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Grey's Anatomy S10E01 "Seal Our Fate" and S10E02 "I Want You With Me"

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy:

- Arizona slept with a guest-star actress, Hilarie Burton. Shonda Rhimes destroyed probably the best lesbian relationship in a current tv.
- Meredith gave birth to a son
- The tree attacked Karev’s house
- Alex and Jo made out
- Richard got himself electrocuted

And so the nonsense continues. Season 10 premiere was a double episode. It was really long and boring. The most important thing – Shonda Rhimes decided that Heather “Mousey” Brooks (played by lovely Tina Majorino) should electrocute herself and then die on operating table. And so once great show lost yet another interesting character. Bravo!

In other news:

- Despite everyone’s efforts Richard survived and he will be alright.
- Some fireman died. Everyone was very sad.
- Stephanie was a cheerleader before she became a doctor. And she can cheer. Now that’s a plot twist!
- Cristina and Owen shirtless hugged, cause why not? - patients can wait. And then they broke up again.
- Alex and Jo wanted to shirtless hug – but the whole world was against them.
- Callie in act of revenge (Emily Thorne approves) kidnapped her and Arizona’s daughter and moved into Casa di Shepard.
- Fireman and Firewoman got married in hospital. It was almost cute.
- Guest-star actress, Hilarie Burton apparently won’t be back. Poor Arizona will have to sleep alone - Callie doesn't want to see her.
- April decided to marry the Paramedic.

Grey’s Anatomy was once my favorite show. Now I’m officially hate watching it. Someone should finally pull the plug and mercy kill it before Shonda Rhimes kills off the rest of the cast.

Did you like the premiere of season 10? Share your thoughts!
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