Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 9

Crash Into Me (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2007 on ABC
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An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them, Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help, and Ava returns for Alex and meets his other girlfriend in the process.

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    I started watching Grey's Anatomy recently and have seen every single episode up until Season 4, Episode 10. My friend did not even want me to watch season 4 because apparently many people thought it sucked and the show lost many fans during this season. I didn't think it was bad coming into it, but if it is bad then this episode is the one that started its decline. This is the first time where I was actually thinking "Get on with it, when will this end?" The episode is annoying and aggravating. It it the worst episode so far. Bailey is not in her element and Tucker is just an annoyance. Meredith does well in this episode. Karev, Rebecca, and Lexie... seriously? They were ridiculous. What happened to Alex? The one highlight of the episode was when Meredith told Hahn to shut up. Finally. However, it got a bit better in the last three minutes. I love Grey's Anatomy, but this episode was not at all up to par. There's just too much going on and the stuff going on is crap.moreless
  • Dr. Bailey has to treat a white supremecist and calls on Yang to help her. An unexpected guest shows up and complicates things with Alex and Lexie. An ambulance crashes into another at the pit, leaving four people injured.moreless

    The episode starts out with Cristina dancing all around and Meredith is standing there watching her. As Meredith is talking about the fact that she doesn't want Derek seeing other people, Cristina makes Meredith start dancing too so she can "dance it out." Meredith decides that she's going to tell Derek that she doesn't want him dating anyone else. She confuses me sometimes with her little games. I mean, she doesn't want to be exclusive with him, all she wants is sex with him, but she doesn't want him to see other people either, that's not really fair. Izzie walks in on Yang and Grey dancing around and she starts ranting to George. She then says something about going in with Hahn and all this stuff about Cardio. I thought it was very funny when she said "And it's going to pi** Cristina off but it won't matter 'cuz i'll be a kick a** Cardio god." Bailey's husband was arguing with her about the fact that she's never home. She agress to meet with him during lunch. I fear she's heading down the same road the chief went down.

    An ambulances crashes into another at the pit because the driver was having a seizure, while the team is trying to get a post-op bypass patient into the hospital. Four EMT's are injured. The woman driving was taken inside while her partner Shane (played by Gale Harold from Queer as Folk) waits for another doctor by his request. We find out that this man is racist. The chief was really angry when he figured out that Shane was a supremecist. We then find out that Shane has a huge swastica tattoo on his abdomen and he didn't want Bailey to be offended. I then thought that he regretted it and just didn't want her to see it, but then i found out that wasn't the case. Bailey calls on Yang to help with this case because Bailey has to perform surgery on Shane. I thought it was funny while Bailey was waiting with him and she said "You just lay there and try not to die, someone will be here soon to save the master race from extinction." We then find out that Yang's stepfather's parents died in a concentration camp. While Bailey is performing the surgery, she cuts right down the middle of the tattoo. Bailey says "No one better ever call me Nazi again." That made me kind of sad, that's one of her trademarks, i hope they don't take away her nick name. Miranda also missed her lunch with her husband because she was stuck in surgery trying to save this man. In the meantime, Shane's friend who was also Aferican-American finds out that she has some sort of brain tumor and Derek has to perform surgery. She then has another seizure. The man that came in after his bypass is worried about his kids, and he also has to have a piece of the ambulance pulled out of his leg. The two other EMT's in the other ambulance, Ray and Stan are hanging upside down and need help. Stan keeps asking for his wife Sarah because something is slicing into his abdomen and he can't feel his legs, but the chief says if they move him he will bleed out. The chief and Stan's friend Ray try to get him to hang on until Sarah gets there by having him sing "I can see clearly now the rain is gone." The firefighters start lifting the ambulance off the two men but Stan yells for them to stop because there is an oxygen regulater embedded into Ray's back. While they are trying to deal with this, Stan dies. He knew he was going to die and didn't want Ray to focus on him. The last thing he did was save his friend's life in true hero form before he left this world. We don't know yet whether he's going to survive or not. Somewhere in all of this Derek asks Rose if they are friends yet. I wonder if something's going to happen with those two. Also in the midst of all the chaos, Ava shows up unexpectedly. She talks Alex into letting her watch him from the gallery during a surgery, where Lexie comes in and starts talking to her. Ava tells Lexie which guy she is seeing, and Lexie gets upset. She is treating a patient of Mark's who has an exposed carotid artery. Mark announced at a large meeting that whoever is in the room with the patient when this happens is to stop the bleeding and then page him, in that order. Lexie goes in to check on him and when he asks her what's wrong, she tells him that Alex is a jerk and all that. They were in the middle of plotting revenge and his attempt to get Lexie to go out with him when his artery burst on her, and she seems to have froze. The episode was to be continued. Wow, this one was pretty pivotal, i can't wait to see what happens in the second part.moreless
  • The best episode of the season so far. Very original.

    Unbelievable... This is one of the best episodes ever made. It had a serious amount of tension.

    Meredith was excellent, I loved how she tried to save at least one life. It's full of emotion... I just don't have words to sum it up (this has never happened to me before).

    The nazi paramedic was just something horrible... I was so surprised... I just couldn't believe they did this. I don't know form where Cristina and Bailey have strength to pull theirselves together, it's just...

    Other thing that was bad, but yet minor, was the Ava thing, she should have kept the secret, or play dumb... The Rose thing, that kinda sucked, I hope they don't make it...

    I expect the second part to be as thrilling as this one...

    Excellent, just excelent.moreless
  • Full of tension. Great.

    Great episode. At the begining, Cristina and Meredith are "dancing out" their problems. It's absolutely fantastic. Meredith is unhappy, because Derek is dating again, and dancing helps her. Dancing "made her brave". Then, in the hospital, one ambulance is crashing into another. Two guys are stuck in there, and one of them is choosing his friend's live over his own. He doesn't want firemen to get them out of the vehicle, because his friend may bleed out. In the car accident also was a white supremecist who won't let Bailey and Cristina operate without a white doctor, so they are "rising above".

    There is also Sloan's patient who has an exposed artery which can blow any moment. Lexie is taking care of him, and he is flirting with her. When they were plotting a revenge for Alex (Lexie found out that he is with Ava/Rebecca/Jane Doe, because Alex let her watch the surgery) when his artery blow.moreless
  • The New Nazzi

    Bailey's husband complains that they don't talk any more and they arrange a date at the cafeteria at lunchtime.

    The ambulance brings in a guy that has a piece of metal on his leg. When the paramedics get into the ambulance again another ambulance comes speeding wild and turns the other ambulance upside down. The two paramedics that were in the second ambulance have minor injuries but the female one had a toumer in her brain also. Shepherd decides to use a computer controlled system in order to get into the brain and remove the toumer. The male paramedic doesn't let Bailey treat his injuries. He says he wants a male doctor. When Chief Webber gets to him he says again that he would wait for another doctor and Chief realises that he means a white doctor. When Bailey brings Christina, who is Korean, he lets her trat him and she sees that he's got a swastiga tattooed on his belly. She then complains to Bailey for giving him to her because her grandparents were murdered by Nazzis. The patient agrees to be operated only if there is another white doctor in the surgery room.

    The other two paramedics are trapped in the first ambulance and one of them dies while the other is saved by the firemen.

    Ava is in town again and when she meets with Lexie, Lexie realises that Alex had been cheating on her.

    Bailey is still in surgery and she doean't have time to go to the appoitment with her husband.

    Lexie checks on a guy that has recently had his toumer removed from his neck and his artyrie can be seen clearly. When both of them are having a lough the artery explodes and messes the place with blood.

    While Shepherd is still surging the paramedic that got a toumer, the computer crashes and the wire is still in the patient's brain.moreless
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Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Dr. Cristina Yang

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Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Gale Harold

Gale Harold


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John Billingsley

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Theo Rossi

Stan Giamatti

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Elizabeth Reaser

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Lauren Stamile

Nurse Rose

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    • Cristina: You're not dancing.
      Meredith: I'm too tense to dance.
      Cristina: Which is why we're dancing.
      Meredith: My problem is that I'm sleeping with a man who's dating. I don't care if he dates Sydney. It's the woman he dates after Sydney. That's my problem. But, if I had any sense at all, I would break up with the breakup sex. There would be no more breakup sex-ing. If I had any sense...
      Cristina: Shut up! Dance it out.
      Meredith (starts dancing with Cristina): I'm gonna tell him, I don't want him seeing other people.
      Cristina: Good. Fine. Whatever.
      Meredith: I'm gonna tell him and feel good about it.
      Cristina: Dancing makes 'ya brave.

    • Meredith: Thatcher's not my problem. He can get drunk all he wants, I don't care.
      Derek: Right.
      Meredith: I don't care about Lexie, either. She's a big girl, she can take care of herself.
      Derek: You talk about them an awful lot for someone who doesn't care. You care because you're you.

    • Ava: So... coffee?
      Alex: I can't.
      Ava: You can't? When I was your patient you made time for me.
      Alex: Because you were my patient.
      Ava: I thought it was because you liked me.

    • Erica: Torres. Can I steal Stevens off your service?
      Callie (scoffs): I'll give her away for free.

    • Richard: Get Stan's wife here, now.
      Meredith: But what do we.... How do we.... ?
      Richard: We don't.
      Meredith: We have a whole hospital....
      Richard: The moment we move him, he's gonna bleed out. All the medicine in the world won't save him. His wife has to get here soon if she wants to see her husband alive.

    • Stan: Ray, talk to me. Talk to me. I need you to help me hold on until Sara gets here.
      Ray: I'm not helping you hold on, because you're not dyin'.
      Richard (softly): Ray, talk to him. Help him. (Ray realizes what Richard is saying)

    • Stan (crying): Listen, when you get out of here, you're gonna have a great story to tell. You tell it in the bar. You tell them how you got into this accident and that your best friend died. Chicks love that stuff. Ray, don't tell Sara that I was talking about you getting tail right before I died. (Ray laughs and crys at the same time)
      Richard: She should be here any minute, just hold on Stan.

    • Bailey: You have to let me examine you.
      Shane: No. I'll wait. I'll wait for a guy.
      Bailey: You're shy. Okay, I get that. This is no time for shy. Now, my hands may be smaller than a man's but my brain is much larger, I assure you. Now, you're just going to have to let me examine...
      Shane: No. Do not... Do not touch me!
      Bailey: For the love of....
      Richard (walks in): Dr. Bailey, you have an emergant situation?
      Bailey: He says he wants a male doctor. He doesn't want my female hands to touch him.
      Richard: Let me see his chart. (looks at the chart) Um, Shane, I'm Dr. Webber. I'm going to palpate your abdomen.
      Shane: No, no.
      Richard: I thought you said he wanted a male doctor.
      Bailey: He did.
      Shane: I just... I meant I want another... I want a different doctor. I'll wait for a different doctor.
      Bailey: A-- a different doctor?
      Richard (slightly angry): You mean you want a white doctor.

    • Bailey: You're not black but you're not white either. (turns to Shane) Dr. Yang will be examining you.
      Shane: Oh, come on. Are you kidding?
      Bailey: Okay, you have medical training. How long do you think you have to live if you have internal injuries? Exactly. I seriously recommend you let this fine doctor examine you. Dr. Yang, give thie best medical treatment possible. It's the law. (walks away)
      Cristina: Sir, I need you to move your hands.
      Shane: I just... didn't want her to see, I thought she might take offense, you know? (Cristina pulls up his shirt to find a Nazi symbol tattooed on his stomach)

    • Shane: Go easy on me. I'm injured here.
      Cristina: You have plenty of morphine, you'll be fine. It's not like you're in a concentration camp or anything.
      Shane: You know, when people are young or drunk they get tattoos, they wake up, they regret it.
      Cristina: Oh, so you regret it?
      Shane: You got to treat me like anyone else. That's the beauty of this country.

    • Derek: Are we friends yet?
      Rose: I'm sorry?
      Derek: Friends. Are we friends? I know that I just learned your name and all, Rose. But I'd like to think that I could call you a friend.
      Rose: Why?
      Derek: Because if I'm your friend I'd tell you about the licorice stuck in your teeth, where as an acquaintance, I'd smile politely and pretend it wasn't there.

    • Rose: You're staring at my chest.
      Derek: What?
      Rose: I think that maybe, you're intending to stare at my ring but its coming off as you staring at my chest.
      Derek: I'm sorry it's that you wear your engagement ring on your necklace.
      Rose: Yeah, well, when I was engaged I wore it on my finger. Now, yeah, necklace. The stone was my grandmother's I don't wanna lose it.
      Derek: I'm sorry.
      Rose: Sorry, why?
      Derek: About your engagement. You call it off recently?
      Rose (laughs): That's a pretty personal question.
      Derek: Yeah, well, we're friends now. I mean, I saved you hours of potential licorice humiliation. I think you can...
      Rose: It ended a year ago and you having nothing to be sorry about. It was never gonna work out.
      Derek: How come?
      Rose: 'Cause I was always very clear about what I wanted and he.... wasn't. And there's no way to build a future on that.

    • Bailey (while doing surgery on Shane): Supposed to be havin' lunch with my husband and instead I'm elbow deep in a Nazi's gut.
      George: Yes, ma'am.
      Bailey: No one better ever call me Nazi again.
      George: Yes, ma'am.

    • Izzie: I'm so sick of Meredith and Cristina and their stupid love affair with each other that they have to rub in everyone's faces. It's stupid dancing. Friggin' Bobbsey Twins. It's stupid.
      George: You're ranting. It's kinda early in the morning for ranting.
      Izzie: We're supposed to be the happy ones. We should be dancing. Why aren't we dancing?
      George: You want to dance?
      Izzie: Whatever. I'm going to go in early. I'm going to get on hardcore, Erica Hahn cardio and I'm gonna kick ass at it. And when I kick ass at cardio, it's going to piss Cristina off, but it won't matter, because I'll be a kick-ass cardio god!

    • (Meredith and Richard are seeing Stan's wife)
      Meredith: I've never seen her before.
      Richard: What?
      Meredith: I've never seen her before. I've worked in this hospital all this time and before today she was a complete stranger to me.
      Richard: It happens, it's a big hospital.
      Meredith: I've never met her before and I'm the person who handed her the worst day of her life. In her story that's who I am. That's who I'll always be.
      Richard: That's the job.
      Meredith: That's the job, I know.
      Richard: Look at me. This day, this day you feel helpless. This day makes all those other days when you fight to save a life and lose. This day makes you grateful you have a chance to do anything at all. You take it in.

    • Erica: Can you make time?
      Mark: Can you make time for a drink with me after?
      Erica: Did I mention time is a factor here? I'm looking for a Yes or No answer.
      Mark: As am I.
      Erica: This may be enjoyable to you, Dr. Sloan, but I have a patient in serious condition. I came to you, because legend has it, that you're the best in plastics. But if bad jokes and sleazy come ons are all you're good for all afternoon, I'll page whoever's second best.
      Mark: Dr. Hahn... I apologize. And I'll clear my schedule.
      Erica: Thank you. OR 1.

    • Erica: What, are we on a date here? I was complimenting your surgical skills, Dr. Sloan. Not looking through a window into your wounded soul.

    • Alex: Hey!
      Lexie: I'm late for Sloan's meeting.
      Alex: Yeah, so am I.
      Lexie: Also, I'm not speaking to you. (Alex kisses her and she kisses back) I'm still not speaking to you.
      Alex: You don't have to speak. (they gaze at each other until Meredith comes up the hall)
      Meredith: Late for Sloan. (Alex leaves abruptly, and Lexie looks frustrated)

    • Nick (about the reaction of the doctors after listening Marms's instructions on how to treat him): They look scared.
      Mark: They're medical professionals, Nick, a healthy level of fear is encouraged.
      Nick: Okay, then. Uh, if I do die, it would have been lovely meeting you all.
      Mark (to interns): See, the patient is confident, you should be confident.

    • Nick: How am I doing?
      Lexie: Strong and stable.
      Nick: Strong and stable? Two words that have never been used to describe me. Ever. (Lexie smiles)

    • Derek: What's going on with you and Stevens? Just because I don't sleep in your house anymore doesn't mean I don't hear the gossip.
      George: Why are we talking about this? We don't talk. Oh, you're... You miss Meredith and you're clinging.
      Derek: I'm not clinging.
      George: A little bit, you're clinging.
      Derek: I'm just making small talk.

    • Nick: You seeing anyone? I... I'm just making conversation. My... my artery is exposed and it kinda limits my game.
      Lexie: Okay. Yes... kind of... I am.
      Nick: Nice guy?
      Lexie: Yeah. He is. Well, he is kinda nice guy disguised as a jerk.
      Nick: Oh yeah, I... I know that type. My... my girlfriend was a nice girl disguised as a vapid narcissist. But then it turned out she really she really was just a vapid narcissist.
      Lexie: Ouch!

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): We go into medicine because we want to save lives. We go into medicine because we want to do good. We go into medicine for the rush. For the high... for the ride. But... what we remember at the end of most days are the losses... what we lay awake at night replaying is: the pain we caused or failed to cure; the lives we ruined or failed to save. So the experience of practicing medicine rarely resembles the goal. The experience too often is ass backwards and upside down.

    • Lexie: Remember your girlfriend who just turned out to be a vapid narcissist?
      Nick: You're boyfriend just turned out to be a jerk.
      Lexie: Jerk. Ass. And many much dirtier words that are inappropriate for me to use in front of a patient.
      Nick: I'm sorry.
      Lexie: Yeah, me too.
      Nick: Well, you want me to help you plot your revenge?
      Lexie: Okay.
      Nick: Okay. Here's what I'm thinking. You go out with me. Just like that. Bam! New boyfriend. And he'll be all "What's he got that I don't have?", and you'll be all "Carotid artery exposed. Top that, loser!" and he'll be all "I can't, I can't top that, I am a loser". (they laugh and then the worst happens, his artery explodes)

    • Nick: So,uh,you want to help me plot my revenge?
      Lexie: Girlfriend?
      Nick: Uh Uh. Here's what I'm thinking. I page her here, and then, uh, you know, I'm all, like, "I'm dying and I just need to gaze at your beauty one last time" and then she gets here,and I flash her the artery.
      Lexie: It's mean.
      Nick: Right?
      Lexie: I like it.
      Nick: Okay. Can you get me a phone?

    • Richard: Stan, you're a hero, man. You saved Ray's life.
      Ray: Stan? Stan? Stan? Damn it, Stan! Stan!
      (Stan is dead)

    • (They are outside the ER with a patient and Meredith sees an ambulance coming too fast. Izzie and Cristina are fighting over the patient)
      Izzie: When are you gonna realize that you don't own the cardio department?
      Cristina: He's my patient. I saw him first. I call dibs.
      Meredith: Hey, you guys.
      Izzie (to Cristina): You can't call dibs on a human being.
      Meredith: You guys, I think we should move.
      Cristina: Let go of the gurney.
      Izzie: You let go.
      Meredith: Move! (Meredith pushes them out of the way, and the ambulances crash into each other)

    • Izzie: I always knew that you were an ass, but seriously? You brought Jane Doe to the gallery? Are you trying to get yourself kicked out?
      Alex: She wanted to see what I do.
      Izzie: I thought you were seeing Lexie.
      Alex: I'm a popular guy.
      Erica (overhearing): I'm sure what ever it is that you're talking about is endlessy fascinating, Dr. Karev, but I kind of have my heart set on saving a life today.
      Alex: Sorry.

    • Shane (groans): I'm hurt. I'm really hurt.
      Bailey: You just lay there and try not to die. Someone will be here soon to save the master race from extinction.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Marná pomoci snaha (Pointless Rescue Effort)
      Slovakia: Náraz do mňa (Crash Into Me)

    • This episode does not have a closing voiceover.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      2008 Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Makeup For A Single-camera Series (non-prosthetic) (Norman Leavitt, Brigitte Bugayong, Shauna Giesbrecht, Michele Teleis)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: February 11, 2008 on Foxlife
      Saudi Arabia: February 26, 2008 on ShowSeries
      Mexico: April 7, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Germany: April 16, 2008 on ProSieben
      Australia: April 20, 2008 on Channel 7
      Finland: April 23, 2008 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: May 5, 2008 on Net 5
      Israel: May 12, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Norway: October 21, 2008 on TV2
      Romania: December 2, 2008 on TVR1
      Serbia: February 6, 2009 on B92
      Czech Republic: March 5, 2009 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Movie Star by Roisin Murphy
      2. Some Surprise by The Cake Sale
      3. Where I Stood by Missy Higgins
      4. Let Me Out by Ben's Brother
      5. All The World (I Tell Myself) by Correatown
      6. Revival by Soulsavers