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Grey's Anatomy S10E22: "Fear (of the Unknown)"

The Fab Five has become the Tenacious Two.

Grey's Anatomy bid a fond and emotional farewell to Sandra Oh during Thursday's season finale, as Cristina Yang set off for Zurich to become the hotshot cardiothoracic surgeon she was always meant to be. But it wouldn't've been a true Grey's finale without at least one twist before the end. In this case, it initially seemed like Cristina might've been inside the local mall hit by an explosion, which was first deemed a possible terrorist attack but ultimately turned out to be a gas main that blew up.  

And so, Cristina thankfully survived her tenure at Grey Sloan Memorial—an impressive feat for a doctor who suffered through an ectopic pregnancy, a hospital shooter, floods, and more. But it was a good thing she didn't go to the mall after all, because that meant she could lend a hand to the overwhelmed doctors of GSM who were dealing with the victims of the explosion. Her final day served as a walk down memory lane as she attempted to get some closure from the hospital.

But Cristina wasn't alone when she left. When Shane realized his teacher was exiting, he begged to come along. She agreed, and then quit. Unfortunately, there was one goodbye she didn't get, as Owen was stuck in the middle of a surgery when she had to catch her cab. So their silent—albeit highly emotional—goodbye was exchanged through the gallery glass of the OR. Meredith practically shoved Cristina into the cab, knowing her person wouldn't leave of her own volition because Cristina felt like she wasn't finished. And as Meredith said, she isn't finished; she's only just begun. Of course, Cristina returned about five minutes later to dance it out with Meredith one last time.

Among the other developments at the hospital, Bailey was poised to take Cristina's spot on the hospital board, but Cristina left her shares and her spot to Alex. Leah got closure after helping out during the chaos. Callie and Arizona seemingly decided to find a surrogate to carry their child. Meredith and Derek almost moved to Washington, D.C., but after Cristina delivered one last parting piece of advice to not let Derek eclipse her brilliance, Meredith realized she had to stay in Seattle, causing a huge MerDer blowup.

But the big surprise came in the final moments of the episode, when we learned that the new head of cardio Margaret Pierce (played by Kelly McCreary) is the daughter of Ellis Grey. This mystery woman was secretly put up for adoption, making her Meredith's half-sister (yes, another one!). Who's her daddy? Webber, of course. Twist!

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy finale? Were you satisfied with how the show said goodbye to Cristina?   

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