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Look, your dog is probably more up-to-date on ABC's long-running medical soap Grey's Anatomy than I am, but even *I* know this is huge news. Sandra Oh, one of the original cast members to don scrubs in Seattle Grace, is leaving the show after its upcoming tenth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Oh is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

During her tenure as the driven and opinionated Dr. Cristina Yang, Oh has received five Emmy nominations and won a Golden Globe award; her character has been stood up at the altar by Preston Burke, survived a plane crash, lived through a failed pregnancy, ducked a shooting, married Owen, and gotten maybe-divorced from Owen. But Oh has lasted through so much drama behind the scenes of the series that the on-camera stuff looks like nuthin'. 

ABC president Paul Lee had said that some cast departures could happen, but also expects Grey's Anatomy to be on the air for many years to come. With the advanced notice, the Grey's Anatomy writing team can concoct a proper departure for Yang. 

Which brings us to the big question: How should Dr. Cristina Yang check out of Grey's Anatomy

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