Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 0

Complications of the Heart

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on ABC

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  • Basically this episode was looking at all the different love triangle in the past seasons.

    I have mixed feelings about this episode because I expected more from the first episode, I wanted more things to happen and I found most of the episode really boring and it seemed to drag. But on the other hand I liked seeing what happened when Derek found Addison cheating on him. Overall I'd say it probably one of the worst episodes in the entire season. There just wasn't enough things going on. I hated it when they kept going back to Izzie lying on the floor those scenes were just boring and to me were pointless, well some of then were. Lets hope Grey's Anatomy does better in the future episodes because if it does't then it's going to be a very boring and tirsome season.
  • This was a recap of season 2.

    Many clips were shown involving everything from season 2. Most of the episode was about Izzie and Denny, George and Callie, Alex and his jealousy about Izzie and Denny, Yang and Berke, Meredith and McDreamy, Meredith and Finn, McDreamy (Derek) and Addison, Addison and Mark, and Bailey and her husband. Pretty much nothing in this episode had to do with the people of the hospital being saved. It was a recap of romances. This was narrated by Joe who\'s the bartender across the street from Seatle Grace. Many of the quarels and scenes take place at the bar...The best part of this recap was at the end they showed The Fray\'s new music video for their hit song- How To Save A Life
  • This show is a basic recap of all the love triangles in the last two seasons. Good name Complications of the Heart

    This was a great start to season 3 giving all the people who came in during season two away of finding out all that happened that is unless they bought the DVD of Season 1 & 2 which I might add out did themselves. But this shows all of the love stories and love triangles.. finally we get to make sense of it all until you get into season 3
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