things. She leaves her home and comes for him. And then Mark showed up.

    At some point she is right, "The only people that don't know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith" we she how frustrated she is, she know she lost. At prom, Derek and Meredith can't take it and have sex. Addison finds the panties. The sign the divorce papers and now Mark wants a shot, he wants to date Addison.

    The whole 60 days without sex thing... Addison can't do it, she has sex with Alex and Mark knows. And here we see how much he loves her, he was taking the thing really seriously and she slips out, he takes the fault for her. She doesn't get the chief's job and she goes to LA to visit a friend's clinic.

    This is the introduction of a new series, Private Practice.
    We get to know the doctor and Addison finds out that her friends, the perfect couple, are divorced but working together. She also wants to have a baby but she gets bad new, only two eggs. I think I'm gonna like this new series two.
  • Addisson's spin-off from teh Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice

    This is a great 'episode' of Grey's Anatomy. I really liked the way they showed Addisson passing through the Grey's to the Private Practice. It started when Addisson spotted Derek and Meredith together and introduced herself to her. That was when people still thought that she was a female dog(lol) But as we got to know her, it seems that she really had feelings! We first started to think that she was a good person when she made a patient apologise for asking her to take Meredith off her case because she was sleeping with Addisson's husband (the patient's husband also cheated on her), and Addisson replied that it was her fault because she was screwing another man. Then we get to see the effort Derek put to get back together with his wife while he was still in love with Meredith. We also get to see how their relationship ended for good when Addisson slept with Mark and Derek with Meredith and Addidon taking her bags and moving to another clinic where she now meets Pete and a new story begins...